Between the lines, George keeps stringing us along


A statement made from the Treasury and rubber bands and glue by the Chancellor while most people were asleep this morning.

Over the last few days, I have been assessing the situation going forward since the British People’s democratic decision – and I respect that decision – to ruin everything I’ve achieved over the last six years. This is a democracy and I am proud of that fact, but all the hard work this Government has done to miss every deficit target, add 50% to the National Debt, shrink the manufacturing sector and reduce wage levels and hours worked will now come to nothing.

Thankfully, I and my Treasury colleagues had prepared full contingency plans for the possibility of voters getting it wrong, and that explains why I and hundreds of other civil servants have been running about like headless blue-arsed chicken flies over the last few days, unlike those merchants of hate who chose to play cricket instead.

During these exhausting days, many of us have gone without sleep to save the country we love; and so to ensure that things continued to run smoothly with a hint of megalomania, I have been in constant touch with businesses throughout the country. Young and aggressive entrepreneurial suppliers like Mr Delbert Winstanley of Railton Rd Brixton, repeated massages from Lady Fishnet-Bigwhip, and suppliers of fine libations like Lafitte & Bethune: all these have played their part.

But now all that preparation is in place, and I say to the world once again, “Britain is open for business: big business, funny business and monkey business, it makes no difference: we’re here with the brown envelopes and offshore idylls if you’re there with the tartan paint”.

Volatility will be with us for some time, and so we are proposing to control that in various ways. First of all, David Cameron has resigned to let someone else face the bullets, while secondly, I am working very closely with bankers Johnson Gove & Lizard to ensure that Article 50 is not invoked until 2030, if ever. Third, Frau Doktor Mirakle of Germany has usefully asked her colleagues in the Commission to give Britain lots of time to consider the mistake it has made with a view to rerunning the Referendum at a time of mutual convenience. Fourth, my media advisors Switchsell Research have launched a petition to nullify last Thursday’s result, and while respecting that result, I myself have signed the petition several hundred times. And finally, many of the Party’s leading mediocrities will engage in a bitter struggle to unite the Conservatives under a new leader, which may or may not be me….it all depends on whether this morning’s bid to look like a tough, weatherbeaten helmsman evokes support or ribald laughter.

But let me clear about this: I love my country, its gritty determination in the face of dashed hopes, its activist view of sofa callisthenics, and its tolerance. We must now unite and put an end to hate forever by whatever means possible, starting with the arrest of the UKIP Executive on a charge of non-violent extremism leading to the brutal murder of Jo Cox.

I will not see Great Britain turn into a nation of hateful Xenophobics. Our hate in the Government will as always be reserved for uppity 1950s Women justifiably deprived of State pensions, the disabled, the unemployed, State education, the Health Service and anyone who asks me an awkward question at the end.

And so, let us steel ourselves to our task, and follow the uniting examples of both the Labour and Conservative Parties who between them have worked tirelessly to make Britain what it is today. So that – looking back fifty years from now – our genetically modified grandchilden can say, “This was my bid for power”. Or graded grains make finer flour, or he kept his powder dry in a locked fridge. Or something.

Thank you

At the weekend Slog: The greatest protest against self-interested failure in history

64 thoughts on “Between the lines, George keeps stringing us along

  1. I see the back stabbing ,bankrupt,grabber of the mace ,never right on anything,corpse called Heseltine has called for a 2nd referendum. Democracy? What democracy?

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  2. JW, why did you leave out the bit about Leave voters being ordered to hand over their first born at collection centres in order for their blood to be drunk by vampiric bankers? Not on grounds of good taste or squeamishness surely?

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  3. Democracy, what democracy, the world is run by the elite. Big Brother has now locked us into room 101 for a bit of roughening up. After they’ve knocked out a few teeth, we will be given a nice new set of dentures and we’ll be happy to do as we’re told. Question is, who’s playing O’Brien?

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  4. I propose stripping voting rights from those who call for a second referendum.

    As they don’t believe in democracy, they should learn what life is like without it.

