THE ISSUE BEFORE VOTERS ON JUNE 23rd: do you want to be a colony or a country of communities?


What exactly should we be Brexiting from?

SQUARE.JW.01This ‘EU referendum’ is about The Munnneeee. It should’t be: it should be about independence, morality, getting out from under the bullies, and dramatically downsizing the concept of ‘community’.

When it was the European Community, as a long-time traveller throughout Europe I was all for it. What was not to like? Portuguese community, French scenery, Greek empathy, Italian food: we would all play to our strengths, become a world-beating exhibition of cultures, and use this to raise our standards.

Well, that was 1975. The term geopolitics hadn’t been invented. We’d just given Nixon the bum’s rush. Britain was a dull, grey place full of old ideas. The future would be better.

Forty years on, I’m afar and asunder, and much older. Ironically, the community that became a Union is more divided and sclerotic than ever. The ‘United’ States has never been so disunited. The World has gone global, but religion and Mammonesque mercantilism have created over thirty centres of economic, cultural, political and ideological tension. The future has arrived, and it is just awful.

But one can’t blame all of this on the EU – far from it. It is the EU’s desire to join the madness that dictates the necessity for Britain to leave it.

The Dark Knights of Camerlot do not see it that way, of course. Seemingly rebellious, they’ve merely been cornered by the British People and forced to go through the motions of renegotiation. Camerlot-sur-Bullingdon is doomed if we actually do vote to leave the EU.

The Left thinks that if we do Brexit, however, we’ll wind up with Borisconia or something equally unpleasant. I have a lot of sympathy with that view. And that’s why tonight I want to pose a question that’s been in the wings of this Whitehall referendum farce, but now needs to be given some lines of its own: what should the UK be Brexiting from?

If you’re not as yet getting my drift, here are eight bullet points of clarification:

  1. From Day One, a United Europe was the American ideal for keeping the USSR in its place. So much has emerged to illustrate that in recent years – via memoirs, Wikileaks, exposés and so on – it’s now as close as one ever gets to an indisputable fact. The Marshall Plan was about turning a bankrupt Europe into a powerful bulwark. The outrageous forgiveness of German debt was about giving the DDR a prosperous neighbour covered in US military sites and missile silos. NATO was about (literally) getting the Free West to help actively in the policing of a World based on mutually assured destruction. (I’m not, by the way, depicting the old USSR as the innocent party: released KGB files following the Soviet collapse showed that the Red Army and its more hardline top brass were just as mad as the Pentagon).
  2. Although they’re good at hiding it, the American élite wants the UK in the tent pissing out because it does think we’re a reliable ally. They’re not wrong: but it’s a fine line between loyal ally and dependent pet.
  3. When the referendum date was declared, a diplomatic source in New York told me, “You’re going to vote to stay in the EU”. Probably, I agreed. “No” the source said, “You don’t get it: the result will be for you to stay”. Draw your own conclusions on that one: but if you think State, Washington and the Pentagon wouldn’t bend an election result to suit themselves, then I hope you’ll be very happy during your retirement on the 5th moon of Jupiter.
  4. Barack Obama arrived in Britain a week ago, and virtually said, “Leave the EU, and we will cut you adrift”. It’s an odd way to expresss a Special Relationship.
  5. From the moment the Referendum campaign started, Bloomberg – a globally influential B2B news network – has been running a non-stop torrent of Brexit scare stories, in which lots of “expert” talking heads appear several times a day to assert that the corporate world sees the prospect of Brexit as a disaster. Here’s a clue as to why that is the case: Grauer
  6. I have been told five times by European contacts that the EC and Schäuble’s pet Rottweiler the eurogroupe are pouring money into PR condemning the idea of Brexit….none of which mentions the obvious truth: as Britain has a massive (and growing) trade deficit with the EU, they need us far more than we need them.
  7. The use of Treasury money to further a political cause has rarely been more flagrant than the All Homes mailer sent out by the Remain Camp at a cost estimated to have been in the region of £9m.
  8. Despite Kate Hoey’s typically brilliant summary of the Big Issue in this referendum – “it’s the People versus the Establishment” – her own Party clings to a belief in the Power for Good demonstrated by a Union where all the governmental, economic and fiscal power lies within a tiny unelected clique of bubble-dwellers.

