POST BREXIT UK: Camerlot revealed as out of touch, so liberal press goes out of mind

Me22616I don’t really understand why, but once the Indie became ‘I’ and moved online, some genius in this imploding construct forgot to load the facts into the removal van. The Indie now is not just divorced from Reality, it has hastily remarried Falsehood. It is become Virtual Fantasy. There is no market in this gap.

Will the propaganda ever stop? Tom Peck in this morning’s Independent:


Peck’s first point was glaringly obvious. The second is pure supposition and, on the whole, highly unlikely. The next phrase – ‘The racist genie now running the streets with wild abandon” is a fantasy: since Brexit, the total number of racists attacks and abuse ‘surged’ from 37 to 52. The new total is 0.00008% of the UK population. The final phrase could perhaps be true, but ex cathedra assertion simply isn’t enough.

The name of the newspaper is The Independent.Given its ownership, it should change its name to Iskra.

This isn’t journalism, it’s inflammatory bollocks. I think BoJo is a slimeball too, but I have good reasons plus years of research to back it up.

Liberal Britain has gone insane. ‘Camerlot shown to be out of touch, liberal-left vows to be out of its mind’.

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24 thoughts on “POST BREXIT UK: Camerlot revealed as out of touch, so liberal press goes out of mind

  1. Political correctness – enforced self-censorship through bullying and indoctrination – is well on the way to scuppering our language and ability to communicate effectively. The method in their madness is easy enough to see but the level of insanity, the dogged determination to manufacture and promote fantasy, is bewildering.

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  2. The manipulators and puppet meisters have become too clever for their own good. I do believe they have scored an own goal over Brexit to have a result so totally unexpected that they are fast losing the plot. The serfs were never expected to think for themselves after a daily diet of propaganda and outright lies for months. Did horse face ride into town to .pass on Langley’s instructions? Can the PWB regain the plot and ascendancy? Is the EU scuppered? This gripping tale from the other side of the looking glass has plenty of meat left in it yet!

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  3. So I’ve been in the UK the last few days. In London I heard three young lawyers moaning about the racist thick idiots up north who had been so cruel and stupid that they needed counselling for the shock – paid for by the government – none of who I would say were actually born in the UK. Then there was the young Italian waiter who was 100% behind Brexit and said the only reason he was here was because his own country was on the scrap heap and he was mighty angry that they had not had proper elections for the last three PMs and the EU and Euro. Then there were my friends who could not accept that the main reason that most people voted for Brexit was not anti-immigration – not helped it has to be said by DC’s comments. Mind you when I said another recession was due they felt I must be wrong and that talking about recessions caused them??? What we have is curious mix of emotions with many people seemingly going through some form of personal crisis. The political shenanigans have not helped but what can you expect? The world appears to have changed against all expectations. But part of the problem in sorting all this out will be the emotional baggage attached to a large number of people who have a very peculiar view of the world and their place in it.

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  4. The Indy and the Grauns reporting has been so far based in whipping up hysteria it is absurd. Economic disaster looms at every turn and the KKK are roaming the streets lynching anyone that can’t sing “God save the queen” backwards.

    It’s even more absurd given the Guardian is currently in a revenue drive for people to sponsor their “editorial”.

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  5. Looks like everything will be blamed on the BREXIT we are such naughty children in the UK.

    My only amazement is they built a pile of unstable sh^t through financial manipulation and then when it crumbles they blame it on somebody else. Bail ins and capitol controls next if this blows, 150 billion euros and that’s just to stop the bank run makes Greece look tiny. Italian banking system even after having a technocrat for a number of years was only using his pompous weigt to hold it together and crossing his legs like Carney. Was not good enough you needed to dig in and rip the bad stuff out starting a couple of years ago and why the UK politicians have failed … they addressed none of the issues of the EU or in fact the UK.

    Italy does have a fallback perspective though AIIB they are a member, the EU is toast though definitely not on the AIIB membership list. Was BREXIT chosen to be the 23rd of June because a day later the AIIB has its annual meeting? You can imagine the gossip there but it did save an emergency meeting later.

