People the EU likes working with, #1: Recep Erdogan


Recep Erdogan in NATO is one of the biggest arguments in favour of Brexit

Self-styled EU Führigna Federica Moghanini is dead keen on Recep Erdogan. She referred to him last November as “a liberal democrat moderniser” of Turkey. Equally impressed is David Cameron, who called him “a force for economic good” five years ago. And of course, he can do no wrong in the Black Dude’s eyes, because he’s in NATO and thus a convenient portal for the execution of US foreign policy in the region.

But what’s obvious by now to all Western diplomats is that Erdogan is a two-faced closet Islamist blackmailer without whom the world would be a better place.

Two days ago, the Ankara Freedom of Thought Initiative reported a government crackdown on private enterprise by people the Turkish leader sees as dissidents. It complained about official pressure against journalists critical of  his government, investigations into their articles, wiretapping of their phones, accusations of disseminating terrorist propaganda espionage, and detentions”.

From Day 1 of the plan to oust Basshar Assad, Erdogan has armed, bankrolled and otherwise supported Islamist rebel groups in Syria: even before he started actively exporting violent Islamists to Europe, his fomentation of civil war in Syria was a long-term indirect cause of the major refugee crisis the EU now faces.

And he’s still at it. Several media titles in the region have reported upon Turkey’s increased military presence on the Syrian border, about the delivery of shells and other ammunition to those Turkish positions….because Erdgoan’s vicious war against the Kurds is providing ample excuses for Turkey to shell Kurdish forces in Syrian territory, around the mainly Kurdish Syrian city of Kobane.

During the first night of the Syrian ceasefire, more than 200 Islamic State fighters crossed the Turkish border into Syria and another 100 came up from the Syrian city of Raqqa before joining forces near Kurdistan. In a CNN interview last week, Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu denied Turkey had any intent to invade Syria, but added that the Syrian ceasefire plan will not be considered binding if it threatens Turkey’s security.

Turkey’s constant supply line to ISIS in Syria and Iraq during 2010 began shortly after the soi-disant ‘peace flotillas’ were ‘refuelling’ (aka loading up with weapons) to arm more Palestinian groups against Israel. This was vehemently denied by liberal media at the time, but the case is not supported by similar activities undertaken Erdogan since. A week ago, on Greek coast guards detained a Turkish ship as it headed towards Lebanon. The ship – which took off from the Turkish city of Izmir on February 4 – was found to have two of its six holds crammed with weapons and munitions.

In a recent interview with Sputnik, lawyer Kemal Okuyan, spoke of the Turkish government’s accelerating attempts to turn the country into a religious state.

“The official demand for mandatory Friday prayers in mosques flies in the face of people leading a secular way of life, both Alawites and Christians,” he said.

So then, having already demanded money with menaces for not flooding Europe with more migrants, President Erdogan is making ever more flagrant threats to the EUnatics.
“We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria at any time, and if necessary put refugees on buses,” Erdogan told European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk after being told that the EU was “only” offering Turkey €3 billion over two years.
In the light of this, EU national politicians not entirely encased in the Merkel/Hollande/Schäuble bubble are speaking out bigtime. Vice-President of the  German Bundestag  Johannes Singhammer told Passauer Neue Presse yesterday that lifting EU’s visa requirements for Turkish citizens would lead to a “new, uncountable influx” of refugees fleeing war and violence.
Or worse still, violent young Islamist men hand-picked by Ankara.


Far from being concerned about this constant stream of evidence,  those in charge at the U.S. State Department, within the British Conservative Party, and and in the EC corridors of unelected power won’t hear a bad word said about the wannaba Ottoman running Turkey. They know perfectly well, for instance, that Kurdish groups in Syria are leading the resistance to ISIS, and that almost all of Erdo the Gargoyle’s actions against the Kurds damage the alleged mission against ISIS.

But the US aim in Syria (behind which the cowed Euronauts form a dutiful queue) is to maximise uncertain anarchy while they press on with keeping oil in the region out of Vlad Rasputin’s eager hands. So a complete fundamentalist headcase in NATO is just dandy so long as he keeps contributing to that.

And where, we ask ourselves, is the Labour Party in all this? Well, as we’ve all come to realise, Israel is the root of all evil….and so Recep Erdogan’s activist involvement in the destruction of the Jewish State makes him, you know, alright really.

So then, you in the Remain camp ever-ready with the fear gas, we’re all perfectly clear that you’re happy to align yourselves with Federica Mogherini’s Euroarmy, Turkish fundamentalist fascism, a never-ending refugee problem, the obscene bullying of Greece which is – alone and with little help – the only EU nation showing any real compassion for the victims, the foreign policies of Hillary Clinton, and the amoral cynicism of both the Tory and Labour Establishments.

Just checking.