On June 23rd 2016, we will be asked to vote on whether to remain in the European Union or leave it. But the totality of Brexit we need is from an all-embracing, materialist planetary ideology.

I see Brexit from the EU as merely the first step. After that, Britain – and let’s face it, we’re really talking England and Wales here – needs to exit from:

  • The Special Relationship, TTIP and everything else associated with the megalomania of the self-styled US élite
  • Camerlot, Corbynania and every other element of petrified ideology destroying our ability to think creatively about what UK citizens really want
  • The corrupt control of Whiteminster over our lives, tipping the power balance in favour of community devolution and citizen power.

I doubt very much if all this will happen before I die; but then, we are all at times frozen by the deadly thought, “There is so much to do, I don’t know where to start…so I won’t”.

So that’s where I’m coming from: I prefer Benthamite mutualism to globalist serfdom. I’m funny that way.

The West vilifies Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban for thinking like this. Alexis Tsipras is incapable of grasping communitarianism, and the importance of scale in social anthropology. You have to applaud Nigel Farage’s grit in the face of adversity, but he’s not the man to take us on to a genuinely new model.

The English, Greek and Hungarian peoples nevertheless have the potential to be in the vanguard of those asking the question that must not be asked: do you want to be a colony, or a country of communities?

Earlier at The Slog: Osborne cracks down on taxpayers to fund tax avoiders

38 thoughts on “THE ISSUE BEFORE VOTERS ON JUNE 23rd: do you want to be a colony or a country of communities?

  1. Totally agree John. I was barracked mildly in Hong Kong last December when I said the referendum would be ‘fixed’ and Cameron’s ‘renogiation’ would be a repeat of Chamberlain’s Munich piece of paper. The critics now seem to have come around to my original position.

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  2. I started out as a committed Brexiteer but the case being put by the outers has been both shambolic and risable. There only seems to be John capable of putting a reasonable argument together. OK we know what we want to Brexit from but where are we brexiting to?

    I expected a coherent economic plans especially concerning trade deals. I wanted to hear about the alternative alliances we would build, how we would placate our former EU partners for leaving, what the future plans would be on defence/immigration/crime cooperation, basically, just a bit of sense would have sufficed.

    It’s no great surprise just look at the assorted vermin “organising” the out campange, what a shower they are. Face it, they’ve lost the argument in spades and are going to get deservedly beaten. How they’ve manged to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory so spectacularly I don’t know.

    I have donated my vote to my God Daughter who has instructed to vote in. My position remains for out but not yet. I just hope such a vote puts a finish to those twin shysters Farage and Boris.

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  3. I very much agree, Bill. I also started out as a Leave supporter but their campaign has persuaded me to vote Remain. At the heart of it, I think, is trust. To vote against the status quo you have to have faith in the people telling you to leap.


  4. I’m not voting against the status quo – I’m voting to regain the economic, social and political freedoms which we enjoyed prior to being deceived into joining the European Economic Community / Proto-European Super State. No matter how much one may dislike Farage & Johnson, given their track records I find it totally and utterly impossible to side with the likes of Blair, Mandelson, Kinnock, and latter day Johnnie come latelies on this issue……

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  5. I was and still am a supporter of the EU,but it isn’t the EU i would want you don’t treat allies the way the EU has treated Greece etc,also if you really are going to extract real change or concessions you never get them from voting yes! first time around,but i do understand that putting the nation in the hands of the far right Conservatives is a danger,but i also think competence isn’t suddenly going to show itself after all this time!

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  6. Tom, there is no status quo to vote for. Once we vote Remain the Eurocrats will have carte blanche to do with us what they want. The only restraint they have had to stop them so far is the threat of Brexit. Once that no longer exists they have got us on toast. To commit to that seems a bigger (and less palatable) leap than leaping to being a free nation oncemore.