    I also believe in telling all those Londoners to emigrate to Euro-land as the opportunities there are obviously so brilliant. I’m talking about all the ones who came here from Euro-land to destroy their life prospects by working 18hrs a day for £1 an hour living 50 to a square metre. Whereas in Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Naples they were earning £15 an hour, living alone in a two-bed apartment and building a munificent pension pile before the age of 30.

    I ask all the Europeans to build their own futures back home because back home is so superior to racist, xenophobic, backward-looking Britain. Always has been and always will be.

    I’m sure the Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian Governments will provide free flights home and a three month ‘soft landing package’ involving all expenses paid job searching. After that, you’re on your own scrounging in the rubbish bins for food like the rest of the Athenian reprobates……

    I doubt the French would do that, as the French would only do that for the Scots wishing to move south for a life in the sun……as they need an army of anti-English rentagobs for the propaganda war ahead.

    Finally, I expect the Germans to provide half a million UK passport holders with jobs in their car industry. They can lay off all their German workers, as they are lazy, good-for-nothing time wasters who need shipping to Bucharest to work at levels suitable for their kind of sub-human arachnoid species.

    Because if you won’t, tariffs for German cars to the UK will be 50% of the purchase price. So we’ll all be driving Jaguars instead of BMWs in future…….

    Shame that the BBC wouldn’t allow this sort of satire any more. I was thinking of a programme called ‘Not the Dimbleby Views’….perhaps I should take it to Archie Norman at ITV instead??

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  5. The DT is clearly part of the Establishment Fix.

    During the campaign it carried out ‘online polls’ on the Remain/Leave question and regularly polled 70 – 80% of its ‘voters’ for ‘Leave’.

    Today it is polling on Should there be a Second Referendum and it is running 70:30 in favour of that.

    How can the DT possibly call itself an upholder of democracy??

    And when is Charles Moore going to resign on principle from that utterly shameless organ of anti-democratic corporatist oligarchy??

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  6. What democracy ? There is no democracy is there ? … the mechanism is no longer what we thought it was.

    I see it as a way to moderate and arbitrate, get the best decision that satisfies the most and does not require fighting to achieve.

    There are those like government who have corrupted it to propose something, pretend it is good for you then after the vote comes in run round applying it to take all they can.

    So what is good for us next government? What do you propose … not voting in a pointless vote! Another referendum? Not interested and please do not call it BREMAIN we are in BHOLD so it can be called BIN or BOUT now and what % to win 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% now apply the same measure to the parliamentary elections.

    Not one of them could get elected! No where near the 50% over the line.

    With all the shennanigans over the last few weeks I prepped for the words for when you are called a racist by the left rephrase it for them “multicutural racist mate get it right”. Why, well you have white, black, brown racists … any color you want racist but muliticultural you would hate everything you are not, in this case multicultural means everything inverted means you are not a racist.

    So I am a mulicultural racist of the BREXIT camp now, a new tribe formed by the concept of using a vote, to achieve an aim we might not even realise what is happening. I expect big shakes this week because the stage has been prepared we just need the actors to begin.

    This mind warp distortion of all reality is going to end with a short sharp shock not the protracted affair can see it coming.

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  7. ‘ The condition on which God has given Freedom to Man is eternal Vigilance’, attributed to John Philpott Curran.

    We need vigilance now more than ever. JW was correct when he warned shortly after the Brexit result that there would be moves by the elite to undermine or negate the result.
    The elite have taken the little people for granted for near 60 years.They believe that by the use of their mind numbing, dumbing down education system and with the complicit MSM, they can control the instinct of people for a fair share of the fruits of their labour and a say in how the country is run and by whom.
    It certainly worked for the younger generation, 18-25 , where the turn-out was in the region of 36%. I guess they had their heads buried in their Iphones ,unaware of the importance of the referendum vote.
    Most certainly 16 million non-voters had their heads stuffed up their rear ends and carried on, blightly unaware of the single most important vote to affect them for hundreds of years.
    A campaign is needed to insist on implementation of Article 50 and commence the withdrawal process from the EU tout-suite.
    The referendum has taught us that the main Political Parties,who all supported Bremain,, do not represent the will of the majority of the electorate. hence they cannot be trusted to carry out the will of the people.
    A simmering uneasiness and discontent with Govt has rumbled to the surface. This force can only be quietened if their is real change. The other more violent option,brings only destruction.
    Their is much consternation in the political and financial halls of power. The lion has woken and roared, it has frightened them and demonstrates clearly that when the people are in motion ,no power can stop them.
    The new age of internet communication assists in the dissemination of real information and has been the catalyst for this peaceful revolution of the people. Let us hope it is not again ignored by our elected representatives.
    The people know what they want, our political representatives plainly suffer from a communication problem with the will of the people.
    The patience of the electorate will not suffer anymore dissembling on the exit from EU. Cameron to the end has played politics and passed the poison chalice of Article50 to his successor, which will take 3 long months to decide. The game is afoot to rob us of our democratic decision to exit the EU. Alarm bells should be ringing. There will be much distraction,deception,division,deceit in the months ahead, all tools of the propagandists.
    We have awoken but be aware at all times.

