Is this the latest tax avoidance wheeze of holier-than-thou pension denier Stephen Crabb?


Is it a Minister? Is it a company? Or is it just another rotten Crabbapple?


mesnipThe loveliness of Stephen Crabb (the devout Christian who manages to be a Temple Moneychanger at the same time) goes on and on. The man at the helm of the DWP – who thinks 1950s born women illegally deprived of State Pensions have no case, and therefore he refrains from engaging with them in any way – was censured for his Parliamentary expenses in 2009.

Now evidence has come to light suggesting Mr Crabb is reducing his tax bill via the use of company incorporation.

The search engine Zoominfo lists a company called, simply:


Crabb operates as a constituency MP from Suite 1, Winston Churchill House. His company is described as ‘active’, but the business description entered  is ‘unrestricted business activities’. Right, fair enough….that clearly brings its purpose into sharp focus….nothing to see here, move along please.

The startling information above, however, shows that at todays £/$ Forex rate, Stephen Crabb the company has a turnover of £1.64 million, and employs more than 10 staff. So obviously, there must be a lot going on.

But the only problem with that conclusion is that Companies House – four years after the company’s formation – has no details at all on what Stephen Crabb [the company] does. As such. In fact, Companies House has no record of Stephen Crabb the SME at all.

I offer now some clues as to why the Company Stephen Crabb exists: tax avoidance.

Incorporation of yourself as a company allows the following:

  1. The payment of a small salary to oneself at the tax free level – ie, the standard Personal Allowance of £11,000, on which Stephen Crabb the company and the individual may well not have to pay tax at all.
  2. The payment to Stephen Crabb the company and the individual of dividends on company profits in lieu of further salary. Taxes on dividends start at 10% (half the income tax rate of 20%) with no NIC contributions to pay at all.
  3. Even at the higher dividend rate of 32%, a tax credit to Stephen Crabb the company and the individual of a tax credit rocks in at the notional value of 10%.

It’s all a very neat way to pay less tax – and thus cheat the State out of taxes that help to pay pensions to desitute Waspis – but there’s something missing that makes it more than just reprehensible: Stephen Crabb’s deposition to the MPs’ standards body makes no mention at all of his alter ego existence as a company:


Call me wacky, but I would describe my 100% ownership of a £1.64m company operating from my constituency surgery address as an interest. I mean, be fair – at the very least, a hobby.

Nevertheless,  her indoors Beatrice is but one employee….who are the other 10+? And how do they generate that amount of income from one Minister’s salary of £135,527?

And while we’re at it, are MPs supposed to be businesses when they should be public servants?

It’s all terribly confusing for those of us less au fait than most with the mysterious workings of the UK’s HMRC. But carry on reading, because the situation gets murkier the more one looks into it.

You may have noticed that the address of Stephen Crabb – MP and ethereal trading entity – is Winston Churchill House. Mr Crabb doesn’t own the suite there, he rents it. These are his landlords:


Jonathan E Macy and Louiz CK Nielsen lead us into other unseemly areas covered previously by none other than Guido Fawkes of Order-Order Parliamentary corruption fame. They appear here under a Guido Investigation called Rent Swappers. My oh my, but that’s got a familiar ring to it.

They also turn up again under a Channel 4 investigation:


What might ‘reimbursed to MP’ mean? Does that marry with Stephen Crabb’s details as given to the Standards Committee?

Is all of this just cheap innuendo? I think not.

Before 2009 and afterwards, we can see a very clear trend in Stephen Crabb’s behaviour, and it is this: a history during which he emerges as a tax avoider taking advantage of every allowance, every tax loophole and using every legal but unethical fiddle to gain personally at the expense of the ordinary citizens he is supposed to defend. Employing his wife, for instance, makes her salary tax deductible for him, and a lower rate of tax on income for her.

Clearly, Mr Crabb is not some brainless Waspi “breezing through life without thinking”. His judgementally unChristian Christian beliefs extend to arrogantly sanctimonious judgements about everyone….except himself. I don’t care about what happens to Mr Crabb in the light of these latest allegations: he is just another pompous zealot thrust into public life by the triumph of sociopathic values.

But I do care about Waspi women being given what is rightfully theirs – without compromise or halfway houses. And they are not going to get what government after government promised them until they recognise in full the nature of those determined to make them beg and crawl for the crumbs of the crumbs from the Establishment’s obscenely overladen table.

Stephen Crabb is the Secretary of State at the Department of Work and Pensions. He is not going to engage with the WASPI campaign, and he is not going to go quietly. He must – despite all his hateful arrogance – be driven from office….for once, the patronising purveyors of disgraceful double standards should be given a clear warning that the mass financial rape of 1950s women will not be tolerated.


Yesterday at The Slog: no lie is too low for the Remaindeer corporatists

30 thoughts on “Is this the latest tax avoidance wheeze of holier-than-thou pension denier Stephen Crabb?

  1. Tainted, Greedy, Arrogant and utterly Shameless. Sounds like he fits the Job Description for an MP perfectly. Another one to look out for is Kevin Foster, arriviste MP for Torbay. Don’t know why, no empirical evidence, just a gut feeling.

