GOVERNMENT & STATE PENSIONS: “We’ve no money to throw at it, so let’s throw old people to the wolves”

Starting today: the Devil in the detail of pensioner destitution, and why ‘reform’ will destroy Britain’s economy in the end

mesnip18716There would be no lo loss of dignity, and there would be no destitution. This is what senior Conservative shadow ministers were still saying during 2009-10 about female State  pension age reforms. As The Slog showed yesterday, Whiteminster history on this subject has been a catalogue of blamestorming by those whom we pay to be blamed if they get it wrong. But injustice means very little to the neutrals until the day to day inhumanity of State pension delays is brought to life.

“I am alone, my children have poorly-paid jobs so they can’t help. My savings are almost gone. The house is on the market, but the market is dead. I’m on antidepressants. I keep having to visit the ESA [Employment & Support Allowance] to have my capacity to work assessed. I feel like a beggar being moved on. I brought up three children, and I have a new grandchild. I haven’t bought him a thing. My husband died four years ago before he qualified for a pension. I have hardly anything to live on, and even less to live for. Two years notice of the changes I got. Two years”.

Anna, York

“I haven’t had any meat or Fresh veg now for over a week. During the day I live on toast and that Utterly Butterly stuff. Last week I had to borrow the bus fare off a neighbour to go to my assessment. You can’t get a job round here at the age of 62. It’s degrading and exhausting. I’ve no idea how I’ll pay the next electricity bill or council tax. The woman who interviewed me had a look in her eyes that said “Scounger”. I expected my pension in May 2014. I won’t now get it until 2020, but they didn’t write to me until 2011. None of us have a clue how we’ll cope.”

Sandra, Dorset

“Where has all the money gone? None of my Mother, maternal grandmother and great grandmother were fortunate enough to reach the age of 60, resulting in contributions made by them never being used. When we started our working lives there was no equal pay, no pre school nurseries, no tax credits, no help with childcare.
“I was given just three years notice in 2012 of the changes to my pension age.  This was a mere three months after I was finally able to set up a company pension, but unfortunately also three months before I was made redundant from a post I had held for 13 years.
“Seeking employment at the age of 61 is nigh on impossible. I personally will have been denied £46,800 in pension payments by the time I reach 66.”

Eileen, Manchester

“I feel that I am living in the 1840’s. Neither I nor any of my children saw any of these notices about pension age changes. I am in a most humiliating position, feeling that I have to ask my husband for every penny I need and justify every purchase to him. He has no pension either, and so he’s still working at 64. Women have been held over a barrel for my lifetime and beyond for whatever choice they make and the choices available to them are generally less rather than more. Stephen Crabb accuses us of ‘breezing through life’ but believe me, I have done no ‘breezing’….by 1999 I was working 7 days a week to make ends meet. My children’s father had moved to Europe to avoid supporting them, so there’s no money coming from that direction.”

Karina, Luton

Replacing humanity with humiliation: it’s not much of a trade is it?

But there is, very sadly, a generation coming through now that sees this treatment of the Citizen by the State as perfectly normal. Not only is it abnormal – without our taxes, pinstripes and legislators wouldn’t have a job – it is grotesque in its hypocrisy. For each of these case histories shows a different element of pathetic planning and general incomptence by Whiteminister to add to a serial history of fiscal incontinence:

* Over and over again, the ‘information’ campaign claimed by government is shown to  be at best a shambles and at worst a lie

* Anna’s problems are exacerbated by low youth wages demanded by neoliberal economic theory

* Privatising the assessment system (and incentivising cruelty) made Sandra’s loss of dignity far greater than should ever have been necessary.

* Eileen’s logic is impossible to counter: had Government from the outset invested State Pension monies in a real fund – as opposed to the current account Ponzi scheme – all families could have benefited in the end from untimely death…and none of this ‘no alternative’ scam would’ve been necessary. It took Parliament a staggering 49 years to grasp this; their quick fix, however, has been to delay the pensions.

