WASPI BLOW: “Leadership back-pedalling on aims”


Growing feeling among Waspi rank and file that Waspi Executive “out of touch and naive”

Following two days of intense posting, retweeting and messaging on Twitter, The Slog has received claims that the small executive group in charge of Waspi strategy (WOMEN AGAINST STATE PENSION INEQUALITY) has abandoned its backdating aims “because the Government refuses to budge”.

The real danger in reporting this claim is of divisiveness at a time when the Bullingdon Club already feels it can safely ignore the claims (and in many cases, hardship) of those 1950’s-born women only properly informed of a six-year wait for their State pensions within the last five years….and in many cases, the last two years. I now therefore offer this open letter to Waspis:

Dear cheated long-suffering citizens

  1. Based on Twitter interreaction from Waspi women since last Tuesday morning, exactly 94% overwhelmingly agree that the “engagement” strategy espoused by the leadership is ‘not getting us anywhere’.
  2. I have been from the outset hugely supportive of Waspi aims, and received a great deal of insulting mail from neoliberal trolls and others hiding behind the risible “they were all told” defence. After the Commons debate when MPs voted 158-0 for a formal Government review, I posted this piece, which included the following extract: ‘if ever a bunch of people deserved to be proud of what they achieved today, then it’s the Women’s pension action group WASPI and the 158 MPs who pitched up in the Commons to vote 158-0 against the clauses condemning some 50,000 UK female citizens to live in destitution for the next six years, having been told for almost the entirety of their lives they would get a State Pension at 60.’
  3. Shortly after the debate outcome, tireless SNP MP Mhairie Black tweeted, ‘Government must now act’. Not only did Camerlot not act, they didn’t even react…perhaps not surprising given they couldn’t be bothered to turn up to the debate in the first place. In the March Budget that followed, no broadcast media broached the subject of Waspi claims, and no Treasury officials reacted to the debate: even when the Government got into hot water on disabled welfare reductions and the forced academisation of secondary schools, the question of the gigantic female pensions welch was never on the radar.The Government has not budged an inch.
  4. In a recent post, I exposed and explained – for the fourth time in seven years – the astonishing £700billion Civil Service pension scheme heist that the Commons PAC never saw and never signed off. It represents a massive and illegal embezzlement, but no mainstream medium or Official or MP anywhere – not one – will write or talk about the events involved. I believe that, in order to put the entirely reasonable claims for compensation being made by Waspi into proper perspective, this story must be told – and more people should be digging. THAT, for sure, will make this Government act.
  5. The Waspi campaign needs to get real, not backpedal. This Government is out of touch with its own Party membership – 85% of whom want Brexit. It is out of touch with its Tory local councillors – all of whom reject the schools academisation as impractical ideology gone mad. It is out of touch on the inefficacy of the sugar tax. It is out of touch with the majority of voters who did not want to see eleven times more tax cuts given to the rich versus the poor. And it is on another planet when it comes to ethics and morals. But it remains rigidly unmoved by the plight of vulnerable people across the piece. It is not going to engage with Waspi because it doesn’t need to.
  6. The biggest mistakes most pressure groups make is (1) they assume active support for their cause throughout the population; and (2) they negotiate, thinking those with power will see reason. Both are provably false – especially in the Waspi context. I can tell you from bitter experience: the Tsipras government in Greece was voted into power with a landslide majority just over a year ago. I warned them then that ‘engaging’ with a bunch of thugs in the EC, ECB and IMF would get them nowhere if they showed that they wanted to stay in the eurozone….that is, if they behaved in a reasonable manner. Today, Greece is a vassal State, and Greek citizens are destitute slaves being dumped on about everything from debt management to migrant/refugee management.

Meetings held, petitions signed and criticisms tweeted will not cut it if a group is facing a sociopathic power centre from a position of weakness. Why do you think nurses, junior doctors, policemen, squaddies, aged care workers and mental health support groups are so poorly paid and supported? Because they are dedicated, because they will do anything rather than strike, and because cynical politicians know this.