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  2. TY JW –

    It really is mind boggling how all the dumb sheep who will vote BREMAIN will think nothing of this. This is exactly the man who would love the EVEN MORE UNACCOUNTABILITY because he will have the perfect person to blame in the EU.

    UK politicians champion BREMAIN because after that it is blame it on the EU forever and their argument will be we can do nothing about it but you must keep feeding me my money for nowt.

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  3. Excellent investigation JW. I question why and how this peice of work and others like him exist in the guise they are in. I guess it’s because most people and I include myself , know and do nothing .
    If he has registered as a limited company the audited accounts will be available to view.
    Don’t you just hate these high moral ground weasels like Mr Crabb .

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  4. Smash-and-Crabb is no longer a crime then. If he’s so keen on tomfoolery, perhaps we should fit him with a nice pair of bracelets joined by a very short chain – a tight-fitting necklace on a gibbet would suit him, come to think of it.

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  5. Can I ask where your company information came from (as it appear to be an American site)? I am certainly NOT an apologist for Crabb – I have no time for him or for this awful government – but as there is no trace of him as a current company director anywhere on UK company search sites, I wonder if that site has incorrect information. (He wouldn’t be able to form a limited company without it being registered at Companies House.)

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  6. Dear All

    At 10:40 CET this morning, the Zoominfo company profile was removed. I have the page capture, but….all a tad disturbing…

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  7. Gill
    It comes from Zoominfo – they’ve now wiped the entry, and this worries me on a number of levels.
    But I still have the page capture.
    I share your concern but this would seem a very odd mistake to make, given the amount of detail there, the address, the name.
    By the way, Crabb DOES have a company director record going back to 2002, and that’s not widely recorded either. But it IS him – same name, DOB, birthplace etc.
    Only two possibilities here: Zoominfo cockup, or Stephen Crabb coverup.

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  8. Good work JW. You have obviously caused Crabb to attempt to scrub the evidence of his shell company and scuttle off under a rock. The Ministry of Truth are busy rewriting the past as I write.

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  9. As always 1 rule for the MPs and ministers and 1 for us . How this is happening is beyond me and surely the gov is there to inform their public , treat them with respect and act on their behalf . As for mr crabb as he is , according to your report taking advantage of tax deals to gain financially , which iis an example of why we are in a financial mess . This shows his moral attitude . WASPI women have paid their dues and have been mistreated by this gov . Also me crabb avoiding to have discussion with the WASPI women is shocking and he is showing that he is not fit for this position .

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  10. JW

    I may be getting too conspiratorial, but is it possible that Louiz CK Neilsen is a fictitious name? Louis CK is a popular comedian in the U.S. and the only mentions anywhere on the web of such an individual is as landlord to Stephen Crabb. It seems unlikely that a real individual could have such a low profile on the interwebs.

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  11. O/Tbut in keeping with JW’s views I believe.
    Blistering dissection by the Young Turks of media bias in reporting a new poll indicating that Donald Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton. This is superbly well done by Cenk Uyghur. I thoroughly recommend you watch the full 12-min video as he unravels the duplicity of the Washington Post’s reporting.

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  12. John at approx 10.40 this morning I put your report out on Facebook which goes out world wide,and my internet provider went off line for approx 10 mins,STRANGE.

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  13. The only Jonathan E Macey I could find is a Yale Law School professor who has written a book about (ironically) the importance of reputation in business. If Crabb’s landlords are chimera, and he is remitting his rent to himself, would this be revealed by a title search of his constituency office? Just a thought.

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  14. Lord Griffiths if Forestfu–k ( sorry fach)’ s views as a serving Goldman Sachs (b)anker regarding high rdmuneration in the financial l sector ( wiki)

    “He also said the issue of banking compensation should not be thought about solely from a short-term perspective. He defended the bank’s bonuses, Griffiths said the general public should “tolerate the inequality as a way to achieve greater prosperity for all”, saying also that “we should not … be ashamed of offering compensation in an internationally competitive market which ensures the bank businesses here and employs British people”.[3]”

    Well that s all right then…..

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  15. mac: please look at my earlier posts.

    * zoominfo is NOT reliable
    * try searching John McDonnell – you’ll see similar information (see here In fact, there are a few MPs searchable in that list; they all have a section for “company background and information”, even if those fields are blank. It’s nothing more than a function of the way this website is set up.

    I’d love to hang Crabb out to dry as much as anyone but I am genuinely concerned that this blog’s premise is based on unreliable and inaccurate information and has the potential to misfire.


  16. Reference our twitter exchanges, I’ve posted your info on a variety of Facebook sites, eg Black Triangle, DPAC, posted many tweets including to Labour MPs – I love the story to be true, but I really do need some concrete evidence, otherwise I’m going to have to go back to them all and eat humble pie! For instance, if company is not registered with Company House, how do you know it exists, what is it’s name – on some official documents, not just possibly dubious internet site.


  17. I see this story durifully withered on the proverbial vine of non reliability then JW–or are you planning its vindication by returning to it full throttle soon?


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