The Tapioca Factor: an illiberal censor with clouds of corruption following her looks set to become Prime Minister


…..and she’s flip-flop on Brexit.

mesnipThere are four excellent reasons for Conservatives – and other lovers of genuine liberty in the UK – to have grave doubts about the idea of Theresa May becoming the Tory leader. First, she has committed a grave act of interference in media free speech this weekend. Second, her connection to G4S – the most incompetent and sleazy security firm on the planet – raises major question marks. Third, she’ll swing either way on Brexit to get to the top. And finally,  she ticks all the boxes on the tapioca factor – that is, being well below the default mediocre standards of the political class. The Slog deconstructs the demonic Home Secretary.


A major piece in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph appeared and then disappeared in rapid succession. As we’ll see a few paragraphs further down, wannabe Prime Minister Theresa May was the subject of the article. It was a biopost of sorts. I think it would be fair to say that Whiplash May didn’t come out of it terribly well.

Various bullies from within the May Coronation in September Committee saw the early morning online copy, and immediately told the Telegraph to pull it. Being spineless, the Barclay twins acquiesced…but by that time, Guido’s spies had seen the piece and page-captured it.

Regular Sloggers will remember May as the inventor and promoter of the ‘non-violent extremist’ (NVE) legislation inspired by Louis XVI’s habit of banging up anyone who disgreed with him. In a nation where citizen rights are already severely battered, the Tories are on the verge of electing the vandal largely responsible for it to the leadership.

This isn’t rhetoric: feedback I was given last night alleged that May already has around 100 solid pledges from the parliamentary Party. That’s in the region of five times more than any other candidate….and eight times more than this man has:


“Whatever ‘charisma’ is,” said Michael Gove last year, “I don’t have it.” How refreshing to find at least one MP with an accurate self-image. Gove declared his candidacy to shut BoJo  out of the campaign. Don’t expect him to over-exert himself as a runner: whoever wins is going to have to give him a big job come what may. Even if it’s Theresa May.

At the Home Office, May raised eyebrows three years ago by appointing G4S to some government contracts. Her timing was also odd: she chose to do this on the same day Chris ‘pondlife’ Grayling declared, over at Justice, that the security company should go on a blacklist as a result of their fraudulent invoices and myriad cockups.

May claimed at one point that she had “not been aware” of G4S failures at the Olympics in 2012, and later while the serial fraudsters worked for the Justice. If that’s true, then she must have been the only person at Westminster who wasn’t in the loop. Indeed, her alleged ignorance is particularly surprising given Met sources insist she knew of their doubts about G4S in late 2011. They told her, you see. She being the Home Secretary an’ all.

The blogosphere assertion that her husband Philip May works for or has shares in G4S is bogus: it is further alleged that he has a large investment in Prudential ( which has been a shareholder in the company) but that would apply to thousands of people over 55 across Britain. And I did have a good, senior source in Prudential at the time who insisted his shareholding is minimal.

But one red herring does not produce clear blue water: last January, another scandal broke over the company’s care home ‘child prison’ contract with Justice – after the BBC ran a documentary showing serious abuse of residents by G4S. There were predictable calls for May’s resignation (it comes under her remit) but little attention was paid to the security schiesters’ fate. Two months ago, the the MoJ announced that – yet again – it would take back control of G4S from the Medway centre involved. Theresa May was a comment-free zone.

The East Midlands police board has confessed to “expressing doubts” to the Home Office about their experience of working with G4S. But May seems oblivious to this: as of last week, the company still claimed a ‘major strategic partnership’ with the police in that region. Lincolshire police commissioner Mark Jones, however, has said he ‘refuses to rule out changes to the contract between police and G4S who provide a number of services,  including manning the central call centre and issuing firearm certificates.’ It seems Jones doubts the wisdom of giving a bunch of crooked clowns control over gun issuance. But again, Theresa’s lips are sealed.

I have posted several times since 2011 to query why defrauding the taxpayer and hiring incompetent layabout bully-boys has not  banished G4S from all areas of government and public service. The three outstanding issues here are straightforward and deserve to be answered by any person vying to be PM: why does May never criticise G4S, why did she appoint them after a history of incompetence, and why did she lie about ‘ignorance’ of the company’s wrongdoing?

I remain convinced that somewhere in the G4S saga, crony capitalism and corrupt contract awards are involved. And it is hard to deny that such a way of working is very much in May’s DNA: she is quick to protect anything or anyone in the Establishment from criticism in general and police/legal investigation in partcular.

