REVEALED: Golden Dawn leader’s last job:


Official: 3 in 5 Greek policemen voted for this madman

Meet Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of the Greek Nazi Party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn). Golden Dawns usually come at the end of Sweet Dreams, which oddly enough was the name of the brothel Nikos ran in Attiki Square, Athens, before he turned to beating up Lefties and migrants full time. Nikos doesn’t like migrants much, which makes his choice of employees at Sweet Dreams even more odd, as they were mainly Pakistani and Albanian women.

While I do realise that we are all now fully accustomed to politicians who lie, cheat, embezzle, and enjoy the double-helpings of double standards without fear of the Law, Nikos-off-ready-when-I-come-home (or Norwich to his friends) Michaloliakos really is a piece of work in a gargoyle gallery…wherein he stands alone and unopposed as the world’s most brazen piece of unpolished excrement.

Michaloliakos now openly admits his party has adopted the Nazi erect-arm onanist salute. Last week he demonstrated what he means by giving the media one in public, so to speak.  He justified doing this by claiming such a greeting “shows hands that are clean, as they have not stolen….like all other Greek politicians”.

Nazi Nikos in Sieg Heil mode

He’s right, actually: being outside the Governing elite, Nikos is yet to have his chance at the trough….so in the meantime, he profits by selling the bodies of the very immigrants he would like to massacre.

This splendid fellow was brought to you by Berlin-am-Brussels Comedic Clown Productions. We have laughed at Van Rompuy, giggled at Barroso, and smirked at Merkel….but there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the organisation Michaloliakos has built up since 1985. 12% of Greeks voted for his storm troopers earlier this year, 60% of Greek police support him, and 20% of all Greeks say in research that they have “a positive opinion” about the bloke.

This is because, behind the apparent self-parody, Nikos the Naughty Nazi has begun the process of cleaning up Golden Dawn’s image. Although The Slog ran a Western media exclusive last week about Chrysi Avgi/Police brutality routinely handed out to those who oppose their views, the smart genes in this oddball’s body know how to get the older, middle-class and peasant vote. The Chrysi Avgi chaps sport sharp, well-pressed tee-shirts. They patrol dangerous neighourhoods, hand out food to the old and infirm, escort old ladies to and from the supermarket and so forth. Just as Al Capone was charitable to the poor in his Chacago neighbourhood (while running bordellos on almost every street) and and Hitler loved dogs while patting the cheeks of small childen (and running Death Camps throughout Germany) so too does Nikos Michaloliakos show only the ‘respectable’ side of his manic bigotry.

Greece has a long history of neo-military fascism. So too do Spain and Portugal. Exposed to their debt problems more than most is France – a country which (despite protestations to the contrary) co-existed happily with the Nazis from 1940-44. I poke fun at Golden Dawn because my inbox is testament to the fact that it annoys the crap out of them. But don’t write these monsters off as a passing fad: they mastered Europe once before, and they could all too easily do it again.

As the chorus line in The Producers might well have sung:

Springtime for Brussels and Germany/Winter for ClubMed and France.

Earlier today at The Slog: Samaras and Troika reach agreement

29 thoughts on “REVEALED: Golden Dawn leader’s last job:

  1. The last time scums like these had their hands filled with power, 40% of Cyprus was lost to the Turks. Now we can guess that thanks to our fellows in Berlin, it’s high time for the follow up.


  2. Fort Knox has not been audited, what chance have the Germans of auditing what the US holds for them? I would not even go for slim and none, and just go for none!


  3. If you really really want to upset this poor idiot,ask him if he has ever been camping in Snowdonia Although he does not hide who influences him,open links to the UK


  4. The mega-misfortune of being a Greek today .If we had a look into his mind what we would see : confusion , lack of judgement ,contradiction ,irrationality , a greek salad .He is bombarded every day by the kinds of Venizelos , Michaloliakos ,Fotopoulos ( mega-union-scumbag),politicians , the church ,ideologies ,superstitions ,the right suddenly talking to him with marxists terms , the left with nationalists terms , conspiracy theories , a hodgepodge ,he sees the europeans as saviors , he sees them as monsters ,he has lost his rational thinking ,his cool , 99% of what he hear in the MSM is lies , is bias , his soul is infected .How he will decide ? how he will analyze ? how he will solve ?They are turning greece into a mentally sick nation .


