STEPHEN CRABB UPDATE: the full story, and seven unanswered questions


Conceivably, some of us may have been underestimating the broader power and politics of the man running the DWP

mesnipThere seem to be a number of ‘loose ends’ knocking about in relation to the existence or ottherwise of Stephen Crabb the SME – not to be confused with Stephen Crabb, the shining example of flying-brick sensitivity at the DWP currently happy to leave at the very least 320,000 1950s born women destitute. The Slog here attempts to tie them up – and help readers form their own conclusions about the broader ambitions of the Secretary of State.

At 9 am CET last Wednesday, I posted a piece about Stephen Crabb’s business arrangements and landlords. I used this page capture from Zoominfo:


The post went sort of sub-viral, and at approximately 10.35 am the entry was abruptly removed…on my browser. Other browsers could still, however, see it. By the end of the day, no UK browser was able to find it.

Three readers then got in touch to say the entry was false, and/or there was no record of Stephen Crabb the company or the director at Companies House.

Of the three, two proved to have false email addresses. I tried to engage with both online, but was ignored.

The information about Crabb the director was false: Companies House shows 2 entries for Crabb, one of which is to say the least ironic:


Clearly, Stephen didn’t hang around for long. Hardly surprising, really.

The following day, it was confirmed that the ‘Stephen Crabb’ company entry was still visible in some EU countries and north America. I contacted Zoominfo, and the impression I gained was that they were happy with the entry.

There is one obvious possible reason why the company isn’t registered at Companies’ House: if it was offshore, it wouldn’t need to be.

It is notoriously difficult to get information about offshore directorships and turnover – that’s a big part of the idea.

There are, however, several other things that argue against the entry being “a mistake”. First of all, there is a specific reference to turnover: not a range, but an amount – $2.4 million, or £1.64 million. Second, Crabb’s specific MP website logo is included in the entry. Third, Crabb is highlighted as the owner.

But let’s not rush to judgement; instead, let’s ask the Secretary of State himself to answer some very straightforward questions. So these are my Magnificent Seven:

  1. Are you now and have you ever been part of an offshore company?
  2. Is the entry at Zoominfo right or wrong?
  3. Can you explain the sudden disappearance of the entry on my browser and millions of others?
  4. Do you and have you ever employed aggressive tax avoidance in relation to your Parliamentary or other salaries?
  5. If the Zoominfo entry is correct, can you take us through what the company does and how it generated the turnover?
  6. Is Winston Churchill House in Haverford West owned by The Churchill Trust or the Churchill Society, or neither?
  7. If the Zoominfo entry is correct, why does it not appear in the register of MPs’ interests?

Thus far I haven’t had a peep out of the Secretary of State. But then, given he is so lofty as to be above meeting even the WASPI Executive, that’s hardly suprising.

However, I am beginning to wonder whether I’ve underestimated the power and reach of this MP. Mr Crabb, it seems, knows all the right people.

An excellent source for material about MPs and their jollies information-gathering trips abroad is They Work For You. I’m happy to credit that site for much of the source material presented in the various Crabb posts here.

Mr Crabb is, as we know, a keen and active Christian, with what appear to be strong missionary tendencies. In 2005, he went to India, courtesy of a donation from Stanley Fink. While working for Man Group in Switzerland, Fink – a former Tory Party treasurer –  opened accounts with HSBC’s Swiss subsidiary. It reportedly banked Man Group shares held in British-registered family trusts – a common way of minimising a tax bill. This aggressive tax avoidance earned David Cameron an equally aggressive PMQ from the then Labour leader Ed Miliband. Fink is in the Top 1,000 UK richest list.

In 2006, Crabb went to Israel. The visit was hosted and funded by Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), a powerful and censorious organisation of whom the highly respected and even-handed journalist Peter Oborne has written at length. His conclusion was:

‘The Friends of Israel groups in the House of Commons have firmly established themselves in the interstices of British political life. Their heavy presence at party conferences is taken for granted, their lunches and dinners an ingrained part of the Westminster social scene, the donations a vital part of the political financing. An environment now exists where MPs and ministers feel cautious about criticizing the foreign policy of the Israeli state, wary of opening themselves to criticism on the home front.’

Like me, Peter is not and never has been an anti-semite.

By 27-30 October 2007, Stephen was back on a plane…this time to Doha, Qatar, to attend the 6th annual Natural Gas Conference. Business class flights and hotel accommodation for two nights were paid by South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd. A First class upgrade was provided by Qatar Airways on return flight. Crabb lists energy as one of his interests.

