BUDGET SCANDAL EXCLUSIVE: Why Big Corporate lobbying made Osborne more tearful than 500,000 WASPIs on the breadline


While the WASPI campaign was lobbying for redress on the Great Pensions Welch last year, Osborne delayed a planned corporation tax measure that could’ve paid for it twice over

There are 500,000 British women born between 1951 and 1956 who have been cheated out of what the State promised for fully 40 years of the term. Having paid up to 30 years’ worth of NI contributions already, some changes were mooted in the mid 1990s. Minimal (and spuriously targeted) publicity appeared sporadically after 2001. 95+% of those affected did not receive any personal communication about the changes until well after that date. Most of those affected found out after the 2011 Pensions Act at last made clear what they were going to be. That gave the median sufferer 3-4 years to prepare. But in the 2011 Act, the date of effective application of these changes has been brought forward again. This despite the findings of the Turner Commission recommending a period of 15 years’ notice be given to the pension changes.

The additional elements of the saga outlined above serve only to further evidence the chronic need for mitigation of both Brown and Osborne policies since 1997. With or without these factors, however, the axis of misleading drivel perpetrated by Ros Altmann, Frances Coppola and others is – along with this dissembling Government of corporate-licking spivs – forced into lightweight explanations and contorted rationales for one obvious reason: the form and timing of the move has no moral or accountability defence whatsoever.

Today, however, The Slog presents new evidence – unearthed by drilling into the detail of the final Budget proposals – to show just how mealy-mouthed Osborne and his Treasury staff have been.

Two months ago today, the virulently anti-Labour Daily Telegraph had this to say about the issue:

‘Instead of trying to tough it out, the Government should now make realistic and fair changes to the increases in the state pension age’

The Government didn’t bother to turn up at the Commons debate, which would probably not have happened in the first place without the tireless passion of SNP newcomer Mhairie Black. But this is what the DWP’s Ros ‘Jewels’ Altman had to say in that same edition of the Telegraph:

‘Our pension reforms will give everyone a better retirement. It was vital to make the state pension simpler, fairer and sustainable….The new state pension will leave many people better off than they would have been under the current system, with many women receiving more state pension under the new system.’

It’s an interesting combo of one big lie at the beginning, vague words like ‘many’ in the middle, but by the end, no mention at all of the 50’s woman Welch. This is because, both the DWP and the Treasury has chosen to ignore it.

The WASPI goal is to get relief now for the women who were not written to in time and/or have the longest time to wait for their pension. This is, I assume, based on the assumption that the cost of equalising pensions by 2020 for both genders and mitigating the most hard-pressed ‘losers’ immediately is out of the question on cost grounds.

I have always felt this to be far too defensive. What I’m about to reveal should confirm that view; but even then, a phased solution is still practical at almost minimal cost.

Funding 500,000 ‘new’ (ake defrauded) female pensioners tomorrow would cost almost exactly £3bn going forward.

It sounds like a lot, but perspective is needed here: the cost of an HS2 nobody but the Prime Minister wants has leapt tenfold to £64.2bn; yesterday, the FT estimated that the costs to the UK of corporate tax avoidance/evasion are respectively £50/£70bn; and in the ten months since the 2015 Election, the annual cost of EU membership has already risen by the very same £3bn.

Be certain of one thing: this Government is not taking fiscal decisions based on dire necessity; it is doing so based on highly questionable priorities.

One thing George Osborne could never be accused of is giving a low priority to Big Business. But to be fair, in the Summer Budget last year he announced he was going to ‘get tough’ on receiving their corporation taxes in on time. CT payment dates for companies with profits in excess of £20m paying by quarterly instalments would therefore be brought forward, starting in f2017.

But in the interim, something seems to have happened. In September, a formal letter to David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, rounded off some furious lobbying by the CBI regarding the CT measure. Attacking the ‘lack of consultation’ (ironic in the WASPI context), the letter’s content trotted out the usual suspect: the measure, it said, ‘sent a confused message to multinationals looking to move business activity to the UK’.

For the banks, HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver led the charge by saying this would add to existing £25m+ levies on profits. Lo and behold, head of the Bank lobbyist BBA Angela Knight was duly given a Treasury job in early December.

As a result of these and other machinations, we discover this little gem, having ploughed through 69 pages of 2016 Budget measures:

‘Deferring Corporation Tax

At Summer Budget 2015 it was announced that corporation tax (CT) payment dates forcompanies with profits in excess of £20m paying by quarterly instalments would be brought forward by four months, effective for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2017. This measure puts back the change in due dates to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2019. This will give businesses more time to prepare for the transition to the new payment schedule.’