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  7. Perhaps the Scots really did vote to leave the UK? But the meddling ones put their dress rehearsal into action swinging the vote. The result if you remember was 55.3% NO to independence and 44.7% YES. I suspect any foul play was not to test the ease of ballot manipulation, that is of course the easy part, but the reaction after it, would they get away with it? Who would moan and why?

    Note the result, I strongly suspect the forthcoming referendum will have a similar result to stay in the EU, a beast built on deceit. In the past, in referendums in other countries all over the world in similar situations, such a vote has only been held when the result is guaranteed and compulsion for the vote to take place has been in the government of the days face in a rather blatant and unforgiving manner. A good example is when a vote was held regards the United Kingdom of Norway and Sweden in 1905. You had the hooharr in the run up, culminating in a vote, result 99.95% for the end of the Union 0.05% against. More recently we had the Northern Ireland question, result in 1973 98.9% remain in the UK 1.1 Join the Republic. Oh and of course the Good Friday agreement 71.1% for 28.9% against and 0.18 spoilt.

    The point I’m trying to make is that holding a vote when its virtually 50/50 it would normally be considered insane unless you have a trick up your sleave and say with a result of 55.3 v 44.7 you can get away with mischief because you play one set of voters off the other with ease. Nobody, with todays propaganda efficency will feel confident enough to challenge the result even though the feeling deep inside is one of intense bewilderment, regards not getting what you want once again, in the face of more anonymous naysayers.

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  8. Bill 40 and Tom,

    Aarg. Are you sheep that you must have leaders you can trust? Trust yourselves and those like you. Lead yourselves. Tell the establishment to get the hell out of your way.

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  9. I vote out but not for any logical reason and only partly for some of what is written on this blog. The arguments presented don’t allow a logical response. I look at Greece and the Cyprus bail in and say no thanks.

    Still, I repeat what I wrote in this comment box last night, which wasn’t put on this website for whatever reason….what’s the point. Either it’s fixed, or we’re doomed either way.

    Let’s see if this comment makes it through the unfathomable mediation.

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  10. @FVDP


    A vote to Remain will not solve the systemic problems which are all too real and obvious, it will merely ensure that we continue to decay as a bloc. The impositions of a plutocracy masquerading as democracy are no substitute for community and autonomy – we all have different needs and big government can never hope to recognise or address them. Cooperation without independence is meaningless unless the natural instinct for a sense of local identity is suppressed, which can only ultimately be achieved by bullying, because the essentially voluntary nature of the enterprise has been removed. The perception that we are no longer capable of finding our own way home is one that we should face up to and dismiss.

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  11. And we should not be put off by the fact that there are various disagreeable people who may or may not want Brexit for other reasons, that is a counsel of despair.

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  12. Dear Jean,
    Your analysis today is very confused. It confuses me largely much.
    You are missing all the major points and twisting the options to make a amazonian greater ego chipmunk point of view.
    You must do better eh?
    Maybe less having the pimms cocktail before writing the more ‘old fart stories’


  13. Bill40 & Tom. I pity you feel you can put your trust in that clique over there in Brussels and your “need to keep ahold of Nurse …” It kinda reminds me of those who wanted to believe Chamberlain.

    Although I agree the Leave camp have done a pretty poor job of presenting their case, it still beggars belief that anyone in command of their marbles could follow the arrow pointed by such as Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Prescott, Cameron, Osborne, Ashdown, Obama, the entire Brussels cabal and the obnoxious British luvvvvvies, such as Emma, Eddie & Co – all of whom clearly know better what’s best for you and your future. Good luck when you wake up to find Brussels have proceeded with their long-term plan to abolish Britain’s 48 counties and divided Britain into 9 separate regions, the South East going from Hampshire to Kent with a proposed capital in Calais.

