MPs plot to scupper UK referendum result as US State Dept reverses release of Clinton emails


Old lady’s escape from EU disaster foiled by Piggie with lassoo


mesnipThe Slog has been convinced for months that British referendum voters should see the Leave option as a Brexit from globalism, the Special Relationship, NATO, EU federalism and dangerous US-led geopolitics in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. That the stakes are high for US hegemonists is evidenced by dirty tricks both here and in the US Presidential Election. But disturbing new developments show a clear and continuous line from Hillary Clinton’s emails about TTIP to a Parliamentary Establishment plot designed to reverse the ‘wrong’ referendum result.

I have a sense that a great many people will not have seen this piece at the BBC – an institution which should now be renamed Bollocks Broadcast by Corporatists. My suspicion is that it’s up there ‘for the record’….in pretty much the same way that grubby little posters put up in some Job Centres ‘told’ 1950s-born women they were going to have a year or two knocked off their pensions…a delay that became six years. Also it’s perhaps part of a gentle softening-up process…giving people time to get used to the idea that their votes are irrelevant.

The post includes several MPs talking openly about Parliament overruling the Brexit referendum result if the Leave campaign wins. As we have no Constitutional documents laying out the legality/sovereignty of referendums versus Parliament, the chances are that – as Parliament IS clearly set out by Bagehot as the Sovereign power – the ruse would be legal. It would be the rape of democracy and a foul spit in the face of British citizens, but it would be legal.

A couple of days ago – as more polls emerged showing a lead for the Leave camp – David Cameron was reported in the mainstream press to have had discussions with Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat Remaindeers – allegedly about “presenting a more united front” from the Establishment. The Slog has since contacted two legislators, and now believes that in fact Cameron wanted soundings on their support for overruling the result. The implication of the BBC piece also supports that view.

The idea is that Cameron would stay as Leader and call upon the House “in a sham ‘free vote'” to endorse the Brexit decision. Remaindeers outnumber Leavers in the Commons by 4 to 1. There would be a massive vote to Remain. This would be presented as all being part of the sound ‘checks and balances’ nature of democracy. It would be if we lived in the US, but we don’t: and how many American citizens really imagine the College would ever overturn a popular Presidential win?

You may recall – I certainly do, because it got me a lot of heat from Leavers – a piece I wrote last January 11th. It was a multi-issue post, but in it were these paragraphs:


I have since been back to the two sources who told me how neither the Oval Office nor the State Department would allow a Brexit, and put the BBC story to them. The responses from both were “I told you so”.

As Kate Hoey said at the outset of the referendum campaign, “This isn’t about our relationship with Europe, it’s about the People versus the Establishment”. As usual, Hoey was spot-on: but I would also add that, from the viewpoint of mad geopolitics, it’s about The free individual versus NATO corporatism.

Last April 16th I asked “what are we Brexiting from” and wrote:


The second source, by the way, is a Brussels middle-ranker.

On January 17th, The Slog posted as follows:


For some weeks now, it has become increasingly clear that the Euroarmy is being played down until after June 23rd. But it is impossible to play down the lunacy of an EU ‘dedicated to Peace’ having a standing army….like the EC, ECB and Eurogroupe, accountable to nobody…except perhaps NATO and the Pentagon. On March 2nd I posted this:



In truth, I doubt if even 1 in 10 Remaindeer voters really understand what the circumstances surrounding Brexit Black Arts are about NATO and US Foreign policy. Which brings us neatly onto the subject of Hillary Clinton.

Overnight European time, this pro-Sanders Tweet went up:


This is as clear a case as you’ll see of the media trying to break the will of BernieorBust supporters by suggesting it’s game-over already. I tend to think Hillary will not be allowed to lose (just as the Remaindeers must not be allowed to lose) but the defiant response of Sanders supporters is fully justified. Lynton Crosby tried to pull the same stunt in the Telegraph against the Leave campaign two weeks ago.