  5. I am in an quandry, because, such is my loathing of all things Barroso and Van Rompuy, I have to go with Que Sera Sera…..And, are the Greek people going to be worse off? Or, are people frightened of what might come about if Greece survives and prospers under a hard right wing regime? Unfortunately only draconian measures are to redress the balance. The scumbags are in charge, they are not going to capitulate with grace.


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  7. Nobody panic! They won’t be ‘jackbooting their way down Whitehall’, any time soon!
    The fascists in Brussels worry me far more, & they’re a lot closer & have already got their boots on our necks!


  8. All of it avoidable if the politicians addressed the problems instead of denying or burying them.
    If the Greeks weren’t into the troika for gazillions of euros
    If there were such a thing as an honest Greek politician
    If they didn’t give the immigrant Albanians full access to everything
    If schengen or anything like it was sensible as opposed to stupidity cubed…

    Wait for it to happen here.


  9. On this basis we Brits could lock up our weathermen for saying last March that the UK was going to have a BBQ summer…….its like going back 500 years to the Science of Galileo Vs the Catholic Church…..bonkers !


  10. History is repeating itself all over again, you see the mainstream media has played a role in driving people to the extreme right. All publicity is good publicity, the more the Mainstream screams fascist and thug, then uses flattering language for those who have drained the world of it’s real wealth through their corruption and extreme greed that caused the problem in the first place the more peoples ears will turn to those they hear screaming THIEVES, CROOKS, did the Allies post WW1 really believe a proud race like the Germans would just allow the winning side just to strip their country of all it’s assets and just sit back and watch it? Does anyone today imagine after the corrupt Banksters have worked with their former employees who now ply their machinations in the political world, (Monti, Papandreou Ex G Sachs Crooks) and just sit back and watch their country raped of it’s assets by the EU? Wakey ,Wakey Their are many kinds of Fascists those who seek to enslave others, and those who seek to free themselves by any means Necessary. Golden Dawn if you want them to go away you have to solve the reason for them coming to power. But heh we can dream, so the reality is, fascism is returning to Spain, Italy, Greece. Heh by the by Mussolini defined Fascism as the combination of Corporate and State powers. Welcome to the New millennium, And The Road to Recovery. Seig Heil.


  11. But let us remember how it is that people like this become popular. Only when those who have had power for a very long time have effectively *driven* the voting public into the arms of such people.

    If TPTB were to consider for even a moment “What does it say about us if this is the choice people would make if asked today”, maybe some good could come of it.

    TPTB are being given a valuable lesson. Unfortunately as so often before they wont learn it.


  12. As I recall Roderick Spode, the wannabe Fascist dictator in the Lord Peter Wimsey story, who had an unusual secret running an altogether different kind of shop became a pussy-cat when faced with possible exposure. Too late now but I don’t think that threat would have worked with Nikos Michaloliakos..


  13. A very late comment due to WordPress hassles.
    Golden Dawn segued suddenly from a grotty lunatic fringe neo-nazi group that no one paid attention to as recently as 2010 and the first half of 2011. The general style of its members was like Michaloliakos…he at any rate is unchanged except for fancier clothes.

    Then something happened, and a new look GD was launched, with, as you say, the pressed new uniform shirts, the haircut, the black uniform Raybans with the red ear pieces.

    Their popularity surge has happened in a mere 18 months coming out of ‘nowhere’.

    Not only a new look but a new Robin Hood strategy, escorting people in rough neighbourhoods, carrying groceries for old ladies, etc. etc. (The nurses at the centre Polyclinic complained that when they got off the night shift GD was waiting at the door to escort them to the buses or their cars – whether they liked it or not; they did not like it – but there was no way to shake them). Chrysi Avgi was not doing anything like this before.

    Feeding the public – ie handing out bags of essentials to greeks only with proof of ID – came very late in terms of food charity in Athens: public meal programs have been active in the city for 4 years and more now – and Chrysi Avgi is only doing this as occasional well-publicised events (nothing to compare to the daily 2000 hot meals, each with a litre of water, distributed by the Orthodox church near Kotsia square – and other charities with a similar volume – quietly and unsung), yet even this is turned into a publicity coup.

    Recruitment is well organised, by clean, fresh faced, respectful GD-ers, reaching out to children in youth centres, old people and obviously the police and army ranks.

    Obviously a PR group stepped in 18 months ago (more probably) to transform Chrysi Avgi for public consumption. Not only PR, but political strategists. Money has come from somewhere for these services – it seems unlikely to be little brothels. Money and smart advice. Because had Michaloliakos (Dear Leader) had seen any of this as important it would have been done before.

