ANALYSIS: Why Camerlot and the Corbynites seem to get along just fine

Me22616Judging from the last forty-eight hours, neither of the Establishment losers have learned anything from Friday’s referendum. But if nothing else, Camerlot has at least accepted the result with good grace. While this may be a case of “be sincere even if you don’t mean it”, the British liberal-Left axis has shown yet again that it dislikes being rebuffed. Not too far below the surface, the Establishment detests the citizenry. But Labour, as usual, wears its superiority complex on its sleeve. The Slog examines whether socialist ideology has any place any more in a society struggling to win back its democratic rights.

Towards the end of June 1969, I turned over my Degree finals Political Theory exam paper, and saw the first question:

‘Democratic Socialism is a contradiction in terms: discuss’

If you answered questions as open as that – way back then, when original thought was valued as opposed to vilified – then it was vital to say something fresh and well informed. If one simply drivelled on for 30 minutes in Leninspart syntax, chances were the examiners would give you a low 2:2 at best.

Being only 21 at the time, I was about as well-informed as as kid playing in Pompeii on August 24th 79 AD. But I had visited Eastern Europe (none of the Trots on my course had) and I was already forming the idea in my head that there wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the Church of Rome during the Inquisition, and the Kremlin during Stalin’s purges.

My exam answer – a classic fudge – was to draw a distinction between Communists and Social Democrats, pointing out how post war social justice had not jettisoned democracy. I also slipped in the classic Nye Bevan quote, “The purpose of power is to give it back”.

Today – especially after the last ten years of bile-spitting Labour in general and the UK referendum on the EU in particular – I suspect I’d give a much more direct and succinct answer to that exam question. It would probably be along the lines of ‘Given socialists only ever say “the answer is socialism, now what’s the question?”, there is very little to discuss: democratic socialism is an oxymoron’.

Like radical Islam, the British Left today is typified by an inability to engage: it knows best

Like radical Islam, the British Left today is a collection of aggressive placards: ‘Smash capitalism now’ and ‘Behead all Infidels’

Like radical Islam, the British Left today attaches a generalised smear to every contrarian: for ‘depraved Western values of US Satan’, substitute ‘Brexiteers are scumfascist racebigots’

When faced with defeat in 2010, then again in 2015, and now yet again in 2016, the Labour Party analysis doesn’t start with “What did we do wrong?”, but rather from “The electorate is wrong, it must be reeducated”.

They did the same with opposition to Thatcher in the 1980s. Only when it had been defeated three times in a row  did Labour lurch the other way, and buy into the content-free spin of Blair, Campbell and Mandelson. As long as that combo was winning, the vast majority of Labour supporters went along with sucking up to bankers, the Iraq war, and perverting the Rule of Law to help UK arms sales to the Saudis. Two seconds after they lost in 2010, however, Blair was a war criminal and the Liberal Democrats were despicable toadies.

The truth is that, had the bombastic Ed Balls not behaved like a blithering infantile idiot during the negotiations with the LibDems in 2010, Cameron would never have made it to Downing Street. Why are we in the econo-fiscal mess we are now? Because the contemporary Labour Party is about as ecumenical as Daesh.

But the Labour Party blames us, the electorate.

For all its hand-wringing about the trials now faced by the New Poor in Britain, since 2010 Labour has done precious little to campaign effectively on their behalf.

In a general sense, 2015 Metro Labour embraced trendy causes of little or no interest to the mass of its natural voters. They lost because Miliband wittered and tweeted endlessly about LGBT, as if the salons of Highgate and Muswell Hill might reflect the urgent needs of the neglected of Scotland. The Scots’ reaction was to wipe Labour off the map.

The present Camerlot administration has stolen six years of pension monies from 1950s born women. Former Minister for Women Harriet Harman has done nothing – not so much as a single tweet – to support the cause of the innocent victims of that heinous crime. Instead, Harman was to be seen in recent days at the side of David Cameron, campaigning vigorously for Britain to stay in a European Union that shows roughly the same level of genuine sympathy for its increasingly pauperised citizens.

But why should Hattie bother to help a bunch of scumracist bigotfascists who are often off-message when it comes to her warped view of social anthropology? Why indeed: as a privileged member of an upper-middle class family replete with fluffy do-gooders, she finds it perfectly natural to look down on the poor dears who know no better than to vote for her Party.

And therein lies the terrible Truth: the bourgeois intellectual dimension of British socialism is at one with the British neoliberal superiority complex. That is to say, they both secretly revile real people.

I wonder if, like me, you noticed how much more comfortable the Remaindeer herd were with each other compared to the infinitely more eclectic Leave elements? The reason isn’t that difficult to divine: the Remain campers had one key belief in common: that the State and all its systemic works are far more important than the individual uniqueness of every human being. That’s why they share a common love of the unelected European Union élite.

By contrast, Kate Hoey had to bite her tongue as Farage released a poster about immigrants that aimed at a lowest common denominator…when it could so easily have appealed to a higher common factor. Other Labour Out elements quite rightly found it hard to swallow risble rationalisations from Iain Duncan-Smith about the reasons for his resignation as DWP Secretary of State. Equally, a broad spectrum of Leavers (especially me) found it impossible to allow the motives of Boris Johnson to remain above suspicion.

