CALL TO ACTION: Jeremy Hunt, self-styled ‘fan’ of the NHS, proves he is the Bain of our lives

Infecting our blood supply with Bain is a senseless act of murder by fanatics

huntcatptOnly a United Front can stop the feral alley-cats now

I think this week was one of those when somehow I felt a step-change in the nature of what the Conservative Party is turning into. The chief symptom of the step-change was the direction, and brazen acceleration in that direction, of the fanatics who now seem to have all the power in the Coalition government here in Britain. But an equally depressing second symptom was the truly pathetic reaction to it from the Opposition.

How easy it was to see how Hunt, Hannan and almost the entire right-wing press played the plight of a Health Service kicked from pillar to post over three decades, and then puffed up with Blairite bollocks: for their own foul advantage. I ran a piece predicting it on the morning of the 14 trusts report, and the entire day was spent watching Stepford Tories performing as if they were my personal puppets, enslaved by their own braindead agenda.

But I can probably best sum up to qualitative nature of the change as follows:

They’re no longer selling the family silver: they’re stealing the citizen’s silver – and fencing it

For foreign readers within Dan Hannan’s fantasy land the Anglosphere, I should explain that ‘fencing’ means ‘illegally pawning’. And let me also make it clear to new readers that I’m not ‘left wing’, but rather a one-nation mutualist who thinks that what’s going on is wrong for two vitally important reasons: decency, and the long-term economic survival of the country I once loved…..and long to love again.

If you want to know why the cars we drive are all imported, the nuclear fuel we use is the wrong one, our energy mix is pathetic, our water supply shambolic, our railways horrendously expensive, our countryside disappearing and the NHS collapsing, then I’ll tell you succinctly: because Trade Union leaders f**cked them up, Thatcherites sold them, gargoyles began to run them, Civil servants milked them, and/or foreigners bought them for a song, and politicians took bribes to get reelected. Red, Blue, and Pinstripe: they’re all equally guilty.

But at the moment, it’s the Tories’ turn, so they’re the ones in The Slog’s sights most often. Yesterday it was revealed that the Newscories plan to sell 80% of the Blood tranfusion service to Bain. Bain was the inveterate, pointless asset-stripping machine set up by that nice man Dan Hannan admires so much, Mitt Romney. You remember Mitt: he was the losing Presidential candidate caught telling a flatware-donation gathering that the poor were feckless, and ought to be moved offshore along with their jobs. You know – the guy who thinks God is going to land in Pennsylvania on a psychedelic milk float or some other such religious bilge. The guy who stripped the arse and soul out of companies, and thus made his money creating entire regiments of unemployed folks. A complete bastard….and so dumb, even the Black Dude managed to beat him.

At what point are the citizens of Britain going to get off their pimply, flaccid buttocks and realise that if we sell social weal assets to psychopaths, our nation will (a) lose any control it has left over its destiny and (b) those services will be watered down while bean-counters find new ways to rip customers off? Let’s run a book: will it be snuff-shows on TV? Live International pig-violation for the Under Fives? Murdoch rogering the Monarch on a tumbril waltzing down the Mall? The answer is when it’s too late.

At what point are the media going to start running stories condemning some of this, asking awkward questions of Jeremy Hunt about his serial lying and business ‘legs up’, or Grant Shapps about his internet ID frauds, or Nick Clegg about how he got his first EU job, or Peter Mandelson about his steamy nights in the niche bordellos of Hungary and friendship with the paedo-pimp Jeffrey Epstein, or Leon Brittan about his fun with diplomatic bags? The answer is, as long as they’re owned by megalo unelected monsters, never.

At what point are some of the rank and file in the Conservative Party going to grasp that our professional and business ethics are so destitute in the UK now, the bourse-driven globalist private sector doesn’t GAF about society and citizens? Have they learned nothing at all from the PFI, water privatisation, G4S, bank rate manipulation, gold market manipulation, currency manipulation, the insured American health sector, or indeed any of the other disgraceful plundering of taxpayers’ money by these ghastly excuses for humanity and their allies the central banks? Don’t they get the fact that Big paedophile EU molested and finally killed defenceless little Cyprus in its insatiable drive for power? The answer is, as long as they’re cloned by the leadership, never.