Women aged from 61-66 now – and who will be 70 in 2020 – have been given a woefully small amount of time to prepare for this pension welch, but simply focusing on that misses the key points:

i. They should not be in the position of being asked to ‘prepare for’ anything in the first place. MPs and apologist media pundits talk airily about your time to prepare: what about the six decades they had in which to prepare for the Boomer Time-Bomb…but did nothing?

ii. As I have demonstrated quite clearly using an analysis of the complete Budget proposals PDF, the Bullingdon Club could easily afford pension rights restitution for all levels and circumstances among the Boomer Waspis. Instead, it has chosen destitution for some, hardship for others, and dashed expectations for everyone in the Waspi camp.

Many ask me, “Yes, but where does the statute of limitations stop?” I find that viewpoint astonishing. You are asking me why law-abiding maternal pensioners should come second to banking clowns and smug, feather-bedded Whitehall crooks? You want me to sympathise with fatcat expenses fiddlers who pissed away our North Sea oil gift at the expense of older women and other vulnerable citizens? You seriously think I’m even remotely interested in the plight of 650 odd self-serving twerps who didn’t even have the nous to set up a State Pension fund and invest it (around, say, 1954) when the worst of the post-war austerity had gone? Well I’m sorry chummy, you have me confused with someone who gives a sh*t about any of that. You want the power? Fine…now comes the responsibility. So suck on it.

I do not apologise for the implacable nature of this position. Fine, it sets me up as one of Theresa May’s oxymoronic non-violent extremists: I’m delighted to stand up and be counted as an NVE, because it is the only game in town when dealing with NVVs – nasty vacuous vandals.

The junior doctors have decided ‘no more Mr Nice Guy’ when dealing with the arch-nepotistic nihilist Jeremy Stunt. I implore the Waspi leadership to reverse any decision it has taken to abandon laudable objectives, and realise that the time has come for ‘No more naice ladies’.

Yours very sincerely

The Slog

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38 thoughts on “WASPI BLOW: “Leadership back-pedalling on aims”

  1. JW

    I agree unreservedly.

    Rational argument is only effective against a rational foe with some semblence of integrity. It is time for the WASPIs to start stinging.

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  2. ‘This Government is out of touch with its own Party membership – 85% of whom want Brexit’
    Nope, I think you are wrong there, I think even Cumalot wants out but, Washington wants in so, in it is…Dave’s nose wedged in firmly in Washington’s crack…

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  3. Hear hear Mr Ward.
    Especially re the other vast lie, Mrs T’s “economic miracle” where we had all of the disadvantages of being a “petro-currency” but appear to have none of the concomitant benefits 30yrs on. Other than a bloated financio/spiverama economy.
    P.s. What about the odious “Sir” Philip Green + the BHS pension fund?

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  4. The WASPI ladies need to do some unladylike actions and start swinging their handbags in the direction of this spiv-ridden Govt
    Fully agree with JW, This Govt sees good behavior as weakness and exploits the fact. Time to unsheath and unleash the fangs ladies if you want to progress your just claims for a pension.

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  5. I agree, John…the time to get tough is NOW, whilst this government is still smarting from their exposure over their barbarity towards disabled and vulnerable people, brought about by the very man now trying to tell everyone he’s really Mr. Nice Guy, the odious and evil IDS,

    I’m a 1950s woman, 1955. I’m now in DESPAIR. I’ve recently finished 15 YEARS as a Carer to Nanny, my ex-mother-in-law…and now find myself slung in the gutter (I’m 61 on 10th April) and SPAT on by Millionaire Ministers who tell us to live on JSA (!!!) in their lofty, uncaring, unfeeling, inhuman Antoinette Way!

    I found out PURELY by CHANCE, in 2009. Nanny was already 95 by then, living here with me. Was I supposed to throw her onto the streets to fend for herself????? I’d rung the DWP only to find out how many years of NI I had, being recently divorced (44 YEARS now) and they sent a letter of confirmation to me..At the end of this letter they put a small paragraph telling me my pension year would be 2020, when I was 65. I was expecting it to be 2015, when I was 60!

    ONLY in 2011 did the DWP *officially* write to ANY of us, this was purely about us now being 66 before we could get our pension! MANY had NO idea they were even going to be 65, let alone 66!

    This is GROSS NEGLIGENCE by government…and I believe it’s been done DELIBERATELY too, for they would have been WELL aware of the outcry this would cause.