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  14. @alexei – It appears that many many people do not know that the proto- type EU “UK regional government offices” are already in place. For example, I understand the South Coast Ambulance Service’s boundaries are coterminous with those of the proposed EU Region for the South East….the hop & skip have already been achieved all that remains is for the UK’s voters to Jump (either into the path of the EU train or out of its way)……

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  15. I don’t believe the pollsters on this one, because if the split was so close then it would be easy for the authorities to rig the vote, a little ballot stuffing is easy but, the sheer paranoia that Cameron et al. are displaying makes me think that they know the ‘Leave’ voters are way way out in front, and how could you rig a vote where say, 70-80% voted the ‘wrong way’? I also suspect that many folk will actually proclaim, to want to remain in, yet actually vote ‘leave’ when the time comes, and I think that the immigration issue is why this is, the cleverly sold lie, that to have concerns over immigration is racist, is another devious tactic used by those that wish to remain in. There is also I believe one more glimmer of hope, all those that voted Tory in the last GE must now be questioning whether or not they made the right decision, just possibly if they vote to remain, will they regret it later? Although that also could apply to the ‘leave’ voters but, in any event I still maintain that we will not be allowed to leave, it would be another nail in the US’s coffin, and soon the next nail might be the last…..National Security and all that…

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  16. Don’t underestimate the recent ‘SIR’ flintoff crossbow – the greatest spinner from down under since the pie eating chip guzzling shane vaughan. Lucky dave has promised him his next tax payer funded brown envelope for a win in june.

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  17. What’s with all the negativity?

    What I am seeing are friends work colleagues and family leading a very aggressive out vote!

    On a ‘legitimate’ Referendum the largely indifferent remain will have problems getting out voting, while the aggressive leave will be out in force.

    The out vote will take this on a poor turn out.

    I will be at the Glastonbury Festival with kids and grand kids and we all have our postal vote sorted.

    Just get out there and vote the push back starts now.

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  18. We should be testing the fundamental assumption that we actually have a democracy. This term has been so bastardised that it has the equivalent explanatory power of the word multiculturalism. At least JW is clear about his definition of the word.

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  19. ” But the totality of Brexit we need is from an all-embracing, materialist planetary ideology.”

    Precisely. It is the West /Europe and America’s relentless quest for MORE which is causing all the trouble. I think this is why the Chinese civilisation has lasted longer than ours. They’ve managed to balance Taoism with Confucianism, until recently.

    Every single morning I focus on the Dao, well if that sounds pretentious … I try to, with the Eight pieces of brocade Qi Gong mediation.

    As it’s Friday here is a more realistic meditation routine…

    “Just acknowledge that all that sh*t is f*cking b*llshit — you’re here now, in this place, with your inner stillness,”

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  20. I attended a Zac Goldsmith Q&A this week and one most interesting and timeless feature of chatting to other attendees afterwards was a go-ahead Romanian immigrant proclaiming that Britain had to leave the EU as ‘I am having to send my child to private school because there aren’t places at schools where children can speak English’.

    There is nothing new about successful first-generation immigrants proclaiming that Britain’s problems are ‘due to the immigrants’.

    My father came across precisely such views in the 1970s. I hadn’t in the face until this week. Now I have.


  21. Exit Polls.
    The Scottish referendum could easily have been rigged because there were no exit polls. Why were there no exit polls? Were they banned?

    For this EU referendum if there are no exit polls then the result will most certainly be to remain.
    Exit polls must be the most accurate way of polling the voters bar an actual count. If the exit polls suggest 75% for Brexit then Cameron would have a hard time justifying a count of 55% to remain.

    Expect exit polls to be banned from this referendum as well.

