How the vacant fill their situations

mefacebookI’m indebted to the Court News site for bringing this absolute gem of politically correct cronyism to my attention. It has within it so many of today’s instances of positive discrimination and the highly intelligent behaving like Sting victims, you’d really think it was Daily Mail made up bollocks. Sadly, it’s genuine….and confirms my view that while Nicky Morgan is indeed very bright, the bright lights are on but there’s nobody home.

Homosexual Greg Wallace bought IT services from C2 Technology Ltd, while running the Best Start Federation of primary schools in Hackney on behalf of the Department of Education.

But nobody bothered to check that Wallace was in a sexual relationship with Tony Zangoura – the main active shareholder at, um, C2 Technology Ltd.

What makes the case horribly embarassing for Morgan the Piratette is that Greg Wallace was a special advisor brought in by the lass ‘erself when she was much further down the foodchain than she is today. Furthermore, the scam went on for five years without Nicky Brightyungthing noticing anything amiss.

Greg wrote lots of Dear Tony emails during this period that went like this:

‘You shd charge for last week and this because some of it is research time….I have got loads of things for you to look into and you can list them all on the invoice.’

Cheeky-boy Greg also bcc’d Tony into emails sent by a rival bidder.

And just to truss the whole thing up, Greg was C2’s company secretary prior to his special advisory appointment to Nicky Morgan….and was given a £4,000 kickback by C2 for ‘joint marketing ventures’. Creative. Very creative.

But here’s the epilogue: the National College for Teaching and Leadership decided that, although Wallace admitted breaching finance governance standards, not declaring an interest, disclosing confidential information and receiving assistance from Zangoura,  there was a conflict of interest, he had not been dishonest.

FFS…. I’m having a Jeremy Hunt BSkyB déja vu here.

But others took a different view to that of the NCTL: Greg Wallace was fired by Hackney Council in 2014, and the Best Start Federation has since been shut down.

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