At the End of the Day

mesnip18716Over several years now, I have been assailed by I’m Alright Jacks telling me to stop moaning about Microsoft and get a Mac. In a triumph of hope over history, I have patiently (and then far more rudely) tried to explain where their cranium-up-bum outlook inevitably leads.

But still, it seems, they don’t get it. So tonight – in one last despairing effort – I thought I’d try to explain the obvious through the use of parallels. The theme is presented in a series of fact v dumbarsed ‘solutions’ to contemporary dilemmas.

I don’t want to be in the EU. Then move to Paraguay you scumfascistbigotracist.

I want the State Pension I was promised back. What do you expect from politicians – honesty? Get on your bike and get a job you numptie.

On my way back home tonight, I was mugged and my entire monthly cash to live on was stolen. What kind of mad old bag are you walking the streets of Britain after dark – don’t you know anything?

This morning, my local NHS Trust told me I’ll have wait seven months for a hip replacement. Never heard of private health insurance? Where’ve you been since 1979?

Oh how easy it is to offer my solution to your problem.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

take these sunken eyes and learn to see.NHS

You were only waiting

for this moment to be free.

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17 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. One Shade of Blue: A tale of MS and S&M

    Mr MS “Give me your money”
    W “Of Course”
    Mr MS “now bend over and take what I give you”
    W ” Ow! I don’t like it”
    Mr MS “stop complaining you have no choice”
    W “no of course”
    Mr MS ” those people offering help, ignore them. They have their craniums up their bums, resistance is futile”.
    W “I agree sir”
    Mr MS ” now give me more money every five years or so for the SOS re-packaged.
    W “yes master”
    Mr MS ” and also let me spy on every move you make on the internet and control your computer at my will”.
    W “willingly sir”

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  2. Just checking ….can you see your tonsils?
    Not much I can say other than Apple is 4000 light years ahead of Microsoft.
    Try it one day old son. Its quite good.


  3. Dear All
    See what I mean?

    It’s like explaining what a table is to a chair-leg: “Use a chair mate, much comfier than a table.

    Every night, I’d imagine Theresa May kneels by her bed and says, “God bless I’malright Jack, the patron saint of Neoliberal Tories”.


  4. Dear John,
    We all have to suffer the pains of unsolicited advice or the bleeding obvious from time to time; it may help to divide the authors as a means to banish the annoyance by examining the motivation of the senders:
    Firstly the well meaning who only want to help.
    Secondly those who want to be “one up” on you; this you will have unwittingly brought upon yourself by your lucid commentaries on life’s vicissitudes, QED perhaps?


  5. Have to wonder how many ‘MAC’ based servers are out there keeping our beloved internet alive…
    If it was down to apple – we likely wouldn’t be anywhere.
    That’s not to say that I like Microsoft ripping users to bits with barely fit for purpose software which somehow – you NEVER get to own. And Unix based servers were rarer than rocking horse sh1te back in the day.

    Without a doubt MS for all its faults lead the way in bringing useable IT to the masses… Has it forgotten about its customer base in its pursuit of the near cartel position it used to enjoy… Most certainly.

    Personally I still enjoy the cleanness of DOS and the CLI ;-)


  6. It’s like explaining what a table is to a chair-leg: “Use a chair mate, much comfier than a table.”

    Et tu, Brute.


  7. Gordie
    And what of those who have no option but to buy cheap? Are we to just write them off to a future of crappy teeth, shit quality clothes, out of date frozen food and crutches?

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  8. Okay. Operating system and hardware Nazis, I get it. Again.
    Have to embrace it, to make use of it and then there’s the direction we’re being taken in too.
    Solution or alternative please, instead of reader baiting pls.
    How about an education?
    The internet serves as a valuable resource I understand.


  9. Only 10% of servers run Windows.

    Developer August 2015 Percent
    Apache 86,559,425 50.51%
    nginx 24,599,509 14.36%
    Microsoft 17,602,809 10.27%
    Google 13,468,033 7.86%


  10. ohn ,how many quotes did you get? The basic materials are largely fixed throughout the world so you are paying for skill and mainly local cost factors(staff wages). There are many ways to pay for such advanced work like implants. Most places offer 0% finance etc. Just looking at the bottom line is not a good way. What is the come back if there are issues? Guarantees? Free replacements? Finally what do you do if it all goes tits up ? Can you sue? I see it all the time back here in Blighty. Dodgy Indian,E. European ,Far East stuff where the price was the reason the patient went there and now they need someone to sort it out as the implants drop out ,bridges fracture,go loose on one side (knackered). You can get lucky but you have to always think what is the fall back position.


  11. Got to love how people praise Microsoft / Apple etc. why do you have updates? To fix it.

    Apple will soon if it has not yet already succumbed to allowing security services into their products just like Microsoft did the day the US government sued them. Install Linux, why? You know the hardware will be backdoored also and it does not have to be a single opcode it can be a sequence of opcodes of extreme length to unlock the door. Best way is consider all hardware / software security comprimised and fallability ensured then you will be fine.

    OT – If a person was to declare that NATO was going to invade Russia, Clinton to start WW3 or a whole load of other issues that are starting to look ominously possible. Why is there no prosecutions for slander, or hate crime, or any other number of bits of legislation already out there not applied against people?

    BECAUSE TO DO SO YOU OPEN UP A CAN OF WORMS TO DEFEND WHAT THEY MAY HAVE ALREADY PLANNED MAKING IT VISIBLE. Then when it happens whole populations would go beserk at those in charge.

    So no prosecutions for Clinton starting WW3, aided and abetted by May so she does not have to issue article 50 although we all now know were were being sold into a form of slavery with no voice to object by elites.


  12. “I don’t want to be in the EU. Then move to Paraguay you scumfagbigot racist”

    Now you John advocated an alternative that was a vote to leave the EU.

    I don’t want to buy inferior products from a bullying Mega Corp whose buiseness model is customer lock in etc.

    My alternative (as one who only wants to help). Leave – Freedom. How is that inconsistent with your postion re- the EU

    Support the Software Freedom Foundation and fight back.

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