If Clinton beats Trump, I think – given her State Department experience – she will be a foreign affairs focused President. She has befriended Wall Street, supported Pentagon & CIA objectives in the Middle East and Europe, and is an allround colonialist hawk….in short, a committed American Hegemonista. Here’s a few pointers as to how her victory is being ensured by the US Establishment:

  • A virtual media blackout on reporting Sanders primary wins
  • a non-stop tirade against multi-billionaire Donald Trump
  • threatening Party pros with expulsion of they attend Sanders rallies
  • dirty campaign tricks in Iowa, New Hampshire & Nevada, and now….
  • no release of her emails until after the Election

This last one seals it, really. Yesterday, top International Business Times editor David Sirota reported that the State Department will now NOT release Hillary’s State Department emails sent to the US Trade Representative about TIPP until after the November election. Sirota was palmed off with this garbage:

“Our office was recently informed that the search process has been completed and that the information located from that search is currently being prepared for the review process. The new estimated completion date for your request is November 31, 2016.”

Thanks due to Big G in Dublin who points out to me that November 31st doesn’t exist: in other words, “Never”.

Obama said the mails were to be released in April. Now they’re not. The Black Dude has been mulling two considerations here: the effect that the TIPP clauses would have on the Brexit vote – ie, the likelihood of the British Left coming face to face with what the trade deal is really about; and how bad it would look when the harsh proposals laid out by Clinton are known….given that publicly she has reversed her stance on the deal.

As the Buddhists insist, “Everything is connected”.

There is no other way for an informed mind to call these developments. Brexit, says the Labour Party, is nothing but a spat in the Tory Party. It is a spat: but it is far bigger than either Corbyn or Burnham would have us believe.

Brexit is just one obstacle in the way of an intercontinental coup being engineered by NATO, on behalf of those neoliberal corporate fascists who now own the political process. Under this régime, all signs of electoral rebellion will be stamped on, and then manipulation of the results rubber-stamped by political whores.

The last thing any decent democratic Brit should do is ease this process by either voting Remain, or abstaining.

You have the power to make any stunt they try to pull as difficult – and as open to public contempt – as possible. A great result would be a 55-45 win for Leave; a stunt-stopper would be 60-40.

Perhaps more than any other single group now, solidarity in stopping the seemingly inexorable rumble of the Corporatist tanks applies to those British 1950’s-born women who are the victims of a heist by those leading the tank Blitzkrieg.

Yesterday, I made it clear on Twitter that I’m unable to deal any more with the Waspi Executive….which purports to represent these women, but which has so far achieved zero recompense for blatant thievery. Frankly, I now have doubts as to their motives and competence.

But I would urge all victims of the State Pension Welch to vote solidly for Brexit. Success for the Remain camp will guarantee the failure of your cause.

Connected at The Slog: The need to choke welching politicians

45 thoughts on “MPs plot to scupper UK referendum result as US State Dept reverses release of Clinton emails

  1. With the establishment now coralled into the remain pen and Flexcit ( ) finally getting public exposure let the peoples referendum debate begin. But in the official race is this Cameron changing horse from Project Fear (as I thought he would do) or merely lashing his horse to the riderless but faster Flexcit so the worst he can do is draw?


  2. Good work John.
    It’s possible that the establishment elites know that ‘as long as we keep the younger ones happy’ we will get what we want without too much trouble.
    It’s possible that a number of the older ones will realise one fine day that they have little to lose and start drawing up a list and taking the law into their own hands.

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  3. One can only hope that such disgusting and treasonous disregard for the fundamentals of the concept of democracy has the opposite of the desired effect, followed by a massive campaign of civil non-cooperation.

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  4. November 31st! (for release dates for Hillary’s emails)
    30 days hath November…
    So November 31st means never..
    If this is true, You couldn’t make it up
    John, keep on bloggin’

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  5. As the EU referendum looms, a great counsel of war is gathering. Henri de Castries, the Chairman of the influential Bilderberg Group, has made his way to the highest hill above Dresden, placed a mighty conch shell to his aristocratic French lips and blown.
    Responding to his call, 140 or so of the most powerful pro-European business leaders and politicians will be making their way to the five-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais to discuss the future of their beloved free trade zone.

