Official: 3 in 5 Greek policemen voted for this madman

Meet Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of the Greek Nazi Party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn). Golden Dawns usually come at the end of Sweet Dreams, which oddly enough was the name of the brothel Nikos ran in Attiki Square, Athens, before he turned to beating up Lefties and migrants full time. Nikos doesn’t like migrants much, which makes his choice of employees at Sweet Dreams even more odd, as they were mainly Pakistani and Albanian women.

While I do realise that we are all now fully accustomed to politicians who lie, cheat, embezzle, and enjoy the double-helpings of double standards without fear of the Law, Nikos-off-ready-when-I-come-home (or Norwich to his friends) Michaloliakos really is a piece of work in a gargoyle gallery…wherein he stands alone and unopposed as the world’s most brazen piece of unpolished excrement.

Michaloliakos now openly admits his party has adopted the Nazi erect-arm onanist salute. Last week he demonstrated what he means by giving the media one in public, so to speak.  He justified doing this by claiming such a greeting “shows hands that are clean, as they have not stolen….like all other Greek politicians”.

Nazi Nikos in Sieg Heil mode

He’s right, actually: being outside the Governing elite, Nikos is yet to have his chance at the trough….so in the meantime, he profits by selling the bodies of the very immigrants he would like to massacre.

This splendid fellow was brought to you by Berlin-am-Brussels Comedic Clown Productions. We have laughed at Van Rompuy, giggled at Barroso, and smirked at Merkel….but there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the organisation Michaloliakos has built up since 1985. 12% of Greeks voted for his storm troopers earlier this year, 60% of Greek police support him, and 20% of all Greeks say in research that they have “a positive opinion” about the bloke.

This is because, behind the apparent self-parody, Nikos the Naughty Nazi has begun the process of cleaning up Golden Dawn’s image. Although The Slog ran a Western media exclusive last week about Chrysi Avgi/Police brutality routinely handed out to those who oppose their views, the smart genes in this oddball’s body know how to get the older, middle-class and peasant vote. The Chrysi Avgi chaps sport sharp, well-pressed tee-shirts. They patrol dangerous neighourhoods, hand out food to the old and infirm, escort old ladies to and from the supermarket and so forth. Just as Al Capone was charitable to the poor in his Chacago neighbourhood (while running bordellos on almost every street) and and Hitler loved dogs while patting the cheeks of small childen (and running Death Camps throughout Germany) so too does Nikos Michaloliakos show only the ‘respectable’ side of his manic bigotry.

Greece has a long history of neo-military fascism. So too do Spain and Portugal. Exposed to their debt problems more than most is France – a country which (despite protestations to the contrary) co-existed happily with the Nazis from 1940-44. I poke fun at Golden Dawn because my inbox is testament to the fact that it annoys the crap out of them. But don’t write these monsters off as a passing fad: they mastered Europe once before, and they could all too easily do it again.

As the chorus line in The Producers might well have sung:

Springtime for Brussels and Germany/Winter for ClubMed and France.

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