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  8. I just live the irony that a petition launched in May by a Brexiter, hoping to invalidate a narrow victory by the ‘Remainers’ is now being used by the said ‘Remainers’ to nullify the referendum.
    In any case, Parliament must decide whether to respect the result of the referendum and I suspect that a case is being whipped up to give the ‘Remain’ parliamentarians a cover to reject the result, in the best interests of their constituency.
    What I would find interesting is if the political paralysis caused by the vote results in early elections, with each major party fielding ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ candidates simultaneously. That would be something.

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  9. I think you should put David Lammy Labour MP for Tottenham under the microscope. He calls this a stupid decision which means that 17.4M citizens are by implication stupid. He is a leading light in collecting signatures for non acceptance of the referendum – some 80 thousand fake at the last count. This is in keeping with his misuse of expenses in his attempt to become mayor of London (fined £5000 ) His expenses scam ( 2nd home ) etc. whilst helping the poor in his constituency,
    Simply put ‘ roast him ‘ .

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  10. Georgie porgie pudding and pie,
    Sniffed a line till it made him cry,
    All the Queens horses and all the Queen’s men,
    Were quite possibly stoned too.

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  11. read this on face book
    Don’t waste time and energy about getting “Article 50 action” going – not if you want a quick Exit! . You are all being deliberately diverted away from the truth about the Legal Quick Exit Route which has been enshrined in Law since 1965 – yes, that’s right – 8 years before we joined the EEC. It’s called an “Emergency Order In Council” – and the current metro-Elite and brown-nosing “Sir Humphreys” would much rather that the Electorate doesn’t know about it! The referendum is purely “Advisory”. The Laws will not change quickly, – unless the Electorate forces the political Elite to ask for an Order In Council to repeal the “1972 European Communities Act, as Amended” which is the “enabling Legal Instrument” for everything EU-related which followed it.
    Under arrangements made to cope with a devolution of government administration to the 6 Regional Seats Of Government during a possible nuclear war involving an attack on the UK , – AND NEVER ALTERED SO THAT THEY ARE STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND; – all that is required is a Quorum of 3 Privy Councillors, and the Lord President Of The Council, and Her Majesty at the end of phones in a conference call. “The Order gains legal force and effect the minute after Her Majesty approves it”, – down the phone*. [* This process was originally designed to allow very quick decision making and authorization during an Soviet attack on the UK which might drive the Government and the Crown to evacuate out of London].
    The Establishment – which is now deeply involved in “damage control” – would rather that the Electorate is not aware that the Severance process could be so quickly managed. All the civil servants, political figureheads, Lawyers and Lobbyists who derive all- or part- of their incomes from EU-related activities/Associations/Groups or Quangoes – would “scream” at being excluded from the process – because that would take work out of their hands; – but they should be ignored, when the EU is bleeding Britain dry at the rate of GB£Millions per hour!
    If that GB£18.2 Billion annual figure is correct – that is another GB£36.4 Billion of YOUR money that will be paid to the EU while the metro elite and their lawyers and civil servants, and lobbyists wafle – and why would they worry? It won’t be coming from THEIR bank accounts!
    Turning-off the “Money Valve to the EU” is the most urgent matter of all!

