It’s all bollocks and that’s official

Mesnip29616 It’s been one of those days when the bare faces hanging out have turned out to be peddling barely-disguised faeces. Theresa MayorMaynot lives up to her name, a motley crew of odd crones peck away risibly at Waspi claims, and the Trump Slump turns out to be a big fat fib.

Much as the globalist media moguls would like you to think otherwise – and they are at most 15 people who “matter” among a global population of 7.4 billion – things are not going that smoothly for the micro-Establishments at the moment. Not surprisingly, therefore, they are fighting back in the only way they know how: with serial kicks to the groin.


Those who voted to leave the EU in search of a future for Britain as an independent trading nation have been rewarded with the new Remain-dominated Cabinet led by a Mayfly who blows this way and that in the wind of geopolitical farting. Last week she dismissed the idea of a Commons vote on the Referendum result; today, she has promised MPs they will Have Their Say on the terms of Brexit and the decision to activate Article 50.

Will their say/Have any sway/consult the wind’s way/on the day/and watch Ms May/thus make her play.

But meanwhile, as the EU’s TTIP trade deal lies dying on the battlefield, the Foreign Office announces that the UK is involved in a record number of trade proposals from outside the EU….as the EU share of our exports continues to shrink.


The anti-Waspi troll brigade are clearly getting desperate now former Ministers are emerging from the closet to say what a total SNAFU the entire State Pension reform ‘process’ has been.

Top of the heap today was “respected financial journalist” and wannabe Operetta diva Frances Coppola, who informed twitter fans (those few left unblocked) that Waspi’s unwillingness to accept means testing was proof that they want special treatment.

So then, Waspis should be means tested to see if they deserve their own money back in NI contributions the government took from them in return for the promise that they’d get a pension at 60….riiiight.

Is there a doctor in the house?


The mainstream US media want you to know that Hillary Clinton in now “80% sure she’s going to win”.

They also want you to ignore Nigel Farage’s effect at the recent Trump rally. He’s just some no-account Limey a desperate Trump wheeled out.

These are the facts:

A Tweetgraph measuring the popularity of the two presidential nominees showed that Trump was mentioned 359,659 times on Twitter during and in the days after the rally. Clinton was mentioned only 79,789 times on Twitter during the same period.

This was the biggest reaction on Twitter for the Republican since his presidential campaign began.

A daily poll from the LA Times revealed yesterday (Monday) that the pair are now tied on 44% each in the race for the White House.



  1. John Ward I so envy you. You write beautiful prose on why and how the EU is so doo doo yet live in a foodie winey paradise. I am in Dordogne where my family owned a 300 year old farmhouse and feel so at home.


  2. Setting Frances Cappola’s views aside, there are genuine nuances to this WASPI thing that need to be addressed.
    The WASPI’s own website acknowledges that the retirement age of men and women should be equalised. So,..given that WASPI acknowledgement, there is a transitional period between [age], 60 and 66 that has to be made by some group of women at some point.?
    So are WASPI ‘boomer women’ saying that this 6 year transition should be passed on to women of generation X, or generation Y, or Millennials. ?
    It’s only logical surely, that if WASPI women accept that a 6 year transition to pension equality *has to be made*,for the purposes of gender equality, ,… then they must accept [logically?], that it has to be made by some [age group] of women.?
    Am I wrong.?
    So if the boomer WASPI’s age 60+ women are not willing to take the necessary ‘6 year transition hit’, then which group of women do they wish to pass on that ‘6 year baton’ of financial hit,… because,.. it’s only logical that,…some women at some point, will have to lose those 6 pension years.?
    Few other points :
    * The 2011 pension acceleration changes were totally out of order, but the pension transition legislation from 20 years ago was fair [and with plenty of notice!], in terms of equality transition to both women and men.
    * Embedded within this deplorable 2011 [accelerated], legislation, there should, for reasons of fairness, have been some funding for transitional relief to give those women who were genuinely disadvantaged, some financial assistance. However,.. given that many 60+ women have other financial means, [and are in no way destitute], it is not unreasonable that some form of means testing is administered, so that those truly desperate 60+ women get the support they fully deserve in this 6 year transition.
    * This problem, is a 6 year problem at worst, and should have a 6 year transitional relief fund allocated to it. Whichever WASPI age group of women are designated to transition their pension age from 60 to 66(ish), it inevitably come to a point of full gender equality, whereby men and women have the same age related pension access. At that point no-one is disadvantaged.
    If my response appears too Troll~esqe for those who are too sensitive to countenance plain logic, feel free to attack me, but an absence of answers to the points I address, will only reflect the absurdity of ‘blanket’ WASPI claims, that all age 60 to 66 women, are in financial dire straits, when it is very clearly not the case.?

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  3. Darling Buds of May now changing tune, if she wore trousers I would mistake her for Cameron.

