The Vote to leave the EU was a protest against British political failure

Out of touch, out of reach, and out of ideas: the referendum delivered a damning judgement on the British Establishment

mesnipI’m very grateful to Slogger Rhys for sending me a fascinating analysis of where the main density of Vote Leave occurred in the UK. Among several other stunning insights, the study shows a high correlation between old Labour heartlands full of long term unemployed, and very high levels of Brexiteer support. The authors talk of feedback suggesting strongly that many people in these areas accepted that in or out of the EU would make little difference to their plight, but they relished the chance to ‘stick it’ to an Establishment responsible for decades of political failure.

As so often happens in this game, the email plonked into my inbox at a time when I was struggling to make several strands and dimensions of the referendum – division, ideology, bitterness, tribalism and so forth – add up to something. I now see that what it added up to was a condemnation of failure.

Boris Johnson was busy yesterday intoning in that pompously affected manner he has when dishing out undeserved praise for “this great nation of ours”. He did it throughout an Olympic games during which almost everything he got involved in produced a private sector cockup, and his guest of honour slot was disgracefully given to Rupert Murdoch – perhaps the single greatest malign influence upon our culture over the last half century.

He droned on about “not being hasty” on Article 50, about “democracy having prevailed”, and “the confidence of the British People”. Like almost every Westminster pillock during the campaign, BoJo was awarding himself points for the high turnout.

Democracy did indeed prevail, but its main objective was to say to pcers, Thatcherites, Blairites, neoliberals and other misguided ideological High Priests, “You have failed”.

In both this country and among those who unwisely intervened from abroad, the charge of failure is richly deserved.

Every fresh hope for a brighter British future since 1975 has been dashed. Thatcher turned out to be an anti-social, destructive force for commercial dishonesty and rampant materialism, Blair a smiling psycho who enriched himself at our expense, Clegg an empty apparatchik who got into Number 10 and fell asleep, and Cameron a soi-disant One Nation Conservative whose definition of The Nation was anyone with a white collar criminal record. Corbyn burst through after Labour’s 2015 LGBT débacle, but went in six months flat from breath of fresh air to a man farting right-on platitudes with the repetitive skills of a latter-day Monsieur Petomain.

Obama ended eight years of Uncle Tom arse licking by flying in to tell us there was no loyalty on offer from Washington. George Osborne rounded off six years of recreational sniffing with appalling tax-increase threats. Guy Verhofstadt gloated as the Pound fell, all the while carefully stuffing some more Greek carpertbagger dollars into his capacious bum-pocket. The generally effective and peace-enhancing EEC Jekyll drank some Juncker potion and turned into a foot-stomping EU Hyde. And Hillary Clinton went to State and became a drone-using, bomb-dropping witch.

And all the while, the more the great neoliberal experiment turned out to be alchemy in search of phlogiston, the more it was praised to the heavens. The more people went to University, the less likely they were to have a job. And the more the “recovery” was declared to be on the way, the further away it got.

Sixty years of failure were encapsulated for me in the rape of 1950s womens’ State pensions under Camerlot. It wasn’t just that successive Governments had preferred venal promises to preparation: it was the slimey, rewritten “history” they spun forward to put the blame on those who’d been mugged; the way they insisted there was “no alternative” when Whitehall State pensions were 15 x bigger than those for the citizens; the arrogance of Stephen Crabb in refusing to even meet the WASPI representatives; and above all, the unwillingness of one single person in the political class involved in the heist to accept responsibility for the destitution of women promised a pension at 60 for nearly 50 years of their lives.

Harking back to the report I quoted at the start of this post, I would estimate that – in the light of what they experienced – 200+ extra WASPI votes went to Leave to my personal knowledge. That such was typical is backed up by the demographic bulge of support for Brexit among those aged 55-75.

Political waste and incompetence – and Whiteminster’s 0% awareness of responsibility for it – has removed hope from the lives of vast swathes of Britons. It has been achieved via an injudicious troika of redundant ideology, personal corruption, and uncaring sociopathy.

When Boris Johnson talks airily about “a bright new future” he is as usual full of the smelly stuff. A huge proportion of Brexiteers voted Leave to reduce the number of leeches on their backs. They voted out of anger at the Left’s inability to discuss immigration without making it a race issue, and the Right’s lies about creating real jobs. They voted, to be crude, as a way of fucking up those whose consistent stupidity and spin has fucked them up. They didn’t vote for a better future, Boris: they voted knowing they have no future. They voted to record your failure.

