JO COX/BREXIT: the petition every Brexiteer has been expecting gets a media surge…allegedly




mesnipA gentleman called Christopher McGinty lodged an e-petition on the Parliament website last February 29th. Since the murder of Jo Cox MP, the site signatures ‘have surged’ according to yesterday’s Independent. It was at 20,000 when the Indie published its existence. As of this morning, it’s at 34,000. Clearly, although campaigning in the EU referendum has been ‘suspended’, the work of attaching blame for the murder firmly upon Brexiteers continues unabated. The Slog investigates.

The Independent – one of the most consistent finger-pointers at a so-called (but non-existent) link between Tommy Mair and the Leave campaign – led with this yesterday:


Further down – a long way further down – the piece mentioned that the chances of the petition being debated before polling day were zero. However, the Indie features this little wheeze….upon which The Slog posted twelve days ago:


Well, just fancy that. And this petition was lodged 3 months ago. “Independent creates self-fulfilling prophecy as previously obscure petition surges after Independent points people at it.”

McGintyChristopher McGinty (left) comes from Glasgow. He’s a child care worker, likes footie and seems to be a decent sort of bloke. There seems nothing sinister about him at all: good looking partner and cute kid. My only query here is why The Independent offered details of his petition and tied it into an article about Jo Cox. As I posted previously, there seems to be a campaign afoot to soften voters up for MPs overruling the Brexiteer majority – if it actually materialises.

Suspension of the Referendum stump or not, the media disinformation barrage continues. Here are two more classic IABATOs from the Mail today:


On the left, same old story rubbished here yesterday….there is no Brexit link at all. To the right, Mail condemns bloke who thinks the Referendum should continue, points out he wants UK to leave and is covered in swastikas. But he is NOT an official VoteLeave activist, and he is NOT a member of UKip. Also note how Mair is a loner one minute, and a Brexit activist the next.

Having covered its entire Friday front page with a 100% untrue ‘Brexit gunman’ smear, The Star continues to peddle untruths with this gem today:


It is now common knowledge that Mair made the purchase in 1999….so obviously, all that wicked whipping up of hatred for Muslims and migrant workers finally tipped him over the edge 17 years later. It really is the most unutterable crap. Disappointingly, Craig Murray also blames ‘Islamophobia’ for the rise and rise of hate in the UK, asserting that it is now ‘official’ cps policy that ‘only Muslims are charged as terrorists’. As Tommy Mair isn’t a Muslim, and has been charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act – it’s a claim that doesn’t hold water…but will without doubt be repeated elsewhere.

I say that because, for example, the Torygraph continues the DIY gun ‘story’…


…..but fails to point up the 17-year gap between purchase and alleged use; however, it does manage to slip this bit in with it to suggest that media mendacity is having its hoped-for outcome:


The Mirror’s pro-Brexit editorial goes a step further and splashes with


….gushing beneath the header that ‘ComRes analysts were amazed when the results coming in after 2pm began to show a marked change of heart from Brexit to Remain’. It’d be a very good story were it not for the fact that it’s completely untrue. This table shows what really happened over the week:


Yup, Remain down two points, Leave up three.

Looking through Twitter last night, it has been fascinating to watch all those bourgeois ‘progressive’ Mail-haters now gleefully reposting everything that confirms their idée fixe about “whipping up hate” in the very same paper….you know, the one that was written by ‘scum’ only two weeks ago. It still is written by lazy bigots of course: but now  they’re the Left’s lazy bigots, everything is just dandy.

It’s a hate landslide, people. And hate is uniting Left and Right. How profoundly depressing that is.


41 thoughts on “JO COX/BREXIT: the petition every Brexiteer has been expecting gets a media surge…allegedly

  1. So, if this little charade was an establishment caper, and it doesn’t produce the required result, what next? Even with two thirds of the HoC not supporting a Brexit, surely that would, in the event of a large majority vote leave, produce a constitutional crisis?
    Blatanlty ignoring the will of the people?
    Apparently Cameron has said he has no intention of resigning whatever the outcome of the vote is.
    Now, should the leave camp win the day, and Cameron stays, and the will of the people is ignored and our membership continues and they manage to pull it off, they’ll be no stopping them ever…..Scary eh?

