G4S strikes again…..this time in the US


Ten gallon hats and £100 million invoice frauds…is this the right way to handle a global emerging nation migrant crisis?

mesnipAs the disgraceful mishandling of 2012 Olympics security becomes a distant memory on the horizon of Thatcherite naivety – as the saga of Care Home sleaze and fiddled invoices fades from full primary colours into pastel-shady deals – and as we begin to forget about how Theresa May was handing G4S business just as Chris Grayling was banning them from Government contracts in perpetuity….this soi-disant “security” company is engaged in compromising the one aim its US employer has: Homeland Security.

American Border Patrol whistleblowers have told US investigative website Judicial Watch that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is surreptitiously transporting illegal Mexican immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix…and then releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents.

Judicial Watch is a right-wing site with what one could call “good intentions”. It’s too Trumpy and kick-out wetbacks for my taste,  but the things that make this story credible  are (1) I’ve been on G4S’s case for five years in the UK, and this lulu bears all their hallmarks (2) the site’s sources mirror what others have told me about the mess the DHS is in, and (3) as the emerging nations are squeezed more and more by financially manipulated globalism, border meltdowns like these are inevitable…be they in France, Greece or Austria.

DHSmeximmigrThis shot was taken earlier this week by Judicial Watch at the Phoenix Greyhound bus station, on Buckeye Road….where unprocessed illegals then made their various ways forward. White unmarked vans arrived carrying a group of ‘lucky’ immigrants. G4S drove them from the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector where they were in custody to Phoenix.

The covert policy reflects recent Congressional testimony given by Bandon Judd, chief of the National Border Patrol Council –  the trade union that represents border guards. Judd told lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that illegal immigrants without serious criminal convictions can be released immediately and disappear into the shadows. This was also confirmed by one law enforcement official in Arizona, who told Judicial Watch,  “They’re telling us to put them on a bus and let them go…Just move those bodies across the country.”

It would not, of course, occur to G4S to tell US legislators that the tide of immigrants is beyond their control….because that would threaten G4S’s gigantic fee for providing security that is clearly no longer viable. Three years ago in the UK – using information from  Open Democracy – I was able to show that  G4S made a planning application to convert a house into a children’s home, under the name of one Simon Herbert, to Buckinghamshire Council. A Statement in support of the application, purporting to come from ‘Childrens Services’, was sent to Aylesbury Vale District Council. In fact, both were issued by G4S. The forged document went on to say that ‘Both Local and National Planning Policy support the proposed change of use.’ G4S simply made this up.

A year before that, I catalogued how Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt were forced to call in the army to run UK Olympic Games security, after G4S were found to have provided 3,500 less staff than promised – most of them woefully unqualified – and then the staff were caught by media surveillance literally asleep on the job.

In March 2014, G4S were forced to give a hundred million Pounds in overcharged fees back to the Ministry of Justice….but then, a month later, Whitehall declared them free of blame.

The company is still as cosy as a bug in a rug – or a cockroach under the carpet – with the crooked incompetents of Whiteminster. It is still in charge of housing UK asylum seekers, although is now thankfully losing money on the three year old contract….because ‘the sheer number of asylum seekers now coming under the programme far exceeded original estimates made by G4S’. No change there then.

In January of 2016, yet again the Labour Party demanded that ‘Private jail firm G4S should be banned from getting new government deals after a probe allegedly revealed abuse at a youth prison’. A BBC Panorama exposé then went on to show undercover footage of youngsters being restrained at Medway Secure Training Centre – where one inmate was left struggling to breathe , and staff at the G4S-run jail slapped one teenager on the head and stabbed another in the leg with a fork. Seven staff members were later suspended from the centre in Kent.

I’m just giving you a flavour of this highly favoured government supplier, that just keeps on cheating, screwing up….then being cleared before being reappointed. I sincerely hope the US authorities will be less tolerant and forgiving.

However, my growing feeling over the five years of following G4S is that, shall we say, their marketing methods employ a judicious mixture of cronyism and money.

This sort of thing is meat and drink to Jeremy Hunt, a man whose own company Hotcourses was let off the hook and then covertly reappointed by his second cousin Baroness Nettlestone. That little act of nepotism went on to make his fortune…which remains on paper by the way, because when eighteen months ago a large combine offered £17m to buy Hotcourses, they began the due diligence….and then reversed out like an Italian tank on rocket fuel. Go figure, eh?

