Infecting our blood supply with Bain is a senseless act of murder by fanatics

huntcatptOnly a United Front can stop the feral alley-cats now

I think this week was one of those when somehow I felt a step-change in the nature of what the Conservative Party is turning into. The chief symptom of the step-change was the direction, and brazen acceleration in that direction, of the fanatics who now seem to have all the power in the Coalition government here in Britain. But an equally depressing second symptom was the truly pathetic reaction to it from the Opposition.

How easy it was to see how Hunt, Hannan and almost the entire right-wing press played the plight of a Health Service kicked from pillar to post over three decades, and then puffed up with Blairite bollocks: for their own foul advantage. I ran a piece predicting it on the morning of the 14 trusts report, and the entire day was spent watching Stepford Tories performing as if they were my personal puppets, enslaved by their own braindead agenda.

But I can probably best sum up to qualitative nature of the change as follows:

They’re no longer selling the family silver: they’re stealing the citizen’s silver – and fencing it

For foreign readers within Dan Hannan’s fantasy land the Anglosphere, I should explain that ‘fencing’ means ‘illegally pawning’. And let me also make it clear to new readers that I’m not ‘left wing’, but rather a one-nation mutualist who thinks that what’s going on is wrong for two vitally important reasons: decency, and the long-term economic survival of the country I once loved…..and long to love again.

If you want to know why the cars we drive are all imported, the nuclear fuel we use is the wrong one, our energy mix is pathetic, our water supply shambolic, our railways horrendously expensive, our countryside disappearing and the NHS collapsing, then I’ll tell you succinctly: because Trade Union leaders f**cked them up, Thatcherites sold them, gargoyles began to run them, Civil servants milked them, and/or foreigners bought them for a song, and politicians took bribes to get reelected. Red, Blue, and Pinstripe: they’re all equally guilty.

But at the moment, it’s the Tories’ turn, so they’re the ones in The Slog’s sights most often. Yesterday it was revealed that the Newscories plan to sell 80% of the Blood tranfusion service to Bain. Bain was the inveterate, pointless asset-stripping machine set up by that nice man Dan Hannan admires so much, Mitt Romney. You remember Mitt: he was the losing Presidential candidate caught telling a flatware-donation gathering that the poor were feckless, and ought to be moved offshore along with their jobs. You know – the guy who thinks God is going to land in Pennsylvania on a psychedelic milk float or some other such religious bilge. The guy who stripped the arse and soul out of companies, and thus made his money creating entire regiments of unemployed folks. A complete bastard….and so dumb, even the Black Dude managed to beat him.

At what point are the citizens of Britain going to get off their pimply, flaccid buttocks and realise that if we sell social weal assets to psychopaths, our nation will (a) lose any control it has left over its destiny and (b) those services will be watered down while bean-counters find new ways to rip customers off? Let’s run a book: will it be snuff-shows on TV? Live International pig-violation for the Under Fives? Murdoch rogering the Monarch on a tumbril waltzing down the Mall? The answer is when it’s too late.

At what point are the media going to start running stories condemning some of this, asking awkward questions of Jeremy Hunt about his serial lying and business ‘legs up’, or Grant Shapps about his internet ID frauds, or Nick Clegg about how he got his first EU job, or Peter Mandelson about his steamy nights in the niche bordellos of Hungary and friendship with the paedo-pimp Jeffrey Epstein, or Leon Brittan about his fun with diplomatic bags? The answer is, as long as they’re owned by megalo unelected monsters, never.

At what point are some of the rank and file in the Conservative Party going to grasp that our professional and business ethics are so destitute in the UK now, the bourse-driven globalist private sector doesn’t GAF about society and citizens? Have they learned nothing at all from the PFI, water privatisation, G4S, bank rate manipulation, gold market manipulation, currency manipulation, the insured American health sector, or indeed any of the other disgraceful plundering of taxpayers’ money by these ghastly excuses for humanity and their allies the central banks? Don’t they get the fact that Big paedophile EU molested and finally killed defenceless little Cyprus in its insatiable drive for power? The answer is, as long as they’re cloned by the leadership, never.

And the Labour Party, our friend in tough times? They’re a less than useless, rubber-spined crew of controlling twerps stuck in 1974. Ed Balls – man of the People? Er no, actually: dickhead adviser to Gordon Clown parachuted onto the unsuspecting Morley selection committee by his mad boss. That’s democracy is it? The Party I once leaned towards is today more like a fiend in Toff times. And please, screaming activists, can you stop this moronic chant of ‘Hands off our NHS’? It hasn’t been our f**king NHS since 1970, when Union Leader and Mandarin greed began strangling it to death. Placards are just a waste of wood and paper. Wake up.

While Labout turns a blind eye to EU sociopathy, Hague jumps on a plane to Washington in his role as a slight irritation up the US back passage – useful occasionally when some turds need to be thrown at unsuspecting Arabs somewhere. As Britain slid into a morass of off-radar overspending after 2005, Whitehall helped by illegally trebling its pension entitlements.

This is what’s happening, my fellow decent minority signees: Britain is a clapped out whore, overworked and abused by previous pimps. An old bitch worked to death in a puppy farm. The Reds, Blues and Pinstripes are merely competing to be her last pimp: and all they’re arguing about is whether to sell her to the petfood industry, the Brussels glue factory, or the functionaries.

They’re throwing dice outside the forum, and the barbarians are in the suburbs. The blogosphere and online/telecoms user army absolutely must form a Coalition for decency and commercial rebuilding, or we will collapse into the same morass of depraved Caligulism that became Rome’s fate. FFS leave your tribes and comfort zones and archaic ideologies and infantile sucking blankets and slaughter every sacred cow you can find.

As you know, I rarely ask for this: today I do with more passion and sincerity than ever before. Please share, forward, Facebook, link and retweet links to this piece. Just that one act of solidarity against this wall of excrement heading our way will be enough to encourage me in the belief that there might still be time to demonstrate decency power, and force radical realism back onto the agenda. A New Front now is our last hope. We mst draw the last line in the sand, starting today.

I’ll be back later to see how things are going. If they aren’t going anywhere, as Oates famously remarked, “I may be gone some time”.