So international big business and banks get lots of transition time, but not loyal pensioners with 30 years of NI payments behind them.

The cost of this cave-in to lobbying is a whopping £6.5bn…more than twice the cost of redressing the State Pension fraud totally and immediately.

In the light of this inquity, I would respectfully suggest to the WASPI senior movers that they have nothing to apologise about. But why be extreme when you can be reasonable? Look at some of the other ‘priorities’ Osbollocks put ahead of pensioner destitution:

  • Freeze on fuel duty – £435m
  • Relief for oil companies – £265m
  • Freeze on alcohol duty – £85m
  • New rights to buy   –   £35m
  • Tax cuts to personal allowance & higher rates – £2bn
  • ISA savings allowance – £170m
  • Not investigating senior mgmnt tax fiddles on loans – £260m
  • Reduced corporation tax – £1.1bn (2020)

Fuel duty freeze and relief for oil companies – £0.7bn…after the way they ripped us all off over the years? A further £1.1bn cost of yet another cut in CT?

My suggestion is this: the Government lie about “having to wait a further 18 months for a State pension” is in fact SIX YEARS for women born in 1955 or later. That should be cut to one year from 60th birthday with immediate effect. For the 150,000 WASPIs involved in that, there is a 50% duplication with more women who have no partner, private pension or other means of support. That group should now get their pension immediately, backdated to 60th birthday.

The remaining 175,000 WASPIs not in either group should have their delay halved, as a penalty levied on the Treasury for ignoring the Turner Commission. This would mean that all those who were, say, 60 in 2011 will get their pensions immediately, backdated to 2013.

The total cost of this in the coming fiscal would be in the region of £2.4bn. As one can see from the list above (by no means exhaustive) there is plenty of fat in there.

Do you find this harsh? I would say “harsh but fair”. But if you doubt that, think on this: during that same Summer budget, MPs gave themselves another pay rise. As a result of this, an MP needs only 15 years service to wind up with a pension of £25,148 pa at age 55. And that, dear WASPI reader, is the difference between your State Pension, and their State Pension.

NB This isn’t the end of the unearthing wriggly pension worms in the latest Budget proposals. Stand by for more in the coming 24 hours.

32 thoughts on “BUDGET SCANDAL EXCLUSIVE: Why Big Corporate lobbying made Osborne more tearful than 500,000 WASPIs on the breadline

  1. When the 25% numb nuts voted in the Tory Party to Govt, it was akin to turkeys voting for an early Christmas. Christmas is here and the turkeys are on the menu to be plucked and stuffed metaphorically.

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  2. As usual a common sense analysis that cuts through the government’s lies and the mendacious drivel of sycophants like Altman. I hope you have sent a copy to the WASPI people – they urgently need to get their case in front of MPs while Osborne is in free fall.

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  3. Salford Ld

    And, in the last poll I sw, 36% are going to vote for these satanists again.

    Never underestimate just how dumb the average Brit is….or how criminal the political, mainstream media and corporate elite are.

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  4. Take care of the pensioners and they will take care of you, old Tory saying. There is a good chance they will swing it for BRexit also.
    Main problems , first younger people do not get involved in politics , that’s why they are getting stuffed so badly, secondly the main opposition party is obsessed by the poor and disabled and ignore the silent majority so they vote Tory.

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  5. Now all us lovely ladies have got TWITTERING and getting into politics take care Tories we be after you , not giving up on our pension many Widowed , divorced with no pension pot to rely in physically difficult jobs , no equality in the 70s 80s in work no pension to pay into looking after kids.

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  6. Ive read lots of articles recently with a variety of womens different pension ages, (and I agree its unfair for friends born months apart having years between getting their pensions!) However, I can personally say that its not only woman born in 1955 & later who have to wait 6 years extra! I am a woman born in dec 1954 and also have my spa delayed 6 years! .I am one of the unlucky ones, who had 2 increases to SPA. So now retire on my 66th birthday in Dec 2020! ?(instead of retiring at 60 in Dec 2014). From the SPA changes starting to be ” phased in” in 2010 to my “old” retirement age in 2014, is just 4 years, yet my SPA went up 6 years!! FAIR???

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  7. A rather amusing concept comes into play … a bit late but the way Osborne and the Tories politcians are behaving it is fast becoming the only path left.

    Destined to wind up in poverty in old age, they know this but won’t tell you … well you might want to consider the NO PENSION LEFT as an option so it will be work until you drop chances are you will die before you make it under such as system.

    At that point you need to work out of the system (means dumping PAYE asap and actually makes sense because of the inevitable working forever or the 80+ scenario). Accept you are workign until 70 then I have 20 years out of the system to work with purposeful aggressive tax avoidance in everything.