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  12. For what it is worth the alternative media is claiming that the exploding 2nd referendum petition was hi-jacked by which has been downloading names from unlikely places all over the world as a prank. Apparently the near 40,000 names from the Vatican City alone should have given the game away and the BBC would have seen this if they had actually checked it out.

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  13. Dear All

    Apologies for some of the spelling errors in my stenography of Little Nobsore’s predawn speech today. Only, the Colombian marching flour got him gabbling like a Groucho Club regular, and I couldn’t keep up.
    They’ve been duly corrected.
    Now I think it’s time we stopped debating this re-run petition, and had a referendum about it. That way, we can vote to ignore something designed to ignore the first referendum, and then get up a petition to stop having petitions we know full well the Establishment will ignore anyway….and then the Left will say we need a third referendum because the wicked Leavers ignored the first petition, and the stupid voters didn’t try hard enough to vote Remain in the first referendum.
    At the end of this process, Britain’s major industry will be voting, and we can profitably export it until every citizen of every country in the world has voted to have no more voting because too much voting makes you blind.
    And that’s how democracy and all its mistakes can be done away with, and the élites can take full responsibility for getting things wrong on our behalf.


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  14. John falls for it also! the debt has doubled it isn’t 50% bigger than when your measuring from unless you start at what it is today and not were it was when they came to power .ie 1 is 50% of 2 but 2 is 100% of 1 and since we started at 1,remember your physics lessons when you added weights to the spring and measured it ability to stretch? ,well neoliberals are trying to start the equation from the position of the spring at its present position of full stretch and not its starting position! but hey its good propaganda because it sounds much better!

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  15. Boris in the DT this morning………’It is said that those who voted Leave were mainly driven by anxieties about immigration. I do not believe that is so.’

    So it begins, the softening up of all those who actually believed that Boris and Co were actually for Brexit and not using the whole referendum process as a means for gaining entry into Downing Street, I personnaly will believe Brexit when I see it.

    What we have unfolding in front of us are the two main parties fighting over the remnants caused by the Brexit vote, none of this is being done for the nation as it should 100% be at this time but simply manoeuvers for positions of power, self aggrandisement is the name of the game, the status quo fighting to retain just that.
    Oh how this country needs someone to break the mould for good and put the country first, how anyone can with hand on heart ever vote for either of them again is a total mystery.

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  16. In this so called democracy the majority clearly voted for out. Should MP’s ignore this and overturn the referendum results, or delay implementation of article 50(as was promised by extremely dodgy call me Dave), Where does this leave Parliament, the people and the rule of law?. Surely the ruling elite will have lost legitimacy – an extremely dangerous place to be. We need article 50 invoked and a general election, as the referendum is a massive vote of no confidence in the present MP’s.
    Perhaps the swan song of the monarchy could be to step in to insist on the will of the people being followed.
    Do not hold your breath.
    If the average mp cannot even be trusted with their expenses?What hope is there for the real issues being dealt with honestly?…

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  17. @the ghost. The links provided clearly demonstrate the complexity of our withdrawal and that the time scale inevitably will be prolonged.
    My concern is the legitimacy of a government that acts against the will of the majority. We now have a situation where a referendum result would appear to have no standing unless endorsed by parliament..Should this endorsement not occur within a very short time frame, many may question the primacy of Parliament. At the moment every day the prime minister stalls he is in direct conflict with the will of the people. To my mind he has no validity, neither has his government. Time for an election.

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  18. the squabbling inside the major parties shows they are still more concerned about their own careers rather than the country. Cameron is a coward. He has shown himself to be the PR spiv we knew he was with little or no leadership qualities. Brexit was never about these politicians it was about who controlled the country. The debate is being hijacked when it should be about choosing the negotiating team with Farage on board

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  19. Iain no elections until they remove Corbyn and stop the economic think tank McDonell set up that will conflict with neoliberal teachings!

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  20. On news, is it good or bad?

    The rate of collapse of the pound means we are fast becoming competative to export trade “wicked” because if you had tried to do this upfront on the markets they would all have adjusted to the action. BMW lololol … gasping for air as there future volumes are disapopearing to be replaced by a Rolls Royces at a fracion of the price.

