How many citizens think these events are a sign of Downing Street insanity:


BBC licence-payers making the rich even richer, and begging a convicted tax evader to headquarter in Britain?

mesnip18716 We shall go gathering nuts in May. Is the BBC’s job now one of corporate PR to help the 3% become the 1%? Do we really want a rotten Apple evading our taxes rather than those of Ireland? What is a Nunslut? Who is Derek Sawdust? All is revealed in this morning’s episode of Fool Britannia.

ITC Travel, a supplier of made-to-measure holidays for the very rich, has been sold to private equity firm NorthEdge in a deal worth £30m to the shareholders. Growth there, it seems, has been phenomenal. And being featured in a long-running BBC documentary last year can’t have done the business any harm.

This isn’t me BBC-knocking, by the way – there’s enough manipulators with ulterior motives out there just gagging to install Newscorp once our independent broadcaster has been brought to its knees. (Cue lots of threads about BBC bias….from both Left and Right, oddly enough.)

It’s just that these events struck me as ironic. We pay a licence fee to the BBC, and under its less than squeaky clean Board of Governors (dutifully crowd-sourced by the Conservative Party) it runs corporate PR shows thinly disguised as documentaries about how the 3% live. This then makes those who suck up to the 3% £30m richer….and they used our TV taxes to do it.

It seemed to me to sum up the heads-they-win-tails-we-lose nature of life in Cruel Britannia today. Last year, the Daily Telegraph was caught taking money in return for writing nice things about HSBC; now HSBC keeps the BBC on a short leash, and we pay for the station to broadcast nice things about ITC Travel.

Staying with this theme, the alacrity with which the Mayflower crew immediately sent their knickers over to Apple for sniffing last night shocked even me. There’s brazen upfront come and get it, and there’s whoring. The UK Government is now whoring. Ireland (under EU pressure) hits Apple with an €11 billion tax bill, and so our first move is not to condemn Big A – whose global tax evasion is notorious – but to wave our buttocks from across the Irish Sea.

I wrote a piece last year (in response to yet another Osborne Budget-drivelling session about “getting tough on tax evasion”) to opine that Britain is now really one up from a tax haven: we are a make-nothing economy appealing alongside the likes of Luxembourg for companies to HQ here….promising in return that we’ll look the other way while their tax accountants fleece an already struggling nation State.

Theresa May? Theresa Will – she’s got the time dearie, if you’ve got the money. I can see her now, dressed in dayglo shoes and not a lot else, marching with the sisters to demand her feminist right to be a slut and a Nun at one and the same time. Theresa Nunslut: yes, there’s a ghastly onomatopoeia to it. Like something slithering up from the plughole in a bad horror movie. Nuuuunsssseeer lutt. Nooonssllllutetetete. The sort of word Eddie Waring used to love getting his laughing tackle around. Uuuuuooonslett. And Wakeafeeyerld Treeneteee.


When I scan the media sites, spot this sort of grubby bottom-feeding – and then five minutes later hear a politician on telly utter the phrases “there’s no money left for these ludicrously generous pensions” and “we must be open for business” – I just want to go for a long walk really. There was a time when I used to yell at the screen (bit pointless) and put a poker through it. Long walks are better. And cheaper.

sawdustTo solid Tory supporter Derek Sawdust of  Acacia Avenue Wilmslow (left) of course, it’s this sort of Common Sense that gets him out to the polling booth every five years. This is because Dek (as he was known when younger) failed GCSE Sums and thus can’t get the sawdust in his head round the reality that finding a penny in the street is not the answer to an imminent visit from the bailiff.

He doesn’t see it as a gesture aimed at the Sawdust electoral segment – a sign of getting tough with muggers by battering grannies to death. He sees it as The Only Alternative. Because Derek is very, very dense. If you look closely, that stuff you can see on his Golf Club jacket isn’t dandruff. It’s sawdust, leaking slowly from his ears. One day, Derek’s brain will be empty and his head will implode. It’s very unlikely that he’ll notice.

The universal truth about contemporary soundbites is that they make only the sound of biting the nose off to spite the face. “There’s no money left” begs the obvious question “Why?”, but it’s not one the political class ever wants to answer. “We must show we are open for business” always earns the riposte from me, “Fine, but let’s turn down the catering for Al Capone’s wedding, eh?”