    People need to wake up to the fact kicking the current PAYE system into touch is in fact is the only option, staying in and all the promises they will break and all that they are not telling you leaves you with the inevitable destitute postion. We have a state pension from 1908 for a reason go look when the Red Cross formed too … a sign of the times.

    The one thing many do not realise from CENTRAL BANK FORCED INFLATION however especially when wages / earnings are static the current pension pot is dwindling fast hence the implied 80+ or forever outcome. It is not going to get better … all the signs in the global economy is the party is now the morning after.

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  8. I can see your point John and I am not disputing the rightness of it. But I should say that the pensions ‘deal’ should be unalterable for anyone who started paying for their state pension – and any changes to the terms and conditions should only be made for those who have not started contributing at the time of change. Male or female !

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  9. Well, the CBI has admitted that the economic case against Brexit is collapsing…One wonders why the sudden admission? They are the CBI, they must have known all along surely? And if they didn’t what’s the point of the CBI?

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  10. ”Don’t ignore the Workplace Pension”
    Seems that the NI contributory scheme is already consigned to the dustbin. They want to call it something else, and attract lots of new funds ponzi ..that will be worthless in 40 years. Robert Maxwell started this.
    Difficult to know what to advise my grandsons today. They cannot afford to buy a house, so what difference will a pension make they say. The elites have no interest in their own populations. They dilute with multicultural genes and sell them down the river. They only want to end up in the cushy Lords with a golden pension and expenses.
    They should be truly ashamed of themselves, but they’re not. Just big egos and big smiles for the cameras.

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  11. @KFC – The CBI simply represent Big Business and have always been pro EU. The Federation of Small Businesses, on the other hand, which employs far more people, has mostly been Eurosceptic, though the impression given by the MSM is that all British business is unequivocally in favour of EU membership. The same lies as “3 million jobs depend on membership”, or most of our trade goes “to” Europe, rather than “through” Europe via Rotterdam.

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  12. As a woman born Dec 1954 I have had 2 SPA hikes. The 1995 Act took my SPA to July 2019 – an extra 4.5yrs. Although I wasn’t happy when I found out at age 57, I accepted it as a ‘done deal’. However, when I found out in 2014 that I had been chosen, yet again, to receive ANOTHER 17 months SPA rise making a total of 6 yrs to Dec 2020 – my 66th birthday, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I am divorced and struggling to do my job due to my body no longer being 50 years old – it’s in its 62nd year and things are beginning to hurt. I have no husband to help finance me until the Gov sees fit to pay me the pension I expected to receive at 60.
    The 2011 acceleration of the 1995 Act was another broken promise by this Gov. The Coalition agreement said that, while it would review the date by which the SPA rises to 66, “It will not be sooner than 2016 for men and 2020 for women”. But they changed their minds and broke their promise.
    The 2011 acceleration dates are seriously flawed. I’m of the opinion that the dates that ladies were given for their accelerated SPA were set at a late night meeting fueled with lots of ‘champers’ and were plucked out of the air. No rhyme nor reason to it.
    It’s time to revisit the 2011 acceleration and keep the promise made.

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  13. Salford Lad and Alan.
    It’s all very well blaming those who voted the Tories in but I think you’ll find that at the election they were the only really electable choice for most of the population. or are you really suggesting Ed Milliband would have made a good PM and Labour a credible government?


  14. Perhaps to continue JW’s point from the previous article, the WASPI women should take to the streets and demonstrate in a way similar to the Poll Tax protestors. It would be difficult even for the MSM to demonise that demographic, and I would love to see the Met trying to slip a few agent provocateurs amongst them undetected.

    The spectacle of a baton charge directed against the mothers and grandmothers of the home counties might wake up the population to the betrayal of the people by their political elites.

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  15. Skirmish.

    You need to start thinking outside the box you’ve been trained to think within. The communists make a huge mistake. They had elections…..with a choice between, say, Stalin, and the gulag. The western political elite have refined that system. There is no difference between the Blairite wing of the Labour Party and the Cameroons within the Conservative Party. Or Clegg’s Lib Dems…we’ll forget Farron!

    You therefore have absolutely no options….only a guise of options. Never, ever forget the opposition can say whatever it likes in opposition….it can never impliment policies they purportedly support. Ever wondered why, when a new government, sorry management, comes to power, an awful lot of those promises go to the wall? One that comes to mind is Clegg’s claim he would end tuition fees and then immedoately votes to increase them to 9 grand a year! Or Cameron who ‘promises to reduce immigration to ‘tens of thousands. and doubles them within 5 years.