I love it when the Leninsparts come onto the Slog’s comment thread to inform me of how stupid, blind, naive and terrible we all were for voting Brexit. I laugh at their patronising “warnings” about how I’ve let in Johnson and Murdoch and the Barclays. A swift perusal of this site would reveal in under five minutes that I’ve been vilifying all three for the last seven years.

They too simply cannot grasp how out of touch they are, and how far behind the music their cacophony of wounded intolerance is. Because they are incapable of doing what I and millions like me did: engage with people we might not like much, in order to create a united Front against a far greater evil.

We are now over the first hurdle and on the way to ridding ourselves of one evil. The assumption of the Murdochite Gove-Johnson fanatics is that they will walk into that void with consummate ease. They are already trying to freeze Farage out of the transition process of Brexit, and delaying things on Article 50 in order to get their ducks in a row for a Tory Party leadership election. The VoteLeave mob never had any intention of giving the UKIP leader any power: we all knew that too. They think they have used UKippers and others among the Disenfranchised to enable them to continue doing God’s work. They could not be more wrong: already, many in the Tory ranks are preparing to show Boris that Naughty Uppity Fags shall be caned.

But the hurdle having been cleared with a fraction of a hoof to spare, that United Front must be declared null and void. The gloves – and all bets – are off. If you think I knocked my nuts off over the last five months just to let Newscorp and Wall Street take over the running of Britain, then you need psychiatric help. Or put another way, you’re a Labour Remaindeer.

In the last few hours, the dam of drivel seems to have burst. Platitudes about “uniting behind our new direction” are being floated upon those swollen bilge-waters, including a remarkably insane effort from Diane Abbot who thinks the country “should now unite behind Jeremy Corbyn”. Dear dippy Diane, she’s in danger of becoming a national treasure: Jezzer voted remain, Di ducky…and faces a No Confidence motion from his own Party. Asking us to unite behind him is on a par with asking Britain to unite behind Napoleon in 1815.

The reality – as I and thousands of other bloggers predicted – is that Britain is about to have at least six months of anarchic political bun-fighting. Labour and the Conservatives are each split three ways. VoteLeave and LeaveOfficial have fallen out. Farage is incandescent with rage about being bounced out of the transition, and ignored by Johnson. Osborne has lost his biggest ally. Hunt is already sucking up to the Tory Brexiteers. There are petitions for this and petitions for that. And the first stage of globalist revenge – the world’s stock and Forex markets – will begin on Monday…that alone could change  everything.

Bring it on. And while you’re at it, mention to the WASPI Executive that there has never been a better time for them to hit the Treasury/DWP Empire hard. I’m not sure the ladies on it keep up with events to quite the same extent as the rest of us.

Earlier at The Slog: The unconscious bond between Camerlot & the Corbynistas

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  1. Yes, I too have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be a whiz-bang Monday on what they term ‘the markets’.

    Have a restful weekend.


  2. According to a link from slogger Chris on your previous piece:-
    “………the new government petition is actually old, dating from before the Referendum”. Does anyone know if this is true?

    It goes on to mention that “if you go to the petition map you can see where most signatures are coming from: London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton…yes, you get the idea: a student/millennial/snowflake brigade are on a mission”

    Has anyone yet pointed out that most of the 75% of young people in favour of Remain would have been subject to heavily biased pro-EU indoctrination throughout their formative school years (all materials provided by the EU “free” of course). It was an integral part of the school curriculum. How could they have had much idea of what was really going on in Brussels? And now they apparently feel betrayed and are hugely resentful that the rest of the country have “jeopardised their future” ….. hasn’t anyone taught them that everyone is at the mercy of the “wrong” democratic decision? Or how patiently we Brexiters have waited for the “right” decision to come our way.