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  2. How come you’ve ignored the court utterance of Mair? You are really trying to bend logic on this one, which is totally out of character, and I now start to have doubts about your clear-sightedness. The most logical explanation is the classic one of a loner with unaddressed mental problems picked up by the nationalist extremists and used to defend their bent ideals.

    The hate stirred up by the English isolationist nationalists (Little Englanders) was preluded by the same tactics here in the Scottish referendum with a nasty division in society that I had not seen in 35 years of living here. To dismiss the power of that hatred of ‘foreigners’ in the English OUT campaign is incoherent: it is mirrored entirely in the America First campaign of the Bojo clone Trump, where the more inherently belligerent US right have been only too willing to resort to violence to solve their differences.

    Mutualism cannot ignore the outside world or its neighbours. It still works in rural Spain and France where the left-right dichotomy is not a life issue and foreigners are welcome.

    I am only 2 years younger than you and share so many of your attitudes to life and global reality, but you have lostsens of reason on this ‘grumpy old man’ rant.

    Hoping normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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  3. I’m struggling to believe that the vote will be either delayed or called off because of the killing, or that it will affect anyone’s vote in any way. I take back the last point. There will be a very small minority of people who think with their “feelings” rather than using their brain – a few thousand at most – who will be swayed by all of this. In my view the media luvvies don’t inhabit the same world as the rest of it, and nor do the politicians and advisors. They talk to each other, not to us. Everyone I have spoken to has seen through the PC rhetoric and no one thinks the vote should be rescheduled.

    If there is a delay/cancellation I will be shocked given that the consequences in the UK will be more unpredictable than even a Brexit vote. But anything can happen when so much is at stake. It seems a Brexit vote risks a 2008 style meltdown round the world (wonder which way DB has its bets???) so maybe I am being too sanguine.

    Most of my discussions on the topic have been with those who see the financial risk and disruption of Brexit not worth the political price of Bremain. In the Bremain camp we have those who genuinely fear change (ie UK pensioners in my corner of France) and really the business establishment – people who are looking at this through the eyes of their companies and careers etc. This is a respectable view to take in my opinion but misses the point.

    Set against this is my view – and I am very much a minority over here – which is the risks of Bremain are greater than Brexit given the construction of the EU and its self-destructive trajectory. A bit like Germany and Austria-Hungary in WW1, “We are shackled to a corpse”. Make that shackled to a zombie! It will bite us sooner or later so best cut the cord now.

    I think the fact that the “snowflake generation” did not manage to register to vote on time and crashed the website on the last evening says much about them but it is their future and they should be entitled to a vote – pity they can’t vote using Facebook or text and have to get their backsides actually into a polling booth – what is the chance of that? The government really missed a trick in not allowing those who have been out of the UK for more than 15 years a chance to vote. There are probably many hundreds of thousands of retired ex-pats who would have voted to remain and now can’t. They are pretty miffed about this in my experience and their votes may ultimately have made the difference.

    Heh ho, who ever expected competence from this bunch of wide boys?

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  4. The online petition business is a complete farce and carte blanche for organised groups to get their message across in a crude yet effective manner. Talk of cancelling the vote because of this MP doesnt even make any sense. All it does is expose the motivations of some people and how they think. If it was cancelled now, that would be it, the game will have changed.

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  5. Isn’t there normally ‘sampling’ (not counting) of postal votes at this stage? No news = good news?


  6. What an INDEPENDENT press would have said.
    Madman kills M.P….. It is bad and it is sad…..Stop…End of.
    It is not relevant to the discussion that will decide the fate of our country. Our country and others who are teetering on the brink and watching our lead.

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  7. It’s all propaganda to sway the electorate, but I can say it does not seem to be working, as you know I was shocked by the incident, and a friend of mine worked with her father but it has not changed her mind on Brexit. This is the most important time for the British people to hold it’s Government to account for every mandate and legislation it issues, without hiding behind the dictates of the great Leviathan called the EU, that uses the IMF as a tool to asset strip every new member state to join it’s band of merry men, equally this then joins them at the hip to the American way or no way to expanding their visions and dreams for self gratification. when I watch all these things going on in the world I picture the film It’s a Mad Mad World with Obama as Ethel Murman’s son on the phone saying ”I’m a coming mamma, I’ll set you free” and Putin as Spencer Tracey stood calmly by watching them all digging trenches under the palm tree’s shaped in a W. And yesterday’s vote in the Senate by 50 minions voting to go to war with Assad all trying to impress there Despicable Leader. It truly is a Blockbuster moment in time.