Hoey nailed it when she said that Brexit was, at its core, a rejection of the Establishment by the People. She did an astonishingly skilful job of binding difficult and disparate elements together. Cameron’s task, by contrast, was a doddle: he had only to say “Stay in” to LibDems and Labour, and everything else was a breeze. It represented the difference between managing Stepford Wives and Libertarians.

The Left usually – without giving it a second thought – claims George Orwell as one of their own. But the simple truth is that, by 1945, he had broken with the Left because of the very tendencies I’m describing here.

1984 (which he wrote in 1948) was a study in devious syntax and totalitarian intolerance; but it was about Stalin, not Hitler. Increasingly in the 21st century, the British Left seems to regard it more as as a template than a warning. Tony Blair certainly did – and the same goes for his braindead ‘constitutional adviser’ John Birt.

For Labour and the liberal tendency generally to be happy with the term ‘political correctness’, for instance, is beyond belief. Not only is a lot of pc glorified appeasement wrapped in Animal Farm (‘all pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others’) the very term sounds like satire: by definition, no politics are ‘correct’: they’re merely a collection of viewpoints. If the pov proves to be wrong, then the other lot are given a chance.

But the Left doesn’t see it that way. And neither did Camerlot: why else would these vandals come up with the term ‘non-violent extremist’? It’s an idea cooked up in Room 101.

Again, the same point applies: Camerlot and Labour seem to believe that the ends justify the means, that Bertolt Brecht was right…..there are good lies (ours) and filthy disgusting scumnazi racistbigot lies (theirs). We are good, you are evil.

So for the Remaindeers, it felt natural to threaten, to lie, to smear, to frighten and to spit venom. You’re all murderers and Little Englanders, I’ll put your taxes up, you’ll go to the back of the queue, we’re doomed if we leave. “Say that again, and I’ll bang you up as an NVE.”

As usual, this kind of hate-speak backfired. Both Camerlot and Labour lost. The Leave side won. The Remain folks lost. But it was all far more divisive than it needed to be.

We remain, after this referendum, as a country Britain remains split by ideologies that were past their Sell By date long before Best By dates were introduced. On the Right we have Adam Smith laissez-faire from the days of clipper sailing ships, and Reaganite Thatcherism still alive long after Milt Friedman’s potty ideas were discredited. On the Left we endure infantile Marxist dialectics alongside Big State command economy nonsense. In the so-called mainstream we listen to the the ideas of multiculturalism, a concept with a social track record worse than Genghis Khan’s reputation for peaceful negotiation.

If Britain is to thrive after Brexit, it must first reject decrepit, fanciful ideology in favour of the open-minded philosophy of stability through widespread social fulfilment. It must embrace new ideas and look for new markets – not retreat under the duvet in the face of bigger challenges. It must learn to accept that the empirically derived premises of social anthropology are more likely to achieve societal wellbeing than the class divisiveness of socialism and neoliberalism.

Unfortunately, I see absolutely no sign of that happening. Despite the abject failures and wrong-headedness of both Establishment ideologies since 1959, both Parties bear the same daft, irrelevant names, both cling fiercely to an eighteenth century voting system, and both have been given the chance to effect a radical Benthamite utilitarian approach…and frittered it away.

In 1979, Thatcher set out to democratise the trade union movement, and then lost her mind: but not until working class communities had been destroyed, a war undertaken, bankers given free rein, and every wriggling Thing in existence had been freed from its prison under a clammy stone.

In 1997, Blair set out to bury the Party’s loyalty to the vulnerable underdog. He shunned association with the reformed TUC, he went to war, he lied to Parliament, he silenced Whitehall naysayers, and surrounded himself with the depraved advice of Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson. At the last Labour conference before his mysterious resignation, hecklers at meetings were being brutally bundled out of fringe meetings by yobs whose forebears were no doubt smashing Jewish shop windows in Berlin eighty years ago.

But it is the woeful Labour performance since 2010 that makes me shun more and more of the robotic drivel spouted by those on the British Left. Where has it got them? In permanent mathematical opposition in England, and nowhere in Scotland. Across the country, a tired electorate sick of mantra and mangled language has become more apathetic about politics than at any time in my life. In most national elections now, almost half the adult population doesn’t vote.

But that changes when the chance arrives to kick the privileged élites up the backside. The turnout in Friday’s referendum was almost 75%….with by far the highest turnout among those who’ve been putting up with this incompetent, rigid dross for more than sixty years. For sure, they voted against an EEC that has turned into an EU monster; but they also voted against stolen State pensions, feather-bedded Whiteminster, corrupt MPS and endless streams of bollocks about everything from austerity to immigration.

For those of us beyond ideology and keen to stop the juggernaut, the aim was also to give hope to the relative small-fry who’ve been bullied by Brussels-am-Berlin – Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland. I’ve not yet come across a single Left wing chum in person or online who sees the hope Britain has given to those who countries. Throughout the Greek rapeathon, the Labour Party sat on its hands. The evil manipulation of Dijesslebloem, Draghi, Venizelos, Schäuble, Merkel and co became an Unevent: for the deeds were being perpetrated by their heroes, the European Commission. The ends, you see, justified the means. Like so many good Wimmin of Szechuan, the Left dutifully declined to comment. Somewhere in Hell, Brecht is pissing himself.