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  3. JW, I believe you are spot on in your analysis of the ‘stick it to them’ element of the Leave vote. There are many other factors as well; racial intolerance is, hopefully, a relatively minor one but needs to be countered sensibly by enlightened discussion and not by demonisation. A profound disappointment in the drift to neoliberalism of the EU from its socially democratic past caused many to vote to leave – would you join the EU in its present form? I could go on listing for and against factions. There is, however, a bigger picture to consider. All of the political, economic and social institutions that ‘we in the west’ (to borrow a Maggyism) have come to take for granted since 1945 have been based on 3% per year economic growth. That has stopped – the only argument can be over the year it happened. Let us agree on 2008 at the latest. The fallout will destroy, or force the fundamental reshaping, of most of those institutions. To a great extent whether the UK is in or outside the EU is irrelevant.
    At its simplest; 3% growth meant all boats floated higher, although some floated much higher than others. The tide is receding fast, an increasing number of boats are stuck in the mud and resentment is building against those still afloat. This is as much a cause of the Leave vote as anything else. We now need a period of calm during which the Powers That Be reflect upon what the vote for Brexit really signifies. In my opinion corporate globalism has failed. That particular can may be kicked further down the road but at the steadily rising risk of much less civilised and potentially more violent protest than the Brexit vote. Will the ruling elite take notice? Will we move to a greatest good for the greatest number future? I think it will depend upon how many people recognise the true nature of what is happening and how determined they are to fight for a better future.

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  4. This is kind of the twilight referendum – no side BREMAIN or BREXIT is prepared to lose so democracy does not work then?

    When you have a vote you can’t keep going back to it because there is always winners and losers and the idea behind a democracy is that 51% or more take the day. Seems the BREMAIN in their ideological training were not taught democracy … wow not surprised though the EU does not have it on the curriculum and why they kind of indicated they wanted a fast exit so they can get to work on those left to ensure it does not happen again. No moderation again, you do as they say or get lost.

    To have a referendum on the same subject is to confirm the UK has lost democracy when 95% of parliament can no longer represent the population and has not done so for a long time. Democracy is broken a sad day.

    We were so mind f^cked to expect the BREMAIN from the MSM most people were in shock on BREXIT too, in both camps the BREMAIN in tears, the BREXIT well for me it was so not expected I had to just keep reading to be sure. Still believe this result was the highest they could get within the margin of error for the fraud in London the largest weighted area by votes. If that was the case then even the strength in London is not as strong as they thought.

    To allow another vote with the level of suspected government fraud we need stringent election techniques … no electronic or postal votes all must be in person and 100% must comply with a valid ID. Yeah, disabled people, a person visits to record their vote I said everybody can be no exclusions. If everybody votes there are no votes unused to be fraudulently cast … I like that. Maybe the Aussie compulsary system of voting has a suprise benefit especially with the other checks.

    PS BREMAIN so you know I only want one thing … the bit you don’t like in the above by the way “democracy at the highest level in the EU” and we can do this over and over I ain’t budging because 2 many people died to give it to me and if I must die to preserve it then it will be worth every drop of my blood. To join an institution that offers a lessor form of democracy than the one I have is not a democracy, it never was. Go look at what MEP’s can and cannot do, they cannot quote verbatim the TTIP agreement because a republic of Ireland MEP revealed the dirty little secret. You want that you go live there okay I won’t stop you.

    For all BREMAIN kiddies to young go look at what the EU is and then realise why the democracy part is non negotiable.

    Give me democracy, it is easy you would think at the highest level and I can be BREMAIN. I don’t think you can it requires a sacrifice by those who created the EU project and they are not prepared to turn it into the fully blossomed democracy. It could be awesome if they did … but hey in this life some things are not allowed.

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  5. Well said, and thank you for your 6 months of reasons to leave. Incredible result, a shit storm ahead but the first glint of hope for a long, long time

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  6. @Mark D
    This is part of a comment from another site re. the Petition – “They have organised a parliamentary petition and it would appear at least one person from their camp has encouraged people not eligible to sign to do so anyway. Someone needs to call for each signature to be verified individually before the thing is even accepted, never mind debated. The turnout in some parts of London appear to be improbably high when compared with General Election turnouts, so there may have been an artificial inflating of the ‘remain’ vote anyway”.”


  7. @alexei: Spot on some of my kids were even given diaries which were nothing more than blatant prpaganda for the EU. One of these even had an introduction by the oiliaginous Peter Mandelson extolling the virtues and benefits of the EU. All this paid for with our own money of course.

