COMING TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU: private educational corruption, courtesy of Education Secretary Nicky Morgan


How the vacant fill their situations

mefacebookI’m indebted to the Court News site for bringing this absolute gem of politically correct cronyism to my attention. It has within it so many of today’s instances of positive discrimination and the highly intelligent behaving like Sting victims, you’d really think it was Daily Mail made up bollocks. Sadly, it’s genuine….and confirms my view that while Nicky Morgan is indeed very bright, the bright lights are on but there’s nobody home.

Homosexual Greg Wallace bought IT services from C2 Technology Ltd, while running the Best Start Federation of primary schools in Hackney on behalf of the Department of Education.

But nobody bothered to check that Wallace was in a sexual relationship with Tony Zangoura – the main active shareholder at, um, C2 Technology Ltd.

What makes the case horribly embarassing for Morgan the Piratette is that Greg Wallace was a special advisor brought in by the lass ‘erself when she was much further down the foodchain than she is today. Furthermore, the scam went on for five years without Nicky Brightyungthing noticing anything amiss.

Greg wrote lots of Dear Tony emails during this period that went like this:

‘You shd charge for last week and this because some of it is research time….I have got loads of things for you to look into and you can list them all on the invoice.’

Cheeky-boy Greg also bcc’d Tony into emails sent by a rival bidder.

And just to truss the whole thing up, Greg was C2’s company secretary prior to his special advisory appointment to Nicky Morgan….and was given a £4,000 kickback by C2 for ‘joint marketing ventures’. Creative. Very creative.

But here’s the epilogue: the National College for Teaching and Leadership decided that, although Wallace admitted breaching finance governance standards, not declaring an interest, disclosing confidential information and receiving assistance from Zangoura,  there was a conflict of interest, he had not been dishonest.

FFS…. I’m having a Jeremy Hunt BSkyB déja vu here.

But others took a different view to that of the NCTL: Greg Wallace was fired by Hackney Council in 2014, and the Best Start Federation has since been shut down.

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21 thoughts on “COMING TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU: private educational corruption, courtesy of Education Secretary Nicky Morgan

  1. You’re clearly being facetious when you refer to Nicky Morgan as bright. I haven’t heard her utter one intelligent sentence since she started. I’m actually missing Michael Gove – at least there was some intelligent spark to his idiocy.

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  2. Slightly off topic; but it seems the canungustape governing body of a certain part of a continent near a place known for a potato blight has ruled that no rights exist for free speech, and they will determine your crime after you utter forth any word against them. One wonders if the arglafabbers haven’t fell face first and rolled around in the gnorka one time too many?


  3. [Off Topic] What is it about the British that they just take this sitting down? Where are the protests?

    Meanwhile in France the struggle continues, and struggle it is. Hollande wants more austerity, because those who are pulling his strings tell him it’s the right thing to do or he’ll be sent into the naughty corner. The French media are quiet on this issue, a few people are taking notice. In this case ,the Americans.

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  4. I think you need to emulate the treatment of FIFA and call in the FBI, the Metropolitan Police etc. FIFA’s ‘honest brokers’ have today been revealed as paying themselves £55m in bonuses over 5 years (that’s just Blatter, Valcke and one other sidekick). No-one has quite yet explained how that was ‘illegal’, but the media are all saying that it was. All this was leaked after Swiss police raided FIFA this morning and confiscated documents, electronic documents etc etc. I think it had all been leaked to them first and they used that as ‘reasonable cause’ to get a warrant to confiscate whatever they wanted to.

    So let’s see what this verdict of ‘not being dishonest’ says:

    1. You supply commercially sensitive information from one tendering bid party to their competitors for the benefit of said other competitor.

    So that’s a ‘level competitive playing field’ is it? Perhaps the ITT should have said: ‘being a randy poof who gives me a big hard on is one of the requirements for successful tenderers’?

    2. You tell your ‘successful contractor’ how to pad out their billing, thus making the bill to your employer (the taxpayer) considerably larger than necessary.

    How is that ‘acting in the interests of you client’ (the client being the DES)? It’s acting in the interests of your own contractor, who is also your hired rent-a-bum, at the direct cost of your client.