    Anyone who appears on the political scene that is not part of the globalist agenda and has even a 1% chance of obtaining some sort of power is immediately, consistently amd mercilessly attacked via the mainstream propaganda outlets. In the UK, Farage was destroyed by the mainstream as Corbyn has since being overwhelmingly winning the Labour leadership.

    And it’s all over the West. Trump is frightening the political establishment to death in the US. Look at le Pen in France…Grillo in Italy….Wilders in Holland….Orban, an elected leader in Hungary.

    And do you possibly think this or the last Blair.Brown governments were ‘credible’? Honestly? Government debt increased in just 19 years from under £500bn then to £1.5TRILLION now. Mass unlimted immigration that is destroying the very fabric of society in the the UK …oh, and all over Europe for that matter.

    Credible? Nothing personal but that very word gives away your thought processes.

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  16. I don’t agree with your ‘means tested’ solution. Are you saying I should not be entitled to my state pension which I have paid in to for 40 years because I have a teachers’ pension? Totally unfair!

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  17. Alan. As an innovative product designer I think I’m very capable of thinking outside boxes. Similarly, my thought process is fine and I’ll make my own mind up on things after digesting ALL relevant information.


  18. I was born in 1954, and my SPA is 66 yrs 5 months. The one single fact that puts it in perspective. Those of us born in 1954 are the first women EVER not to retire at 60. Pushing it to 62 was bad enough, but to then push it all the way out is beyond reason.

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  19. Born October 54 worked all my life apart from when i had my daughter. Did part time after i had her. She was 8 weeks old. When she was old enough, due to my being divorced i went back full time. I am 62 this October. Have osteoporosi.broke my back 3 years ago and i am in constant pain due to my vertabrea degenerating. Also have other illnesses. I work in care. But have had to reduce my hours due to this. I was not informed of any changes till 2 years ago. Got a letter saying i have to work till i am 66. If i live that long…

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  20. Lampitt: The NoWinNoFee vultures aren’t interested in taking on Govt…or at least, I’ve not found one yet. Do YOU know of any who might be? This affects nearly ALL 50s women…and indeed, 60s women too. We should NEVER have been brought into this insanity in the first place. Not a single one of us was EVER informed, no official letters being sent out until 2011, as confirmed to me by DWP team leaders TWICE now, in Jan. and Feb. this year. I’m willing to state this in Court and take lie detector test..Even the 2011 letters were stopped between April/Nov due to concerns about content.

    Gross Negligence on behalf of govt, who I believe behaved this way quite deliberately, knowing what the outcry would be had we known earlier.

    They merely advertized a little, mostly in financial papers only …and that was that.

    ANY **FIVE YEAR** increase in ANYONE’s pension age is APPALLING, let alone in ONE giant step, let alone, alone without ANY warning officially until just before most due to retire.

    If any premature deaths occur because of this, for some are suicidal, then government will be guilty, I think, of Gross Negligence Manslaughter, where people KNOW that what they are doing is likely to cause death, but do it anyway….

    Many of us are now in Absolute HELL with NO WAY out….hope fading EVERY SINGLE DAY…as we start to slip further into debt…spiralling uncontrollably downwards through absolutely NO fault of our own.

    We are bloody GOOD women, raised our children, part-time, low-paid work around this, cared for our elderly relatives…I’ve got 44 YEARS of Nat. Ins. and not a PENNY to show for that now!

    To top it all, they added ANOTHER YEAR on top in 2001, have tried their best to smear us as Selfish, Greedy, Lying Bitches…AND are now considering the most Misogynistic and Insulting ‘deal’ ever, where if we DARE to take our pensions early, at 60, then we lost over 5% for each and every year taken early. Thus, we are PUNISHED FOR LIFE, for this deduction STAYS for LIFE!

    I’m 1955, so I’d lose around £160 a MONTH if I took mine now (I’m 61 in April)….and the State Pension is ALL I will have to live on for the rest of my life…We will also not be eligible for Pension Credit, or the Winter Fuel Allowances of bus passes on this deal either, until we reach 66, or perhaps, never…

    WHO is the misogynist who has put this together? My memory tells me it was a Tory MP, but I can’t recall his name…

    Whoever it was can shove it up his arse, for sure…and this is from a woman who stands UP for men over and over, as John knows well…but sadly, in our case, I now see Misogynists Abounding..and it started with Ken Clarke who was the man who brought in this 5 YEAR increase….

    As to their ‘gradual transitiion’ lie..HA! What a load of bullshit THAT was….