    Issue number one for the EU is not the BREXIT it is the sovereignty of a UK parliament and more and more people are waking up to what has been hidden for decades, actually centuries. UK parliament is sovereign and has precedence over everything else and all the EU legislation and no parliament can bind any future one.

    Somebody has been lying to the EU about our position in this world and telling lies probably for personal gain.

    In fact our sovereignty allows us to rip up all the junk legislation of the EU and ignore it yet our politicians run around saying they can’t. No my son, YOU CAN and no more of this it is all the EU’s FAULT. It is the fault of the UK parliament not operating in the best interests of the the UK people … I could actually call the UK people a more defining name that really shoves it to the EU.

    Today JW I smile, for the first time in a long while I now smile … it is all officially bollocks :-) Good bollocks though off to wander the UK realm with the dog.


  6. A lot of the reported increase in ‘hate crimes’ has included telephone calls to the Police complaining about Nigel Farage. As in this local newspaper says:

    Nationally, it’s been an increase on their main online platform. Needless to say the media has only concentrated on incidents involving migrants to prove their racist meme. Of course, for most Remainers who are complaining, ‘white on white’ incidents don’t count as they aren’t ‘racist’ even if they are ‘hating’ Farage.

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  7. It is interesting to see the response of the ´Intellectual elite’ to Brexit. James Traub (of is a prize example. He states that the polictical schism, that Brexit exposed, is no longer ‘Left versus Right’ but the ‘Sane versus the Mindlessly Angry’. A leading politician here iin the Czech Republic alnd a well known journalist both agree that the referendum should not have been put to the people because understanding the issues is beyond the capacity of he average voter.
    So, it is clear that if you do not agree with the self-appointed ‘Enlightened Ones’, you are either a racist, a bigot, a little englander or insane or all of the above.
    This is a clear insult and I am insulted but I am not changing my mind.

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  8. I think you’re right to identify the Independent (and Evening Standard)’s owner as being a malevolent force. He is very close to Gove-Johnson. Although quite where that triumvirate stands now will be interesting.


  9. @ swiveleyed
    The skill of singing the national anthem backwards is not the most appropriate test. A better plan would be to ask them simply to sing Verse 6 in all its glory, as a reminder of the real issues.


  10. The anecdotal evidence suggests that the vote to leave has provided encouragement to racists, although there doesnt appear to have been an increase in physical attacks. The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere between the Indy’s “wild abandon” and your “total bollocks”. There seems to be more of this kind of thing going on, most of which is almost certainly unreported.


  11. @Hiero You have put the cosh on the bosh served up as PC. Primary schools asking pupils what gender/mix they want to be….. compulsory courses for teachers on something like “How to recognise and welcome people of other sexual persuasions in order to normalise, er, erm, alternative family values” …… No problem with being LGBT, after pubertal experiment. This whole dumming down Common Purpose crap is part of the Kalergi Plan. But maybe there is some room for hope…… my daughter worked in an inner city girls comprehensive, 90% non-Christian…… and with permission coached a pupil choir to put on a Christmas Carol concert, loved by all.

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  12. The Independent is Animal Farm in miniature. Set up by journalists to break away from the excesses of Fleet Street, it gradually lost its way until it became a poor third rate version of the papers it abhorred, in terms of playing fast and loose with the truth to serve certain political imperatives…….


  13. I think that the Independent and Grauniad should be banned from the interweb as they are invading my safe space, making me feel frightened, threatened and very upset.

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  14. Lest They forget….article 21 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

    Article 21
    (1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
    (2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.
    (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

    Appears there are moves afoot from all quarters to change the basis for our democracy. Time to remind them that the House of Commons is exactly that. Common people elected by the common people to represent us, not Them. They don’t get to ‘de-select’ us, we get to vote them out. They have no authority or mandate otherwise.

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  15. I should mention that there is a tabloid size ‘i’ newspaper in daily popular circulation.
    That the Independent newspaper supported my opposite view – Remain ( I supported LEAVE as you know)

    Many people consider the publication second only to the FT – but you know me, I like to give my own view which is always out of touch, disingenuous and wrong. Add a twist of hate, jealousy, envy and season with insult, and you get the John Ward cocktail.


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