    The annual three-day Bilderberg conference kicks off on Thursday, and you can be sure the mood in Dresden will be a grim one. The heads of Google, Shell, BP and Deutsche Bank will be there, and Brexit will be top of the agenda. The Bilderberg Group has been nurturing the EU to life since the 1950s, and now they see their creation under dire threat.

    “A disaster for everyone” is how Henri de Castries, the boss of AXA and a director of HSBC, describes Brexit. But in particular, it is a disaster for his banking and big business colleagues at Bilderberg. Thomas Enders, the CEO of Airbus, who sits on Bilderberg’s steering committee – the group’s governing body – said, in a recent interview with CNBC, that his industry would be “lobbying” against Brexit.

    Enders said: “Long-term it would not be positive certainly for the industry. This why the aerospace industry – I think amongst others – will lobby… for a [Remain] vote of the British electorate on the EU.”

    Goldman Sachs has two senior representatives on Bilderberg’s steering committee: James A. Johnson, a board member of the bank, and Robert Zoellick, the chairman of Goldman Sachs’ board of international advisors. We know from Charity Commission accounts that Goldman Sachs, along with BP, is one of the key funders of the group, and we also know that they’ve been pumping “a substantial six-figure sum” into the Remain campaign. And Goldman Sachs doesn’t spend money lightly. The Remain campaign is clearly close to whatever they have instead of a heart.

    For Bilderberg, as for Goldman Sachs, the idea that there might be any kind of push-back against globalisation is a horrific one. I suspect we’ll glimpse some frowning faces behind the tinted glass as the limousines start rolling up on Thursday.

    An integrated EU, with the City at its centre, is a key building block in a globalised world, and its potential loss is a huge concern for “the high priests of globalisation”, as Will Hutton called the members of Bilderberg. The prospect of Brexit “frightens me”, admit Ken Jacobs, the head of Lazard, and another member of Bilderberg’s inner circle. Not much frightens these people. Only two things: sunlight and Brexit.


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  6. they/we have show trials and lately its show voting… a bit like saddam really. Everyone in Iraq voted for him to lead just before we invaded them.


  7. The US for a long time now has never been the last bastion of freedom and democracy and many are awakening to that fact and BREMAIN will be forced through.

    Oh well did expect it … the next tale of the saga is the name Cameron will be reviled across the land you see the EU economy is in the crap and in the zero sum game economically it has no way out. Neither does anybody else the only thing left and the US is prepping with trade agreements to extract it survival from others.

    Realised a doosey the other day … BREXIT / BREMAIN good or bad economically … you know if we BREXIT mortgages cost £1000 more per year. Really? Well £375 billion at 30 million household divided by 1000 was 12.5 years of f$%king increases in mortgage payments. At that point you can realise Cameron is a c%nt, people you do the math.

    Now if we BREXIT the government with the BOE will CTRL-P just like Japan in an economic disaster anyway so I can’t see no big deal in any monetary losses on BREXIT. Not one, we got a press we print … simples.

    Now BREMAIN, you eventually lose this abiltity as the BOE / £ is absorbed by the EU all part of the Lisbon Treaty. This timeline is not fixed so it can happen instantly locking you into the EU / euro and there will never be a good time to leave economically after that like Greece found out. Worse though … you can’t print no more! Disaster but I get to hang my elites and politicians AT THIS POINT AND NOT BEFORE AND I WILL RELISH THE PAYBACK. Genetically erase the scum so you really don’t want to go here, but BREMAIN is one step nearer.

    The elites can see no way out of ther impending Japanese position so want to sling their hooks in with the EU hoping they find a solution … they did that with pensions and look where we are … there is no solution in wait, go first, make your own destiny. They sure make mine with BREMAIN … oh I can hate liars and thieve for a lifetime it is instictive and how I was raised.