Yesterday at The Slog: One war won does not make for final Brexit

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  1. Will Self (who he) in full on strop after losing, “where is your triumphalism” he asks in his usual sneering manner, Jon Snow joins in, and this is being portrayed as journalism.

    I they have the front to wonder why there is a backlash.


  2. On a lot of issues tories and labour sing from the same hymn sheet, think that’s why when given a choice, that was in neither parties manifesto, there was such a good turn out. People thought we could actually make a difference rather than voting for the usual slurry,

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  3. Sir, the vote went the way it did largely because of the ceaseless drip feed of the most crude imaginable propaganda pumped out by the Daily Mail + Murdoch. The result gives the latter an opportunity to tighten his grip on the UK’s brain and soul, with his man Boris in power. This is the very real consequence of the referendum, and one we in the UK will have to live with while you write about it, and blame every consequence on other people and other things – much, I predict, as the left Iraq apologists did. And how do you feel, (indirectly) advocating the handover of the country to that clique?

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  4. So get your coveralls on John.

    Chilcott and his whitewash is due out soon.

    I want to see a condensed version of the report…
    1. 27 attorney general advisors vote Iraq war illegal.
    2. Attorney general says war is illegal.
    3. Attorney general goes on for a weekend city break to Washington .
    4. After his city break attorney general says war is legal.

    1 side a4, pass to ICC job done…..

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  5. As the the saying goes “I wish I’d said that”. Although the wealthy occupants of the leafy glades of Hampstead and Highgate will place minimal value on my opinion, allow me to applaud you on a cogent analysis of the ‘issues’. The post pro Brexit vote reaction suggests that, with apologies to Congreve, ‘hell hath no fury like an elite scorned’.

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  6. If you would like to some music to go with this then try these on you tube:
    Breakaway by the Beach Boys 1969
    Sail On by The Commordores 1980s
    Im coming out by Beyonce or Diana Ross if you prefer
    A bit more wayout – Lady by Kenny Rogers to celebrate Lady Luck
    Sorry this is not intellectual but so many people delighted including my friends in the Philippines.Also so many people moaning they should take heart from another Beach Boy number “Don’t worry baby”


  7. You are correct in Labour have yet to realise why they lost. it was clear to anyone in the Labour heartlands there was widespread dissatisfaction with the EU which they blamed for much of their troubles. They have indicated a low profile campaign has resulted in Labour vote failing to turn out or not understand the message. The truth is the electorate clearly do understand the situation and do not recognise what they are being told. Labour literature said press home it protects jobs and workers rights. In reality since joining EU Coal, Steel, Shipbuilding, industries have gone to the wall. TU powers have been watered down, Redundancy protection has been reduced, pensions have been eroded, ability to get legal help in employment tribunals has been reduced. Cheap labour from abroad has helped fuel rise of short term contracts and also has increased black economy with cash deals being the norm. Blair said he felt sorry for Cameron I wonder if he feels sorry for the thousands who supported him and were ignored thereafter.
    Doncaster (typical Labour heartland) has 3 Labour MPs who are all high profile and the result was 69% to 31% in favour of leave, they are either;
    1. Completely out of touch with local electorate, only speak or listen to like minded people
    2. Understood situation and ignored their views completely.
    3. Head in clouds oblivious to world.

    I do not presume any of them or others in similar situation will stand up and say we were wrong or did not understand.

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  8. Tfs, A pound will get you ten it’s already been fixed, else he’d be in South America somewhere now sandpapering his fingerprints off.


  9. The best way to get justice on Blair is compulsory conscription for his four children…..front line duties, in the most dangerous zones of the war concerned…….amazing how quickly Blair would change his tune on wars if he knew there was an 80%+ chance all four of his children would die in them……

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  10. If you start from the assumption that the UK is a colony of more powerful masters, then the way the masters get their way is to ensure that they control both sides of the political fence. It’s very instructive to see how the security services start to infiltrate any political party if it grows beyond cult status. I happened to be a member of the LibDems in the early Noughties when they were the only party opposing the Iraq war: on the few occasions I went out campaigning or went to Party gatherings, i saw clearly how a few dodgy folks from the shadows were starting to operate, ensuring that the party would become suitably house trained if it ever grew to a dangerous size……

    When you see politics from that viewpoint, you get to understand the size of the problem. The security services consider themselves above the democratic process, so they have to control all aspects of it from the shadows. They see the modern social media phenomenon as wonderfully useful ways to manipulate/destroy political reputations very quickly. With the febrile atmosphere of fact-free emotion out there, rentagobs can create rentamobs with alacrity.

    What people should be asking right now is what sorts of people work in the Security Services, where they went to school and to whom they truly show their allegiance. Far too many of them went to fruity public schools, Oxbridge and far too many of them are very far right in their political views.