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  8. ghost

    I really must disagree with your response to Wulfric; to associate his (and my) fervent desire to be free from the anti-democratic, corporatist EU with the murder of an MP by a deranged individual of whatever political persuasion is nonsense.

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  9. @Mike Harland
    “where the more inherently belligerent US right have been only too willing to resort to violence to solve their differences.”
    What ??? It’s the anti Trump, Clinton rent a mob that, bereft of an argument, resorts to violence.

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  10. The real test in this referendum … our democracy has been inflitrated and perverted the will of the people will reveal one way or the other why Britain was so fortunate and lucky to have had a democracy that actually worked for a few hundred years punching way above its size from the strength it gives.

    Parliament perverted and corrupt now beyond all recognition to the peoples needs to wake up the fact they and they alone stripped away our democracy for their own ends. A fully functioning democracy is a need for a population.

    The referendum is hubris, Cameron made it this way, his actions no longer carries the binding concept it should have had and that’s another fail for the PM a big one too. The day after the referendum the BREMAIN / BREXIT dispute will remain whoever wins, but the end of an historic form of governance we had in the UK has been mortally wounded. Wouldn’t be so bad but it worked once.

    It also shows from this

    Thats a large swathe of the population over 40%+ of them who have been voting for people not compatible with their beliefs. Now imagine if a BREXIT shades it, then parliament gets to overturn that decision also. I hope all those MP’s who want BREXIT walk out leave the unrepresentative MP’s to vote for what they want.

    You could not make this storyline up … you really couldn’t.

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  11. Don’t discount the possibility that when asked to give his name in Court, Mair may have been persuaded/encouraged to come out with his response that is so convenient to the Remain campaign. Given that just about the only thing he would have been allowed to say in the Magistrates’ Court was his name, that was pretty clever tactics if he was being “influenced”. You may ask how was he influenced? Could be as simple as ‘say this or you will get a good kicking’ or it might have been more sophisticated. I very much doubt that he alone would have come up with the idea – I think he would have found being in the Court quite intimidating and would have given his correct name if he had not been prepped

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  12. @Mike Harland ……. and the American ‘Left’ is as sweet as apple pie, of course! Indeed, Progressives and Lefties the world over are non-belligerent, peace-loving souls who would not dream of forcing their dogma and idealism on the rest; or shut down any debate about anything that does not coincide with their blinkered (some would say depraved) world-view with the ‘waycist’ accusation.

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  13. But unfortunately with this whole terrible incident we see that the the problems for Britain are much more fundamental than an EU referendum can deal with. It isn’t just the Remain side that are not questioning the suspicious circumstances of Jo Cox’s death so near to the referendum but the Leave side too who are perfectly happy to play along with the official narrative. We do not have politicians in this country with the guts and gumption to ask real questions at any meaningful level. And until that changes it makes little difference whether we’re in the EU or not.

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  14. Hieronmusb the reason i haven’t attacked you is you haven’t resulted to turning the debate into a your with me or your mad! I still want the referendum to take place am still voting out! but really if we don’t try change this rabid fervour of conspiracy everywhere and amateur psychology of closing debate on actual facts down to your with us or against us,really will lead to a world not worth living in for our children and grandchildren,am not saying what am saying to change people opinions but to change the way that it is done! do you really think Mr Harlands comment deserved such a savage attack,i found it rather balanced,calm and not without truth in it!
    I also feel the suspension of the referendum will lead to riots in the street but am of the opinion that it is the losing of control rather than conspiring to control everything! is what is really happening
    Everyone including me from time to time gets caught up in the situation and need to take a step back to ask i am i right and if am right am i doing it in the right way!

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  15. ghost

    Mike Harland sought to associate Brexit with a hatred of foreigners, which many of us would find insulting. Wulfric disagreed.. fervently. It is, after all, deeply frustrating when others pretend to understand your views by misrepresenting them. Anyway, Wulfric is doubtless quite able to defend himself, so I’ll say no more.