And the Labour Party, our friend in tough times? They’re a less than useless, rubber-spined crew of controlling twerps stuck in 1974. Ed Balls – man of the People? Er no, actually: dickhead adviser to Gordon Clown parachuted onto the unsuspecting Morley selection committee by his mad boss. That’s democracy is it? The Party I once leaned towards is today more like a fiend in Toff times. And please, screaming activists, can you stop this moronic chant of ‘Hands off our NHS’? It hasn’t been our f**king NHS since 1970, when Union Leader and Mandarin greed began strangling it to death. Placards are just a waste of wood and paper. Wake up.

While Labout turns a blind eye to EU sociopathy, Hague jumps on a plane to Washington in his role as a slight irritation up the US back passage – useful occasionally when some turds need to be thrown at unsuspecting Arabs somewhere. As Britain slid into a morass of off-radar overspending after 2005, Whitehall helped by illegally trebling its pension entitlements.

This is what’s happening, my fellow decent minority signees: Britain is a clapped out whore, overworked and abused by previous pimps. An old bitch worked to death in a puppy farm. The Reds, Blues and Pinstripes are merely competing to be her last pimp: and all they’re arguing about is whether to sell her to the petfood industry, the Brussels glue factory, or the functionaries.

They’re throwing dice outside the forum, and the barbarians are in the suburbs. The blogosphere and online/telecoms user army absolutely must form a Coalition for decency and commercial rebuilding, or we will collapse into the same morass of depraved Caligulism that became Rome’s fate. FFS leave your tribes and comfort zones and archaic ideologies and infantile sucking blankets and slaughter every sacred cow you can find.

As you know, I rarely ask for this: today I do with more passion and sincerity than ever before. Please share, forward, Facebook, link and retweet links to this piece. Just that one act of solidarity against this wall of excrement heading our way will be enough to encourage me in the belief that there might still be time to demonstrate decency power, and force radical realism back onto the agenda. A New Front now is our last hope. We mst draw the last line in the sand, starting today.

I’ll be back later to see how things are going. If they aren’t going anywhere, as Oates famously remarked, “I may be gone some time”.

53 thoughts on “CALL TO ACTION: Jeremy Hunt, self-styled ‘fan’ of the NHS, proves he is the Bain of our lives

  1. @JW
    Having spent 3 years in the Antarctic, I know full well what you mean. I have sent the link to this post to everyone in my address book and asked them to do likewise.
    Time to line ’em up.


  2. Altruism – a concern or regard for the needs of others, entirely without ulterior motive.

    Once that disappears from our culture we are left with dog eat dog.
    It is now difficult to get most people to worry about the consequences of their actions if they think they are likely to occur after their death.
    Pollution, water resources, oil, energy, climate disruption, droughts, floods, food production,etc. Who cares? I’ll be dead by the time it gets really bad.

    But the time might be shorter than they think.
    Desperate people don’t form orderly queues for their funeral.


  3. John,
    Another great piece of writing, good to see someone cutting through the bullshit that we are fed, on a daily basis now, by the self serving scum that is running this country.
    I recently had the rare opportunity of spending a few hours with my brother, neither of us are highly educated, but neither are we stupid, and during our discussion, the conclusion we came to was, I’m afraid, that this country is now so damaged, broken, corrupted and spoiled that it is past repair.
    The powers that be, are incapable of repairing that which they have destroyed and are now more interested in protecting themselves from the inevitable implosion which is need before the pieces can be put back together properly.
    We have to make the most of what we have, but its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
    Thanks, for the opportunity of getting that off my chest, I’ll go and take my medication now!


  4. These are the movers on the fast track of the future: @
    coopery @

    Waiting to hear from yous.


  5. Time to reread The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. Gibbon’s analysis of how and why it happened makes even more sense now than it did in 1776. Substitute Celebrity for Christianity in his writings and they read like a contemporary news report. History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme surprisingly often. As for learning the lessons of history most people cannot remember what they did last Thursday let alone hold the history of our postwar (post Empire?) decline in their heads. Unite people in a post political mutually beneficial uprising – hopeless. Junk television and viral You Tube clips are so much more appealing. I am off to the allotment to gather my own provisions. At least I don’t have to defend it – yet.


  6. The political process in the UK, and elsewhere, has become purely an exercise in making the best case for the indefensible; desire has triumphed over reason.


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  8. Labour betrayed its aims and objectives the day Wilson came to power in 1964. The have been irrelevant to wealth creation for 50 years.

    The Blair nightmare continued this saga and Miliband is seeing it through.

    It is the new kind of politics, superficial and breeds self interest, the politicos serving themselves first.