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  22. I’ve posted this before
    The Scottish Referendum was fixed
    I voted No
    The SNP said nothing
    Scottish Ballot papers now have a serial number on the back in big bold letters

    There was a previous attempt at vote fixing in 2007 Scottish parliamentary elections with the case of Dave Thompson – I’ll post details later if anybody is interested

    They intend to privatise the NHS thru TTIP.
    Brexiteers should be shouting that from the rooftops – ask George Galloway

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  23. From my daily observations mainly as a Taxi Driver there appears to me to be a fairly clear dividing line between the ‘inners’ and the ‘outers’. Roughly speaking those over the age of about 45 are mostly (>90%) ‘outers’ and those below 45 are mostly (>80%) ‘inners’. The interesting thing with this demarcation is that it coincides approximately with those of us who remember life before the Common Market and those that dont. Both my partner and I have offspring in their thirties who are adamantly ‘inners’ and no amount of reasoning and logic can convince them of the error of their ways. To me the issues are not a matter of opinion, they are about matters of fact, in particular the total lack of democracy which the EU represents. In talking to these people it seems tp me that they dont care about ‘old fashioned’ values of accountability, democracy, justice and tackling of fraud. Their main concerns seem to be about jobs and trade. No amount of hard facts – particularly concerning trade, like the huge numbers of AudIs, BMWs, VWs, Mercedes, Smart Cars etc on our roads can convince them that Trade would be of a far bigger concern to the rest of the EU, than us if we were to leave. Truly the dumbing down of education has been far more successful than even I could have imagined. I truly despair !

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  24. Although having spent 30-odd years of my life living in France, and “Brexit” will entail difficulties for me, i support it. Potential financial problems have to come secondary to loss of a country’s ethnic makeup and culture. To build a Mutualist society is impossible inside the EU straghtjacket. We have to hand down to our grandchildren the land we inherited, we do not have the right to sell their birthright. MON BAHUS

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  25. Just a thought: this is the European Union we are speaking of here. It has a track record of asking countries that said “no” in a referendum to hold another one.

    No doubt at great cost to those democracies… but having a democracy in the EU will cost your government money.

    Isn’t it likely that if the UK votes to leave, it will have to hold another referendum until it agrees to stay? Anyway, Camerlot and Crew will probably want to save on such costs and give out the result that it was 51% to “stay in”. Britain isn’t a country where the government would even dream of allowing mutualism… and if it did, the US would step in.

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  26. I’m with KFC on this. Most of the polls online have been showing much greater lead for the out campaign and yet the ‘establishment’ posters (which appear on the telly) are showing the campaigns to be neck and neck. Thus the fix will not easily be challenged on the day…

    That said – I cannot for the life of me comprehend why any reasonably intelligent person without a vested interest would even consider voting to remain in the EU. It is absolute madness given the RULERS of the EU have clearly stated over and over where they are headed – and it ain’t good for the ordinary plebs. You will NEVER be able to get rid of these people and their successors if we stay in and what rules us now is bad enough. I fear for us with what sort of people are waiting in the wings.

    If you don’t vote out – don’t say that you weren’t warned…

    The UK pols can be dealt with in good time… IF we are out !

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  27. ” democracy (n.)
    1570s, from Middle French démocratie (14c.), from Medieval Latin democratia (13c.), from Greek demokratia “popular government,” from demos “common people,” originally “district” (see demotic), + kratos “rule, strength” (see -cracy).

    Democracy implies that the man must take the responsibility for choosing his rulers and representatives, and for the maintenance of his own ‘rights’ against the possible and probable encroachments of the government which he has sanctioned to act for him in public matters. [Ezra Pound, “ABC of Economics,” 1933] ”


    “Home Secretary Theresa May has said the UK should quit the European Convention on Human Rights while remaining in the European Union.”

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  28. Dear Mr. Ward Your wrote: “You have to applaud Nigel Farage’s grit in the face of adversity, but he’s not the man to take us on to a genuinely new model.” Why not? Thank you. Kindest regards, Yves Chambaz

    On Thu, 28 Apr 2016 19:11:11 +0000


  29. Have a look into Greece referendum 2015, Private TV and exit poll companies where proclaiming a neck to neck between YES and NO with a tendency to a YES vote win. Even hours before the referendum. They were off by 40%…
    Reason? – Strong economic ties with EU funding and close YES vote political parties connections.


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