    They COULD have reduced the age to 60 for men, of course, thus helping men, who tend to die earlier than women…and also freeing up millions of jobs for younger people too. Even had they made it 62.5 for men and women, with still a slow transition for women, that would have worked.

    But no, The Misogynists were OU|T and BAYING for BLOOD..and the ‘You want equality? You can HAVE it then! With BELLS on’ brigade took over….and thus, many of us are now in total HELL, whilst these kind of mindsets are enjoying every moment of this!

    EVEN if I’d knowin in 1995, I could NEVER have made up for SIX YEARS pension loss! Back then, I had a one year old son and an eight year old daughter…and would only ever have been able to have had a part-time, low paid job, because I’m a MOTHER and went to be a CARER too, 3 years for my Darlin’ Dad to his death, then 15 years for Nanny, as mentioned above…

    Today, I’m just home from seeing a counsellor for depression, as I’m under my GP for this now….The ONLY reason I HAVE depression, for the first time in my LIFE, is because I’m a Pensionless Pension whose pension has been bloody well STOLEN for SIX YEARS without me (nor ANY of us) EVER being informed until just a few years back. That depression will NOT go away until my pension is returned to me IN FULL.

    Tomorrow, I am due to sign on at my local Job Centre for JSA………..

    And so…The Spiral Into Even Worse Hell will begin….

    Nearly all of my very meagre savings are gone now…and I will be forced to live on £10 a day for EVERYTHING….

    The ONLY job I’ve been offered, out of DOZENS I’ve applied for, was a Zero Hours contract one, which would have had me constantly on the phone to the Job Centre, if working under 16 hours a week..or the Working Tax Credit folks, if working over 16 hours a week..AND the Council Tax people too, having to send them my wage slips EVERY time my hours changed….This job was only until October anyway…

    ANYONE who thinks being on Benefits is easy is mad! They have NO IDEA how it affects your life, how you are watched, monitored, make to explain, to answer questions…! It is now a LIVING NIGHTMARE!

    You CANNOT raise ANYONE’S pension age by FIVE YEARS in ONE go, let alone ANOTHER on top!

    1995 BROKE US! It was a DEATH SENTENCE for a whole section of 1950s women, who were either single back then, or who became divorced later in life. Even lawyers dealing with our divorces had NO IDEA *we* were to be given 65 as our pension age!

    It is against our Human Rights..and it most CERTAINLY HAS to be against the law!

    This is why they removed Legal Aid, backalong, WELL AWARE of the impact their evil decisions would have, of course…

    They’ve now put £22MILLION aside to fight court cases, which shows how utterly RUTHLESS and BARABARIC they are!

    These people are, to me, TERRORISTS! They KNOW the harm and the terror they are causing, but they do NOT give a DAMN! They KNOW that many are suicidal out here, no hope left, no lights at the end of the tunnel, nothing…just…NOTHING! Yet, they turn away, they laugh, they joke, they ignore, they patronize, they bully…..

    It’s called Gross Negligence Manslaughter…and as we begin to die FAR earlier than we should do (and we will) EVERY SINGLE ONE of these BASTARDS who have BLOOD on their hands should be brought to trial and sent to prison for what they are doing!

    Meanwhile, we freeze, can’t afford heat, many barely can afford food, bills pile up, debt increases, houses are sold, women move abroad, some just curl up in a ball and never want to wake up again, not wanting to awaken, after a lifetime of loving and caring and doing it all ‘right’, to be brutalized and abused by Champagne-Swilling-Bastards who spit on us as they happily watch us DIE!

    The ‘deal’ on offer is that we could take a lower pension, but this would remain lower for LIFE, without pension credit (HOW do people get help with discounts on housing, bills, etc, without pension credit)

    There should be NO DEALS! This is about our pensions being returned to us in FULL with a bloody 10foot high apology from the British Govt for the TRAUMA they have KNOWINGLY and WILLINGINGLY caused us these past years.

    I’ve struggled for one year without my pension..many have struggled for far longer….

    Some won’t make it to the end of this struggle, all hope going….

