OFFICIAL: NHS debaters turn into masturbators – nobody remotely surprised

Huntstruck & Burntout Ltd, Certified Tribal Onanists

Well, the day unfolded and Mr Huntstruck the Health Secretary (and his creature Dan NHannonS-Ronge) performed so closely to the type predicted here this morning, you may be forgiven for thinking that I work these buggers from behind, f’nar f’nar. I wish.

But a debate that should have been about 14 failing Labour-approved crap NHS Trusts of course turned instead into a condemnation of the entire concept of subsidised healthcare. Stand by to vomit at this Tweet from Jezzer this afternoon:

Watershed day. Hard for Health Sec to admit things go wrong, but I’m determined to see poor care rooted out. Transparency is disinfectant.’

You really can see this bloke coming from a mile away at least. “Hard to admit”. Oh yes Jeremy, so hard for you to suggest that the NHS you condemned to death in a 2009 pamphlet exemplifies the failure of State-owned services. And how very, very hard for you to admit that a private system would be 50 times worse, and a mutualised one 20 times better. How much easier for you to bring in the private sector so ably represented in the Lords by your mentor at the British Council and SW Surrey constituency…the Lady Frontbottomley who donated your MP’s seat and your fortune with her influence. Is this what the Leader you are so keen to be rid of casually describes as The Leg Up? Or is it an incestuous leg over? I could not possibly comment, for I know not.

“Transparency is disinfectant”. If this be true dear Health Secretary, then you are a steaming turd hidden by convenient mists of distortion.

I suggest all those interested in objective truth versus sociopathic cunning read this response from the Health Secretary. See what you make of it. Personally, I hate writing about paedophiles, but I don’t want to deconstruct what’s at the end of that link: it is more depraved than anything I have so far experienced as an investigative blogger. And it was all, of course, facilitated by the same Sir Humphreys who illegally awarded themselves hugely upweighted pension emoluments seven years ago.

Meanwhile, let me register this one final point. In March 2000, I retired from office life, a former firebrand who had mellowed to believe in the better future offered by capitalism as opposed to socialism. But after over a decade of being scammed, robbed, pauperised, rigged, and generally treated as if I were a brainless vegetable, I am now radicalised enough to see these sleazy monopolists for what they are.

I want neither State Socialism nor Corporatist Monopolism: I want a level playing field and creativity. Why is this impossible in the homeland of explorer entrepreneurialism? Why is this too much to ask of the people who are supposed to be working for us?

Earlier at The Slog: Place your bets for the Big Race: who will be the catalyst for Armageddon?

27 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: NHS debaters turn into masturbators – nobody remotely surprised

  1. It is indeed a sad day. To see the creep Burnham wriggling on the hook of his own making does provide some levity to the whole sorry mess.


  2. ‘ Why is this too much to ask of the people who are supposed to be working for us?’
    ‘Cause they are greedy self-satisfied, self agrandising smug short termist scumbags. That’s why.


  3. It just becomes so obvious.
    Just a wonderful job done by Julia Middleton( common purpose,Trojan hoarse) It takes years to set up if you notice no one will be accountable or sacked but moved to other positions where they can breakdown the fabric of UK community ready for the federal states of Europe(bilderberg/corporate). Its time to expose these people and remove them from power any suggestions ?

    John in love and peace


  4. Well,isn’t the state monopoly supply of healthcare brilliant?cf. Sainsburys,Tesco,Asda,Aldi , Lidl,fiercely competitive.The NHS should be treated like Standard Oil,broken up into competing entities,albeit with the customer largely funded by the tax payer.’The envy of the world’ is a joke.


  5. And heres me writing about the self same ginny bottomless when she was patron of national childrens bureau Which was advised by paedophile peter righton..thete she was addressing the ncb conference on child protection..them i read this bit from the independant.

    GASPS and general horror at the National Children’s Bureau conference as Virginia Bottomley admitted beating her children. One of her senior aides was so taken aback that he showed what we newspaper people call ‘signs of visible distress’. What went unnoticed was the curious turn of phrase employed by the Health Secretary to describe occasions on which she had smacked. These were when her children had ‘thrown down the whip for the fourth time’. What could it mean? Some sort of sticky pudding? Or was correction even fiercer than we imagine chez Bottomley? A health spokesman helps. He is sure that Mrs Bottomley was using throwing down the whip in the parliamentary sense of refusing to toe the party line. This could be Mrs Bottomley’s greatest contribution to child care: treat them like Tory backbenchers and you won’t go far wrong.


  6. NHS hit for millions by overcharging ‘scam’

    Drug companies exploit loophole in the law to hike prices by as much as 2,000 per cent

    Drugs companies have been accused of “highway robbery” of the NHS by using a legal loophole to push up the price of medicines in some cases by up to 2,000 per cent – at a cost to the taxpayer of tens of millions a year.

    At least 15 drugs have substantially increased in price after being “flipped” from one firm to another, according to information obtained by doctors.

    The legal “scam” has prompted outrage from the British Medical Association – which has warned that vital treatments risk being denied to patients if costs rise so much that the NHS can no longer afford them.