There will be plenty of money left at the Exchequer if the SS Mayflower alters its priorities as a Government. To use the technical accountancy jargon for a second, it is a piece of piss if you have an IQ in double figures. It requires just three things:

  1. Hit every medium large to large company with a tax bill commensurate with the one being paid by ordinary citizens. It would turn Phil Hammond’s office into a place flowing with silk and money within two years
  2. Leave the populace with enough in their pockets from salaries and pensions to consumein a manner that can effect a genuine recovery
  3. Invest in training skills and tax breaks for small entrepreneurs to help restore the balance away from financialised to real capitalism.

To use Churchill’s phrase, this would only be the end of the beginning. For twenty years now, the British people have been hoodwinked into believing that an economy  making nothing to earn export monies – and growing no food for itself – is the future in a “post-manufacturing” world. That is complete piffle, and up there with trickle-down wealth as one of Derek Sawdust’s favourite mantras.

The Mayflower crew have no more idea how to achieve that shift in balance than Camerlot did – or Broon and Blairbust before that. Believe me, opening our tax legs to every corporate tax evader ain’t gonna do it – and nor will an economy built on selling lovely lovely fizzy Bolly billionaire holidays. Down that road lies nuclear power stations built by Zimbabwe – employing safety measures designed by the Chernobyl office of General Electric.

And the sad truth too is that the Corbynites have even less idea. But that is in the nature of contemporary “democracy”. Across the Pond, the American people get to choose between a depraved vulture in dove’s clothing, and an infantile huckster who wants to make America great again by building walls. Here in the UK, the offering consists of a leftover marcher still asking for directions to Aldermaston, and a Nunslut with the convictions of a Blair and the consistency of a Cameron.

I find myself edging towards the brickie and the CND beatnik. God help me please – because sure as Hell, the system isn’t going to.

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17 thoughts on “How many citizens think these events are a sign of Downing Street insanity:

  1. They like Merv the Swerv will not admit they have no way to change the direction of the economy. Bit like Osbornes northern power house, it has to be long term economically viable and that requires an economy in a more favourable economic position = cheaper. BREXIT nearly gave it, but other CB’s realising that would allow us to undercut them decided to support the pound.

    Oh dear.

    As for corporations relocating to the UK to evade taxes? You might want to wait until they issue article 50 because if not then you will face the same demand from the UK govenment courtesy of the EU.

    You could in this world of regime change, invade the UK, destroy parliament, I can cheer and wave you on as a liberating army and then you can set up you tax haven in the UK. You can set whatever tax level you want then … like riding a bike or building an oil pipeline through Syria.


  2. Building walls seem to be catching on JW. The Mexicans are planning to build a wall on the Colombia / Mexican border so as to keep those pesky Colomban illegals out, while being indignant about Trump’s proposal and the Norwegians are planning to build a wall on the Norwegian / Russian boder to keep those pesky Arab illegals out. Meanwhile the Austrians are demanding a Balkan wall and the Hungarians have already put one up. Looks like Trump is followng not leading.

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  3. John, there is a simple way of getting Apple. and all the other notorious tax evading firms. to pay their proper corporation tax to the countries they operate in.

    What would happen to Apple’s profits (no matter to where they are routed and appear) if they did no business in the UK? I think you will agree that those profits would decline. That portion of Apple’s profits that would reduce as a consequence of NOT to operating in the UK clearly arise from operating in the UK. The UK HMRC (and the tax offices of all other countries in which Apple operates) should tax Apple accordingly.

    Next problem?


  4. politicians are elected by us to represent the rich and powerful as PR.. they are the ones we choose to administer the poison (aka TTIP etc.) and tell us we will be ok.. How wonderful it would be to elect someone we could trust to actually represent us. They would probably kill him..


  5. The UK economy is badly skewed and based mainly on property and financial services. The majority of investment (92%), is geared to this unproductive sector.
    Housing benefit and buy-to -let schemes have distorted the property market and property values are propped up by the 330,000 net immigrants into the country each year seeking accomodation.. The Tory Govt are not about to burst this bubble which sees £25 billion of Govt money flowing eventually to their Financier controllers each year.
    Wealth is created by productive Industry and the wealth is distributed by the employment created in this sector.
    But productive Industry is a long term investment with low returns and many risks from foreign competitors. Banks abhor risk and have short term profit targets.
    We require an Industrial Bank with a scheme to invest and rebuild our Industrial base. The Labour Party and its Peoples QE is a step in this direction and deserves more attention and promotion.
    Without a change in direction of our economy , the UK is heading for a massive economic failure and property crash in the not too distant future.