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  8. Bremain didn’t try to win , in fact positively threw the game; nothing happens by accident. What were the hasbara MPs told to do by their masters? ~We are but pawns at best and inconsequential collateral more likely. If Murdoch is on your side something smells. The bigger picture may be bigger than we know.


  9. Thank you for a concise summation of events up to now. So refreshing to read someone who uses observation and reality to let us benighted types from across the world have an idea of what’s actually going on…(one more inane comment from the local news, especially about how the (wealthier middle class?) young have been betrayed because………..)


  10. The other thing that of course the BBC is pushing for all its worth is that 2.5m ‘democrats’ refuse to accept the result and want a re-run. It’s amazing that when neoliberal economics was imposed on the UK by Londoners, who were the prime beneficiaries, no-one was allowed to stop that, were they?

    It’s amazing that Londoners, who have never lived anywhere else in the main because they couldn’t afford to move back again, consider themselves ‘worldly’, when they are the most insular, arrogant, inward-looking self-serving shysters I’ve ever met. Their view of ‘that’s business’ is continually and publicly trashing organisations that they need to asset strip because they are so much better than the bloated useless London rubbish they represent (I’m talking about Arsenal FC and Leicester City FC the past 3 months in this case, but I could mention a dozen other examples). To me, you get a suitably public, suitably brutal flogging for that kind of behaviour. It’s neither amusing, civilised nor indicative of Londoners being anything other than puerile, useless, bullying scumbag yobboes.

    When it comes to the Referendum itself, you do have to ask if the City would like to re-run it because it’s so amazing a vehicle for creating step changes in wealth. Thursday night was a no-lose situation for traders, because ‘the markets’ had priced in a Remain outcome, so there was no upside to markets and the potential for big ‘crashes’ if Leave were to either win or have a realistic chance of winning early in the night. From a traders’ point of view, you couldn’t have organised it better. The earliest results being in Newcastle and Sunderland, both of whom triggered the ‘panic selling’ of Sterling vs the Dollar; or a rapid hardening of Leave odds on Betfair (where £100m odd was traded on the outcome). There was then a period of an hour or so with no more outlier results vs expectation and the odd London result with a huge Remain vote. Then things played out. If you had to design the perfect asymmetric outcome possibilities for a > 10:1 risk-reward ratio, you couldn’t have organised Brexit better. All you needed was a suitable stop loss and then let the result ride. You would have quickly locked in a zero-loss position and then you could decide how far to let things run before cashing in. If you’d shorted sterling vs the dollar using derivatives, you could have made 100-1000 times your money easily…….in 4 hrs. A 10 cent drop in 4 hrs happens once a decade if you’re lucky.

    Ask yourselves if the City wanted a Remain outcome based on short-term profits and the answer would be No! Ask if they wanted a Remain outcome based on long-term prospects and the answer would be Yes!

    So the Brexit vote equivalent of the Olympic Games corruption (which was to maximise revenues to the construction industry near term using designs ill-suited to legacy use (and hence a need for further contracts to retrofit stadia for legacy mode)) would be to engineer a Brexit vote (to clean up overnight) and then try and rescind it somehow, to retain favourable conditions for trading longer-term.

    It would be extremely cynical to say that that is what happened, but you couldn’t have organised a better fix for the City traders if you’d tried.


  11. Got it in one, John
    The talk as if they’ve had nothing to do with the failures of the past even though it was them that made them – far more removed from this planet than anybody ever thought, hmmmm!


  12. Like it or not – and you will not – the Tories were running this country quite well, given the appalling state of the nation that they inherited.
    Only LABOUR is to blame for BREXIT. The Labour leadership has been non existent for the past 7 years. It seems to attract people who are failures in everything they do or touch. Complete FREELOADERS. Harman exemplifies.
    The people ( encouraged by John Ward’s ignorance) have voted to BREXIT. We will not ever recover the damage.
    Too many chiefs and not enough Indians I’m afraid.
    This country is now terminally sick. Reap what you sow.


  13. No Donny, this country WAS nearly terminally sick; it now has a slight chance of recovering, if we could only find some decent politicians.