Hunt was involved in hiring G4S for the Olympics, and for defending them….at one point telling a committee it was “quite normal” for a government supplier to underperform. He really has no idea whatTF he is at. Mind you, Jeremy has no idea at all why he withheld emails from the BSkyB bid enquiry, had several meetings with James Murdoch in New York during 2007, blagged a seat ( as well as a BC contract) off his second-cousin, denied she was his second cousin, co-authored a pamphlet urging the destruction of the NHS, or wouldn’t meet the junior doctors for further talks until cornered into admitting that his weekend hospital death stats were invented garbage.

As for Boris….well, The Slog has a page dedicated to the Rake’s Progress. You can access it here. Suffice to say that he and Hunt have a close chum in common: Rupert Murdoch.

This is the real bottom line: Western governments are not facing border control realities, and as a result the topic is easy for racists to sensationalise. Neither syndrome is even remotely advisable. In the meantime, those governments are employing profiteering incompetents to not do the job. And in that context, nobody else on the planet comes close to G4S when it comes to corruptly engineered cock-ups.

Corruption connected at yesterday’s Slog: Dippy Daydream Morgan and educational cronyism

26 thoughts on “G4S strikes again…..this time in the US

  1. The Swiss have just built the largest and deepest rail tunnel under the Alps,at the cost of 1/5 the Hs2 is going to cost and they’ve made a law that means all trade must use this route to take heavy vehicles of the Swiss roads,saving on repairs and guaranteeing in time recovery the cost! it was well planned finished on time and in budget! So why is Hs2 already over budget from it concept? and 5x the cost when engineering wise it is far less complicated to build!

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  2. More evidence here of governments unable to perform their jobs. Imagine if we all had responsibility levels like they do.
    It’s a disgrace. What can be done?
    A democrat , black dude is thinking, the more of us the better. So don’t fix it.


    And people like me are thinking what can I do about it. I know, go down to the store and get fully kitted out with 2 nines,
    a boom stick, 2 heaters,a pocket rocket and a couple of pieces. No wonder, who can blame us.


  3. This is what happens when a government knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. G4s have done just as well in the attempt to privatise some Police functions. Faking 999 calls to improve call statistics. What a fine example of a global British enterprise.

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  5. mac
    thanks for the link, I needed to register soon because I have been very busy in meetings with very important government officials here in germany. Not only that but I do a lot of work for VW about the omissions scandal which is costing them billions in lost reputation. I shouldn’t tell you but i’m also seeing a gorgous hunk from the local american naval base. We’re going dancing tonight.Ive got a special bottle hidden in my dressing table for hen we get home. Its a double strength vodka.


  6. I meant to say it was difficult to hide because it’s a 1.5 litre, but I put it in the bottom drawer where I keep my largest cups for putting under sweaters in the winter when I want to impress if I’m out taking coffee on the Strasse or something exciting like that.


  7. Troll Warning!!

    I think it might be Johnson getting his knickers in a twist, but there are two troll comments above.

    Watch out for them: they usually spout a lot of nonsense.


  8. mac
    No its not spam. I had the same. It does’nt actually tell you which way to vote, but does state that if you require more information go to the BBC website. Enough said.


  9. I hate to disagree with old John but Judicial Watch has no credibility. It’s founder and leader Larry Klayman is part fruitcake and part entrepreneur dedicated to getting people to send him money so he can do his work. His work is to reveal conspiracies among Democrats. It’s safe to assume that because this work is so important that Larry Klayman must be paid well and have a generous expense account.

    This business model relies upon people who hate Democrats to supply Larry with inside tips. Grainy photos purporting to be showing the deed are an extra. This is not exactly the most reliable method of getting to any truth.

    For the sake of argument let’s say this story is essentially true. That a few dozen people who may have been deported were in fact let loose. There are 12 million undocumented residents in the US. Now tell me first, how can a few hundreds of such people make any difference? Then tell me what the leaders of such a thing, which we are to assume is Obama, hopes to gain? I mean, really. What possible thing is there to be gained? If such a thing was happening the scandal would be the leaders of the conspiracy are drool cup, head protector grade stupid.