    Another point the UK deficit is at 5.7%, but if Carney prints he inflates the economy will that in relative terms shrink the defcit?
    If it does by rapidly increasing the number we shrunk the rate of growth of debt and no government was going to be able to do this.

    So this BREXIT may end up being an economic restructuring of the awesome kind got to wait and see. People will go oh no that’s not fair the thing is we need a sound base for the economy in or out we are at 100% services and flawed.

    To commenters on voting again, if you do then it reaffirms minority rule because 49% won did they not? Makes a mockery of the whole electoral system. It undermines the whole of society but even though it looks like we are taking a hammering there maybe upsides BREXIT never mentioned. Next vote for a politician if you do not get 70% you are not elected is becoming an important concept.

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  21. gordie Farage should be nowhere near the negotiations he proved he’s a liar and to lazy to turn up! although he like the pay!


  22. Of course they are going to ignore the will of the people, they just haven’t worked out how they’ll get away with yet.
    A long stretch of hot July evenings and a few too many Special Brews and they’ll be tearing the place apart.
    Unless they act decisively and quickly this situation could well deteriorate exponentially and probabaly will.
    Article 50 would have been invoked by now if they had any intention of invoking it.
    Anybody see Merkel’s comment? “We can’t let others ‘Flee’ the EU”.
    First we had Clinton with her ‘freedom contagion’ now, Merkel with ‘flee’.
    And still the penny doesn’t seem to have dropped.

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  23. Boris having been suitably suprised at actually chosing the winning side in the referendum is asked questions on what’s next………………


  24. First rate, sardonic piece ! And I can’t wait for the new pictures from Miss Whiplash. However, I can’t help wondering if Boris Johnson is actually pro EU, and that together, he and Cameron campaigned on opposite sides of the debate, so that, whoever won, they would still be able to manipulate the outcome. Boris simply drags his feet to maintain the status quo, until the public either forgets how they actually voted, or the tories can figure out a way to quietly wheedle their way back into the Euroclub. The tory leadership ‘contenders’ are all buffoons, including the slippery chancellor himself, but the Labour party are in complete disarray, and, as far as their MPs are concerned, largely pro Europe. That leaves Farage and Tim Farron (who?). Be afraid…be very afraid !

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  25. BBC says new PM by September. By then Labour will also have a new leader. PM will have to go to the country at some point to get an electoral mandate just like Gordon Brown had to. TPTB are definitely stalling.

    Last year it was about 10 weeks from the dissolution of parliament on 30 March to the vote. Doubt we’d get a GE until Spring 2017. But by then all the momentum will have gone and we will have lost at least another 9 months or more.

    Let’s see what Cameron says after the EC meeting. Is that tomorrow?

    And anyone else see Junkit is the new meme to get rid of Juncker?

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  26. Merkel has already expressed concern at not receving article 50 herself so that game only has so long.

    For each party to field REMAIN and a LEAVE candidate is not possible the problem with the democracy is that the parties now control it not independant politicians. Once in how do you make them account to the position they took … I can say I want BREXIT means nothing once in power …

    Can’t see how a population can do anything once a liar is elected unless if say 25% of a consituency decide to they can deselect their politician and elect a new one at any time. Now stand, do not represent the will of the constituents then you are deselected. Anybody else want a go?

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  27. See George is off school this afternoon from HoC. Is he powdering his nose?

    This ought to be a Golden DVD.


  28. I’m starting to dislike what I am seeing intensely, the regime hanging on the coat tails of stupid yoof and urban street c**ts says it all.

    It is a regime, it needs to go quietly.

    Re-arranging the deck chairs will make no difference, it’ll still be the good ship EUroprat, destination, destruction of National identity.

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  29. Re Mr Lammy: Is that the same gentleman who was briefed on the question and answers in a quiz show?…. in advance!
    If my memory serves me right …he made a right prat of him self.



    Seeing Cameron with stiff upper lip, facing the British press after the referendum results, I cannot get the image of Alec Guinness as Colonel Nicholson in Bridge over the River Kwai out of my mind.