    And hey, RTJ1211 – Not so fast with your “Londoners, who have never lived anywhere else in the main because they couldn’t afford to move back again, consider themselves ‘worldly’, when they are the most insular, arrogant, inward-looking self-serving shysters I’ve ever met.”
    As a Londoner born and bred, apart from during the war years, I’ve lived in 4 different countries, speak 3 languages fluently and wouldn’t move back to London if you paid me. I CHOSE to leave to have a better quality and less stressful life. None of my friends who remain are as you describe, some having been involved in the Eurosceptic movement as long as I have, over 25 years. It sounds to me as if you need to widen your sphere of operation.

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  14. You’re way out of it alexei. Enjoy your exile, we don’t need you or your types here.
    The country is now openly DIVIDED . This is new. Even people on the internet are slagging each other.
    Furthermore this website is managed by some people who live in eu, but are prepared to slag off their own country twice a day with destructive criticism of everything they ever had. Not ONCE do we read about what some solutions may be. Just a kick here and stone throwing and scribbling more RUBBISH every single day.
    These people are very SICK and like to make enemies not friends of their fellow human beings.


  15. Alexei, an English person who speaks three other languages is a very rare person indeed. A welcome one, but a rare one.

    As to the problems Britain faces now that it has left the EU, the primary one is, as Alexei suggests, to get some decent politicians. A friend of mine wrote the following:

    This is one of the very few ballots I’ve experienced in which my vote has counted for anything; in Britain’s “first past the post” electoral system, my votes over many elections are usually wasted. But in a referendum, every vote has an equal weight, and it is a pleasant change to experience a ballot which is truly democratic.

    Here in Europe, that “pleasant experience” is the norm for elections – even when considering the US interference wherever it can get its greasy little mits on.

    Britain faces some very real problems, and they are home grown: a stack of debt and the inability to pay it. Much is said about the government’s ability to defraud the markets by printing money to buy their own bonds, which worked well while times were better…

    … the time for action has arrived and the politicians’ pockets – and minds – are empty.

    Just because it’s not in the newspapers doesn’t mean that Britain’s near 8% deficit will be easy to deal with.
    It would have been easier when it was still only 4%, but at the time, the politicians in Westminster were singing “la la la la la”. They still do so now, fingers firmly stuck in ears.

    As Alexei says, “if we could only find some decent politicians” – well that has always been Britain’s problem, hasn’t it?

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  16. Ok, Monday morning UK, markets to open. What do you think hedge fund managers, bankers, fund managers, and corporate finance departments have been doing all weekend furiously but as quietly as possible.
    Where is the risk, It is not the UK. that matter is now settled. Business is not going to die, 91 % of all business in the UK never leaves town let alone goes international.
    The ridiculous notion that the local chippy will get hit by leaving the effin ponzi area is so laughable as to mark those that assert it in any way as certifiable liars.
    Cods wallop you might say.
    But the EU is built on a City of London that has trillions in derivatives spread around the world that are illiquid, tied to securities that are as yet unidentified as to where or who has ultimate title, where cross hedging derivatives tied to Euro Govt bonds are so far out of whack to the underlying fundamentals, supported by nothing more tenuous than a promise to print, in a fake currency that has just been hollowed out far more than anyone realizes despite the fact that the UK is not using the fake voucher, but has such vast swaps and derivatives tied to the humongous ponzi shambles that will become apparent when the realization sets in that Germany is now on the hook, and Germany alone to cover the ballooning bare arse with nothing but a wet tissue and that EU banks are now toast.

    Watch the stoxx600 hit all time lows, watch sovereign yields start their inevitable rise to the stratosphere in the peripherals as Germany’s 30 yr goes negative.

    ProShares UltraShort FTSE Europe (EPV) -NYSEArca
    63.19 Up 11.60(22.48%) Jun 24, 4:00PM EDT

    I certainly expect it to surpass its all time high of 681.60 back in July 2009

    Buy and enjoy, Not even draggy can buy all the stocks up now and the bonds too.
    Pound will edge higher then explode higher as the realization sets in that this not about the UK but about the stupidity of building this grotesque bubble in the manner it was done, and why the EU was never going to survive.
    This will not just be a bubble popping, this will be the Hindenburg going down in flames


  17. Gemma, and here’s another expat slagger. Go on give us more kickings.
    The Brits who now live abroad are the worst of the lot. I’d take their passports away myself if I was in charge.
    I used to live abroad as it happens but I returned because I love my country and the native people.
    You’re all SICK SCUM.