    ALL promised their pensions AT 60 should, nay, MUST, be given them AT 60! THAT was the DEAL and it was for that we paid in a £FORTUNE in Nat. Ins.

    Many Eastern European countries have delayed these changes until 2040 to ensure no trauma was caused to women who’ve lived their lives being told they’d retire at 60, as we have lived ours.

    We are already becoming ill. I’m under my GP now for depression, NEVER having had this in my LIFE, but the impact of this is HUGE, especially so for those of us on our own, who have no-one to help us out, no-one to turn to…We are done for, basically…It would have been kinder to put us against a wall and shoot us, far faster.

    We do not live any longer, we merely exist, from one worry to the next. We SHOULD be home and dry, feeling safe, or as safe as we can be on one of the lowest pensions in Europe.

    This is A Misogynists Day Out and they are loving turning the screws on us even tighter…

    My Darlin’ Dad did NOT go to war in 1939 so that his daughter’s pension, nor that of any other daughter of his WarTimeColleagues would be STOLEN from her, leaving her in Penury and Deep Depression….

    We will NOT die quietly though and by GOD, but we will take these BASTARDS down with us!

    Vara, Patel, Altmann, Cameron, Osborne, Clarke, IDS, ALL know what a terrible state many of us are in, because I’ve emailed and/or phoned them all, telling them…yet STILL they do NOTHING to help us, other than tell us to live on JSA, around £10 a day for EVERYTHING in life, and ONLY available for 6months with MANY rules and regulations attached…After this, they re-train us, in our SIXTIES, like Pavlov’s Dogs…(at how much £cost?!) then throw us on to streets, I assume, as no-one will employ us…and WHAT do we live on THEN???????

    It is an Abhorrent CRIME, perpetrated by vile, vicious, emotionless wretches who care not an ounce for any of us…and the sooner we take these bastards to Court, the sooner this will be sorted out, for legally, they don’t have a leg to stand on over how they’ve treated us.

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  21. Oh..and they COULD have brought men’s pension age down to 60, back in ’95…or made it 62.5 for men and women, the woman’s age still rising gradually, say just 6months at a time. This would have freed up MILLIONS of jobs for younger people too.

    Also, men have been able to claim Pension Credit if they become unemployed in their 60s, from the same age as women’s pension age used to be. Thus, were he made redundnat at 60 when our age was thus, he could claim PC which is almost AS much as his pension would have been…and he could continue to claim this until he reached pension age.

    Soon, men will only be able to claim this with their pensions. Thus, they too will be left to fend for themselves to find work where there is none, or at most, where there is only low-paid, zero-contract work…Their safety net will be gone. Few know about this.

    Our Job Centres will become filled with older people, making younger people resent us, for they see us as taking their jobs…

    What a MESS, eh? And if anyone had EVER told me I’d end my days this way, utterly and obscenely betrayed by a bunch of crooks who are now dictators, running my once beloved country, I’d have looked at them as if they were mad…BUT, here we are, our pensions STOLEN for SIX YEARS..and many of us will now NEVER make it to 66. We’ve been mugged, abused, violated, kicked and spat on…And those who have done have ENJOYED doing it and are STILL ENJOYING every moment of it to this day.

    May God, whomsoever your God may be, help us all……………

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  22. For perspective on the reference to “some changes were mooted in the mid 1990s”, the intention to equalise state pension ages was announced on live television at the 1993 budget. There was considerable press coverage both in the aftermath of the budget, and when the changes became law in 1995.


  23. Also worth highlighting that all women born prior to 1954 will have a lower state pension age than a man of the same age, and that all 1950s women will have a lower state pension age than anyone born after April 1960.


  24. He makes ‘U’ turns when he likes! Child tax credit for instance & now disability payments & rightly so but it seems no-one listens about us WASPI’s. A lot of people aren’t aware especially those that have got their State Pensions. I have a friend born in April, the same year as me and she is getting her State Pension but I was born on the October and I have to wait !!!!!!!!

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  25. In all governments for as long as I can remember our state pension
    Was retiring at 60
    I hv been working since 15 yr old
    I hv health issues and then without notice or letter I find out I hv to work another 6/7 years
    I hv a husband with heart disease
    And my last years with him
    Wud hv been wat I deserve.
    On minimum wage u cannot save.
    U survive not live mr Cameron.
    So I will never vote for staying in EU or a Tory government

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  26. The age of the WASPIs is around of over 60, and many of us are in poor health, largely due to working long hours in shit jobs, alongside the second full time job of housework, cooking, nurturing and nursing. Never mind exhorting us to take go the streets a fair number are pleased if someone is available to help Take us out of our homes.


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