* The abysmal failure of the CSA to force feckless men to support their children made Karina’s situation appreciably worse. It was also, of course, turned into a taxpayer money pit up there with Connecting for Health – another Blairite “idea”.

Are you a British female aged 50? Are you a British male aged 45? Don’t expect much of a pension – even though you paid in: if the Government is re-elected after 2020, the ‘triple lock’ on pension values will go, and the pension age will rise. The aim will be to wipe out its value almost entirely  by 2030.

This is not an ‘old people’ issue: it’s about defending your right to a retirement.

Are you currently aged 30-40? Do you know what your parents’ pension situation is? Are you prepared to have to support them 100% yourself within the next ten years?

This is not an ‘old people’ issue: it’s about defending the people who brought you into the world, and having enough money to support your own family.

Are you an employer, an economist, a retailer or a small struggling business?

This is not an ‘old people’ issue: it’s about your business and the near certainty of a future economy where nobody can afford to consume.

Are you, regardless of politics, age, religion, ethnicity or circumstances, a decent person?

This is not an ‘old people’ issue: it’s an insult to the Civil Rights of every citizen.

Don’t just sit there: stand up and be counted.

Connected from an earlier Slogpost: the disgusting ageism of the bureaucratic mindset

28 thoughts on “GOVERNMENT & STATE PENSIONS: “We’ve no money to throw at it, so let’s throw old people to the wolves”

  1. This is very today/yesterday mindset that we read at the Slog.
    Mr Ward, and the readers….
    Ask yourself – where is the wealth production of the future to pay sovereign debt and pensions?
    Read this article about debt, and the reason for it.
    You will enjoy the bountiful education that you so sorely lack in economic prosperity.
    I’ll give you a clue. Without fossil fuels – we would be in the middle ages. OK??? Get it???


  2. John, thank you again, this post should be nailed to every lamp post , how can we make this go viral?
    All you web artists out there help in this.
    John, could you make a little video for u tube?
    The lamp post could be used for other purposes…


  3. Harry The Tortoise

    In the post linked to above, there is something that isn’t explained. Because whilst all that is spoken of is true, they miss one very important issue: why a business wants machines and not human labour.

    Now it is true that the machine brings less profit than human labour, this is due to businesses who try to undercut each other, beleiving that they are in a competitive market place. Which they are – the point is that they don’t have to be. The point I want to make here is that when one has a machine, the business onwer can cut costs (albeit that part of those costs are higher energy consumption). In this way, the business will dominate their market.

    The issue here is that with a machine, fewer workers are required.

    However, if you are to understand why this happens, you have to see this from the point of view of the business owner himself. The money they earn is their money. It is theirs to keep, or to buy things that are of material worth. What’s more, this is mentioned in the post you linked to, where people want to harbour their wealth rather than see a return on their investment.

    The one thing they don’t want to do is waste their money on people who are more expensive to pay than a machine. Furthermore, paying people wastes money where a machine represents an investment – or at least a harbouring of the businessman’s hard earned lolly.

    In short, what the graphs on this Zerohedge post really show is not the lack of return on machinery – but the ongoing effect of people who lack the imagination or the courage to invest in their businesses – but would rather cut jobs and lower their profit margins.

    The Austerity forced on Europe by the European Union (usually deflected in the Mainstream Media to Germany, the EU’s whipping boy) is a phenomenon in a similar vein: saving money is good, spending money is bad.

    The result has been the economic problems of the European Periphery… but their problems were largely due to poor investment strategies.

    All the time, the problem has been to invest in a better way to employ one’s staff, rather than to replace them with machines.

    [Cue a list of fraudulent pornographic ‘likes’ from the likes of lamppostsucker69, londonbanksinkhole, drunkenoldshovel3354, greekflagforever, grumpyoldpuker and bankersluvviagra.]