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16 thoughts on “People the EU likes working with, #1: Recep Erdogan

  1. Erdogan is the patsy for Washingtons policy to overthrow Assad in Syria. He has his own interests of course. He has dreams of a new Ottoman Caliphate along the Northern crescent from Turkey to Mosul in Iraq. He wishes to wipe out the Kurds in this area, annex it and run a pipeline for Saudia and Qatari gas to Europe.
    This originally tied in with Washingtons policy to undermine Russian near monopoly of gas to Europe.
    He has financed his war by stealing the oil from Mosul and Syrian fields. Transported by road tanker via Turkey and onward internationally by ships operated by his son Bilals company BMZ. The pipeline of arms,supplies and ihadists into Syria is facilitated by Erdogan.
    The Russians put a stop to this caper by bombing the road tankers and paid for it by the downing of one of its fighter jets by Turkey,probably with US connivance.
    Erdogan thinks he has the cover of Nato for his recklessness, but should remember the faith of Saddam Hussein, who also thought he was Washingtons boy. His usefulness is over and his days are numbered.
    IISIS is Washingtons Foreign Legion Army, originating in Afghanistan as Mujahideen, onwards to Libya and then transferred to Syria along with Ghadaffis looted guns and gold. Other side shows have been Kosova, Chechyna and Dagestan.
    Erdogan holds Europe hostage with his control of the refugee flow. Unbelievably the BBC has been highlighting a statement from Genr, Breedlove ,blaming Russia for the refugee crisis. I despair of the sleeple if they accept this b–s, but it is a normal tactic of propaganda, to blame the other side for your sins.

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  2. @SL

    Good synopsis, although I think the Neocon cabal at the State Department is busy implementing Oded-Yonin

    And speaking of propaganda… I have to say JW that my attitute to your article is one of the curate’s egg. Whilst I have little argument with your assessment of Erdogan’s actions over the past few years, your unassailable (and in my view irrational) sympathy with the Zionist cause is tainting what would otherwise be a fair overview of the Turkey/Syria conflict.

    As someone who professes to deconstruct bollocks I would appreciate your opinion on the following points.

    1. “Turkey’s constant supply line to ISIS in Syria and Iraq during 2010 began shortly after the soi-disant ‘peace flotillas’ were ‘refuelling’ (aka loading up with weapons) to arm more Palestinian groups against Israel.

    Ever since you first made this allegation some time ago I have searched in vain for corroboration and have found none. I have requested some evidence from you on at least two occasions. As far as I can tell, even the Israeli press has not made this allegation. It is quite a stretch to suggest that a Western media, that so obviously shills for Israel at every opportunity, would have concealed such evidence and as such does not pass the most basic smell test. (I seem to remember when you first made this allegation you suggested that the pro-Israel New York Times had censored pictures taken of a weapon-laden hold.)

    The fact that Erdogan has sent Turkish ships to Syria to arm his own Jihadist mercenaries is irrelevant as I suspect you know.

    2. “And where, we ask ourselves, is the Labour Party in all this? Well, as we’ve all come to realise, Israel is the root of all evil….and so Recep Erdogan’s activist involvement in the destruction of the Jewish State makes him, you know, alright really.”

    Last time I checked, Labour Friends of Israel is one of the largest groups in the Parliamentary Labour party. These are politicians elected to serve the British people and yet find declaring allegiance to a foreign state to be beneficial to their career.

    I may not have your elevated IQ or background in advertising, but I have discerned a blind spot in your analysis of certain world events. I will continue to read your articles with interest, but the continued promulgation of the above canards does diminish your other work.


  3. It appears the plan for the somnambulant European populations is that cultural confusion should serve to distract from the growing impoverishment which is the only possible result of the deliberate economic sabotage with which we have allowed ourselves to be visited by a harebrained sociopathic elite. We are to be impaled on our own politically correct humanitarian zeal, without properly questioning the reasons why, by the increasing use of coercion and repressive measures ‘justified’ by the social unrest which must result from the lethal combination of economic failure and cultural Marxism. No doubt they hope that we will be too busy fighting each other to turn on them. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with self seeking dysfunctional ‘diplomacy’ by the few at the expense of the many. Naturally there are those, on the fringes of Europe and beyond, who see great advantage in promoting our assisted suicide and who will not hesitate to encourage it with any means at their disposal. Recep Erdogan, quite unencumbered by any humanitarian baggage, is just such an individual.


  4. Russia will always be an impoverished backward nation as long as the Russian people choose “Nasty Little Dictators’ who think they can improve it’s standing in the world by force!………..USA has many friends and allies around the world…….Russia…………??….Even their closest friend Ukraine, once an ally, now wants to join with the West.WAKE UP.. Putin the munchkin midget from Moscow wants a weak and destabilized EU. Russian carpet bombing of Syria leads to a mass of refugees fleeing to Europe. Refugees overwhelm Europe and destabilize the EU. Exactly what Putin, the munchkin midget from Moscow wants.