  18. Good Lord people, how can you expect the yoof to vote for something as important as this when Glastonbury is on. There are selfies to be taken, there are Facebook pages to be updated. Get a grip.

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  19. Warning. Due to hangover this comment may have sharp edges.
    2.5 million on the petition who can’t accept the democratic referendum. 2.5 million who would prefer EU dictatorship rather than British democracy. I would say this to them. The space you occupy is valuable, no one is irreplaceable. Even after its domino collapse the EU it will have a few states left.
    Piss off, surrender your citizenship on the way out.

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  20. One interesting fact that has not been looked at (if possible) is the voting of the forces.

    Are they still drones or have they woken up as being used as a tool by America.?

    Col. Smedley Butler was right, that war is a racket, have our military got wise to that fact.

    And on a personal note, fu.k me I’m glad to see this referendum out. You see the grim reaper came a calling, but some rather ‘in the nick of time’ and professional first responders saved my ass.


  21. Interesting comment Anthony especially in the light of Merkel’s comments last night about no need to be nasty to UK and no rush to start negotiations. Clearly not wanting to burn bridges while the fix is being put in.

    After seeing all the reaction I’m more firm in my out vote than I was on Thursday. Parliament may try and fix our vote. I’m hoping Corbyn has the guts to call for massive deselection of his Blairite members in favour of those who are on the same wavelength as their voters, but I doubt it. Someone at the BBC finally gets it, pity it’s the ex head of the political research unit. Read the full article “where do those ghastly people come from

    Here in Lincolnshire where we had a 70% out vote local Tory MPs who favour remain should be feeling uneasy if they go along with any parliamentary fix. If there is an election I hope they are put to the sword by the voters. That may mean I have to hold my nose and vote UKIP. What’s a green to do?

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  22. Anthony

    “But the EU is built on a City of London that has trillions in derivatives spread around the world that are illiquid”

    Those derivatives are held in the banks of the city of London, and reflect what is going on around the world. The effect on the EU is hedged by the fact that the banks that hold these derivatives are based in London. Which includes Deutsche Bank’s huge derivative stack – this is held by Deutsche’s wholly owned British subsidiary. Only the mainstream media quietly forget to mention this when babbling on about the problems Germany has with derivatives…

    It’ll be the British government that will have to stump up for Deutsche UK, should things go awry.

    As to poor Donny, there are answers, but they aren’t the ones that make the rich and powerful in the city of London richer or more powerful. They love their country just as much as you do, the difference is that they can profit from it. Calling people scum won’t change that, it only shows that you are happy to do the very things you complain of having done to you.


  23. On wonder hoe Merkel and Deutsch Bank are gonna feel in the coming weeks. All them pesky on book derivatives.

    Market will rally to keep the ponzi scheme alive.


  24. TFS,

    Deutsche Bank UK is going to love it! The City of London and their friends bought Westminster decades ago, along with the British media. The media will tell you what you want to hear – Merkel in tears and Deutsche Bank hitting a ball into the rough – whilst all the time it’s the Britons that are being ripped off.


  25. Corbyn should have removed the Blairites earlier as now we see the usual labour party attack on the wrong people again, in order to get elected and ‘appear’credible. Why is it that the only people who haven’t learnt from Brexit are the Blairites?? The Blairites are a cancer in the labour party and the wider media and if they do eventually overthrow Corbyn then that definitely will be the end. Meanwhile, yet again, a weak and broken tory party just carries on and reconsolidates because it was ‘born to rule’. I really really want to swear a lot!

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  26. Parliament has been ignoring the will of the people for decades. I suspect that although the democratic vote has been cast by the people our lowlife politicians will attempt a last minute attempt to reverse it. Should that occur the outcome could be extremely messy.

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  27. Never fear it is all going to be all right for you unrepresentative elites out their.

    The Boris alleged Brexit campaign was anything but. It was there to muddy the waters with blandant lies. He was a trojan horse pr man. A kindergarten school could have run a better campaign.
    The markets will settle.
    The ponzi scheme will continue.
    Article 50 won’t be invoked by the next conservative leader.
    An election will be called.
    Article 50 won,t be invoked by the new prime minster as referendum 2 will have taken place, possibly on the same ballot paper.