    Sounds like ‘back to basics’ when defining acceptable management consultancy practice, doesn’t it?!

    3. Who did the auditing of this old so-and-so\s contract with DES? Did they do any forensic accounting on ‘costs incurred’ and whether they were at suitable levels (as opposed to what is ‘industry standard’ since if industry standard = padding everything like crazy because the Minister won’t mind, then a proper auditor will be suitably skeptical of UK-based benchmarking)?

    Of course, in order to get hired as the auditor, you probably need to be suitably corrupt, myopic and prepared to sign documents lying your head off about how the accounts represent ‘a frugal, cost-effective use of the taxpayers’ money’, which is what 90%+ of public-sector big 4 accountancy partners will do as a matter of course, it being called ‘commercial awareness’ and ‘showing suitable levels of ambition’.

    So in the end, someone who has the sad fate of actually being honest realises that they will have to leak something somewhere, because working within the system just sees this kind of honest dishonesty run riot.

    Now we will all have a big hoohah about it.

    Then the Press will forget about it and everyone can get on with padding expenses, buggering contractors and rigging ITT tenders again.

    Nothing new: bungs were being paid in RDAs over 10 years ago. Blackmail of public officials with tendering budgets was common place. Especially if they had ever visited a hooker.


  5. JW – It is like somebody broke the toilet and now the brown stuff just keeps flowing … help we are drowning in the stuff.

    Well at least Corbyn has come out of the toilet now … he and Labour are BREMAIN so all you working class guys and gals can get lost you are staying in even at 300K+ immigration a year that really should be a vote of no confidence in the current government. But Cameron ensured we could never have a vote of no confidence just like we are not really allowed to reject a non- democratic organisation that is to rule over us. Even more of a joke Peter Hain another BREMAIN fan talking the talk of turning folks to vote BREMAIN on false promises yet again. Sorry not interested because as I have experienced all my life any promises made are renaged on as soon as the vote is in.

    You can keep your democracy it is worthless …

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  6. God I despise these people. I mean look at it, its like that film, “The Fly”, only an Owl got into the teleportation machine. Something has to change drastically, I think we are fast reaching the end of the road. Trouble is they know it too, so I think we can expect suffering.

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  7. I’ve only watched Ms Morgan on the television, she always seems like the Tory robot , speaking only the words as instructed without any comprehension , understanding or empathy.

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  8. This minister smiles nicely, nods and agrees with everything the prime minister says. Result – cabinet job.
    Brains come second in this area of politics. Just look at the present cabinet. Everyone of them is a spineless yes man.
    If the prime minister wanted to recover some lost ground re the coming referendum, he should publicly sack the home secretary- another brainless wonder, too long in a big job, totally out of her depth.
    The prime minister does not want conflict in his leadership style. He is a control freak who promotes MORONIC YES MEN to his inner circle.

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  9. I think this would be filed under “that’s business old son” , to me the real criminality is the transfer of former state assets to their property developing mates by both political parties. Started in the 90’s with the closure and sell off of the mental hospitals buildings and more importantly the grounds. There is a delightful little development off the M3 at Knowle near Southampton worked their in the 90’s, best staff food in the NHS, hospital closed, patients dumped on an unsuspecting care in the community sector. Then the transfer of school premises again including the vital land component part of that, you get paid to run a school and sell off the grounds via your shell company in Panama and lease them back at tax payers expense. After the Post Office flotation comes the “development” of their former city centre sites , worth more than you made by skinning the tax payer during the sale, a nice little earner mate and the real aim in the sell off, gloriously big dividends for a few years then dump the shares on the pension boys. Apart from the web, only Channel 4 makes any attempt to keep the crooks honest.
    Interesting aside from radio this morning , 20- 25 years ago the UK’s ICI and GEC were roughly the same size as Germany’s BASF and Siemens now the Germans are twice as big.

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  10. I know one should concentrate on the message and not the individual but I checked out a couple of Nicky Morgan YouTube videos. Two things hit me – 1) she looks just like a female version of Gideon Osborne! 2) Just like Jeremy *unt, she doesn’t appear to blink when she’s got TV focused on her!

    I also agree with John’s comments – the lights might be on but there’s no one at home.



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