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  4. @ Clever Mr Tortoise so you can read . Nothing to do with global fuel crises , all to do with a government that can welch on an agreement it made with thousands of women many years ago with insufficient notice .OK Got It.

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  5. @Gemma

    Liked because it mentions the effieciency of the system as it increasingly removes work hours. With no way to earn the money the system can’t function so the CB’s resort to easing. This easing targets the sovereign debt but does not hit the real economy that stagnates and in relative size shrinks.

    You can have a plethora of minimum wage jobs make unemployment look good but there is no growth in a minimum wage economy and you also get a move towards deflation as prices are set by what you can afford.

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  6. JW,

    I am under no illusion of what the end state pension will be like but for decades these people have been voting for the LIBLABCON through all the lies and deceit, yes I was one of them.

    … yet they still keep on voting the LIBLABCON in, the current 20+’s, 30+’s all noble in their entitlement today, just wait till they find out they have been conned too.

    The LIBLABCON parasites grew off hidden monetary policy to a life of entitlement far more than the ordinary person but how?
    They promised you healthcare, education and pensions to generate the monetary flow then they started to skim off the top.
    You have to have a monetary flow through taxes to make it happen and VAT is another.

    You want it to stop, you have to sacrifice the 3 and kill off all monetary tax flows to starve the beast.

    Now all those you mention will go CAN’T DO THAT! Tough then because unless you do that this is going nowhere just like all those BREMAIN politicians sitting in parliament. Those you will have to k$%l to get them to BREXIT I kid you not. People go go but, but, but … look to inform you THEY HAVE ALREADY STOLEN ALL THE MONEY YOU WERE CONNED AND YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT BACK, got it? I know it sounds cruel and heartless but once accepted you move into the red pill world.

    A question. Does anybody believe they are going to have a nice life with the current government setup for elites and privilige over the ordinary people? That is the one illusion you must remove and hope is in you not some corrupt government and the actions you take.

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  7. Lovely>>thanks the feedback>>
    Machines don’t need pensions for 30 years liable.
    Govt reaches credit limit runs out of money
    Wonderful>.who’s next now>>?


  8. Yes indeed we do have this problem.. Yet, so many pensioners are buying “buy to lets” and making a fortune of the young who cannot buy homes.. Let’s get real not all on a pension are starving.. Plenty of rich older people in UK – many of them living in second homes – in Spain or where the sun shines upon them.. thanks for the artcile.


  9. @ Mr. Tortoise,

    that zerohedge article is absolutely full of it. Coal & nuclear sources of energy are ignored.
    We are sitting on hundreds of years worth of coal, while nuclear is demonised & held back.

    This present persecution of female pensioners, including my wife, is a continuation of the Malthusian policies of the Brit Empire.
    At this, the UK is still a world leader: we kill more old people each winter, proportionally, than the Scandinavian countries.
    Their electricity bills are inflated with “Green” taxes to save the planet from the non-existent global warming, while their pensions are stolen, or so paltry that they cannot afford to both heat & eat. Depopulation is a major plank of the “environmental” movement.

    To understand energy & the Malthusian policies of our rulers, PhD nuclear engineers Robert Zubrin’s book is excellent: Merchants of Despair.

    To understand debt & our enslavement to fiat money created out of thin air, I recommend G. Edward Griffin’s great analysis of the US Fed: The creature from Jekyll Island. It’s a substantial book at 600 + pages, but the chapter summaries can be read in about one hour. Griffin has figured out the “environmental” con.

    97% of money is created as debt by the banksters, only 3% is created as notes & coin.

    John Doran.


  10. E.D. You’re correct about pensioner wealth, but you seem to have misunderstood what John is saying. He’s talking about the thousands of women who have had their pension ages deferred twice by up to 6 years with very little notice. We pensionless pensioners are bearing the brunt of the Government’s “austerity measures”, despite promises that we would not suffer, made as long ago as 2009, 2 years before the second rise was brought in. As you see from the testimonies above, we are concerned with keeping a roof over our heads not buying to let or sunning ourselves abroad. Only those already receiving their triple-lock guaranteed pensions can consider these options.