    We have been PUNISHED ENOUGH without being PUNISHED yet AGAIN in Deals Which Are NOT Deals But TRAPS!

    There is a MOUNTAIN of money, and ALL they have to do is cancel HS2/HS3/Trident/ThatcherMuseum/ToryPrivateJet/InternationalAid/money put aside for court appeals/Hinkley Point….etc.etc.etc.etc….

    The WASPI team have been truly remarkable for they have united us across the country..and every day our numbers grow and grow…but I, like you, feel that they should NOT throw their campaign away so easily and should stop being ‘polite’ to Bastards & Bitches who could not care if we live, or die.

    All *I* am, to Ros Altmann now, is necessary collateral damage..the one on ‘the wrong side of the line drawn’…

    Well, b*gger that for a game of soldiers!

    My Darlin’ Dad did NOT go to War in 1939 so that one day, his beloved country would send his daughter and the daughters of many of his comrades, into hell, by STEALING their pensions and leaving them in penury!

    Dad used to say, when speaking of Hitler, “Sometimes, Liz, some things are just so evil that you cannot walk away, you *have* to turn and make a stand…” and THAT is what WASPI need to do now.

    I’ll be BEGGING on the streets soon in order to stay alive!

    Perhaps ALL of us should have a Mass National Beg-In and EMBARRASS the shite out of these Contemptuous, Inhuman, Crooked Criminals, who DARE to masquerade as ‘leaders’!

    One last thing…when I was worked in Harly St. many moons ago, I had the honour to meet Douglas Bader, who became our patient. Were Bader here today, he’d recommend fighing Battle Of Britain II, for he, like my Darlin’ Dad, would be INCENSED and HORRIFIED at what is being done to us (and to many others too) by our OWN LEADERS!

    Both of them would agree with your senitments above, John, as do I.

    United WE STAND, surely, WASPI?

    Come ON, do NOT give up now! Not after ALL that you’ve done, all the hard, hard work and the endless hours you’ve put in to help us all. Let US help you, if you are now worn out, delegate, reach out, but do NOT give up.

    Please remember that EVERY SINGLE DAY the money for OUR pensions continues to roll in, whilst these CROOKS siphone it off into their CocaineInsaneProjects.

    No-one has been ‘let off’ paying NI because WE have no pensions! They’re collecting BILLIONS from everyone EVERY DAY, but WE are NOT GETTING A PENNY OF IT..and we must not rest until every penny has been returned to us in FULL, for we should NEVER have been brought into this madness in the first place, let alone without ANY WARNING at all.

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  6. Apologies for the MANY spelling mistakes above…too tired to read it through today…should have done..can’t ‘edit’ on this site…Somewhat Deranged With Anger at present…I will be wearing my WASPI sash to the Job Centre tomorrow!

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  7. @ lizzie cornish. Afraid Bader was a v-nasty piece of work indeed being a pal of the likes of Airey Neave thatcherite plotter faction. See also his wartime politicking/plotting re trafford leigh mallory’s big wing concept & his post war friendliness with unrepentant Nazi Adolf Galland.


  8. These wimmin seem to want the men’s good jobs these days.
    But only the well paid office work, not the dirty jobs.
    Don’t they understand that they’ll have to have the men’s pensions too?
    They wanted equality, well now they got it.

    Isn’t there some Chinese proverb about being careful what you ask for?

    Bun and h’penny syndrome if you ask me.


  9. Hello Lizzie.
    Yes you’re dad went to war for all of us.
    As did mine and my grandfather.
    But you mother didn’t and wasn’t asked.
    Some things are for men and some for women.
    Like it or not, just or unjust.


  10. Lizzie
    May I suggest the old adage – dont get angry get even.
    Now, if you grow a beard, dont wash nicely, you wont getting a job right?
    So keep on signing, hair a lot of a mess. Take the JSA and crucially – your pension contribution paid by DWP , and do the job applications and job interviews and a bit of gardening and cooking till your 66 or whenever you qualify.
    Its the only way duck.

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  11. HI Lizzie, I am sorry you are going through such a tough time. Ignore Harry the internet warrior…..I hope this issue gets resolved in your favour soon.