    Nicholson was endearingly wrong headed, and reliant on rules, regulations, and convention, sweeping the docile camp inhabitants before him with his plans to collaborate with the enemy. Only the na’er do wells and contrarians rebel and escape the camp – and the story ends as the camp commander, Saito, and Nicholson follow the trail of dynamite in dutiful fashion – and are blown to smithereens along with their precious bridge.

    Juncker and Cameron will follow their own trail of dynamite. Corbyn too. They cannot help themselves.

    Along with everyone else, I have been reading and re-reading Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on European Union. The get-out clause.

    1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

    We don’t have a constitution. Ipso, we don’t have a ‘constitutional requirement’.

    Cameron holds the ‘Royal Prerogative’ by which he can declare war and sign international treaties, so presumably he could also revoke an international treaty. Since he has taken his ball and gone home, it is reasonable to ask who holds that power in his place?

    I posed the question on Twitter yesterday ‘who is the deputy Prime Minister’. Nobody knew.

    Scarcely surprising, since we don’t have one, nor have we since Clegg was tapped on the head by the electorate. Is it good enough for Cameron to simply say ‘I’m not doing it – ask the next guy’? What happens if Russia declares war on us – who has the Royal Prerogative finger on the nuclear button? Do we wait until October to decide if we can fire back? Crikey, Ted Heath could do a good sulk, but he never left the country in a state of flux like this.

    2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention.

    How? is the obvious question. There is nothing in the Treaty, and no ‘constitution’ to guide us as to how Juncker expects our message to get to him. Does Brenda pick up the phone? Do we lay a trail of dynamite to the gates of Strasbourg? Cameron is going to a European Council meeting next week – do you seriously think Juncker won’t ask him what he is going to do? How can he answer – ‘Out, but not yet’, ‘In, but only if we have another vote’, ‘Don’t know what my successor will do, or even who he will be, so can’t tell you’?

    What about Scotland? The Scotland Act contains a clause which binds Scotland to act compatibly with EU law – the devolution in Wales and Northern Ireland contained similar strictures – even assuming that Cameron does hold a Royal Prerogative to speak for the Queen and renege on the Treaty of Lisbon, does he have the power to alter their law without their consent or at least consultation?

    It is a ridiculous impasse. Cameron said that in the event of a ‘Leave’ vote ‘the British people would rightly expect’ negotiations to start ‘straight away’. We do so expect.

    We also expect our Prime Minister to govern the country – not have a man sulk.

    We have David Lammy declaring that a ‘democratic majority is nothing’ at all and should be ignored – ‘let’s have a second referendum ’til we get the answer we want’ and Corbyn’s spokesman declaring that even though his shadow cabinet don’t want to work with Corbyn, he remains leader of Labour because the ‘democratic vote of the majority’ mean everything.

    Even the Greek government is less of a shambles than this.

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  31. A liberal Wilsonian, Harold Lasswell, in 1933 wrote
    “We should not succumb to democratic dogmatisms about men being the best judges of their own interests.” They’re not, we are. And since people are too stupid and ignorant to understand their best interests, for their own benefit—because we’re great humanitarians—we must marginalize and control them. The best means is propaganda. There is nothing negative about propaganda, he said. It’s as neutral as a pump handle. You can use it for good or for evil. And since we’re noble, wonderful people, we’ll use it for good, to ensure that the stupid, ignorant masses remain marginalized and separated from any decision-making capacity.


  32. Project Fear has worked well on the younger generation.They see the EU as a lifesaver, not withstanding the
    catastrophic levels of unemployment amongst the young in Club Med countries. It’s sad that they don’t have enough
    self confidence to take up the challenges and opportunities that await them when we finally exit the EU cartel.


  33. @Gordie, Order in Council, how do we start proceedings, John will you lead? And the Kilmuir letter….. and Ted Heath compromised by “Yotty Botty” into signing up for way beyond a rather pleasant Trade Agreement with “Europe”…… apparently admitting in his memoirs that he was fooling Great Britain.


  34. Found this on WUWT, and remarking how the headliners missed this opportunity:- “And Now For Something Completely Different”!!