    The crux of the matter now is this … how to heal? Yet the politicians once again choose to put their heads in the sand likely resulting in the end a section of the population deciding to take matters into their own hands. Can’t say I blame them for what I understand they tried.

    Moving to the point now, no agreement with poiticians on this, best get rid in my mind because any form of acceptance of anything proposed will be renaged on. It is what they have been doing the last 40 years so they just leave the country fractured and divided.

    The answer is on/in/under/over the Lisbon Treaty, in verbatim lets see how clever they are other than that I hear MP hunting could become a popular sport.

    The Lisbon Treaty it is the to be EU superstate is it not?
    Do we get a vote on that or is that what we just voted on? Ooooops!


  4. Its reported that 47% of Americans support Clinton …….they ignore the truth just watch her followers been interviewed of her support of the Saudi that kills gay people that they just ignore. They do not want to work preferring handouts from the State Trumps promise of new jobs does not interest them.

    Check Utube ….Rabid Hillary Campaign Supporters Attack

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  5. Anonymous
    I too feel at home in Lot et Garonne, and welcomed in my local village. But that is French living… is cheese to Brussels chalk. I am and always will be a European. I will never be a federalist. That’s the point: I like people, peace, quiet and nature; the EU likes systems and globalist trade deals.

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  6. I’m trying to make sense of the US election. I’m stuck between two views at present.

    One is the polls are (a) not a fix and (b) the electoral college will make it hard if not impossible for DT to win.

    The second is that the reported polls and MSM have a strong HC bias (ie a fix) but this won’t matter as voter turnout will be key. DT will attract many previous non-voters, whereas many when push comes to shove will not vote for HC. US Brexit? Though HC seems to be attracting many voters who don’t exist at all!

    It is possible that either candidate could have a train wreck of a campaign from here on in, but HC has more to hide. Though not a good choice between the two, HC has to be the most unsuitable candidate ever. She has the morals of a polecat and a track record of failure, obfuscation, corruption and bullying. She is bought and paid for. DT is an unknown quantity, but in my view is preferable to the known quantity.

    My heart will sink when (as I think likely) we get HC for 4 or 8 years. It will seriously diminish the USA when the world needs a rethink.

    But I don’t have a vote so I watch from afar. And it isn’t pretty.

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  7. I should add of course that without the socialist largesse of the integrated EU – I would need to be far wealthier than I am to be a Brit living in France..

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  8. Itsalreadytoolate

    This is the EU Constitution vs the Lisbon Treaty all over again.

    People need to tell Governments to stop negotiating, ever again, with corporations in private. Everything must be public, every step of the road must be approved and if it isn’t, stop negotiating.

    I don’t need to appease any CEOs or corporations and I don’t look up to any of them either. I want them put in their place where they belong. Subservient to the will of the people. Forever…….


  9. As i watch the Clinton email fiasco/lies I wonder when the challengers of Clinton abuse of her email server ask for details (FOI) relating to MTA’s .

    MTA’s exist as mini email post offices, but they can also perform other tasks such as scanning for viruses etc.. These MTA’s log every email transferred. Even though she wiped her server, its not rocket science to ascertain which emails and when were sent to/ or from her email server.

    Each email you have, will list each MTA it transferred via on route to your email box. Look for message headers in your email product of choice.

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  10. TFS on August 31, 2016 at 1:15 pm
    Re. Clinton emails, I’m waiting with baited breath for the rest of Wikileaks revelations. Assange tweeted weeks ago: “It’s time”. That was it. Could only be Hillbilly. Hope they’re SO explosive, they’re waiting for the optimum moment to pounce and finish her off. This is America’s Brexit, out with the old, in with the new, hurrah! No idea how Trump will fare but he’s grown on me, I like him, and lets face it, he can’t be any worse than every other the past 53 years. Last President worthy of that office was John F Kennedy.


  11. @indigo – You do have some valid points. However the point is that the state made a contract with the people that in return for NI contributions for their working lives – they would get their pensions at age 60. Neither an individual, a company or a government should be tearing up contracts and redefining the terms as it ‘deems’ necessary.
    Now I can have a bit of a chuckle at the feminists getting a bit of equality rammed down their throats for a change. But the point remains that government is breaking the contract between them and us – because they believe that they can.

    Who should lose the 6 years… It’s an easy call. Those JOINING the system under the NEW contract.

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  12. Re ‘It’s all bollox” – I couldn’t resist posting this: Baroness Altmann says she lobbied the Department for Work and Pensions to run a national advertising campaign because the issue was of such critical importance, but it was blocked. The Tory peer, 60, who quit over the treatment of older women affected by the changes in pension age,……………….[she QUIT? – Really?] – compare with : Sacked pensions minister Ros Altmann speaks out ……. [Face palm]


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