AGED CARE: Portrait of a mindset


mesnipLabour, Waspis, UKIP, Greens: study the above…..then put away petty divisions, stop having elections, and focus on the Common Enemy

A fundamental principle of Chinese generalship under its ancient dynasties was to study who your enemy really is, what the enemy wants in terms of outcome, how he sees the world, and what the enemy’s strategic modus operandi are. The page-capture at the head of today’s post comes from the latest S&P bulletin. It is revealing, and disturbing.

This morning, RBS – a bank I detest almost as much as Nick Wilson despises HSBC – has turned in yet another set of disastrous results. The bottom line is a loss of £1.08 billion. We, the taxpayers, own RBS. Banking bailout costs and contingent liabilities since 2008 have cost us just shy of £880 billion. The Government has been trying to flog this White Elephant in the Room for six years. There are no takers. I’ve just been watching the CEO burbling on about “strong volume growth” and “returning the bank to profit”. I’ve been listening to this drivel since 2010.

There are three major elements to Britain’s alleged “living beyond its means”. The first is what it gives in the way of pension outcomes to just over 600,000 senior tubbies in the Civil Service. The second is what it gave to the banking community to keep it upright during 2008-09. And the third is our current inability to earn more from exports than the cost of our imports. The first two dwarf the third by some considerable distance.

We are in the mess we are as a sovereign State because of greed (bureaucrats and bankers), corruption (the donating to and lobbying of political Parties), and incompetence (the political inability to control expenditure, rebuild the manufacturing base, negotiate a better deal with the EU, control globalist tax evasion or stop trying to be A World Power).

We the People – in over 95+% of cases – had nothing to do with any of this. And yet – just as in post-2011 Greece – we are being asked to foot the bill in terms of reduced healthcare, hardship welfare, and pensions.

Now let’s look at the S&P mindset, and examine the way the 3% see things.


I’ve underlined what I see as the key evidence of delusional thinking in this ouput from Standard & Poors.

In blue above, we can see that – if current migrant trends continue – our population will rise by a fifth over the next three decades….but the number of working citizens will fall. A policy of immigrating selected, skilled and younger labour would therefore be sensible. It is obvious to everyone that we are not doing that.

In red above, S&P chooses to ignore what could be done, and instead baldly states that we will have to make ‘expenditure cuts in other areas’ if the fiscal position is not to get out of control. This is the continuation of the “no money left” myth used by Frances Coppola and others to dub female SPA reform victims as “grasping”. It spectacularly fails to consider the radical revision of existing ‘areas’ of expenditure by an across the board revision of how tax monies are collected and used. S&P does this because it cleaves to the Neoliberal ideology stating that in order for 97% to be sort of alright, we must have 3% of obscenely rich people and corporations, whose main hobby is inventing new ways not to pay tax.

Note again here, the assumption that it will be social (97%) cuts that are required….not better tax collection or higher taxes for the rich. It is evident, as we shall see below, that old age provision is what these very seriously sick people see as the prime target.

Thus in green above, S&P applauds the Government’s policy of welching, cheating and accelerating the theft of 1950s womens’ pensions with the blithe phrase ‘a policy framework for regular review of the retirement age’. Somebody somewhere is wetting his pants at just how easy it is to describe clubbing seals to death as ‘reviewing’: since 1980, 3% have hoovered up 88% of the wealth and repressed labour wages by 38%. But it’s the latter group being asked to cough up. The brass neck of it all is breathtaking.

And so – in entirely suitable brown – the $400,000 a year senior bods at Standard & Poors proclaim Britain’s current triple-lock pension promise to be ‘a generous and costly rule’. Yes indeed – looking after the citizens rather than your mates does tend to be expensive. That’s  why we have taxes that their mates rarely pay.

I posted earlier this week about the ominous rumblings from the good ship Mayflower about how triple-lock was “safe until 2020”. I say, your Mayness, I am an humble citizen and in awe of your generosity re this one. But removing my foot from the sarcasm pedal for a minute, it’s not hard to see where we’re going here, is it?

A semi-permanent state of undeserved richesse clearly afflicts all those lucky enough to get it with blindness. The 3% of pols, Sir Humphreys, globalist omnivores and psycho bankers have blown the money on everything from CfH waste, HS2 fees, EU membership, derivatives, wars, weapons and uncontrolled immigration. Now we the lucky recipients of this mélange of depraved and duhooo nutbag nonsense must pay for it by working for less, for them – but chiefly, forever.

While this process is being quietly planned (and its perpetrators maintain an air of eminent reasonableness, for what  else can they do – There Is No Money Left) what are those of a Red, Green, Purple and Wasp-striped hue doing?

  • Labour is having an election to overturn the will of its members. After that, it’ll return to the task of overturning the Will of the People as expressed in the EU referendum.
  • The Greens are electing a new leader. Fair enough, the previous one has had enough. I hope they will elect David Malone. But I’ll wait and see before commenting.
  • The purple Kippers are electing a successor to Faisal Naraj, and have begun by banning the best candidate.
  • The Waspi Executive Committee is in meltdown, women are leaving the movement for more radical climes, and the membership is short of a Brutus who will despatch the Leaderine, expand the democracy, and start to do something to get restitution….as opposed to wittering on about membership levels and singing anthems.

The closest group to my heart in all this mayhem are the Waspis, simply because given the battleground we face, they’re obviously in the front line and the victims most immediately facing destitution. But it would help if all those in these tribes pretty quickly stopped examining their defaecatory canals and began studying the enemy: its madness, its goals, its weaknesses, its mendacity, and its despicable tactics.

The Governance of England & Wales needs to be reformed at every level.

The Opposition in England needs to re-form itself into a more united Front.