  8. I have long been of the opinion that the U.S. elections are pure theatre that at most decide which of the Deep State approved bankster/M.I.C./Neocon/Likud puppets gets to start WWIII.

    It is incomprehensible to me that many intelligent informed friends in the U.K. seem to think that the U.S. would never meddle in the British ‘democratic’ process in the way that it has provably done so in Ukraine, Brazil, Guatamala, Italy… (the list goes on). Why would the U.K. be any different when State Department/Wall Street interests are involved?

    Excellent piece once again JW.

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  9. John is correct. Brexit won’t happen. Hilary will be president.

    Trump is still alive – he must be a puppet also. My hopes are now gone.

    There will be no sudden collapse as we read – it will just get shittier and shittier every day. Boiling frog and that. That’s Fabianism.

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  10. We already have had Obama interfering in the Brexit vote, by stating the UK would go to the end of the queue in any future trade deals with the US.
    Now his Vice President Joe Biden is on his way to the UK to enforce the message.
    Cameron is calling in his big guns in an attempt to sway the vote.
    This is a blatant interference in the Sovereign will of the electorate by a Foreign Power. Surely, the Brexit referendum has rattled the cages of the Washington hegemon and their Globalist ambitions. This Brexit vote is clearly the most important to the UK since the Magna Carta.
    It is obvious that Europe and the UK are colonies of the US when they send their DOGCATCHERS to enforce the message.
    Expect much use of the propaganda tactic of FUD, ( Fear,Doubt,Uncertainty) in the coming weeks.
    No doubt the ‘dirty tricks’ department will be involved in vote manipulation by the usual means of ballot stuffing, postal and proxy vote misrepresentation.
    Many Lazarus votes by the registered dead is another favourite tactic.
    Some degree of protection must be enforced ,such as exit polls and count surveillance.
    As previously stated, lessons are to be learned from the recent Scots referendum and the General Election, where some results were suspicious.
    The UK population is sleepwalking into a totalitarian world of exploitation by a minority of vested interests. Brexit is the last hope of escaping this nightmare of corporate domination, which has given us austerity, neo-liberalism, endless wars and refugees.

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  11. A superb piece John, painful reading though it is to be given a clearly written, evidentially backed and sound analysis that confirms that the ‘conspiracy theories’ are in fact – facts.

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  12. Nothing more than I have said all along really…Although one ray of possible sunshine, is the French situation, there is a real possibilty given the history of the French that they will not put up with Brussels-am-Berlin’s nonsense, it might not be Brexit but, knowing the French, it just might be Frexit, although we in the UK are starved of any real news, I suspect Mde Le Pen is making as much capital as possible out of the current situation. Perhaps you can enlighten us JW?
    One can live in hope, although I suspect one will die in despair…


  13. Full marks, Mr Ward. The most coherent blog I’ve read that breaks down the treachery in our midst. I will ensure that as many people as possible get a copy.

    Many thanks.


  14. Nato is a malign organisation that has no qualms about pulling dirty tricks on European civilains, in the past or even now:


  15. John, your blogs are like explanatory notes for a never ending piece of of complicated theatre. They help me enormously to understand the plot. Most of my friends don’t get the plot; some don’t don’t even know that the show is playing so it is hard to share the plot with them. So they continue to enjoy their families, hobbies and vacations and I happily join them and try to keep my doubts to myself.

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  16. Me too Jaimie. My German wife keeps thinking I am nuts.

    is it possible that this globalist NWO thing is about to collapse in on itself?


  17. The bookmakers have reduced their Brexit odds today. They know the result.
    We’re on our own. Just have to do our best to enjoy our wonderful everyday and beat the system anyway we can.

    Does look like muscle flexing by US. Steel tariffs on China. Staring down Putin.
    I think the US know that its soon or never. So bring it on…..and as Obama said at the State of the Union speech some months ago…..”it’s not even close”…..
    I believe that, so the question is now……what will they do..?????? Not a lot in my view ( maybe piss their pants).


