Huntstruck & Burntout Ltd, Certified Tribal Onanists

Well, the day unfolded and Mr Huntstruck the Health Secretary (and his creature Dan NHannonS-Ronge) performed so closely to the type predicted here this morning, you may be forgiven for thinking that I work these buggers from behind, f’nar f’nar. I wish.

But a debate that should have been about 14 failing Labour-approved crap NHS Trusts of course turned instead into a condemnation of the entire concept of subsidised healthcare. Stand by to vomit at this Tweet from Jezzer this afternoon:

Watershed day. Hard for Health Sec to admit things go wrong, but I’m determined to see poor care rooted out. Transparency is disinfectant.’

You really can see this bloke coming from a mile away at least. “Hard to admit”. Oh yes Jeremy, so hard for you to suggest that the NHS you condemned to death in a 2009 pamphlet exemplifies the failure of State-owned services. And how very, very hard for you to admit that a private system would be 50 times worse, and a mutualised one 20 times better. How much easier for you to bring in the private sector so ably represented in the Lords by your mentor at the British Council and SW Surrey constituency…the Lady Frontbottomley who donated your MP’s seat and your fortune with her influence. Is this what the Leader you are so keen to be rid of casually describes as The Leg Up? Or is it an incestuous leg over? I could not possibly comment, for I know not.

“Transparency is disinfectant”. If this be true dear Health Secretary, then you are a steaming turd hidden by convenient mists of distortion.

I suggest all those interested in objective truth versus sociopathic cunning read this response from the Health Secretary. See what you make of it. Personally, I hate writing about paedophiles, but I don’t want to deconstruct what’s at the end of that link: it is more depraved than anything I have so far experienced as an investigative blogger. And it was all, of course, facilitated by the same Sir Humphreys who illegally awarded themselves hugely upweighted pension emoluments seven years ago.

Meanwhile, let me register this one final point. In March 2000, I retired from office life, a former firebrand who had mellowed to believe in the better future offered by capitalism as opposed to socialism. But after over a decade of being scammed, robbed, pauperised, rigged, and generally treated as if I were a brainless vegetable, I am now radicalised enough to see these sleazy monopolists for what they are.

I want neither State Socialism nor Corporatist Monopolism: I want a level playing field and creativity. Why is this impossible in the homeland of explorer entrepreneurialism? Why is this too much to ask of the people who are supposed to be working for us?

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