In 2010, Stephen Crabb went on an all expenses paid trip to Rwanda to ‘help organise Project Umubano, a Conservative Party social action project.’ The BBC has described Umubano as something that started when ‘the Conservatives were still in opposition, and looking to shake off the “nasty party” image.’ Crabb was a key organiser in this image process. In an email to the BBC, he wrote at the time, ‘[Umubano] has undoubtedly had a profound effect on the Conservative Party. It would be inaccurate to say that the Conservative Party was not interested in development pre-2007…. But I remember debates on Global Poverty during that last Parliament that were sparsely populated on our side of the House’. As sparsely populated as the Waspi debates in 2016, we ask?

There are other seamy bits to this project. The President of Rwanda got 93% of the vote last time around, which tells you something about the democratic values of his government. Britain is the biggest international donor to President Paul Kagame’s government – pumping in some £46m a year. Britain still sees Rwanda as a “fantastic development partner”…even if Kagame is a dictator. It’s the muunnneeee again.

None of this is “innuendo”. Stephen Crabb is an MP interested in donations from dodgy Hedge Fund tax-avoiders, pro-Israeli groups, and NATO oil pipeline interests. Umubano no doubt has good social side-effects, but it is part of the British Government’s long-standing business policy of supplying terrorist supporting Saudis, African dictators and Middle East trouble spots with….well, whatever they want, really.

In short, he is totally onside with the loopy and unethical ideas of neoliberal Conservatism, its desire to remain in the EU, and its mission to remain a fervent stooge of NATO’s ambitions to support Israel come what may, while ensuring exclusive access to the Qatar pipeline.

What he doesn’t support is the idea that everyone should pay their taxes in full without resorting to tax avoidance, property flipping and the maximisation of expenses income. And probably in keeping with that, he doesn’t support the idea of compassion for the elderly and disabled in the country that gave him a chance to crawlout of a social ditch.

So I simply say to Stephen Crabb: there are your Magnificent Seven questions…as citizens, I think we deserve full and frank answers to them.

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24 thoughts on “STEPHEN CRABB UPDATE: the full story, and seven unanswered questions

  1. We should not forget that DWP is an acronym: Do Without Pensions. Rather like Jayne Mansfield, Stephen Crabb discovered at a young age that the world is his lobster.


  2. You might be out of your depth on this one John.
    Suggest you might try the Freedom of Information route….


  3. The FOI Act is easily and regularly circumvented. I have made several requests, not one has been answered fully and responses have been heavily and unjustifiably redacted. The information commissioner’s office, trendy no caps, is just another toothless paper tiger like all the other ombudsmen, unless it suits them. It is important to realise that this is as much about window dressing as anything else; all too often you would be better off asking the fayries.

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  4. Using the Tor browser and an exit node in Switzerland, Crabb’s entry is still there. I’m not convinced that all the info hasn’t been taken directly from his own website however.

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  5. As to question number 7:

    If the Zoominfo entry is correct, why does it not appear in the register of MPs’ interests?

    Well of course this is illegal. But as with all such illegalities, it is carefully nurtured by those who hold the reigns of the British government. The point here that Crabb showed himself greedy enough to demonstrate that he was the kind of person that could be – how can one put this politely? – employed.

    One move in this direction is enough for those powers to say to him “we have the documents, and it’s the slammer for you if you don’t vote as you are told”.

    No doubt Crabb is now in the position where – if he stepped out of line – he would be found in frillies and hanging by the neck from the lampshade. It would suggest that he had accidentally committed suicide in a manner not uncommon to the male gender.

    He has a lot to defend, and those who have their hands on the nape of his neck and telling him where to look are even more defensive.

    However, there is always the chance that he will be fed to the dogs journalists. But the point here is that when practically everybody from Cameron downwards has that irksome feeling of someone sticking their hands where it’s not nice. This level of corruption is not going to be tackled by taking on one individual: an individual who can be dispensed with in the way one throws away the paper that the cheese had been wrapped in.

    The most important thing one can take from this activity is that the post did go semi-viral, and might just wake up the docile British voter.

    The problem then is the voting system…


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  6. I tried to reply to the previous post but it didn’t appear.
    The two Stephen Crabb companies are non-limited companies (like thousands of sole traders). Non-limited companies are not registered at Companies House and do not have to file annual accounts or other returns at Companies House. The financial affairs of non-limited companies are not public information. (See Wikipedia).
    Also see:

    I’ve no idea what your Zoominfo problems are.