  7. Another example perhaps where something scandalous is exposed into the public domain and nothing will be done by the politicos to put it right.


  8. All the gagging orders, the review dog and pony show, coupled with the weasel worded phraseology meaning little more than the Tavistockian “Lessons learned” meme, demonstrate what has really happened here: The grand NHS eugenics programme is being wound down.
    I do believe we are supposed to be grateful that it may be safe to visit hospital again if you are over 65.


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  10. There are only three things wrong with the world. The NHS, BBC and the Co-op. These entities must be destroyed if we are to obtain the goal of our long march.



  11. @john griffiths. Mention of Bilderberg reminds me that there was an article in the papers over the weekend in which both Kenneth Clark and Mandelson were reported to have issued a joint statement declaring that politician union in the EU should be consigned to history as it wasn’t ever going to happen.
    No paper carried a discussion thread and the item has since disappeared. Since those two are Bilderberg gofers I had a few moments of hope that their masters had declared it a day on the EU grand plan.


  12. meanwhile over at the ONS we have this.

    •There were 723,913 live births in England and Wales in 2011, increasing slightly (by 0.1 per cent) from 723,165 in 2010.
    •There were 484,367 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2011, compared with 493,242 in 2010 (a fall of 1.8 per cent).
    •The total fertility rate (TFR) in England and Wales in 2011 was 1.93 children per woman.
    •Age-standardised mortality rates (ASMRs) in 2011 were the lowest ever recorded for England and Wales, at 6,236 deaths per million population for males and 4,458 deaths per million population for females.

    NHS and demographic timebomb? Not according to these figures.


  13. “….after over a decade of being scammed, robbed, pauperised, rigged, and generally treated as if I were a brainless vegetable …”

    Did it really take you a decade to realise? :)


  14. The ‘people who are supposed to be working for us’ have been exposed as working on themselves instead. I am not an eschatologist but I fear we need an apocalypse in order to have any chance of overcoming the pervasive systemic decay which grins inanely at us from every direction. Until then, mass debating is about all we can expect.


  15. Cause and effect: Many humans are greedy, many are lazy, some are both. It’s mainly the latter group that are more than willing to buy into the b*llshit promises of the would be ‘oligarchs’ in the hopes of securing ‘free’ prosperity and non-participatory security. And it’s no problem for these folks to give up critical thinking and personal responsibility, in return – those are, of course, hard work if you have to do them yourself on a regular basis.

    You can also add in a strong dose of (Douglas Adams phrase) SEP – Somebody Else’s Problem. Adams defines that as the perfect way to render something invisible; make it so outlandish and out of place in the environment that most people will mentally filter it out. It can’t really be there, so it’s somebody else’s problem. The elephant in the room, really.

    Though, these days we have an African, an Asian and a Forest elephant, a Mastodon and a Mammoth playing poker, drinking beer and eating pizza in the back of the room, while wearing tutus and trumpeting Ride Of The Valkyries in 5 point harmony – without Autotune. And most people are still resolutely applying their own personal SEP field generator at maximum power, rather than deal with it.


  16. Historically, a large majority of ’empires’ (need not be an actual Roman / British style territorial Empire, there have been many non-military mercantile ’empires’ that have followed functionally the same pattern of decline/collapse) have collapsed either;

    a) As a result of mismanagement – corruption, graft and self-serving mendacity all being symptoms of that. Also begins to increasingly suffer from what is being recently termed ‘dismanagement’. See: for a light-hearted treatment of that.

    b) As victims of their own success – a successfully expanding ’empire’ passes a point, generally about 1/3 the way along it’s birth-death timeline, where it HAS then to continue expanding, or fail. Infinite growth is not only impossible on a finite planet, but can never reach that point in the first place, due to EROI (energy return on investment) concerns. Though note that systems with an EROI at or close to 1 CAN still function, in limited circumstances and for a limited period and can even cross into negative territory for short periods if a surplus was built up during positive periods. The UK has arguably wandered back and forth across that line for about a century.

    The UK, US and many, if not all, developed countries are currently in a situation of having BOTH decline factors strongly in effect, simultaneously. What’s different this time around is that, thanks to globalism and the interconnected nature of economics, money, energy networks and communications, is that we’re all effectively shackled together. If one region goes over the cliff, the ones still on firm ground might be able to support the weight for a while. But the more that are dangling on the chain, the greater the weight AND the lower the tractive effort remaining to support them.


  17. NHS crisis: Low staffing to blame for high hospital mortality rates
    A report into 14 hospital trusts with high death rates will today criticise low staffing levels and inadequate numbers of nurses, The Telegraph can disclose.

    Evidence considered by Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England Medical Director, discloses that all bar one of the trusts had a lower ratio of nurses to patients than the national average.

    At George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust last year just 15.5 hours were spent by each qualified nurse per month directly benefiting patients, compared with the average of 85.6 nationally.

    The picture at Tameside hospital, was little better, with just 17.4 hours, and 25.5 hours at the Dudley Group of Hospitals.


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