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  11. Mark Deacon

    “You can have a plethora of minimum wage jobs make unemployment look good but there is no growth in a minimum wage economy and you also get a move towards deflation as prices are set by what you can afford.”

    Thus the tight regulations that are in force in a country like Germany means that more people have better paid jobs… and the result is what the world can see in their economic figures. A 6% surplus.

    That in itself is the result of taxing their corporations in a way that is all but impossible to escape. Starbucks managed it through some severe contortions, the like of which have no meaning in a country like Britain whose government is already bought and paid for by the Corporations. The result of which is poor regulation and poor levels of tax-generated income. This is the key as to why the British government continually needs to welch on its commitments to the people it is supposed to be looking after.

    In any other place, the mainstream media would call it a failed state and the Americans would be bombing it.

    Those who speak against Germany are usually those who are happy to live in a country where minimum wage jobs fluff up the employment figures that give the illusion of all being well. But then, what else can they do if they believe the mainstream media that peddles the kind of economic nonsense that the corporations want them to beleive. My take is that they should read the Slog!


  12. Mr Tortoise
    I needed a change of scene. Someone needed to amuse the fans.
    Nice work, very impressive mastery of the rolls. Thanks for that. I’ll put the cheque in the post when I get back from vacation.


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  13. Steve Webb the man responsible for all of us WASPI’s suffering and extended years of penury has left DWP to become……financial agony aunt for the Daily Mail. You couldn’t make it up really could you……?


  14. I suppose the worrying issue is that this is only the start of the rot. In a system based on a fiat currency paradigm you are forced to operate within it. The pension you pay into is invested in the rotten, HFT driven madhouses of the markets.
    How is anyone supposed to start off now, work for 40+ years exchanging their blood sweat and tears for electronic numerals on a screen that can be manipulated at will. Then when your body and mind are drained by old age you then have to place your faith in these markets again to provide you with the returns to live out your final years.

    Basically this whole game is a system where you swap productive effort and time or tangible goods for imaginary tickets created from nothing on a computer because a group of very greedy and evil people have designed it in this way.

    To further demonstrate this process the Greek government are now saying that you must register every single tangible asset under your roof including all cash and valuables of all descriptions so that they can be foreclosed upon when the fiat banking cartels demand their kilo of flesh from the Greeks.

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  15. Impoverished Psychologist

    What else can the Greek government do? They’re hamstrung in the same way the British government is: they need to tax their corporations…

    … and can’t because their corporations put a noose around their neck before the government was in trouble.

    Now that it is in trouble, there’s no way out save debarring pensioners of their legally agreed rights – or to steal from them outright.

    Addenbrook Just make sure it’s real gold, and in your hand.

    None of that tungsten the Yanks peddle, nor any of their paper stuff. There’s too much of that paper gold keeping the prices down and brain-dead under the illusion that they actually own some… what’s more, they’re stupid enough to pay for its storage as though it were real.

    Just another way for the rich to get richer.

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  16. @Gemma,

    My solution is radical, level with the people, explain the myth of the fiat dystopia, explain that the fractional reserve/petrodollar game is over. Default on the debts, reinstate the drachma backed with hard assets and then people will at least know the state of the game. It will be punitive and harsh on those who think the world owes them a living, people will have to get out of bed and do something – but the product of their labour will at least be theirs.

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  17. I.P.
    “Default on the debts, reinstate the drachma backed with hard assets and then people will at least know the state of the game.”

    And look what happened when the Greeks voted “OXI” – the Americans and their banks threw a wobbly and told the European Union in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable.

    The only hope for the Greeks is, like the latest events in Turkey, to have a quiet word with Putin. He has shown that Russia has the power to face down the American military, witnessed by the sparse number of US bombing raids over Syria. Should Putin wish to speak to the Greeks and allow them to come under his wing, they might find a way out.