She boobed badly (in setting up a child abuse inquiry into historic allegations of paedophilia in Westminster) by giving  Baroness Butler-Sloss the Chair role. She is in fact the sister of former attorney general, the late Sir Michael Havers….of whose guilt in covering up child sex abuse at Elm House I do not doubt for a second. To suggest top-gun Theresa didn’t grasp that link is akin to suggesting that David Cameron didn’t grasp the “adavantages” of having Andy Coulson as his head of Comms.

This brings us neatly to the pulled Telegraph piece, which you can read in full here. The extracts below, I think, speak for themselves:





Oh dear. And I would also emphasise this one, which suggests Ms May could be Edward Heath having taken the My Hyde potion: ‘a vivid picture of a secretive, rigid, controlling, even vengeful minister, so unpleasant to colleagues that a dread of meetings with her was something that cabinet members from both parties could bond over‘.

If you were a UKipper, that Home Office record would be enough to make you think hard about whether the recent referendum hadn’t been a complete waste of time when it comes to ‘control of our borders’. And to that, you’d have to add her pre-referendum pro Brexit betrayal for a Remain position (she thought they were going to win) and post referendum claim that she’s just the gal to extract tough reforms from Brussels. A bit of a Freudian slip that: we’ve left, Tessie love. The job now is to invoke Article 50. Which May doubts “will happen this year”. SFX sound of dragging feet and sharp, long fingernails cutting through the exit doorjambs of the EU.

Theresa May, I conclude, is unpleasant, unpopular, promises much, delivers little, is riddled with bollocks, tasteless slimey, and is no good. She is beneath mediocre. She is tapioca. If you want four more years of tapioca pudding, vote TM. If you don’t, contact your MPs and tell them. If your MP is a Labour person, ask when the Opposition Front Bench is going to nail this woman to the cross she so richly deserves.

Better still, examine Andrea Leadsom more closely. I couldn’t care less about either the Tories or Labour any more, but I do care about British citizens not becoming slaves. In that context, in my opinion Leadsom is far and away the best choice.


Connected at The Slog: Stephen Crabb – pension snatcher and tapioca Man

24 thoughts on “The Tapioca Factor: an illiberal censor with clouds of corruption following her looks set to become Prime Minister

  1. Ain’t we got any nice MP’s, good ones who are not thieving, schemeing and lying toerags?

    Tapioca rating 9, just shaded Crabb but they have not scraped the tapioca barrel yet. Knew I should have given Crabb less because now the rest of them are going to have to be 8.5, We can keep 10 in case Cameron changes his mind like on everything else.

    This open borders under May, all the EU’s fault! We can’t stop it! etc. etc. all the excuses. The UK parlimanent is sovereign and takes precedence over the EU. So guess what … you can put a limit on the number and be done with it. Integrate the Aussie style points system that many people seem to want and if you do not have permission to be here then you must leave which is the way the US operates.

    May like all the rest do not want us to understand the power of our parliament and hides it from us like all the rest.

    Have a nice day all, maybe you realise now you are all equal to Kings and Queens and without the hideous flaws of the Crabb’s and May’s of this world.

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  2. Andrea Leadsom was on the Marr show this morning and explained how she had been all over Europe over a period of 3 years trying to find ways of reforming the EU and concluded it was impossible.

    If there’s a chink, she may be a bit defensive about what her tax returns might show. I suspect she has done nothing illegal but may get some blowhard press coverage saying she wasn’t being completely ‘moral’.

    She comes across to me as a doer rather than a talker, but she is a plain, no-nonsense communicator who doesn’t yet need to shout.

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  3. What we are observing is that tory divide and rule at work,organised action against it is quite easy to stop or make it flounder,but the chaos it creates is unstoppable! i now believe more than ever that each organised action will create the chaos,that will ultimately be the downfall of the anarchist!


  4. Meine kleine Acidickes Scheisskopf

    The last time I saw Paul he was looking rather obese and slow; I suspect running would give the poor dear an attack of the vapours.

    As to his journalism, it has ceased to be. Like all radicals turned Republican, Seaman Staines gets interns to do it – while raking in the money from deluded advertisers.


  5. Four reasons? Eight. Fifth she is content with Sharia courts and Sharia Law operating in UK. Sixth she campaigned for Remain. Seventh she has declared any limits on migration would have to wait. Eighth she brought the EAW into UK and gave away habeas corpus. In summary she would stitch UK up to some rotten form of associate membership. Brexit is the last thing she wants.