    Business as usual. Let the Putin bashing continue…….

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  28. Vote Leave was made the ‘official’ campaign for BREXIT, in order to sideline Farage. This almost worked, in that Farage was pushed to make more and more extreme statements in order to be featured in the debate. It is likely that Johnson (and perhaps even Gove) were operating the BREXIT campaign in concert with Cameron. Their aim would have been to secure a heroic failure for BREXIT but, were the unexpected to happen and BREXIT won, to then control the aftermath. Expect Johnson to now argue for access to the single market, even if that means that the UK has to allow the free movement of EU citizens and accepting all EU directives. He would probably offer the British people a second referendum with only two choices: associate membership on the above terms or full EU membership. Given those two choices, expect huge abstentions leading to the UK voting to stay in after all.

    Thursday’s vote was the first battle in a very long war – no more than that.

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  29. If you look at how people voted and local house prices you can see whose benefited most from globalisation, ZIRP, money printing and the EU. Interesting how the share prices of house builders tanked on Friday. Persimmon down 40%. Excellent Keiser Report on RT covering this.

    The “disposable voters of globalisation”are having their say. Here in the vote No East Midlands there’s a lot of anger towards the BBC.


  30. At last Corbyn’s got some balls and sacked Hillary Benn and some of the other MP’S are going to resign ” fingers crossed it’s the Blairite muppets”, this needs to happen now, due to reports that the Conservatives intend to vote for a new PM and may hold a General Election. Interesting times?.

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  31. I don’t think Corbyn did vote ‘Remain’, I think he went with his beliefs and they are Eurosceptic. We now have both parties split, Corbyns Cabinet, or at least half of it, have resigned after Corbyn sacked Benn. We need someone to take the bull by the horns and deliver the peoples mandate, leave the EU, trigger Article 50 and Repeal ECA 1972 before they are taken off us on 31/3/2017!


  32. Bill’s link is interesting as is this article –
    There is a comment at the end of it –
    “EDITORS NOTE: Upon closer examination after downloading the data from this petition, it appears that a great number of the signatures are from an array of foreign countries ranging from Cuba, to Mauritania, to Algeria, Argentina, Burundi, Iran and even Moldova, along with dozens of others. It’s possible that an overwhelming majority of the petition’s ‘signatures’ are from overseas. Very odd, and in such a short space of time. Could this be the work of automated software, also known as ‘internet ‘bots’?”

    But for Brexit to work we need some sound creative political leadership and I really don’t see anyone I trust to make the best of it. Maybe a real leader will emerge but there is precious little evidence of anyone in the offing that inspires me.


  33. Somebody, Mr Twain reputedly, once said that history doesn’t repeat itself but sometimes/often rhymes. For several years until 1945 we faced nazism; for several years now we have faced narcissism – which has been visited upon us by, amongst other things, the odious misuse of language known as political correctness. We are currently so confused as to which way is up that many of us would rather believe what the soi-disant received wisdom of p.c. tells us than the evidential facts. The south east UK population, having voted strongly in favour of Remain, has declared that it is willing to completely ignore the plight of more than 17m other inhabitants in order to keep their gravy train and warped ideals moving, even to the extent of openly discussing the creation of a separate state. The blinkered selfishness of these people, many of whom were born in captivity, is really quite terrifying to behold.

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  34. just had a thought – would the closeness of Chilcott also be an influence on our Blairiites?? For sure they would not want their deities being unduly maligned for embarking on and delivery one of the world’s utmost tragedies (illegal too) – their hands are covered in blood too -hmmm?? Don’t ya just hate internal, factional, zealot extremists in your party?

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  35. Marvellous watching the scurrying about and the cries of “Don’t panic”! Nicola Sturgeon has certainly decided to grab her chance to save Scotland from enslavement to England and transfer it to enslavement in the EU. The hijacking or otherwise of Mr. Healey’s referendum petition is so pathetic that really doesn’t warrant comment. j24601 sums up the attitude succinctly.
    I do see the conundrum that you point out JW. We have to rely on the very group that got us into this mess to negotiate us out of this mess….Whoa, there goes that pig flying past my window again!