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  6. SL
    Sadly labour don’t have the plot. They only know how to dream and spend.
    Conservatives currently are a current band of lightweights.
    There is only one answer for any government. Create a huge surplus of electricity from solar, wind AND tidal.
    Sell it CHEAP.
    Companies will come and build energy intensive plants and create wealth. Cement, glass steel and much more.
    The eco friendly power gen tech can be exported worldwide.
    There is simply NO OTHER WAY.


  7. @ Larry Daniels,
    You may have noticed that we have been encouraging Chinese Investment to build a nuclear power station ,Hinkley ‘C’ in Somerset.
    To build wind, solar and tidal power sources requires investment. It will not come from the private sector banks. We require Govt to supply this investment via an Industrial Bank. Peoples QE is just another version of this policy.
    The Govt of Franklin Delano Roosevelt embarked on massive investment on infrastructure in the 20/30’s such as bridge. ,motorway and Hydro electric schemes to kick start an economic recovery.


  8. SL
    Chinese involvement.
    The small print guarantees a unit KW price twice that of today. Apart from the other published fears, security, eco safety worries, financial strength of EDF etc, the price required per unit will be unsaleable. This nuclear station will never be built, sorry.
    Yes, govt money. It will be QE, and it will be used to generate power, AND finance exports. As much as you want for as long as you want it. But it will never happen UK either. Sorry.


  9. @ SL – There’ve been forecasts of a property crash for at least the past 2-3 years but it doesn’t look likely whilst immigration seems set to continue, albeit at a slightly reduced rate, despite May’s pledges. How successful was she whilst in charge of that department for 6 years? So, where are they all to be housed? House-builders are miles from building fast enough and urban space has to be continuously expanded against the wishes of many other interests.

    What never seems to be calculated in these figures, however, is the fact that in addition to the new immigrants, those already here are busy procreatng. It appears that since 2010, although there’s been a slight fall in the number of babies born to mothers from the Middle East, Africa and Asia – from a total of 106,200 in 2010 to 99,700 in the last year, that’s still 100,000 additional beings each year who are not included in the stats. Clearly because they’re born in the UK, they’re not officially considered immigrants but nevertheless added to the totality, make nearly half a million extra every year requiring housing, etc. (And there can surely be no thinking person left who can’t compute the repercussions on the NHS, schools etc.)

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  10. @Salford Lad.

    Productive industry is gone now … not viable in so many way unless it is high end niche market. It is that simple and without the vibrant economy not enough trade to actually attempt it. Seen it with my own eyes how companies import stuff into the UK then put a screw in it to say it is made in the UK.

    Nothing against Dyson, they do a bit of R&D here but even the vaccum cleaners are made in the far east. Everything is that way now and it is steadily getting worse – manufactured in Malaysia – ask why? Anything to do with cost or is it because all Malaysians are rocket scientists?

    The take from the economy by the government to support the debt / financials and services destroys the productive economy on top of that the financials they are handing money (QE) to hand over fist to support debt and lift values continually crushes the productive economy a little more making it a non-starter.

    LibLabCon know all this … but do nothing … that includes all the 95% BREMAIN lawmakers.

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  11. @KFC

    Can never be a property crash … if that is the 100% investment vehicle for the population the blowback on government would be immense. UK will become a Bosnia in the end.


  12. Larry D
    Might I suggest an alternative to ‘Conservatives currently are a current band of lightweights’? Only there’s repetition in there:

    ‘Conservatives are a band of lightweight currants, currently’.


  13. Mr Ward

    There are some of us on this earth who were (un)fortunate enough not to be born into the working class. We are not ashamed of it, nor do we feel superior about it. We just accept where we were born.

    If our experiences growing up make us unsuited to making money from semi-alcoholic, football-chanting working class northern blokes who want hot sun, fish and chips, lots of beer and the sorts of women who let them leer at their tits when half cut, then surely we should be afforded the right to make money organising holidays in nice Swiss ski resorts for those who set up businesses and succeeded, did veterinary research to become Professors, made a few million going public in the City etc etc.

    I had quite enough of hateful working class boys beating me up, taking the piss out of me and calling my mother an ugly old bag for the heinous crime of meting out discipline to recalcitrant 15 year olds from the working class to ever want to organise holidays for them.

    At least the rich and successful hadn’t done that to me before I helped to organise their holidays.

    The fact that they decided to start hacking my computers later on was somewhat annoying, but we’re not allowed to say that the CTO of ICL is a criminal spy, are we?? He probably knows Ron Dennis of McLaren after all…….


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