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  6. Another spot-on piece John, excellent. Like you, with what I’ve read about Andrea Leadsom (although I haven’t read a large amount about her yet) she is, absolutely, the best choice.


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  7. Even if Leadsom were to win the day with her ‘no nonsense, forthright’ approach, how long would it take the PTB to reign her in? She would taking the Party line in no time at all.
    That’s the issue, they have so much power now, it’s pretty near, if not totally impossible, to break free of the shackles that they make sure you must wear in order to pretend to lead.
    It’s going to take a lot more than a pricipled politician (If there ever was one) to change the game, and don’t they know it.
    An event of epic proportion is needed to effect change.

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  8. As an observer, I would guess that the winner in your election is going to promise your parliament total control over the masses. The reason I guess this is because that is what the ones in our country are doing. When the men running for a job are horrible, we get the women that are worse. We know the Clinton wants war but doesn’t care about the opponent. It is only the war that can cause stabbeelatee. Why do we tolerate the insane when they are also violent?

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  9. @KJH; Couldn’t agree more but, isn’t that always the case? BoJo’s capitulation was, to say the least, highly unusual for him, as you say, he is made of sterner stuff. I think the PTB are closing ranks to ensure the masses don’t get their own way, hence May is a shoe in for PM.
    I say again, an event of epic proportion is the thing that’s going to tip the scales in our favour.

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  10. Giving the Labour popular vote the chance to elect Corbyn was in a way a bit like having the EU referendum, in that let us rif raf have a say and they don’t get the result they want. It’s definitely the Blair followers who want Corbyn out but if they do get their way there will hopefully be a lot of disgruntled labour voters voting for UKIP, always supposing a GE is called. Seems bad to me that the BBC gives air time for an interview with the rancid psychopath Blair,who was getting in his oily hints about the people may change their view and having a second referendum, whilst I’ve not heard a word from Farage who seems to have been made a non person.
    May had her chance to do something prior to the referendum and failed miserably or maybe didn’t even try. She’s the tapioca that’s burnt to the bottom of the pan, not just unappetising but a complete write off.
    Whilst thinking about her failure, it struck me why not use drones to patrol the coast, cheap and without the weight of their weapons would stay aloft for a useful time.

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  11. There is talk of May trying to scupper Leadsom by getting her followers to vote for Crabbe to beat her off the list during the second poll if Fox goes after the first.


  12. @KJH : It struck me also as very suspicious. Bojo love or loathe him does not seem like the shrinking violet type who would fold so easily – someone else is pulling the strings.

    @Router Al : For weeks the Murdoch press and others have been forecasting that Chilclott will be really critical of Blair. They do not know so I suspect news management. Blair knows and does not seem that bothered so I suspect a mild slap on the wrists and nothing the b**tard could be impeached for. I hope I am wrong because he belongs behind bars not purveying his anti-democratic traitorous views on the Beeb.

    Now more than ever we need to keep up the pressure to impliment brexit. Andrea Leadsom seems like our best bet now that Gove has made himself toxic.


  13. Leave were NEVER supposed to Win, Cameron was NEVER supposed to resign, but events took over…

    When Cameron resigned, he was buying time by declaring that it was up to the new PM to invoke Article 50 no earlier than October…. (They say a week is a long time in politics…)

    Britain needs a new PM, but it can’t be anyone who promised to Exit the EU so collectively they hatch the “Gove Stabs Boris in the Front” pantomime = Boris stands down.

    Gove – the Assassin gets a hatchet job by a willing press for being the Assassin = Gove gets voted out.

    In one foul swoop, both front runners are back where they were supposed to be after the Referendum, licking their wounds and awaiting their next Cabinet position.

    Fearsome will be taken out during the parliamentary votes. She’ll be rewarded with a promotion.

    Fox will be taken out during the parliamentary votes, he’s too experienced, May not be the puppet they need.

    The Conservative Party Membership will be left with a choice between Steven Crab and Theresa May.

    Theresa May – that USA/EU/Globalist puppet wins the day and Britain either NEVER invokes Article 50 or she does and negotiates terms that are 26 times more damaging to the UK than Britain’s current membership of the EU.

    The EU sign TTIP, TISA and CETA and Goldman Sachs lawyers take judicial control of the ECJ.

    Some Rich, but Anonymous folks hired a really expensive legal team who took a case to court today demanding that Article 50 cannot be invoked without an Act of Parliament….. I guess the clients need anonymity because if the little people knew it was the UK Government, the EU, USA and CIA taking the case to court, it wouldn’t look democratic at all.

    Will May come out of the closet now?

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