  9. (second post attempt)

    “I recently had the rare opportunity of spending a few hours with my brother, neither of us are highly educated, but neither are we stupid, and during our discussion, the conclusion we came to was, I’m afraid, that this country is now so damaged, broken, corrupted and spoiled that it is past repair.”
    oldsmoothie :
    You are lucky. I tried a similar conversation with family members. I gently!, (no feverish ranting!), tried to suggest that things were a lot worse than indicated by the shallow ‘veneer’ of everyday life. I did not get the same response as you, indeed I now shut the hell up about these problems, because they don’t get it, and think this is just a temporary blip, that will resolve itself in a couple of years.
    When it comes to these kind of discussions, there appear to be two kids of people. Both groups are horrified by what they see and learn on a daily basis, but one set think it’s ‘fixable’, and one set have concluded that its FUBAR. The ‘still fixables’, think the ‘FUBAR-ers’, have given up the fight. Not so. Maybe we are further along the Kubler Ross grief scale, but we know that what comes next will require huge personal resilience, and after several years of this ‘white water rafting’, that lies ahead, if we survive at the personal level, we will have to be available for those traumatised family members and friends, who in 2013, thought we had simply lost the plot in the summer heat.
    We all rant about what we see, but some of us rant and prepare, internally, for our own protection, in the (vain?), hope that our resilience will be part of a useful skill set for the years post collapse.
    In short, we’re on the same side, but if you still think it’s fixable, then by all means, throw me a wrench and a posi-drive, and show me where I can find the maintenance access panel?.


  10. The looting of our national assets continues, The NHS is suffering the death of a thousand cuts. There is little left of the carcass of our peoples assets to pick clean. The Post Office is on its way to privatisation, power ,gas, council housing, water , transport etc have long gone.
    We are now serfs to the Corporate /financial conglomerate, paying to these rentiers like good little slaves.
    We have been conquered by stealth using bribery and greed of our elected representatives.
    We have been betrayed by the Labour Party , who no longer protect the working class. Even the Trade Union movement have come to realise this recently.
    The people are disenfranchised and disillusioned. The big issue is where can we find leverage to assert our rights, and protect our social support infrastructures from the scavengers and predators of Corporatism.


  11. All too late I’m afraid, they can smell the power and the riches that await them, nothing is going to stop them. Ever. Any dissidence now will be come down upon with such force it will make a ton of bricks seem light.


  12. I agree this process has been going on a long time and that all parties have been complicit, but if ‘placards are just a waste of wood and paper’, what else are you suggesting besides RTs (surely just the cyber equivalent) – à la lanterne?

    Keep our NHS Public, although they haven’t really suggested much of an alternative way to run the NHS besides simply to re-nationalise the whole thing, has been sounding the alarm about NHS privatisation, and the corruption of PFI deals for over ten years. Until the latest reforms they were a lone voice in the wilderness, and if Lansley insisted on spraying his own scent on the NHS they would probably still be. You may not agree with their take on this, but they certainly haven’t been sitting on their bums about it. Your dismissal of others efforts to stem this tide by actually going out on the streets, not just clicking away on icons, is what keeps me from spreading this around.

    Eventually ça ira – let’s hope so. But it will be on a lot of different fronts, not just this one.


  13. people are dying
    * the elderly in ‘care homes’ or hospital
    * the disabled via a barbaric system of assessment – even cattle are treated better

    is this what we want? is this how we as a nation want to be seen by others?

    those in ‘authority’ have no accountability to the people

    there has to be civil war – internet bloggin isn’t going to change anything


  14. Do not give in & go away John,maybe have a break recharge for in the darkest corners the light will shine.
    Canute understood EVEN the Tsunami’s great waves turn,the Human tide is close to it’s high water mark, people are drowning,but also the promises that brought us here have never looked so hollow,People are being forced to walk into the dark,but they who do the forcing fear this darkness more than anything,the great question should we fear the black hole or welcome it
    Welcome it my friends compared to this, it is a beacon of light
    I know many will interpret this the wrong way,that’s fine but you can see more clearly at night when you look into the light from the dark,whilst those in the light see far far less & therefore hold greater fear than the dark really holds


  15. It generally refers to selling on of stolen property. Can’t think of a better way of describing what our ruling élite have been up to for many years…


  16. Precisely…
    And now I’m off to stack firewood for the winter. I can now cook and heat the house without resorting to ‘the grid’ – people think I am mad when I say that I no longer consider the public utilities as dependable.