    The problem is that there are no terminal sanctions for security service renegades if they go ‘off piste’ and start engaging in politics rather than doing their job of providing the nation with security.

    The other problem is that to reach any position of seniority in any profession, you have to engage with the security services. Being a pliant SS tool is imperative to reach a position of influence. No consultant doctor gets there in London without being an MI5/6 tool. It’s a global disgrace that and explains why so many doctors are emotionally illiterate people who were chosen by medical schools not for their empathy and medical potential but for their rugby playing abilities…….when you have consultant doctors being involved in the human misery associated with coups all over the world, you know that the medical ‘profession’ is rotten to the core…….

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  11. With your brilliant degree education, powers of analysis and sincere directional interest and advice with elowquent persuasion coated in subliminal personal abuse, we might wonder why you never chose Politics, where you may well be Prime Minister today leading a perfect utopian nation into a prosperous future envied around the world. Why did you choose advertising or did you just find yourself creating scribbles to do the peddling of chocolate biscuits to the slimming world or similar.


  12. There’s much to agree with in your criticisms; but, as usual with such polemics, you offer no suggestions as to where to go next. Your political position remains ambiguous. It’s all very well to rant about power, but where are you ideas for subverting it?


  13. Because I am a deeply cynical and suspicious old bastard (waits for cries of, “No Caratacus … surely not” to die down) I am watchful for attempts by TPTB, the banks, hedge funds etc. to do the bidding of their masters and keep pressure on the pound and on Financial markets over the next few weeks and months to illustrate just how much better we would be to remain in the EU. It’s not too late folks, the EU has promised to be nicer to us in the future so there is no need to leave after all. This should cheer up Tomek and Donny above both of whom seem to have had suffered the theft of jam from their respective doughnuts this morning. Incidentally Donny, it would have been no good JW applying to be a politician; the selection panels would have looked into his eyes, seen the honesty, integrity and fierce intelligence there and concluded, rightly, that this man could never be mistaken for a politician.

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  14. I watched an interview on the BBC this morning, the interview being prefaced by breathless BBC analysis that the UK was now isolated from Europe, where the interviewee stated that the issue should never have been put to the great unwashed. “It was far too complicated for the average voter to understand” he claimed. He did not staze whether he voted to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’. I suspect that clearly being of superior intellect he was from the ‘Remain’ camp and probably one of the 250,000 petitioners ( as alleged by the BBC) who want the referendum rerun so that they ‘the intellectually superior’ get the result they want.
    By the way, it is amusing to see the troop of so called leaders in EU countries making the obligatory call for reforms to the EU. I still have no idea what they are talking about. Only that old drunk Juncker stayed true to form by yelling “Get out you dirty, stinking english pig dogs”.
    Yes, I did end up yelling at the telly once again.

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  15. Just been watching the BBC lady in Berlin noting that the EU (cabal of 6 not 27?) Foreign Ministers have “ordered” us to progress rapidly with negotiations to exit. Obviously she is so used to looking to the EU for authority that she has forgotten that we don’t need to dance to their tune and it may be a good thing for UK interests to string out the thing. In fact my instinct is to go quickly but nevertheless it is liberating to have the choice.

    Osborne and Cameron really played this one wrong and did so for narrow and miscalculated political interests. They should have stood aside from the debate so they could deal with the result whichever way it fell. Now our Chancellor and PM are dead men walking and we have no leadership. I do hope the Civil Service have a contingency plan and a team staffed with people who don’t adopt the supine touch your toes negotiating position used by Cameron. What’s the chance of that?

    I believe we have been led to this point by politicians who talk to each other and the media, and who have adopted group think based on years of PC indoctrination and cultural Marxism supported by a left leaning media. The Labour party missed a chance to campaign for Brexit and it should have let Corbyn go with his heart. It is in my view ridiculous to blame the man for the vote. The Labour Party lectured and didn’t listen and it has marginalised itself. I hold no left wing views whatsoever, but Corbyn correctly identified many of the problems associated with crony capitalism and globalisation this morning. For the Labour Party to campaign for staying in the EU as an answer to shows how far out of touch with reality it has become.

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  16. @Tomek and Anon

    You may well be right. It is of course unknowable whether Britain (and the rest of the world) will be better out rather than in the EU. It becomes one of those things like anthropomorphic climate change as it is impossible to run both scenarios alongside each other to compare the outcomes. I was subject to abuse from a very good friend in the UK yesterday when I queried his assertion that the result was a ‘disaster’ and was accused of being ‘smug’ and ‘privileged’. I believe myself to be the latter but not the former. I am not in the UK so am unable to judge the mood of the populace, but the experience of NAFTA and pan-American ‘integration’ suggests that only the corporations gain from the creation of mega-states like the EU. Perhaps my faith in the British people is misplaced, but I believe this vote to have been a giant FU to the ‘educated’, comfortable minority who have steadily eroded the living standards and security of ordinary Brits by selling off the accumulated wealth of the post-war Welfare State. The Labour party long since gave up protecting the interests of their natural support base. With a few honourable exceptions such as the Beast of Bolsover, the ‘New Labour’ traitors not only condoned but even actively encouraged the betrayal of the ordinary Brits’ future while pushing irrelevances such as LGBTTQQ and doing the bidding of the corporate hyenas. It would seem that many in the U.K. have woken up to this betrayal.