  18. I never expected a BREXIT vote to be accepted. The history of the EU is either to send the choice back to the voters and tell them to vote the ‘right’ way (Denmark, Ireland twice) or for the referendum to be ignored by having a slightly altered Treaty passed by Parliaments (France, Netherlands). I expected the EU and the quislings in Downing Street to do the same again: negotiate a few meaningless ‘reforms’ and present a new deal to the British people as a hard fought compromise. (Don’t rule out the stunt pulled before the Scottish vote either. We may well see some vague concessions from the EU during the run-in to the vote).

    It is still essential that we vote for BREXIT, because it is only one of a sequence of events that may generate the momentum towards the collapse of the EU. The referendum date was almost certainly chosen because a BREMAIN vote was expected, one that would encourage the Spanish to vote for the Establishment parties in general elections a few days later. A British vote for BREXIT, however, would encourage the Spanish to vote for the parties that question current EU policy. Next year there are national elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany. It is almost certain that a second referendum over BREXIT would occur in 2017 as well.

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  19. President Obama, ‘It’s not even close’ I wonder who he is trying to convince, himself, or us or both? He state that the US spends more than the other eight nations total spend on the military, unfortunately that doesn’t mean they have better quality weapon systems, in fact their defense industry is bloated and they don’t get value for money, take Russia, they get far more for their Ruble and they have far more advanced weapon systems.
    The US cannot win a nuclear war against Russia and is probably the biggest reason why they haven’t as of yet tried but, make no mistake, that day is approaching, before Russia had somewhere to retreat to when the US pushed forward, now, they have nowhere, they will make a stand, and then we are all in the shit.


  20. War is the great cleanser – of debt, of economic woes, of superficiality, of ‘stoopidity’ (hopefully) and of those who already have a price to pay to society at large.

    A heavy price to pay for a reversion to reality, common sense ….. and truth.

    With “For King and Country” and true statesmanship/leadership being from a bygone era, the form that it will take is not altogether clear. However, it’s coming.

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  21. All economic systems reset at some point, anyone who doubts this should read ‘The Great Wave’ by David Hackett Fischer. His analysis spans many centuries and finds common elements throughout. All systems emerge, flourish , mature then die and the basic economics is the same in all cases. Opportunity arises, people exploit that opportunity and generate wealth, the hangers on and grafters bleed the system until it weakens, then it falls over.

    The endgame is upon us, all the dynamics JW explains are symptomatic of this, the precise timing of the final trip down the plughole is another question.

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  22. If (some would say ‘when’) Bremain succeeds, won’t Cameron and his cohorts become figures of rancorous hatred amongst a good proportion of half the country but particularly in his own party? With a survey in the DT showing over two-thirds of traditional Tory voters wanting Out, won’t his days be numbered? Or will he carry on regardless, as do all tyrants and autocrats, who like Juncker, have no regard for the voice of the people – which is simply an irritating and inconsequential blip in the process of rule today?


  23. Their is one weak area in the MP’s plan. In the case of the Conservative MPs in particular they would simply be de-selected by their local associations before the next election. Local activists are far more anti-Europe than the Westminster mob so they would simply be voting themselves out of a job. They know it and the Leave campaign know it.


  24. If Brexit wins by a small majority, say less than a 10% margin, then after Cameron has gone, his successor will become involved in serious negotiation with the EU, not the plastic pantomime Cameron acted out. That will be a quick process, say six months, after which the new PM (a previous ‘Leaver’) will present the outcome to the public as a major triumph, then announce a second referendum, at which it only needs 5% of the voters to switch. After the first vote, the establishment will know the scale of the problem, so can construct the ‘new deal’ to address only that for the second vote to produce the ‘correct’ answer.
    When the second referendum in Spring 2017 delivers a 51/49 Remain result, the job’s done, the game’s over, normal EU service is resumed.
    I promise I won’t say “I told you so” next year, but just remember where you heard it first.