  17. No way to halt it and not until every asset is sold and the people have been sold as commodities.

    Personally feel it is all being done to attempt to satisfy the Keynes model they chose on an economy that does not add up. Also anything connected to this model will be affected by the same rate, so immigration and outsourcing as but 2 will increase in a similar fashion. Like to pay the outsourcing next year, it is outsourcing + to make it the same.


  18. Shared on Facebook.
    I’m in my 60’s now. In my younger days I never thought for a moment that England would become like this. We used to be proud to be English. Now there’s no sense of belonging or identity. Instead there is a sense of automatic entitlement to fame, fortune and respect (the respect is not reciprocated of course) without working for any of it.
    Heroes were people like Hilary and Tensing, Douglas Bader. Now they’re talking about a knighthood for someone who plays bat and ball (only it’s called tennis).
    I can see why you want to give up; so do I most days. Let’s just accept there has to be an accounting soon, a cathartic collapse of it all.


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  20. so true. My heroes are people like Joseph Bazalgette, Sir Frank Whittle and Alan Turing and so many more.
    This country is turning into a shallow plastic nightmare.
    Maybe it will be good if the lights go out, as it may be the catalyst for more people to wake up and smell the stink.
    It’s only too late, after your final breathe.


  21. An interesting idea to contemplate. In the democratic process political parties present an electoral programme for voters to choose between. What about reversing this idea so that instead voters produce an electoral programme in exchange for the must-be-growing “floating voters” votes for the next election?
    In my country (Spain), this figure in a recent poll was judged to be 40% as everyone is so mightily ticked off with the two main parties, in the UK this % might be similar. The electoral programme should encompass, not left/right policies on certain issues, but certain procedural demands to break the dead-locked democratic conundrum our countries currently face.
    An example of such a procedural demand was changing the number of signatures needed for a Citizens’ Initiative to be presented to the Brazilian Senate and later voted upon in Congress, as outlined in an Avaaz letter I have just received.

    Our problems are not that people do not understand what is happening but that we are helpless to change anything. Demonstrating is our only weapon but governments are now ignoring mass demonstrations and obey only the dictates of Big Business and corporate interests. We must find a way to reverse this.
    Avaaz now has 24 million members and is asking people to come up with their own petitions. These petitions appear to be quite successful because people are desperate to participate and Avaaz has grown exponentially in the last few years. Along similar lines, one possibility might be to create, not a new political party, but a new way to use a voting block: an arm-lock of sorts. A statement to the political parties, “We will vote for you if you do this”: Get people to sign up to this voting block with a “promise” to vote for the party if the party agrees to (fill in the blank). Put the ball back into the people’s court.

    Would it work? Dunno, it has in Brazil.


  22. The real enemy within has never been reds under the bed, unions, immigrants, the unemployed, gypsies, jews or *insert hate group here* The common enemy has always been the uber rich who were happy to use people as cannon and factory fodder. That tiny percentage of people are, as memorably quoted by Warren Buffett, winning.

    I think the agenda of the Telegraph lays it out most starkly. Anti BBC, NHS, Co-op, anti anything they perceive binds people or serves their interest. The three pillars that once bound society, the church, unions and family have been destroyed. Everything the common man has tried desperately to cling to as a pillar to hold onto and believe in as a symbol of nationhood has gone with the exception of the armed forces. Look at the cuts happening there.

    The internet is next and if we don’t make a common cause before that too is destroyed we are doom to steal WADs’ expression.


  23. I agree with so much of that, John. We kid ourselves if we think we have a vigorous or independent media. There no tough questions of the vile Mr Hunt because he is Murdoch’s stooge and much of the media are merely very clever liars for the establishment (take a look, for example, at The Telegraph’s bloggers and watch how they spin exactly the same message in different ways to appeal to different people).
    Yes, the country is being asset-stripped, whether it is through uncontrolled immigration, foreign ownership of our utilities companies or the sell-off of our public services.
    And I say that as someone who has thought of himself of the right.
    It is too late, really, and a bit of me just thinks – do your worst, and when it all collapses, as looks increasingly likely and imminent, we’ll build something better.


  24. I have linked a couple of your articles on an apparently odd choice but they are quite a political lot, hopefully we can start a bit of a debate over in a general forum


  25. I can only assume you’ve seen the film “tHE mATRIX”. But this is in reaility what we face. Most if not nearly all people are not ready to be released from it. In fact they will almost fight you and become you enemy simply to be still apart of it.
    The road is long. Too long.