    Then, as you say, the hard times begin.

    A time they, if they have any intelligence, will invest their money more wisely than they did in the noughties when they borrowed large amounts of money to buy themselves trinkets – rather than investing in productive industries. Productive industries that bring a return on investment.


  18. @Gemma,

    Precisely, the $ hegemony is a protection racket backed by the US military in the final analysis. Since the Nixon shock this has always been true, the dollar is simply a mechanism of empire building via absorption of material wealth and tangibles using the printed/hypothecated dollars.

    And yes, the only solution is to ally with someone who the Americans fear, and that means uncle Vlad.

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  19. I.P.

    Just wait until the military overreaches itself, as it assuredly will some day. They are building up their armies in Latvia and along the Russian frontier with the intention of protecting Europe from Russia.

    The problem is that the Americans are so sure of their superiority that they might just feel it possible to launch an attack on Russia. These are not people who take subtle warnings like a Song class submarine that surfaced within torpedoing distance of the USS Kittyhawk. It had gone entirely undetected… the Americans complained to the Chinese, souping up a diplomatic incident. The Chinese aren’t allowed to do this kind of thing.

    The problem for the Americans is that they’re playing their war by their own rules, and making the very mistake that Frederick-William III of Prussia made when fighting Napoleon. That is to say, the Prussians were too self-assured in their superiority against a person like Napoleon.

    However, Napoleon had read the Prussian book of war, and knew what they would do in any circumstance. The result was a series of cataclysmic defeats for Prussia – because Napoleon could side-step each of their moves.

    What with the US military’s woeful lack of modern weaponry, Russia has a huge advantage over them.


  20. good one JW and comments from Gemma and IP.. come really straight with everybody and let the next phase in our evolution begin.. because its only dinosaur minds trying to stop the tide with there debt stuff… put it all in the bin and start again..


  21. Wow, even putting a link to zerohedge leads to everyone losing their minds. A very intelligent post on pensions has become a rather doom laden, and almost certainly incorrect, view of the future. ZH does tend to have that affect on people who don’t understand that the reason it exists is that it’s a marketing agency for bullion dealers. The tortoise chap may want to reflect that any society reduced to trading bits of precious metals for what local goods there may be has lost anyway. Freedom wouldn’t be happening anarchy would.

    Gemma, as you well know, Germany is gaming the system in exactly the same way China does, brazenly mercantile and it cannot last. It would have collapsed anyway and all your previous good governance will be for nought. The 6% surplus is money stolen from your European partners and is lunatic economics, even for a non sovereign country like Germany, unless you count the Euro as the Deutsche Mark by another name. Germany will end up as an export powerhouse with workers too poor to buy the goods they produce. Neoliberalism in a nutshell.

    Government debt, the government, in sovereign countries, has no debt. It owns an infinite amount of bonds and currency which, for accounting purposes, are identical. If you put a million in the bank it is your asset and the banks liability. Bonds are exactly the same thing it is a private sector asset and a state liability. Given that the state can create money at will it can pay any liability. QED.

    Finally on topic, the UK is around a decade behind America in the race to throw the 99% to the wolves. They want everything and that includes the NHS, your pension, your right to dignity, basically everything on the planet.

    It’s the sort of thing that happens when you put in place a system that rewards the very worst of humanity. The sociopaths and psychopaths are running the asylum.

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  22. It seems to be a trend to demonize the crumblies. No doubt compulsory euthanasia for pensioners will soon follow. There- the problem is solved.

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  23. Seems like certain parts of the UK have done very well. Visitors stream into Dorset .. they make their money elsewhere. The South East and Home counties are very comfortable.. London spivs come and go setting up businesses here and getting out fast.

    We can’t help getting older.. but financially to some of us .. there are painful times ahead.. as one enters another decade of life.

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  24. So we have to work longer. Will we still have to pay an NI stamp cos um not going to. No pension no more of my money going in pot. See me in gaol for free food and lodgings.


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