  25. Junckers, Merkel, Camaron et al are all threatening me that the fifth rider of the apocalypse will be released if I vote Brexit. Wll dam their eyes no one instructs me, I will vote out and unlike the poor old bddies who have been robbed of their state pension, this 1956 born old trout is more than prepared to take to the streets to bring the bar stewards in Whitehall to account, and is voting OUT


  26. Still trying to reconcile myself to the outrageous and disgraceful statement of intent delivered by various MPs yesterday. This is a truly historic moment, the implications of which simply cannot be ignored or underestimated. It is, as IP states above, the moment that conspiracy theory became conspiracy fact – and will, let us hope, be recorded for all time. If this doesn’t wake the British population, or what’s left of it, up with a jolt then it’s hard to imagine what would. As a supremely arrogant, public display of refusal to acknowledge the will (if it should be) of the citizenry, it would surely take some beating. Which is what they deserve.. a beating they’ll never forget.

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  27. Some of us have had our suspicions for years, this campaign, this vote, it is confirming everything with a blatant ease that only seems to underline how moronic people are on the big scale.

    It is very disheartening. I may well just give up thinking about it, grow some cabbage, retire and fart a lot.

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  28. 1. Still waiting for the Pear Habour moment.
    2. I cannot believe you have not done a piece on the amateur and lying OUT campaign. It’s almost as if they don’t want to win. As a Out Person myself, I’m disgusted with the lies when the is so much information that should be presented.
    3. I’d like to see the enquiry into this referendum and the pliticians held to account t for their deceit.

    Man we are becoming more like America on a daily basis……..arrrgggg.

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  29. Isn’t it about time that those who try to control by covering up are put on the spot?

    Every time a question is asked of them, a follow up with teeth is required. For example:

    ‘If you knew that the consequences of telling anything other than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or for refusing to answer the question, were the public execution of all your children, grandchildren and bastards (if you created any), would you wish to change your answer??’

    You won’t get anywhere with pathological liars unless the consequences of their lying are sufficiently horrendous to make them actually tel the truth.

    Every time they tell a lie, corner them on it. End their public reputation immediately. Prove them beyond all doubt to be unworthy of any public office whatever.

    Don’t treat them like humans with feelings. Treat them like criminals in need of ‘short sharp shocks’, ‘a tough prison regime’ etc etc.

    They aren’t empathic human beings, so stop treating them as you would wish to be treated yourself.

    Treat them as they are, with the contempt they deserve.

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  30. I’m not sure the Americans do want us to stay in the EU. There are a number of other interpretations of Obama’s intervention a few weeks ago: a) Obama wasn’t speaking for the whole administration (see also the Iran deal); or b) Obama’s speech was intended to obscure the US’s real strategy of division; or c) The Americans feel sure Remain will win and want to appear to have determined the outcome; or d) It was for diplomatic reasons, as a message to the rest of the EU or Russia

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  31. @Tom

    I will acknowledge that it is possible that Obama is speaking on behalf of the non-Neocon contingent of his administration. There is some evidence that over Ukraine and Syria, Obama has been fighting a rearguard action against the psychopathic and certifiable Neocons such as Nuland, but the historical evidence would suggest that it has long been State Department policy to have the U.K. as a Trojan horse in the E.U. It is certainly to the benefit of the Wall St. banksters to have an easily suborned, undemocratic common European government.

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  32. It would be nice to think that the Queen could exercise her constitutional right ( to dismiss the government if it failed to honour the outcome of the referendum. That unlikelihood would probably have the same result by other means; the government would be unable to function without a majority, (assuming the Eurosceptic Tories defied the whip), and would have to repeal the fixed term parliament act, and call for a General Election, the outcome of which would entirely different from that of last year.


  33. If I’m not mistaken, Charles III signed this Right away in 2014, as part of a D-Notice deal with MI5/6? Not sure…


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