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  12. Oh look, one of Misogynists R Us has arrived…I was wondering how long it would take…

    FIRST, know that I stand UP for men, against Radical, Extreme, Misandric Feminism and what is being done to men by our present ‘justice’ system, for now, NO man is now safe in the UK, so let’s leave the misogyny FAR away from *me*, please.

    This is NOT about equality, it is about a whole group of women who should NEVER have been brought into this in the first place, who were NEVER informed and who have been treated APPALLINGLY.

    ALL those brought up to live their lives being told they’d retire at 60 SHOULD retire AT 60..and that includes the 1960s women too. Some Eastern European countries have delayed these changes until 2040, for they are WELL AWARE of the horrors this would cause if done to soon. OUR country though has just thrown hundreds of thousands of us to The Wolves, without care..and actually, with great ENJOYMENT on the part of some, who hate women…for whatever reason…

    As to Douglas Bader, he’d have been the first to admit that he was a stubborn, contrary, often difficult man, but he was also damned brave and bloody determined to win the war…

    He was very ‘off’ with me the first time I ever met him..and on sitting down to wait for me to make his appointments, sitting on a leather armchair, that is, he slid to the floor, landing with a loud bump, whilst I was sat opposite him, making those phone calls….The whole of ‘Reach For The Sky’ ran through my head in seconds, as did “Holey Shite, Douglas Bader’s sitting on the floor! WTF do I DO!” for he was staring directly at me…and when I’d finished my call, I stared right back at him, then said “What the *hell* are you doing down there?” and smiled, whereupon he threw back his head and laughed uproariously, instantly pulling himself back up with his hugely strong arms…Of course, he’d done it on purpose to test me..After *that* we were good pals each time he came to see us…It was towards the end of his life….

    The cardiologist I worked for, Dr. Spurrell, had seen the film of Bader’s life, when he was a young boy…and he’d watched it three times over during the same day one day at his local cinema, absolutely entranced. He came out of there wanting to be a pilot. He succeeded, eventually joining The RAF, before deciding to go into medicine…I always felt how amazing it was that Bader had inspired Roworth, changed his life, literally, and then, at the end, Roworth was the one who cared for Douglas, each man having a mountain of respect for the other….Of course, Douglas was told to slow down, but the words went right over his head, for he’d never done a thing anyone had ever told him to…and he’d never have wanted to die in a sick bed, lingering for years…

    As to your comments on him above , Ctesias, Bader had a terrible childhood, very unkind parents..left deep scars..My Dad met him during the war, found him to be very arrogant. He was. He was known for it. BUT, without this side to his nature, he’d never have become the man he went on to be…

    He inspired millions of disabled people…still does through the foundation in his name, run by his family: http://www.douglasbaderfoundation.com/

    From his step-daughter, taken from the article below, about the appalling way her mother was treated in Care Homes:

    : ‘Sir Douglas, my stepfather, believed passionately in fairness, and went out of his way to help and encourage vulnerable people. I have no doubt he would be horrified at the treatment meted out to some of the most vulnerable in our society, and that he would have approved wholeheartedly of Adeline’s effort to make this a thing of the past by writing this book.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2548371/What-way-treat-widow-one-greatest-war-heroes-Douglas-Baders-anguished-family-reveal-shocking-neglect-wife-Joan-suffered-TWO-care-homes.html#ixzz44V9I9FMv

    Anyway, enough of this digression…back to WASPI…


  13. Just adding more
    Interview tips:
    garlic breath
    bad grammar – is this the job wot pays the lovely wages overtime
    are you having a go at me again asking that
    wot time finish work
    is it clocking in or wot
    is it dressdown friday mini skirt
    is the guvnor married
    you know what i mean duck
    just DO IT

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  14. thse back end crack sniffering amateurs at gchq follow my every word , my pc gets pinged every day, but im an it expert and can out fox the ”british experts” standing on my head/
    Dont be proud. Too many spivs in charge of this country. look at steel, eu, etc
    We didnt beat spain and france with the cannon on board the galleon by being well groomed yes men did we.
    do it for england duck. were all behind you.
    Just DO IT!!