  7. Billk that’s some turnover for a sole trader? and if dealing with such amounts he leaves his assets open to loss if the company fails.(hence why most become LTD asap and it opens other benefits i believe that am sure Mr Crabb’s wouldn’t want to miss out on! it would also be VAT registered on such a turnover?


  8. @the Ghost
    The revenue, turnover & no. of staff figures are nonsense. There are no accounts, no checks on the data and the owner can tick any boxes he likes. Unlimited companies are used where a loss is almost impossible to happen. i.e. any business affairs are strictly controlled. See Wikipedia for examples.


  9. @the Ghost
    Sole traders still have to deal with the Inland Revenue for income tax and (if applicable) register for VAT. But their accounts are not public information.
    Zoominfo crawls the internet to fill up its database. When an owner fills up the registration form for a non-limited company he can put any numbers he likes (or none at all) in the company details. There are no checks made on that data.
    But if you want to impress some fellow millionaire MPs, then you might feel like putting some big numbers in the form.


  10. The only point am making Billk is on that turnover they should be VAT registered! I’ve never claimed the tax returns are made public for sole traders!

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  11. @the ghost
    Well, the two non-limited companies might be registered for VAT. Who knows?
    But that turnover figure is just made up for PR purposes. We don’t know what their actual turnover is. The companies may just be a vehicle to pay a salary to his wife for admin work. It may be more than that, but we don’t know.


  12. I am still constantly amazed at how some people get het up and knickers twisted so tightly legs get parted from torsos over this tax nonsense.

    When for decade after decade all the evidence is there lying around you that it is nothing more than a grand theft project designed to steal your hard labor and buy votes to pit them up yo hound you flagellate and scream for your blood as though you were you hacking kidneys out of babies to sell.

    When you know all along is stolen precisely to fund and finance their theft greed corruption, kill people around the world and make some filthy troughing bureaucrats and politicians nose deep in an overflowing trough without any accountability whatsoever in any manner and in league and conspiracy’s with every crony capitalist grifter out there.

    Well, people can get on their high horse all they want but at the end of the day they vote this shit show in power time after time, but if they expect me to contribute to this cancerous depraved set up they are delusional in the extreme.

    i do not do tax avoidance, not hidden offshore companies or even onshore, but numbered bank accounts and never so much as contributed a penny in my life to a pension scheme aka a ponzi scheme.
    I do not do tax avoidance, the ultimate in stupidity, leaving a paper trail 10 ft deep leading to your money no matter how much you try to claim you followed the riles. They WILL steal it all in the end.

    Tax evasion, full weight, no golds barred all out is the only way to go. I practice total and utter tax evasion so successful that in over 25 years I have never so much as filed a tax return let alone pay a cent in taxes.

    And it is easy, no lawyers, tax accountants, no expenses involved, just plain old fashioned common sense is all it takes and it is absolutely 100 % foolproof with zero paper trail, not a single record electronic written or otherwise that possibly point at you anywhere in the world.

    But the sheep as so subdued and frightened that they all the hocus pocus magic they claim can bring them to justice and a life of torture and hell.

    You know that when I say nothing, and I do mean nothing will change. The criminal cartel of thieving elites and bankers and filthy crooked corrupt pols with still be raping you daily in a thousand years.
    When you get the guts and brains to figure out just how simple and easy it to have complete secure tax evasion, then you too will finally find freedom from the chains of of these two faced scum that run your life like you are just another bee in their hive.

    time to wake up


  13. Billk it may well be made up,but that shows that he his deliberately misleading potential customers if it is! and were back to square one if it isn’t pie in the sky!


  14. John,
    Genuinely excited that this may well have legs, keep digging.

    Fantastic work.



  15. The reason is Anthony is before their was governments their was taxes,pricing is a tax a private tax! in the way that most people have had to pay,this certainly wasn’t possible when workers were tied by home and work to a manor! So tax actually can balance over profiteering pricing! and should ! people like you believe that all pricing is right but that is actually a stupid assumption! before unions the price of work was dictate by lords etc and they always underpaid.(and wouldn’t pay at all if they could slavery) so taxation is no worse than overpricing,it curtails abuse of power! if you really think bankers deserve or are worth what they’re paid then your total lack of understanding of economics is has bad as those bankers and those abusing their positions and power for that is all bankers and many others are doing!and why the economies of the world are in a total mess! you may boast tax evasion as some badge of honour but you are responsible for the death of many and poverty depravity and if continued the end of humanity,but i doubt you have the brain capacity to grasp that!
    Waldgaenger fools seldom come in ones!


  16. PS Anthony he obviously doesn’t believe in free markets but does believe in markets free to abuse!


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