    However, it is impossible to upgrade Michaloliakos, he is what he is – a bottom dredger. And with his inner henchmen, the true face of Chrysi Avgi.


  14. Eleni , as much as i loath GD i can only imagine that they decided to follow successfully applied PRs in Greece for many many years .The only difference is that they hand out potatoes and donate blood versus Pasok and ND that were donating jobs , key positions for briberies , over-priced projects and fake pensions and benefits .Lets think about it as the difference between Tesco and the ‘open all hours’ corner shop .They are both original greek to the core .


  15. “They patrol dangerous neighourhoods…”
    …. made dangerous by Third World immigrants.

    “….hand out food to the old and infirm…”
    … who, in a dire economic situation, are denied resources hoovered up by Third World immigrants.

    “…escort old ladies to and from the supermarket and so forth.”
    …because old ladies travelling alone are mugged by Third World immigrants.

    Not sure what all of this Golden Dawn ridicule is supposed to achieve.They are the inevitable result of mass Third World immigration into the West, the deleterious effect of which is becoming intolerable as immigrant colonies grow, and is excerbated by competition for dwindling resources in straitened times.

    GD won’t fade away if exposed to a bit of ridicule, or if the same discredited MSM media who covered up things like Muslim peadophile rings to avoid “harming community relations”, start wringing their hands over the rise of Nazism. You want GD to go away? Halt – and reverse – Third World immigration to the West.


  16. What i am trying to say he is that we should chose our politicians using better criteria , long term benefits , communal benefits , well earned benefits , we should vote for them for their integrity , ability , visions , wisdom and principals , the ones that make us better citizens and not stupid flock .


  17. Do you refer to H.O.G.D. connections/influences?
    Lot of stuff has been already exposed in Greek blogs (even MSM), but there’s also lot of smoke. Can’t distinguish easily between reliable info and crap. What is certain, is that their sycho leader (Michaloliakos) – and some of his commadantes, have had some influences from certain HOGD movements.
    It’s not the biggest issue at the moment. GD is getting stronger, despite Nazi and HOGD connections being exposed.
    What’s giving me the creeps is that certain circles seem to put their money on GD – literally. “Qui Bono” from a civil war in Greece? (and the eventual Grexit?)


  18. ADB,

    I guess your pejorative ‘Third World Countries’ would include China, the Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, Africa (including S/ Africa) and possibly the rest of the BRICS.

    It may have passed you by but the UK has not had a trade surplus since 1984 and is dependent on the foreigners (immigrants) you revile for goods and money also about 200 K UK citizens decamp in foreign lands every year.


  19. You guessed wrong. Some immigrant groups (like the Chinese) may benefit Britain economically, but other groups are statistically proven to be prone to disproportionately high levels of welfare dependancy and violent crime. Here’s a few stats to help you work out which groups I’m talking about:

    In the UK, fewer than half of Britain’s 650,000 Somalis, Bangladeshis, Turks and Pakistanis, have jobs and the four communities have the highest levels of benefit dependency. In London, blacks make up 12% of the population but commit 54% of street robberies and 67% of gun crime.

    In Norway and Denmark, two thirds of all men arrested for rape are “of non-western ethnic origin”(Middle Eastern and North African Muslims), who comprise under five percent of their residents. All “gang rapes” in Denmark in 2004 were committed by immigrants and refugees.

    Here are the ten immigrant groups in Germany by welfare dependence: Lebanese (90%), Iraqi (65%) Afghan (53%) Pakistani (48%) Ghanaian (44%) Syrian (42%) Iranian (41%), Sri Lankan (41%) Algerian (38%) Moroccan (34%). Are you starting to join the dots, yet?

    Mass Third World immigration makes the West poorer, and it’s citizens less safe. It is therefore, no surprise that Greeks (and others) are turning away from the political class that let them in in such numbers, and towards groups offering to resolve the issue.


  20. @Altergoman. Yes, you’re right, we Brits are totally incapable of doing anything for ourselves any more. We need this enrichment so badly, even if we never asked for it, never wanted it, & were never, never asked if we wanted it.
    Incidentally, did you hear about all the retiree Brits who go around mugging their host retirees? No, neither did I!


  21. “Nikos doesn’t like migrants much, which makes his choice of employees at Sweet Dreams even more odd, as they were mainly Pakistani and Albanian women.”

    Oh please. If you knew anything about trafficking you’d know this story was obviously bogus.


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