    I may be naive in my hope that the British people can see throught the crude propaganda of Murdoch et al, but there seems to be a simmering rage against all things ‘Establishment’. If Labour could only tap into this, there is still the possibility that a very different future from the one you imagine. We will never know whether Brexit, (if it ever occurs), was the right decision, but I am certain that without it Europe would continue to be an instrument of the Neoliberal economic elite and Neocon foreign policy.

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  17. it will be interesting to see if this 2nd Scottish referendum takes place. It is of course typical of EU loving Jimmy Krankie to ignore the first referendum and in true EU fashion want another till the right result is achieved. I think the result will be the same though. Oil at a low and acceptance of the euro? As they say is Scotland ,we’re daft but we’re no stupid.
    I have been amazed at the vitriol on Facebook ,after the event ,from people who have never expressed a political opinion,on the Brexit win. They don’t seem to realise how democracy works ,in that you express your argument ahead of the vote ,rather than after,and accept the result. The opposite is called eh …fascism.
    Talking of oxymorons ,my favourite of the 70’s was the publication “Socialist Worker”

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  18. All the pre-vote platitudes about this being the people’s choice, their time, their need to prove the existence of democracy have very rapidly turned into arguments that those same people ‘got it wrong’ – you know, despite all the advice (propaganda) beforehand and even the murder of an MP, not since spoken of, how famous is that?, When MP or elite or celebrity is called upon to express their utter despair at the result – no ordinary people where asked for their comments – then we can reasonably conclude they ‘don’t like it up ’em!!’. When Mandelson and Campbell and Bliar are dragged out by the Biased BBC you know labour are in trouble too.
    Finally, in a small measure, the good folk of the country have put a dent in the ambitions of the elites. It’s taken quite some time and much distress – there was no national outpouring of grief at the death of the first disabled person to die as a result of Tory welfare cuts – we know what ‘estime’ Jo Cox was held even though few knew of her before 16th June – and it’s okay for Cameron to say ‘why should he do the hard shit’ and resign yet if an unemployed person said it they would be sanctioned – still the inequality remains, those who are entitled are not the benefit seekers – it’s the rich. Those who are workshy are not the poor – its the businesses, it’s the media, it’s the pollsters, it’s the consultants and experts, it the politicos all aboard the gravy train, not working for us but themselves.
    The elites still don’t get it! And this is only the beginning as there’s hope similar challenges will be made by other European nations. The ordinary, workshy, thick, lazy, cigarette smoking, beer swiiling englanders may have just started something new and called on their so called leaders ( who we pay for) within their so called political parties to wake up and smell the coffee or bugger off – the times may well be a-changing

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  19. The elite could have got the great unwashed on their side if they mentioned that the UK could not participate in a euro wide lottery if Brexit occured.


  20. More than 1M signatures and rising on the petition to hold a second referendum on EU membership. They have done it before, maybe they’ll do it again?


  21. @kfc, IMO it won’t happen. The petition actually calls for a rule change which is not retrospective. Interesting that it also says if less than 75% of the electorate turns out. How very convenient when the official figure is 72%. Other comments I’ve read elsewhere say it was actually over 80% but that’s now irrelevant. And the petitioners seem to forget that the result is not legally binding. So even though DC has said the vote stands he’s also given the Govt some breathing space with his decision to defer invoking article 50 to when the next PM is appointed.

    With Vote Leave being dismantled and the raison d’etre for UKIP disappearing, the Remain side remain in charge. Plenty of room for more deception to cheat us out of a genuine exit.

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  22. This is only going to end badly how do you pacify the left or right with inconsolable differences.

    75%+ for IN / OUT as we are in the suspended position and that position is not IN now. No more bullshit BREMAIN as it cannot be called that no more.

    Learning quick here reckon there was fraud on this vote we need an electronic recording vote system that you can inspect a national insurance number at any time and determine the vote by region. All polling stations to have exit polls recording voters intentions so that these can be used to corroborate count numbers by both parties.

    This is now a compulsary vote also 100% must vote and it is a criminal act to not do so “no excuses”.

    I wonder how many of the 30% near who did not bother will be so wanting to stay in the EU when there lives are so sh$t, probably less push comes to shove.


  23. I am with the sans culottes.

    I have always identified with the underdog, for some reason – but am surprised to find just how much I have enjoyed seeing the ‘elites’ and their ahistorical and generally uninformed metropolitan children being given a good kicking. Is it mere schadenfreude on my part? Well, their blinkered and soi-disant wisdom has always irritated me, especially when one knows – as we do – how very foolish, venal and self-regarding so many of these folk are, so steeped in normalcy bias, and with so little interest in questioning foundational elements of their organizational culture such as the intrinsic evil of nationalism and, by extrapolation, the intrinsic goodness of globalism and the removal of borders. While the real elite shore up their power bases, the enablers who believe themselves to be the elite bleat their contempt for the unwashed who clearly failed to understand les ordres du jour.

