OFFICIAL: The Slog is now only four months ahead of Randall in the Torygraph

Jeff closes gap with piece on Russian influence in Cyprus

On June 21st 2012, The Slog posted this piece on the growing Russian influence in Cyprus….and how it represents a real alternative to EU debt strictures.

Today – October 22nd 2012 – Jeff Randall in the Telegraph writes:

‘Then there is Russia, with which Cyprus shares an orthodox church. While Paphos’s feline vagrants were being rounded up for extermination, big bears moved in to fill their places on the sunbeds. The newcomers are easy to spot, thanks largely to a sartorial style originated by Englebert Humperdinck’s costumier and watches the size of grapefruits.

The number of Russians visiting Cyprus has tripled in three years to more than 400,000 and many do not intend to go back. The official estimate of Russian residents here is about 50,000 but double that seems nearer the mark. Aside from the appeal of an agreeable climate and a low tax rate, the Russians’ penchant for cash transactions prompts widespread suspicion that the island is becoming a giant laundromat for red-hot rubles. Cypriot authorities deny this.

The Russians’ location of choice is Limassol, a 45-minute drive from Paphos, where there is a Russian-language newspaper, a Russian-language radio station, two Russian-language schools and enough prostitutes from former USSR states to keep the Red Army tied down, as it were, until Christmas.’

Last June, The Slog opined:

‘Today I bring you news of other Big Players apart from the US trying to muscle in. Caviar and pelmeni line the supermarket shelves in the seaside Cypriot city of Limassol – so pervasively Russian these days, it’s been dubbed “Limassolgrad” by the locals. As a backlash against austerity spreads across Europe, Cypriot officials say they are determined to avoid the kind of severe budget cuts that sank the Greek economy, and guess what? Smiling Uncle Vlad in the Kremlin has been willing to lend bigtime to help them evade capture by the Terrible Troika of Tosh.
The Russian government last year gave Cyprus a three-year loan of 2.5 billion euros at a below-market rate of 4.5 percent to help it service its debt. Cyprus now needs another 1.8 billion euros by the end of this month to buttress its ailing banking sector. Brussels has said this will be forthcoming, but there is now a question-mark over whether the Cypriots want it. The key, unique element in this situation is that President Demetris Christofias is a communist, and a keen ally of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.’

Newscorp’s Mr Randall concludes:

‘Step forward, Mr Putin. The Russians are offering cheap loans, prompting Cyprus’s Moscow-educated leader Demetris Christofias to claim this is “support without anything in exchange”. He is either deluded or dissembling. Not even Putin’s closest friends would pretend he is in the free-lunch business.’

In June I rounded off with this:

‘Moscow is the favoured option even for non-communist cypriots, because it would come with fewer conditions than a European Union bailout – and help ensure that Cyprus’s 10% corporate tax rate carries on attracting the estimated 50,000 Russian-speakers in Cyprus….Somebody needs to get a handle on this and soon – otherwise we’ll be dealing with a military mess that could make the demise of the eurozone look like a Sunday afternoon stroll.’

It looks like Jeff has….eventually.

Earlier at The Slog today: Golden Dawn leader ran brothel employing poor immigrant women

15 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: The Slog is now only four months ahead of Randall in the Torygraph

  1. Randall, like so many of his colleagues, doesn’t really have to try very hard any more. These people are positively encouraged, by their employers amongst others, not to rock the boat; to postulate that our predicament is capable of being usefully defined by an opinion – their opinions – is merely an inane pretence. The facts, and there are enough that are beyond doubt, speak for themselves but you won’t find much recognition of them in the MSM. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) – played by the interestingly named Mike Pratt and Kenneth Cope, some wordplay on offer there – have had their licence to investigate suspended but still get paid, what’s not to like? To look on the bright side, if they weren’t so fond of bollocks we’d have to etc.


  2. Randall and Halfwit (Diseased). If it’s only a crust and some strokes you’re after, far easier to just gaze into the (company) mirror than actually go out and risk getting your shoes dirty!

    RIP Peter Rippon.


  3. What’s new, Randall is a wanker,Nnever has anything useful to add and doesn’t really understand the issues. Always sucking up to the Americans.


  4. So what is it that Cyprus has that 50,000 Russian speakers drool over?Why are there so many British Virgin Island listed companies suddenly having Cyprus addresses?Why are so many Geneva based oil trading companies parking their yatchs around Cyprus and having services carried out in Syrian boat yards?These questions go on,but one of many is,why are American oligarchs in there as well?


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  6. JW,

    Being a pedant, your blog starts off ascribing Randall to the Telegraph then in the later stages you refer to ‘Newscorp’s Mr. Randall’, surely you were referring to one person throughout?


  7. JW

    Thanks for that, and does he still work for the BBC radio he certainly used to appear regularly on their Financial slots?

    ps Thought I’d caught you out.


  8. Limassolograd…… mmmm sounds as bad as Londonistan but both are probably accurate, although I think the Cypriots are better off because the Russians bring money with them and input to the economy -albeit from suspected illegal origin.


  9. “The facts, and there are enough that are beyond doubt, speak for themselves but you won’t find much recognition of them in the MSM.”

    One of the problems is that we don’t get ‘unspun’ facts anymore -or maybe we never did- and so one persons incontrovertible fact becomes someone else’ s controverted information.

    So I’m sorry to disagree in such a pedantic way but the facts no longer speak for themselves they have spin doctors to speak for them.


  10. It seems a bit surprising to me that Barack Obama attacked Mitt Romney’s lack of understanding of Foreign Affairs, during the last debate, by stating that Mr. Romney was clearly ignorant of the real risk to the USA because he claimed that Russia was the number one strategic issue for the USA. “Why,” stated Mr. Obama, “he even does not see Al Qaeida as threat as large as Russia”, he stated triumphantly.
    This confused me because Mr. Obama’s corner had been proclaiming for quite a while now that Al Qaeida was a spent force.
    In addition, if Mr. Obama or his retinue had been reading ‘The Slog’, he would have been well aware of the mischief that Russia had been stirring-up in the Middle East to ensure high energy prices, as well as the mischief it was happy to encourage in Cyprus ( and probably Greece),due to the EU’s mishandling of the debt crisis in these countries.
    Russia is a bigger problem for the strategic interests fo the USA than Al Qaeida, unless of course, Mr. Obama is hiding information regarding the degree of threat posed by Al Qaeida.


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