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  16. Mike
    I’m not ignoring Mair’s Court utterances, and there has been no loss of ‘normal service’.
    I do have an exclusive line of enquiry about Tommy Mair, but I only print stuff as FACT if I can stand it up to a high level.

    I accept he’s disturbed, but I don’t accept his actions were brought on by Brexit, UKIP or anyone else.

    As for ‘To dismiss the power of that hatred of ‘foreigners’ in the English OUT campaign is incoherent’…well, it isn’t, it’s empirical. I accept one ill-judged UKIP poster was a mistake, but I’m NOT a Kipper: and Steve Bell’s Guardian cartoon was infinitely more inflammatory.

    Be patient; more to come.


  17. Hieronmusb I thought he brought points forward that John didn’t! since am in the same club as being called a little Englander since that the way am going to vote,has no effect on me since i know it not to be true! but am saddened that such psychology is used just has i am that those using traitors to those who want to stay is used! it just a indication to have far and low standards have fallen in this once Great country!
    And i feel compelled to do my little bit to try and stop the slide!
    Please have a good day!

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  18. In 2003, just four days before the Swedish referendum on joining the Eurozone, a prominent pro-Euro MP, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death in a public place. The man later convicted, claimed to have no idea why he had done it, and no political motive was ever suggested for the killing. Sound familiar?

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  19. John, thanks for writing on this and other important topics. For this expat, and I suspect for many other expats, your blog helps us stay in contact. I have no particular view on the current topic. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar at other times it might be something else. I simply don’t know in this case.

    On the question of In or Out I do have strong views. I was and am a strong supporter of the EEC but dislike what it has become intensely. The idea of an ever greater union of 28 unique and proud nations is, in my view, naive and solves a non-existent problem but the EU now has very powerful tools to whip countries into line. The next several years will be interesting.

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  20. I really wish I could write like some of you guys, you really do get things down on paper so much better than I!

    This whole MP shooting incident is SO sad but I think it was inevitable that something like this was going to happen, and incidentally, more I fear will happen in the future if TPTB don’t start to listen to what the people are telling them and responding to them.

    The fact that MP’s/campaigners can stoop so bloody low as to try and gain any benefit from this incident is a measure of just how low the crap that now govern us have fallen, this sorry incident should not be used for gain by either side. Anyone who does try and gain from it should be remembered AFTERWARD and dealt with accordingly.

    By the way JW, great refereeing earlier!

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  21. Speaking as a retail trader, the turnaround in the markets was brewing all week. Full moon tomorrow as well (Monday) marks an opportune time for a bullish reversal – and also of course for lunatic acts, as we have seen…


  22. Btw, I thought former Cameron advisor Steve Hilton was surprisingly eloquent in making the Brexit case on Newsnight last week. He neatly summarised the argument against oligarchic technocratic rule by Bilderberg and in favour of reclaiming British sovereignty, I thought – without coming across as some conspiraloon in the process.

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  23. The probability of Mr Mair being a Manchurian Candidate brought to you by the same people who did for;.. (your choice of victim here) seems to have been largely ignored. It is a well tried modus operandi portrayed in two films of that name, and recently demonstrated on British TV when a man was triggered unbeknowingly to shoot Stephen Fry.


  24. Hard to believe the timing of all this, I have visions of No 10 with the lights on till late at night working out how best to take advantage of it, Cameron must have thought Christmas had come early.


  25. Manchurian Mair: not ignored; it is pretty much the first thing that crosses my mind any time anything happens these days. So a possibility, yes, but the perp is generally removed from the scene post-haste in such cases, are they not?


  26. 2nd attempt at posting this:
    From The Mail 10 June 2016:
    An academic working as an adviser for the Treasury has been suspended from his Whitehall role after co-authoring a book with Tory Eurosceptic MP Sir Bill Cash, chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, criticising the EU.
    Dr Radomir Tylecote was ‘granted paid leave’ from his job at Behavioural Insights Team – BIT was set up by David Cameron, then formed into a private firm partially owned by the Government.
    He wrote From Brussels With Love, an analysis of the EU’s origins, with Maastricht rebel and Sir Bill said the Treasury’s decision was an ‘outrageous act of bullying’ and an ‘attack on free speech’.