    Financial contagion is already affecting the US and the Far East, and the events of Friday may prove to be no more than the catalyst for a truly Black Monday – and, if we are unlucky – hotter war.

    God damn our political masters, who have enabled neo-feudalism and sold themselves very cheaply in the process.

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  24. @MD; ‘reckon there was fraud on this vote’
    There can only have been fraud committed in vote ‘Leave’ favour, which is exactly what I said the other day, funnily enough the Queen and Clegg’s non-conversation has arisen again, you could be forgiven for reading it the wrong way, Clegg’s answer leaves room for doubt in my mind, and knowing Charles’s cosy relationship with the Security Services….She was known to be unhappy with the direction Europe was taking, just a gut feeling something’s not right but, in saying that, to what aim? Unless of course we are being tucked up again, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Even on FB, a while ago it was difficult to find a remaindeer, now it seems that all and sundry voted remain… I always maintained that the way people said they were going to vote and the actuall way they voted would be different. I thought that most would shout “Out”, then vote “In”, I’m not so sure any longer that I didn’t get that the wrong way around. Either way, in my mind something’s not right.


  25. Warning! The fight back has started ….

    The petition for a second referendum. The articles about hashtag BREGRET. The abuse of the elderly.

    I have said all along that there would be a second referendum. Perhaps this was part of the strategy behind agent Boris siding with BREXIT. His mission was to control a BREXIT victory in the interests of his corporate masters.

    What we need is for the BREXIT vote to trigger a domino effect throughout the EU, starting with Spanish elections this weekend. Let’s hope the Spanish have the cojones to kick their elites in their cojones. The delay in triggering Article 50 may play into our hands. It may give other countries the chance to call referenda before we have the second one. Even if the French authorities refuse to do so, next year’s Presidential vote will turn into one. An EU so obviously on the point of collapse would cut the ground from under the Remain campaign.


  26. Thanks for the informative essay JW Most of what you expressed fitted in with my limited political rationale. Well done your man.
    ps I’m astounded at the vitriol from so many bigots. What happened to the essence of democracy?


  27. When the BBC or Channel 4 get ridiculous then have a look at RT channel which of course might be unpopular with some.


  28. Will there be a second referendum now that the wrong answer has been delivered? I think not, despite “rent a mob”. The Tories don’t want it, Corbyn doesn’t want it and no matter how many signatures are gathered, the die is now cast I think. Unless the EU reforms quickly it is possible it will start to unravel making events on the mainland look like leave was a good idea. Junker has been a bad joke today and it may be that Cameron has a longer term in office than him! As for London staying in the EU, well, I’m struggling with that one….

    Scottish independence may or may not be a good idea, but leaving the UK to attach yourself to an unreformed EU (along with the ESM and Euro) seems suicide to me. We are overdue a recession and who knows whether the ECB can deliver the goods. All the evidence is not, though can kicking is being skilfully continued. A decent financial crisis and all bets are off. Literally. I think Monday may prove interesting. I doubt the big banks called this right and who knows what losses they have suffered? DB would be my concern and no doubt the bean counters don’t know the extent of the damage. However the SNP may have a wake up call over the next few months?

    The EU and 27 (6?) are quite properly acting in their interests but the suggestion that we need to accelerate our appointment of a new PM shows how far they misread things – IMHO.


  29. Regarding a second referendum or Parliament ignoring the will of the people, can you imagine how the rest of the world would react after Panic Friday that “we were only joking”?


  30. But, will Washington punish us for daring to leave? I suspect it will, after all, we will have to be made an example of, to deter others but, how to do that without more contagion?


  31. @canexpat01

    Yes, let me tell you that you have indeed overestimated the high idealism of that latter day noble savage the Great British Public. I would invite you to peel through the Sun and Mail, particularly in the last few weeks, and to analyse the talking points of the campaign itself. Then I would invite you to talk to some working class Brexiters. There has been a nauseating overabundance of misrepresentation and dog whistle racism.

    Leave has been an absolute horror show, brought to you (I repeat) by RUPERT MURDOCH and BORIS JOHNSON. Indeed, I feel that Brexit is nothing less than the former’s apogee, the crowning achievement of a lifetime’s malevolent meddling with the British mind. It’s not only that these are your cohorts (though yeah I’d think this might give you pause), it’s that they represent the real outcome of Brexit – not a first blown in the ‘communitarian capitalist’ revolution you have in mind.


  32. The referendum result was momentarily the less depressing of the two possibilities for those of us here in the 99%, but as you have so explicitly described John, the electorate itself and the electoral process are broken. False hopes are thus raised as we have the “better” answer, but almost entirely for the wrong reasons. Thus what is needed is not just (with apologies to the Buddha) view, resolve, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, & concentration, and as you mention vigilance, but RIGHT view, RIGHT resolve, etc., etc. and RIGHT vigilance. And that would to be a tough row to hoe if it were even possible, which at this late date…


  33. The wagons are circling in a concerted attempt to completely sideline Farage, not just in the exit, if it ever happens process, but in all further talks going forward, Carswell has proved to be the Trojan Horse and Hannan has never been for full on Brexit which fits in well with Boris and Gove who I have described in an earlier comment as chancers.