16 thoughts on “AGED CARE: Portrait of a mindset

  1. As time goes by I think the true definition of what ‘terrorism’ is is becoming clearer and clearer. Since ‘terrorism’ was institutionalised post 9/11 it is evident that the real war is between the 1-3% and the rest of this planet’s population. No seat will remain unturned, no individual or group will remain free or even alive until the rich get their way – it’s what customer services is all about!

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  2. JW

    To have stronger exports the pound helps a little but when you consider the difference in wage incomes between regions we charge many multiples of others labor cost to product anything to export on top of the rest of the world fighting to maintain their trade. Before the twats in office go ooooo, lets cut wages etc. the issue you have there is the current pricing structure of the UK is wages and what people afford, cut them and watch the relative deflation.

    Junked the current system now in full because it is not worth supporting the greed, corruption and incompetence to “in the end die in poverty after you were forced to contribute into a fraudulent system for decades”. More people need to realise this is what is coming in future years because any and all promises will be broken like the referendum. People need to wake up, if you keep out as much as you can then you will have it later, not if you alllow government to take it and consume for itself.

    In a Keynesian system that runs out of control (tick) and is abused for the benefit of the elite minority (tick) you only end up raising taxes or borrowing more and more to support debt with no services. That is what we have and if you want to change it then you must bankrupt the system full on to purge the debt out there is no other way.

    Just extending the above, what it means, join up the dots, etc. etc. in the end it only makes sense my government will be my sworn enemy in the end, there can be no other way because my government will allow no other way.

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  3. UKIP and Steve Wolfe . The best candidate ? The man who forgot to mention his conviction for drink driving when wanting to be the UKIP candidate for the Police Commissioner job ? The man who forgot to renew his membership of the Party while being a UKIP MEP ? The man who has not made the donations to the UKIP coffers agreed and expected from MEPs out of their inflated salaries ?
    The man who waited until the last hour of the last day to submit his application for inclusion on the Leadership ballot paper and then failed to make the deadline ? A truly forgetful Leader You jest surely Mr Ward ?
    Diane James is a safer option .


  4. Am a WASPI at heart and by date of birth, but I’m thinking now time to paddle my own WASPI canoe solo style…seems the good ship WASPI is beset with infighting and holed below the waterline. I used to do CAB social policy lobbying at Westminster, so I’m wondering if it’s time to get in touch with those hardworking people at CAB central office? This could be a red hot social policy issue and one that CAB could really get their teeth into, while the WASPI women slog it out among themselves. I’m concerned the WASPI campaign could loose momentum just as it’s about to hit a crucial tipping point, while people are in-fighting over titles, power and differences of opinion.

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  5. the bailouts for banks are unforgivable. A systemic breakdown was threatened, in order to get the money, but giving it to them has caused the systemic breakdown.. full marks to Mark Deacon for indicating the only way out of this mess for the 97%… namely we must bankrupt the system full on before they do.. Basically a total reset..


  6. @Desmond; The problem with that is, when the dust has settled, they’ll still be in charge….nothing will have changed, we need to rid ourselves of these people for good.

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  7. We have chosen today for our action to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of the Metropolitan Police. We stand in solidarity with the families and friends of all who have died at the hands of the British state. We take action because justice has not been delivered through conventional means: the police, the IPCC, the courts or the legislature.

    UKBLM is a network of anti-racist activists from across the UK who believe deeply that #BlackLivesMatter. We believe the time is now for a Black Lives Matter movement in the UK to #Shutdown a nationwide crisis of racism.

    The group says they are “appalled and alarmed to see that in the UK”:

    Black people are overrepresented by more than a factor of two for deaths in police custody since 1998.
    Black people are up to 37 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people.
    Black people are three times more likely to be arrested than white people.
    Black people are 44% more likely to be detained under the mental health act than white people.
    Black people are three times more likely to be unemployed than white people.
    Black Caribbean pupils were almost four times more likely to be permanently excluded from school in 2009-10 than the school population as a whole.
    There has been a 57% increase in reported racist hate crimes since Brexit vote.
    3132 black and brown people have drowned in the Mediterranean in 2016 alone.

    UKBLM aims to highlight the struggle for Black Lives in the UK and #Shutdown state-sanctioned racialised sexism, Islamophobia, classism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia. We fight for liberation. The struggle is global, so must be the solution.

    We are not affiliated with any political party (e.g. Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party, or Labour). We work in co-ordination with anti-racist groups led by people of colour.


  8. Sorry, but I just can’t resist.

    Black Lives Matter.

    It would appear that they don’t, any more than others, but you need to prove your assertions.

    How, precisely, has the UK contributed to the purported 3,132 drownings in the Mediterranean this year …. and what were those people doing there in the first place?

    Lots of ‘mores’ there in your ‘stats’. D’ya not thunk that it may just be that blacks really do commit the most crime, that blacks just might be more mentally challenged and less intelligent …… and that blacks are just as, if not more, racist than whites?

    Remove all the chips from your shoulder, chew on it and let me know and, remember …. other people’s lives matter too. Those who work for a living on a Friday (at Heathrow, for instance) and whose taxes support the workshy and unemployable.

    “UKBLM aims to highlight the struggle for Black Lives in the UK and #Shutdown state-sanctioned racialised sexism, Islamophobia, classism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia. We fight for liberation. The struggle is global, so must be the solution.”

    Chairman Mao, Marx or Lenin?

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  9. UKBLM may be disconcerted to note that your aims reflect those of Her Majesty’s Govt. – a Tory Govt. to boot – though I don’t believe they’ve incorporated “classism” as a felony yet in their little red pocketbooks on how We, the citizens, should think.


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