  35. FFS! Either write stuff that makes sense and cease this utter cr*p that you try to pass as satire. You are no satirist.

    You are an old, bitter, twisted man who jumped ship from the land of his birth and now dares to lecture from that true shit++le of the EU, La France.

    TBH, La France and you go very well together. *NEVER* ever trusted by any sensible nation on Earth (or in *your* case – sensible reader) and full of absolute merde right up to your eyebrows.

    As the man once asked, M. Ward, “Sont vos yeux bruns?”

    “Pourquoi?” you asked.

    “Parce que vous êtes plein jusqu’à ici avec de la merde!” he replied as he raised his hand above his eyebrows.


  36. Oh Erica!!

    i do apologise . I am just a fueled advertising man even though I boast of great achievements that have never been verified at the time of aliens
    My speciality and highest achievement was making a commercial for chocolate biscuits for slimmers. That just fuelled the obesity problem that we have today.
    Anyway, just as I tell you how I see the world ( through bigoted uninformed blue eyes- photoshopped above) my medications do distort my true thoughts. But do keep giving the feedback folks.
    You read it here first. I am a disingenuous old fool with nothing better to do than scribble rubbish about the land of my birth and my family ancestors to get my kicks.must i go and mow the grass now.?? ohh sodd it.
    A la revoire old friends.


  37. All the articles, all the news, all the stories the theme by all politicians is we are going to be made to stay in the now EU Federation … That is where all this is going now and the end officially declared by the EU commission.

    The laws are alien to me, there is no democracy, I have had no part in its creation yet I am to be incarcerated within it a free person in a federation of captivity. Can you sense the blood raging? The anger fermenting? This is going to be do or die for a number who all feel the same.

    At this point the economics of it all mean nothing for freedom of mind has no price.

    Goodnight all.

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  38. Meanwhile … in old blighty a big ‘dumbass” horsefaced nazicowboy was paying us a little visit to hand out bribes to British MP’s and remind us all that,although we have been sent to the ‘back of the bus’ we are still america’s little bitch.

    While over on Eurolalaland the EU Reichsfuhrer had this little gem to share :-

    Herr Schulz: “The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.

    Yessiree, we made a big mistake dumping these donkeys. Clearly the voters were wrong. Yep.


  39. Good morning All
    I’m selling my underpants today. Hope to make a fart in them first.
    My pension, shares and house price values are now trashed thanks to your following my advise.
    Enjoy your day.
    No one reads my or your scribbles, so why bother?
    Go on, have another drink.


  40. Lasswell also wrote “The Psychology of Politics” in which he recommended 2+ years of Freudian psychoanalysis before any legislator was allowed to even stand for Parliament or Congress.
    He was much in fashion during my Uni years in the 1960s. I gained the strong impression he was a sort of well-meaning Hobbesian.
    It is certainly true that democratic politics is the only calling (hahaha) where every opinion counts….even if 50% don’t know WTF they’re talking about or voting for.
    But then, as politicians ignore those opinions after the event, it probably doesn’t matter.
    There are days when I think a benign dictatorship might be the answer, so long as a totally free judiciary guarantees the liberty of every citizen equally. Having the right to say what I like without being judged one of Cameldung’s NVEs is far more precious to me than the ability to vote for a choice of birdbrained sociopaths.


  41. Being a sad person, I read the Grocer’s memoirs and do not remember seeing any reference at all to fooling the UK. Heath was gay for sure, and was let off twice for cottaging in the late 1950s. But he served bravely as an officer in WWII, and was entirely motivated by the desire for a united Europe to end wars in the region forever.
    His was a brave goal and he is much maligned. But he didn’t understand (or like) people very much, and that’s why he was wrong about the EU…..and lost to the Mad Handbag.


  42. Erica
    In know that being Danish is a cross for you to bear, but I’d be grateful if you desisted from hitting the rest of us with it. Your thread breaks a number of commenting rules here, so either control yourself, or Knep dig selv – you will be banned.


  43. Donny darling
    It takes but three seconds to delete your numerous IPs. You will run out of insane bile long before I tire of the joy involved in expunging your somewhat atypical viewpoint.


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