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  15. the etonian spivs have sold us down the river a thousand times in site of their pathetic protestations contrary
    steel. eu immigration and the rest to mention a few
    playing the rules and winning the game is how we do it
    do it for r ancestors
    just DO IT

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  16. As happens so often after reading one of John’s more pungent essays, I spent a fair bit of time cogitating. My conclusions, I regret to say, are not especially optimistic. The pond-life … no NOT pond-life – even those little single and multi-celled organisms are being the very best they can be and should not be maligned by comparison with the utterly amoral excrescences in Westminster today … the self-serving b*mwipes in W1 are incapable of any finer feelings towards their fellow men and women and will not be diverted from their chosen course by reasoned dialogue or impassioned appeals to their better natures. Once we accept this it is incumbent upon us to decide what to do about it. For myself – and I can speak for no other – I intend to subvert wherever possible and ensure that any and every avenue open to me will be exploited to the full to maximise the comfort of my family. I will encourage others to do the same. What I will not do is waste valuable time, energy and money on pursuing the usual avenues of argument. I suspect that the b*ggers are quite relaxed about people joining recognised means of vocal opposition; these can be patronised, pooh-poohed and generally cr*pped upon almost indefinitely until people get fed up or discouraged and go away. What I do sense is a growing anger among those who would never in the past have said ‘boo’ to a goose … this, at least, I find encouraging.

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  17. The only answer is to go out on the streets or go on strike. They will ignore everything else.
    The Telegraph shutting down its readers’ comments is symptomatic of the attitude. (Although in the Telegraph’s case, they are committing commercial suicide, as most people only read the Telegraph for the readers’ comments. How much more deluded could a firm in the communications business actually be?)

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  18. Harry you need a dam good hand-bagging. I like many ‘wimmin’ worked hourly paid jobs in a car plant. We did a days fair work for the same pay packet as a man. Unlike a lot of the ‘good ole boys’ some of us kept up with our studies at night school and got ‘nice clean’ jobs in the office. I continued to study and work and got my BSc (Hons) when my youngest turned three. When I got an exec portfolio and ‘all the trimmings’ blokes like you accused me of ‘shagging my way to the top’. I had exactly the same terms and conditions as the men and I had to deliver results. No quarter was given and non expected. Now early retired on a final salary ‘mans pension’ bitter old farts like you are reaping the rewards of your inaction in youth. Suck it up and deal with it.

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  19. J W, another great hit out of the ball park.
    Lizzie put a human face on it.
    God bless you both and help everyone smite the buggers. No punishment is too severe for those who destroy hope.

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  20. People, both men and women have been so conned by their own government on pensions and just about every other f^&king thing the government promised! I … Some of my relatives just glare whenever they hear a politician speaking yet more bull%^&t now, that if eyes were daggers they scare me more than the state.

    So what we have now just one of the many consequences when we reached the limit on growth, because the growth they need is YOY never ending to pay that miniscule pension at the end amongst other things less the whopping interest (deficit) on the odious sovereign debt. I can say odious because they partied hard while we all in relative terms lived threadbare about to get worse and never got a sniff at that lovely £70K, my so called share of the sovereign debt.

    What we are witnessing with the treatment of doctors, disabled and through so many other groups goes to show it is a

    “you will pay into the system in one form or another so they can just keep partying hard but with clarification by action you ain’t getting nowt back from here on in”. WELL THEIR PARTY NEEDS TO STOP.

    It’s like the thief now stands in front of you admitting they stole every f%^king thing and then think you do not have the bottle to break their neck, sealed your fate because they stole everything anyway. Well we shall see the future is not written for sure and can’t believe I am the only one that feels this way.

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  21. I wonder what amount Lizzie will get in her state pension, assuming her caring roles meant not paying full national contributions. I mention that because I think mine are below the required level, which is why I don’t expect to get the magical£155 per week pension. While my bones quietly degenerate I’ve lost my job, had to fight for ESA and still fighting to avoid eviction due to bedroom tax. I was a sitting duck for our dear leaders, my main grumble about SPA changes is having to be tortured by DWP for an additional 6 years. Awaiting treatment on my cervical spine, again, so not feeling hopeful about working again. Will it be 6th surgical procedure in 8 years? I forget.