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  28. When the historian, Charles A. Beard was asked about the lessons from history,
    he said there were four:
    1. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs.
    2. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power.
    3. The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.
    4. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
    – Charles A. Beard
    2 & 4 are very applicable at the moment but in order to defeat these corrupt venal people we need a new political model and funding and a leader and the internet and debt free money, I see no sign of this as yet so No 4 will continue to darken(always my favorite lesson).
    What worries me also is the “Roman Legion” effect, the last legion leaves in approx 390AD and withing 30 years we in the UK(England mainly) are back living in huts, that’s how quickly the end can come(lesson 1 & 3) and thats even at 63 what worries me.


  29. just in case you missed Jeremy _unts latest lunacy. The Govt just sold Plasma UK to Venture Capitalists. Comment expressed by the artist taxi driver. Apoplectic and quite rightly


  30. @MaxC. ‘I never thought for a moment that England would become like this.’
    I too am in my 60s’ & a comment like that makes me want to weep, because I could have told you 40 yrs ago that this is how it would be. But nobody wanted to listen, nobody could see it. Were you blind? Deaf? Living down a quiet, leafy, English lane? You never went to the East End of London?
    Well, now the ‘dragons’ teeth have turnes into dragons, & you & all the deniers will have to live with that. If the country is ruined, well, you & people like you helped to ruin it. Excuse my bitterness, sometimes it gets the better of me.


  31. God there is so much one would like to comment on here mostly in the affirmative, just is time doesn’t allow.
    THe HOC of commons, I have thought for several years now that generally there has been more common sense and intelligent comment out of the HOC than the lower house whichever party is in the lower house, why is that?. I suspect that is because in general terms they have “made it in life” they no longer feel driven to prove themselves, increasingly the dangly bits between the legs will also be winding down so giving the main brain a chance, in short they have reached a more contemplative frame of mind and have the benefit of years of experience upon which to contemplate.

    I have spent several years of my life in Brasil and have often drawn comparisons between our two countries. In 1979 after having been there a few months and learning some of the language I came to the following conclusion that if there were only two ways of running a country, the Brasilian way or the English way I would take the English way, go back to UK pay my taxes and keep my mouth shut.
    In 1979 in Brasil the rich were rich beyond the dreams of avarice the affluent middle class to use an expression was a very small percentage of the total and the vast majority of the population were poor. The middle class spent all of their time trying not to be poor tommorrow. People dependant on the equivalent of the NHS died in the queu’s waiting for treatment, vast armies of people living cardboard boxes in the streets a stones throw from the smart streets of Copacabana or Ipanema.
    At least thought I we have a tax system that generally tries to ensure a reasonable distribution of wealth a health system that will fix you quickly if you should need it and a welfare system that would support you if you fell on hard times.
    Fast forward to today ,the differences between England and Brasil are a lot less than they used to be and that is not because Brasil has improved a lot it has but not that much but because the U.K has slid into the same mire of greed and corruption at the top of the tree, coincidentally that slide started to gather pace in 1979 when the shopkeeper came to power..

    We need a major change in the way of doing things far beyond anything done in Brasil, for those that have not been there go search the Harrogate Agenda I could and would write more but I have to go to work and earn a crust.

    John don’t go away keep at it, the giant is beginning to stir but he needs continual prodding :-)


  32. @ Mo,
    I tend to share your views at the apparent reluctance shown by so many for so long in the UK to acknowledge the collapse of standards and values as a reality. If matters have deteriorated to the extent they have, it’s partly because of a lazy tolerance, childlike naiveté and near-criminal apathy to engage in some (any) kind of action to become involved in standing up for their own innate beliefs. It makes one think that whoever it was said ” we get the govt. we deserve” was right. I used to have a feisty elderly female friend who was involved in burning EU flags in public places and was quite prepared to go to prison if arrested. Where are such people today prepared to give up their comfort for a cause? Mainly in places like the middle East and S. America, it seems, where they don’t have much in the way of comfort to start with.


  33. @Mo. this is now an old post but if you come back to see whether anyone has responded to you (like I’ve just done), I thank you for your comments. I think you’d agree though that forty years ago even David Icke wasn’t envisioning the future he later turned out to prophecy so well.
    So I think I’ll excuse myself for not being able to see that we would sink so low that our heroes are second rat, auto tuned “singers’, that we can have cookery programmes where the announcer breathily intones “it doesn’t get harder that this” – and that just before news of famine and disaster. Could anyone really foresee that society could sink into such easily led, easily pleased apathy?


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