    It looks as though we are being decieved, everyone who voted leave knows full what is wanted regarding immigration and now this cabal is backtracking within two days of the vote, and they wonder why people of all persuasions are totally disillusioned with politics and politicians, you really wouldn’t trust them to run a whelk stall, malfeasance with these people is a way of life.


  34. Well Tomek, you may have a point, but I hardly see that Remain’s campaign was good either. I was profoundly disappointed with both sides. There was a lady on J Vine yesterday claiming her dad shouldn’t have been able to vote because he was a racist. Maybe we should screen voters’ views before allowing them a say?? The fact of the matter is that England and Wales voted 55:45 more or less for leave which is a significant margin and unless some 16M people are uneducated racist proles then I suggest other factors are in play rather than Murdoch’s “malevolent meddling with the British mind”. I’m not saying that a lot of votes were not made out of protest, but then a lot were made from fear. You can’t have it both ways.


  35. You can breathe out now, Donny. I’m guessing you voted Remain, and vote Labour. All the tell tale signs are there….sarcasm, envy, false assumption, dislike of the advertising profession, and breaking every rule of comment threading for this site….rules you haven’t bothered to read.

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  36. As I understand it, if a petition garners over 1 million signatures, Parliament is obliged to debate it. Given that ¾ of MPs are in favour of remaining in the EU, their decision would most likely be to validate the petition. How else could they face their voters if they changed sides on this?
    Another thought – if the principle that a majority of less than 75% is unacceptable as an indicator of the nation’s wishes, couldn’t that argument also be used to nullify most of our recent general elections, where turnout has been below 50%?


  37. Go to search engine and put Jeremy Bentham, communitarian, mutualism, radical realism into the box. By the end of next week, you’ll have read all the articles that explain my philosophy.

    In a British context, my political position isn’t ambiguous, it’s non-existent. I and most thinking people have been disenfranchised for forty years.


  38. BB
    One of the ironically amusing elements in this thread: I write a piece about Labour spitting bile, and Labour folks come on to prove me wrong by spitting bile. You couldn’t make it up.

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  39. Ignoring parties and personality, consider that Farage was the face of this independence. Nigel would not get a majority of voters to support him in a rotten borough, yet he continued to spread the idea that Britain should think for themselves. The voters agreed.
    The idea won out, no matter what anyone said. It was about people, but not famous ones. You have demonstrated your way forward.


  40. Tomehawk

    Let’s see: contempt for the electorate, hatred of the media, obsession with race, anger at the result. Yes, you’re Labour Remain. No, I don’t like Murdoch and Johnson. No, you don’t like Cameron, Osborne, Hunt and Crabb. Why do you live in a glass house but chuck stones on the bedfellows issue? It’s so tedious and infantile. Baaa. Booo. Waaaah. SOOO UNFAAAAIIIIR.


  41. America is home for millions of Americans but Europe has been unable to become home for a single European yet

    I don’t vote but if I had been sure Britain would raise much hell in EU then I would have supported Remain.

    One dissatisfied member has soundly rejected club Europe’s management. It needs to radically improve before other leave

    That said, a too resounding win of Remain could have been worse than the challenges of Brexit

    If because of Brexit EU comes to its senses it should offer the UK an open invitation to return.

    And which language will be the official EU language now? Brace yourself the francophone will not miss their chance

    Could Britain now become a daring nation again, or will it remain chicken as bank regulators instruct?


  42. @Tomek

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is complicated and confusing isn’t it? I was discomforted by sharing a camp with Johnson and Gove, while you were apparently aligned with such luminaries as Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Cameron and Osbourne, none of whom seem to care one jot about the British public. I would cite one of my personal heroes, Craig Murray as articulating the best of the Remain case, but he was in this instance, unconvincing. I was persuaded by several people whose eloquence and clear-sightedness I value. George Galloway, Dennis Skinner, JW, Jonathan Cook, all contributed to my views on the desirability of Brexit. I may have chosen incorrectly, but as I said earlier, we will never know.

    Again, you may well be right about the ‘Great British Public’ (TM). If you are, then I am disappointed although in or out, their views would still exist, perhaps leading to a much more dangerous expression of their bile than a vote to leave the EU. Talking to some of the ‘working class, dog-whistle racist Brexiters’, (to paraphrase) would certainly disabuse me of my optimism for the future of Britain generally, but would not be relevant to my belief that leaving the EU may be a good idea.


  43. John absolutely spot on, l for one did not think it would be made easy by the PTB, they are using division as a weapon already, interview after interview asking people to stand on the side they voted, this straight away is divisive and forming clear images in the minds of the population. In 1973 the population clearly did not want to join the Common Market but were force into this with very little debate. but we abided by the decision . now a decision has been made again, so they should abide by this decision]. If this petition is upheld , I for one will be calling for a General Election as there is clear evidence for a vote of no confidence in Westminster.


  44. I think the masses are about to find out whats wrong with Westminster, why they are so out of touch and never do anything they say. It is already was already the EU, chock full of its henchman at the highest level. Sure Skinner and others can have their ranting time, but the positions that matter mostly are manned or womaned by people who now have nowhere to go, other than their own kind for support.