    So Lizzie, if you are fit and healthy, I envy you. I’m in constant pain, absolutely no spare cash (savings gone) and fear this is how I’ll spend my twilight years. :(

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  22. @Lizzie C and melz

    Thank you for showing the human side to this travesty of justice.

    The nation I was born in no longer exists. It has been steadily dismantled by an amoral crowd of self-serving sociopaths who, devoid of all empathy, have been happily parasitising a population deceived and tranquilised by a thoroughly captured MSM. How many vilified the unions when they remained the only resistance to the Neoliberal Friedmanite lies of Thatcher and her ilk for example? Tony Benn used to say that the ‘working class’ had to fight the same battles every generation, but I fear that reality telly and i-crap has disarmed and atomised so many this time round that unless the WASPIs and their supporters take to the streets and inconvenience the lives of the elites and their minions we shall all suffer the same fate.

    Divide and conquer has always been their most successful technique and ‘we’ seem to fall for it every time. Over here, any suggestion that ‘multiculturalism’ or identity politics is anything other than an unalloyed good is greeted by allegations of racism or intolerance. The corrosive effects on any concept of ‘the public good’ are completely ignored, and the elites continue to go unopposed.

    Perhaps real change will only happen when the establishment’s enforcers lose their pensions. I won’t be holding my breath for that one however.

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  23. @ Lizzie C.

    Time to get the gloves off. Team with the WI. Get your local papers to print the relevant facts. Many team visits to MPs offices. They won’t like face to face confrontations & accusations of “thief” loudly & clearly. You’ve kept your side of the bargain. Time to make a fuss. March on Downing Street. Challenge the barsstweard BBC to cover this issue.

    John Doran.

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  24. Another side to this madness is that our govts haven’t saved a £ of our NI contributions: they’ve spent the lot, relying on ever growing contributions from the present populace. Is that fraud? It’s certainly profligate, especially bearing in mind that our national debt is so massive through politicians’ profligacies also. Not at all “sustainable”

    John Doran

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  25. Lizzie, your impassioned post left me in tears. It’s all been so unfair. Don’t give up whatever you do, no-one knows what the future holds but the way these lying, thieving, cheating Bullingdon Boys have raped and pillaged this country I can see civil war coming in the very near future. And I’ve seen it before.

    God bless you, keep strong til better days.


  26. Harry,
    I suspect you responded the way you did to Lizzie because you are one life’s losers who’s only way of getting your jollies is sitting anon behind a keyboard bringing other people down and I don’t normally respond to people like you but just this once I’ll make an exception:

    “The Government” (all of them) haven’t been so swift the past 40 years equalizing women’s wages to the tune of the 24% less women earned every day of their working lives doing exactly the same job as the man beside her who was paid 24% more – and now they’ve suddenly remembered “equality” in pensions?

    And only now since the Government raided the pension pot and has stolen all the money so in actual fact they haven’t got people’s NI contributions paid in to pay out now anyway so sudden “equality” for the 50s generation as a excuse?

    On another note, the women of the war generations indeed weren’t asked to fight in the trenches, but they were asked to keep the home fires burning, to raise their men’s children, alone, on eeked out rations, plus till the farms, work in ammunition factories to keep the guns and ammo flowing to the Front, in fact, do all the jobs the men once did to keep the country running. And when the war was over, and the men did return, the women were asked to go back to running the home and raising the next generation of workers to keep the Government’s coffers filled i.e. vital but unpaid work with no pensions to call their own in the expectation that Government(s) would honour the contract made with them for all their hard work that they would get a pension when their time came.

    Personally I think even women today raising a family while holding down a full time job and especially those in 2 or 3 menial jobs because that’s the only way they can fit everything in, are worth 10 men and have proved it time and time again in every generation.

    Like it or not, Harry.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I’m one of the thousands of women in this country born in the 1950s. I’m so furious at this government depriving me of my pension and retirement. I’ve been a nurse in the Nhs for 42 years and now have no choice but to continue working for the next 6 year! I was looking forward to retiring in 3 months when I’m 60 but that’s now impossible for me thanks to their thoughtless, callous decision to withhold my pension! I’m one of thousands of nurses in this position. We are depriving new up and coming nurses of jobs too! I want my money and this decision must be overturned! It’s so wrong.


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