  5. @Munchkin

    Is the above ironic? I can hardly believe you are serious, but just on the offchance…

    Sorry, but what complete and utter rot. Virtually every sentence in your above comment was a blatant lie. Please be aware that most who read this blog are intelligent and informed individuals who have mostly awoken to the constant lying of our own propaganda outlets. I would speculate that most have access to Zerohedge, Russia Today, Russia Insider and the Vineyard of the Saker where your fairytales are continually deconstructed and exposed. Nice try though. :-)

    Putting aside the logical conundrum of how a people ‘choose’ a ‘dictator’ through parliamentary elections, Russia was an impoverished, backward nation when the Bolschevics were in charge. I hate to remind you of this, but as far as I know, the Russian people did not choose that sociopathic band of ideological murderers who went on to slaughter so many of them. Neither, it has to be noted, did they “choose” Yeltsin in any meaningful way. Russia under Yeltsin was further impoverished by the depradations of the neoliberal western economic advisers and the oligarchs who privatised all the state assets – again something most Russians had no choice over.

    I will readily concede that the majority of Russians have chosen Putin, as his sky-high approval rates would confirm, but to suggest that Russia is trying to improve its standing in the world by force, is to parrot some of the worst propaganda the West’s MSM can supply. To suggest to Russia is responsible for Europe’s refugees requires such mental gymnastics that I am afraid your cognitive abilities may remain permanently contorted. I will, however, I pray for your rapid recovery. :-)

    BTW ‘carpet bombing’ – is that like the use of ‘barrel bombs’?


    This from Zerohedge re. the motives for creating a European depression.

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  6. Thanks Canepat for so eloquently countering the Munchkin Troll. As you said he is unlikely to influence anybody here and you save John from having to react to such absolute and dangerous warmongering propaganda

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  7. John, do you honestly think leaving the EU will make any difference to uk foreign policy? You see Brexit as a panacea for all current ills – I don’t think so. I see it as a power grab by Boris Johnson and his chums, nothing more. Very little will change. The voters are (again) being sold a pup.


  8. Responding to innocent and unknowing critics:
    Putin knows that he will avoid retaliation by using his ingenious fire and forget scattergun 4.5 million unskilled brown eyed combat unwilling begging good for nothings into europe . Result – he’s winning by a large margin – indigenous populations screaming for more!


  9. Where is the link to the peace flotilla and the weapons they were carrying?

    You queried someone’s assertion that BBC explained how building 7 had fallen down whilst the building was still shown still standing whilst the reporting was making the claim. A Link to the evidence was provided and you made no further comment.

    Evidence please.



    So the Britain bashing with threats like this has begun.
    You and I know that any illegal aliens will be dealt with swiftly. The cross channel ferries will be utilised to return the illegals to syria – and the channel tunnel would make an ideal humidity temperature controlled wine storage depot for france unsold wines and cheese. Could be room for a few bmws and audis with any luck.
    Bring it on euro bullies. Boris will be PM soon and Britain will be Great again. Either Hilary or Donald are streetwise so no shortage of support from the US either.


  11. No, the problem is Israel. Israel are now trying to project their own treachery on to Russia and Turkey for Syria – but Israel were involved from the start, and refugees were flooding out of Syria long before Russia was involved.
    I’m glad the EU is working with Erdogan. It’s good to try to find common ground with neighbours. You only need to look at the example of Israel to see what happens when you go to war with or undermine every other nation you work with – you end up friendless, distrusted and despised.


  12. Did I miss it?
    I thought Turkey and Saudi troops were massing at the Syrian border.
    or are they suppressing news of what Erdogan is up to in Turkish Kurdistan


  13. You are preaching to the choir. Years ago Erdogan told a rally of Turks in Germany that Democracy is like a street car you ride it to your stop and then get off. His stop is an Islamic caliphate. He along with his Sunni brethren in Saudi Arabia are pushing for a non-democratic Islamic world. This is not going to end well.

    I saw that your thought police in the UK want to do away with “trolls” so for full disclosure my real name is not Bill Casso. I expect to be arrested on my next visit on the charge of trolling or saying something that your government does not want to hear.


  14. Another excellent article. I see the mention of Israel has provoked a few comments.

    Personally I think people find the Syrian proxy war complicated enough without bringing in another dimension about Israel and what things it has been up to. Has it provided support to ISIS and other groups to de-stabilise Syria? Maybe – but in my experience because there are a number of people who hate Israel no matter what it does, that debate will never be objective and constructive.

    Perhaps that debate is best left for another time and people can focus on the most pressing concern which is the biggest threats to world peace since 1938 – Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The leaders of Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Israel can stay. But at the danger of sounding like Cameron and Obama, Erdogan and the House of Saud really have to go.


  15. Has it provided support to ISIS and other groups to de-stabilise Syria? Maybe

    Loverat- there is compelling evidence that Israel is supporting the al-Nusra front Islamists in the Golan Heights region; the press in Israel even admits as much-

    More backgound info on Israeli/alNusra collusion here-


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