    Chilcot soon too, another barrel under the House. Who would have thought? The cat out the bag regards just how far the EU had taken over.


  45. On the contrary, John, I ain’t that person, not a bit. I don’t sit around all day, sticking pins in a Jeremy Hunt doll, and I certainly don’t pour over the papers looking out for a nice bit of racism homophobia etc to get offended by. On the contrary.

    I understand hostility to political correctness , but get this: racism actually exists. Yeah I know, mind blowing right! And the Mail and Sun have been pumping out racist propoganda – with the express design of manipulating a pretty damn uncritical majority of the population towards a Brexit vote – month after month after month. That’s a fact, albeit a very in inconvenient one at your end, I feel. But ignore it, sure, and lampoon your fabricated Corbyn Islamists, or whatever it was you were banging on about.

    Here’s something I actually am though, right or wrong: a Rupert Murdoch detester. You know he’s hated the English his entire life?

    Well, as we start to see the dissolution of the Union, spurred on by his own assiduous, masterful disinformation campaign, it may seem that he will die having dealt this people, this state, a fatal blow.


  46. I beg your pardon Donny.
    You are correct.
    I can be over excitable when the bottle is underway on an every evening.


  47. The only purpose of westminster for decades was to facilitate EU control via a facade of elected democracy. Its why they never did anything they said and did things nobody asked for. All parties were in it together.

    Now the EU has been dismissed, somebody is in big trouble with nowhere to hide from the millions of eyes that are about to realise what WE knew.

    This could get quite serious.

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  48. Received today from my bank……….HSBC

    We are today entering a new era for Britain and British business. The work to establish fresh terms of trade with our European and global partners will be complex and time consuming. We will be working tirelessly in the coming weeks and months to help our customers adjust to and prepare for the new environment.
    As one of the largest, most stable, liquid and prudent financial institutions in the world, HSBC is well placed to support our customers and the markets as they deal with the challenges that will arise. Our commitment to British businesses, customers and staff in the UK remains undiminished.

    Yea right, having said that words only that it is, it is still more than those supposedly in charge of our exit……………….


  49. And the German foreign minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier says; “I am confident that these countries (6 original Euro nations) can also send a message that we won’t let anyone take Europe from us.”
    People say what they mean when they aren’t aware. Is he making a statement that these 6 flounder nations have seniorage over the lesser members? Why would he say “us” if there is not such an arrangement?
    Lebensraum, Anschluss, Vichy, Quisling; could be used to add detail to the ‘message’ he wants to send.

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  50. As I have said before, – the best way to control the opposition is to lead it.
    It works every time. Corbyn is the least effective party leader I have ever seen. All planned naturally.
    Does anyone actually think that Johnson or Gove do anything other than what they are told to do.
    All just a dog and pony show while they get on with collapsing the global economy when everyone is distracted.


  51. My father taught me, in just one one afternoon, the evil of the vile filthy creed creed called socialism and the pure unbridled greed and jealousy of those who were the proponents together with infantilism, those who gobbled this garbage up.
    It has been the most destructive force in this world in sheer numbers of deaths poverty and desecration and destruction of property rights and civility and civilization.
    That little lesson enabled me to see things in a way, even at 11 yrs old, that made it possible for me to see the whole of my life experience being twisted and perverted by the propaganda used in attempting to impose certain views on me, and how to counteract it.
    By the time I left university, not a single teacher from either school or university, despite their best attempts had succeeded in ensuring their view prevailed over mine.
    It made me unemployable, which my father took great delight in, but the sheer joy of being my own boss, answerable to no one, including the UK or EU bureaucracy, which I despise, and again courtesy my father who pushed me to travel the world, which showed me how to internationalize and offshore, and leaves me as free a man as i could ever wish to be.

    Which, as I look at the events of the last few days, all i see is the slavery of the masses, still following all the rituals, the propaganda, still spouting their expected opinions,, writing their little epithets and begging to be heard once more on TV the media and doing their little part.

    Sometimes life is just so funny, if it wasn’t so tragic that so many are so blind that they can’t see the monsters amongst the angels

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  52. An excellent piece. Some of us have seen the writing on the wall since the 1970s, (Kate Hoey is an excellent MP, I lived in her constituency for a few years). Most socialist MPs are champagne socialists to the core. The waves of political correctness from all parties have been nauseating with unfortunate results, now admitted by the likes of Trevor Philpott. The people in the shires have spoken. Their “betters” cannot handle the truth.


  53. I had hoped we were past the conspiracy theory stage by now. The vote would be rigged, Leave would never prevail, blah blah blah.
    Now it is ^Boris is a plant^, ^Cameron wanted to resign anyway^, blah blah, blah.

    This was a little reminder that the masses hold all the power when so moved.

    Actually the people that should resign are (Schauble), Schuktz, Junker, Djisselboom, Draghi and Tusk. They are the clowns in this soap opera. If they don’t walk, then next year when half of Europe declares freedom, Mrs Merkel (who could also be gone by then) will find her dream in tatters.
    My only regret is Barrosso escaped with his pension intact.
    Maybe we can even bring down Lagarde.


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