  10. Hi Halfkidding

    Thanks for the input, but half-reading should never be done by the half-kidding.
    Regardless of what Judicial Botch (to whom I was far from kind) are up to, the kernel of this story is this: the demand for places in the developed world vastly exceeds what that world is prepared to supply. This is a crisis, and douche-bags like G4S make it worse by being complicit in a kopout.

    I think your totally invented ‘few dozen’ playing 12 million is a nice point, but you’ve no idea by what factor the first figure is wrong; and saying there are already 12m illegals in the US doesn’t solve that problem….it merely confirms my main point. That is, there is no wacko conspiracy here, there is merely a border out of control. Liberals don’t want that to be true, and the Black Dude doesn’t want to admit it: so G4S is using its customary MO: the more we just let in as ‘registered’, the more our fee goes up and we get a fat bonus.

    As this is Donald Chump’s obsession at the minute, then of course any stories saying he might be right must be dismissed. Because as we know, we mustn’t have a mad, war-mongering, corrupt, foreign policy hawk Wall Street arse-kisser in the Oval Office. But given Hillary’s support level, you’re going to get one.

    It gets tiresome in the end when people can’t separate source and personality from issues, dunnit? ;-)) But that’s politics these days.

    PS At a wild guess, I’d say you’re a Democrat. Large D, obviously.

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  11. “It’s… leader…. is (ad hominem attack)….dedicated to getting people to send…(his compnay)… money so he can do his work. His work is to reveal conspiracies among …(Republicans)….. It’s safe to assume that because this work is so important that ,,,,, must be paid well and have a generous expense account.”

    Just thought I’d change a couple of things and, hey presto, exactly the same attack can be used on the CEO’s of EVERY mainstream media outlet in the US. And I could rearrange it to fit the UK, the entire EU area and most of Oceana.


  12. The article isn’t about the source (although it is modern day in-objectivity to do so) G4s would be doing this under any government in any country,,what it really proves is that private companies are a best no more efficient than local authorities and almost certainly worse,they don’t save taxpayers money but you do get a much worse service!


  13. Not sure how off topic, but informative:



    During the seventeenth century, these medieval practices were exported to Manhattan, where wells for drinking water were only thirty feet deep, easily contaminated by the nightly dump of human waste. Nineteenth-century New Yorkers tried to make their water palatable by boiling it into tea and coffee, which killed cholera. But the arrival of tens of thousands of immigrants overwhelmed these weak defenses, and the city succumbed to two devastating cholera epidemics.

    Corrupt economic gain, a recurrent theme in the history of cholera, is illustrated by the story of how a powerful Manhattan company—the future JPMorgan again—was established by diverting money from public waterworks to 40 Wall Street. This resulted in half a century of unsafe drinking water as the city abandoned plans to pump clean water from the Bronx and substituted well water from lower Manhattan slums. In a more recent case, the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse fostered by JPMorgan Chase and others in the banking industry left thousands of homes abandoned in South Florida. Their swimming pools of stagnant water provided ideal breeding grounds when Aedes mosquitoes arrived in 2009 carrying dengue fever. In part as a result, this tropical disease is now reestablished in Florida and Texas, transmitted by the same mosquito that carries yellow fever, West Nile, and Zika virus.


  14. Anyone here reckon German security services are being fed intel by Russia? Too much to lose here. Kind of an anti-Gladio move.


  15. @kfc

    I think that many folk have caught on. Unfortunately, having the facts and understanding the true picture of Neocon-led State Department policy is powerless in the face of an ignorant, propagandised population. Anything Stephen Lendman, Stephen F. Cohen or PCR writes will be dismissed as the rantings of ‘conspiracy theorists’, while the blatant demonisation of Putin. Assad and the Iranians by the Graunaid, the BBC and all points right continues apace. Such professional liars will keep the populace sleepwalking into another Cuban missile crisis and unfortunately we do not have anyone of the calibre of JFK in the White House able to defuse it. Then as now, the psychopaths of the MIC and State believe a nuclear confrontation is ‘winnable’. They are insane. I find Bill Hicks was prescient. (Some bad language.)

    The only thing I take issue with is that the armoured cars will not be shooting pizzas and I don’t think JW should take his own life :-).

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