    From Amazon:
    From Brussels With Love is a devastating and detailed account of how the US has coerced and pushed the UK into the EU, to suit its own interests; and how the UK’s best interests are no longer served by continuing its membership of this faltering EU. The fact that the lead author, Radomir Tylecote, is an advisor to No. 10 is bound to ensure that this book gets massive publicity in the popular Press. Sir William Cash MP has unerringly directed this work into the Brexit Referendum space, with its brilliantly argued case based on previously unknown facts of the matter, which will ensure this book is reviewed in the serious journals and newspapers.

    Well, it didn’t get massive publicity or many reviews. I wonder why?


  27. I must say Mr Ward, compared to the vituperative libelous material which you sometimes come out with I thought that Wulfic was positively angelic. I suppose living in France does give you some protection though.


  28. Good round-up by JW. The timing of this terrible event couldn’t be much fishier, and the pro-“remain” button-pushing following in its wake pretty staggering. I haven’t seen such a full-throttle media frenzy over events connected to an associate of Gordon Brown since Maddy vanished.


  29. Hi John,

    Exactly one week ago I posted here that I fully expected a terrorist attack/s here in the UK between then and the Referendum that would be used by the media to encourage the undecided voters to vote for Remain.

    If the Leave Campaign are still leading the polls on Tuesday morning I predict that there will be more death on British streets and a Prime Minister who announces that the Referendum is postponed until such times as media propaganda places Remain back firmly in the lead.

    What else would you expect in a Banana Republic?


  30. The real question that the PTB must be asking themselves is what they do now that the general public no longer has any trust or faith in the UK media. It seems to me that it’s a bit like a football manager who has lost his dressing room. The players keep their heads down, speak professionally with the manager when required, but appear not to care too much for his fate based on their performances on the pitch.

    Reading what I have read the past 6 months, I can say with certainty that a large slice of those who call themselves ‘traditional conservative voters’ care not one iota about the fate of the Prime Minister and don’t care too much for the fate of the Conservative Party as currently constituted. They are asking whether it is still a useful vehicle for power for whether it simply needs to be replaced with something more in tune with their actual views. One thing for sure though is that such people have even less time for the Labour Party than they have for the current Conservative leadership.

    Britain’s so-called ‘democracy’ has functioned for nearly 200 years since the Great Reform Act in 1832 through elective dictatorship allied to brainwashing through the Press. The brainwashing has been necessary to screw the populace without inciting civil disobedience. Unfortunately, people have actually got to the point where they are realising what democracy truly means, namely the will of the people as expressed through voting in the ballot box, not the will of demagogue politicians telling people that they know what’s best for them.

    I personally think that a tipping point was past in the past 3 years whereby a critical mass of the electorate no longer believes a word the national press tell them. It makes it much, much more difficult for elective oligarchy to rule by traditional means.

    We are living in interesting times…..

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  31. The murder of J Cox could not have been better timed if it had been planned. The narrative had been buildin all along. Brexiteers are xenophobic Little Englanders, Brexiteers are knuckle dragging, skin head racists and now they have their poster boy for Brexiteers are far right facist murderers (see Alister Campbell’s twitter post for the association).

    In recent years we in this country have shown a propensity for faux grief. While I can empathise and feel compasion for Jo Cox’s family and friends in their darkest hours I cannot grieve for someone I did not know and like most of the population had not heard of until her murder. This is synthetic grief and all the weepers and hand wringers we will see in the coming days who did not know Jo Cox will have forgotten her by the following week.

    Real grief is not intellectual it is biological and cannot be manipulated by the Media. Jo Cox’s close family and friends will grieve for months and years and even many years hence in odd moments it will surface again. Ask anyone who has lost a dearly beloved.

    What we are going to be treated to is a circus. Today there have been services of remembrance in churches all across the land. Tomorrow parliament is recalled to give ample scope to those who would make propaganda out of a tradgedy.

    Also I just heard that on Wenesday there is to be a world wide ceremony of rememberance. World-Wide? Most folk in this country had never heard of Joe before her murder let alone the world. This does seem to me to be wrong and smacks of a great deal of pre-planning and engineering.

    I do hope I am wrong in my fears but do you think that the folks that brought you the Gulf of Tonkin, Gladio, USS Liberty etc would fail to stoop so low if they thought the outcome justified. A cheap price to pay to enslave a nation forever.

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