Changes in China, turbulence in EU, geopolitics in Brexit


Liberty has missed the boat. The fate of the decency cause is now in the hands of others

Overnight in China, the Shanghai index fell another 5.3%. The PBOC was hoovering up every share it could find to buy, but it made little difference. Significantly, this time there was no early closure of the Chinese markets…but the Shanghai Communist Party boss Han Seng ordered a crackdown on all media speculation.

As it happens, a lot of the speculation has been about…um, Han Seng. But most sources now see him as a man strengthening his position in the Beijing Politburo as several older leaders ‘retire’….and he doesn’t want any ‘rogue’ news raining on his parade. It’s clear that a major Politburo reshuffle is imminent; it’s going to make Jeremy Corbyn’s look positively well-organised.

In the light of what it sees as a very likely change in currency and economic policy in China, Washington is now moving to – if nothing else – ensure that nothing is left to chance in the EU. Angela Merkel will be feeling suitably chastened: mass migration problems, mass rapes and now a massed attack on the Dax. The message seems to be “No dalliances with the man to the East, and no sh*tting on the Limeys”.

24 hours later, we see David Cameron looking confident, predicting a solid EU deal in February and virtually naming a Referendum in June. No wonder he’s feeling chipper: Dave has been assured that nothing will be allowed to get in the way of Britain’s continued EU membership.

I hate to admit this, but there is not going to be a Brexit. Even a late surge for the Vote Leave camp is not going to make any difference. We have now entered the realm of Whatever it Takes, and – at least in the West – I fear we must accept that the tide is irreversible.

During the last three days, a great steaming pile of ruthlessness has  come to light: the source of the smell has been established. Some Tory Eurosceptics and UKIP inner circle are grudgingly accepting reality. Even the ClubMed rebellion has lost face, and is losing heart.

A brick wall is being built around NATO membership as solid as any Berlin Wall. Only the Brics are now in a position to undermine a planetary hegemony for US neoliberal corporatism.

They wouldn’t be my first choice as allies. But the days when we had a choice are now over. So, bon courage as we say in these parts.




18 thoughts on “Changes in China, turbulence in EU, geopolitics in Brexit

  1. It is painful to admit it, but I have little doubt that you’re right about Brexit. WRT your third-from-final paragraph: can you be a bit more explicit?


  2. The Powers that be have no fear of the Brexit election results. They have had some recent practice in manipulating the vote. First during the Scots referendum and the recent General Election. It is now a well oiled machine,churning out the required result to an insouciant populace.
    Josef Stalin.’ I do not care how they vote, we do the counting’.

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  3. I must admit, in spite of my contempt for the continental twerps running the eu shambles, I strongly believe that Brexit WILL NOT HAPPEN – because the British people have lost their single minded GRIT AND DETERMINATION due to the stock pedigree dilution from so many dalliances with blood lines from other parts, combined with the dominant socialist bullying mantra peddling loser takes all POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.


  4. “The message seems to be “No dalliances with the man to the East, and no sh*tting on the Limeys”.”

    “According to official information provided by the Department of Defense (DoD) and its Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) there are still about 40,000 US troops, and 179 US bases in Germany, . . . . and tens of thousands of troops, with hundreds of bases, all over Europe. ”

    And we have still got your gold.

    Those nice co-operative Dutch people got their gold back in return for a satisfactory cover-up an unfortunate aircraft “accident”.
    No do be a good girl, won’t you?


  5. There was an interesting piece in the Guardian this morning, written by some arrogant t**t from Luxembourg, which was a litany of threats regarding what the EU would do to us if we Brexited. I was quite surprised by the very critical and resentful tone of almost all of the readers’ comments – even from pro-EU types. That, plus the refugee disaster-in-the-making, was making me increasingly optimistic about a ‘let’s leave’ referendum result. But after reading JW’s latest piece I’m filled with fear and dismay.


  6. Landscaping I don’t share your theory but I do have an alternative. I’ve always thought that the British “Breeding Stock” suffered badly in the First World War. All those plucky; keen-as-mustard young lads went off to war and a lot of them didn’t come back. We were thus left with a higher proportion of men less keen on fighting and having less get-up-and-go. We’ve never been the same since. Just a theory !!


  7. Never underestimate the storm of a population denied their voice. They will be quiet until they begin to scream. The screaming will be enough to overpower the voices of the castrati caesars once called leaders, installed by corporation. Monitors that choose to stay will be abused. Time runs out.


  8. BDI: 429. Oil: $31.36.
    Doesn’t well does it? There might be a big steaming pile of something very unpleasant on our plates soon. War. It is fast becoming the only way out. Even the superrich are losing money, what better way to make a pile?


  9. The Roman Empire fell and this s..t will fall, educate your grand children, for the future is theirs, It will always be 10 percent of the people that will change this, just as there were only 10 percent of the people that fought and died to created the American revolution, but there are people still there that will resist. To take their country back , “God willing”,90/% of the people don’t give a f..k, history shows this. It sad but true. But everything that goes round comes round.
    I’m of for tinto.


  10. I agree that Brexit won’t happen. When it gets time to vote the electorate will be scared into staying in the EU. We saw this happen in Greece and it will be repeated in GB


  11. I don’t necessarily agree that the BREXIT has no legs. If the migrant crisis evolves to become a more serious set of events then it may be a case of ‘events dear boy events’…….the fat lady is still in the dressing room.

    We just have to get out there and vote because even if as a country we vote to stay, a stumble across the finish line gives it less legitimacy.

    There needs to also be some serious exit polls.

    If all else fails I’m still able enough to carry a pitchfork!

    Yorkie Mark….6ft 1″ ……….14.5 stone…….fighting out of Pontefract.


  12. Why will there be no Brexit? What have you heard from your sources John?
    Every single poll run online by Express or The Mail gives between 65% to 80% in favour of leaving the EU.
    If you count all the comments after articles in the MSM and work out a percentage it is consistently about 80% in favour of leaving.
    So are you suggesting that the count will be rigged? Or are you suggesting that people will vite to remain in the EU?
    Please expand on your evidence and thoughts as it would make a great Slog post!


  13. Brexit will be voted on in a very different climate. We are about to enter a cataclysmic year; economically and politically. Migrants, economic collapse (especialy of house prices), and the imminence of Turkish entry into the Eu (all those vigorous chaps who knife England suooorters to death?). How can Brexit possibly lose? .


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