  36. Look at today’s resignations…………………..

    Not one call from JOHN WARD for CORBYN TO RESIGN. Solutions never originate at THE SLOG . JUST DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.



  37. Any leader knows that at certain times you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, and any leader worth his salt will let them hoist their Petards and then fall on their own swords.


  38. @Donny

    Is it fair to assume that your rants are tongue in cheek? It was this corker that made me suspect.

    “Even people on the internet are slagging each other.”

    As an unapologetic Luddite in most things, even I am aware that ‘flame wars’ have been around since the beginning of the internet and your crude assaults on Gemma and Alexei have to be satire.

    Please feel free to comment on my exile from the Septic Isle. :-)


  39. HSBC has now stated that it will move significant numbers of staff from Canary Wharf to Paris. Good riddance. It used to be a very fine, disciplined and profitable bank as far as I know. But in recent years it has been fined relatively modest sums for money laundering on behalf of the drug cartels. Without admitting liability of course. I would imagine that its former boss Willy Purves would be turning in his grave at what the bank has now become.


  40. Amen to that Alexei.
    I was Manchester born and bred & London enriched & have no desire to go back to either place. Also speak 3 languages.
    The only thing require to get out is to….um, get out.
    We’ve just done that, but the Big Statists don’t do democracy – hence the pityfest we see now in the UK


  41. Donny
    I’m not opposed to onanism, but Slogger’s Roost is knee deep in your spermatazoa, and I’m practically floating into the moat.
    So it is with enormous sadness that I accept your obligatory decision to leave us forever.


  42. Donny

    On your way out, ponder on ‘Solutions never originate at THE SLOG’. It’s clear you can write. Can you read?


  43. Woking wall-climber

    No longer able to influence the UK, Baron Green sets sail to have a crack at bigger fish in Brussels


  44. Three Liberal (Neo-Liberal) parties in the UK disenfranchised the following groups:

    The working class were effectively disenfranchised again by New Labour, in less than 100 years from gaining the vote. They could now vote but had no one to vote for.

    The Conservatives of the Tory shires were also disenfranchised by these New Liberals, the metropolitan chattering class.

    This is where most of the Brexit vote came from and it can clearly be seen that they are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, things will take a while to settle down.

    How did we get here?

    Neo-Liberal ideas had appeared to work since the 1980s, though no one noticed credit was being used to paper over all the cracks.

    In 2008 it all blew up and politics had concentrated on a new centre.

    The political landscape was slow to respond to the new post 2008 world.

    With three main parties only millimetres apart there was plenty of room for new parties to cater for the new concerns.

    Along came UKIP to voice those concerns.

    They posed a threat to both the Labour and Conservative parties.

    To deal with the threat the Conservatives offered a referendum.

    UKIP has served its purpose.

    It is time to restore the correct order; we don’t need three Liberal (Neo-Liberal) parties now.

    Labour – traditional Labour

    Conservative – traditional Conservative

    Liberal – Liberal / Neo-Liberal

    Order restored with many fewer disenfranchised.


  45. We have seen democracy triumph over attempts to use PR to ignore the concerns of the people.

    As UKIP became more popular Nigel Farage and UKIP were crucified in the mainstream press by whatever means the PR people could dream up.

    UKIP had tremendous success in the EU elections and the PR people went back to the drawing board. They then came up with a new idea, a blanket ban on any coverage of UKIP and Nigel Farage so they would naturally disappear from the consciousness of the masses.

    The attempts of PR to deal with the threat of UKIP have been a total failure.

    We’ve had roughly 100 years of “Public Relations”.

    Really its propaganda that is used out of war time to adjust public perceptions, they decided that “Public Relations” sounded better than “Propaganda” but both are essentially the same.

    PR works until it doesn’t.

    PR is just manipulation and as any manipulator knows; once you are discovered no one will believe a single word you say.

    A controlled media and press put out all the right messages and while things were going well everyone went along with it.

    Once things started to go wrong (2008), the press and media carried on with their happy-clappy output and the recovery would be with us next year, but it was always next year.

    Eventually, the press and media told the masses the recovery was here, but they could see no sign of it.

    Manipulated inflation and unemployment figures fool no one.

    The masses have to live with reality of the true situation day in and day out.

    The lies just out the manipulator.

    Once the lie is seen, the manipulator is out-ed and the tide turns.

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