BREXIT WAKE-UP CALL: Merkel & Juncker about to cave to Erdogan again




Promises were made to EU citizens over the last three months that all 71 conditions for Turkish free travel in the European Union would be met. These promises – given personally by both Merkel and Jüncker during March and April respectively – are about to be broken. The day after tomorrow, the EC will recommend moving ahead on visa-free Turkish travel in the Union…including the UK.

Last Thursday, Der Spiegel ran with a piece predicting that Turkey’s threat to renege on its refugee deal with the EU would force Brussels-am-Berlin to go ahead with a rapid approval of 90 day visa-free travel for Turks throughout Europe. Sources in Brussels and Cyprus have confirmed their conviction about this over the last few days.

The meeting to approve the scheme takes place this coming Wednesday 4th May. It will come into operation some time in mid June….despite at least a third of the 71 conditions not having been addressed at all by Ankara, and others left as “fudged beyond recognition” according to one person in a position to know.

The standard tack by the pro-EU Left in Europe will be to denounce criticism of the decision as racist. In doing so, they are merely echoing the preposterous propaganda of Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan: this issue has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the changing politico-religious culture of Turkey.

Here are some facts that everyone concerned about European security should read:

  1. Despite Erodgan’s false protestations of clamping down on radical Jihadists, Islamic State is now highly active in southern Turkey.  Four prominent critics of the Islamic State have been assassinated this year alone in southern Turkey.
  2. In April 2012, during a visit to Beijing,  Erdogan met with then-Vice President of China Xi Jinping and vowed that Turkey would never allow Muslim anti-Chinese separatists to operate on Turkish soil. The promise was doubly broken last January when ten Turkish citizens were arrested  after being caught selling forged passports to Chinese Jihadists attempting to leave the country and travel to Syria. In the interim, in standard two-faced mode, Erdogan began supporting the position of Jihadists in Europe and Asia, backing the stance of Sheikh Abdullah Mansour, the Pakistan-based head of TIP, who told Reuters in Spring 2014 that all Muslims had a “universal jihad obligation” to fight China.
  3. Reporting of the continuing re-Islamisation of Turkish public life alongside increased religious involvement in State affairs has been so widespread both inside and outside Turkey since at least 2013, it makes a nonsense of Euro-army Füherigna Federica Mogherini’s claim that Erdogan’s ruling AKP Party has been a force for secularisation and democratisation in Ankara. The closing down of Opposition papers and imprisonment of Erdogan critics on spurious charges only serves to confirm that Ataturk’s vision of a modern secular Turkey is being demolished brick by brick.
  4. Although Erdogan has promised to ‘take in’ returned Syrian refugees, Ankara has been deporting hundreds of refugees back to Syria on a daily basis since the beginning of March: Erdogan is being paid blood money and offered dangerous EU travel rights purely to put the problem back in Assad’s back yard. Amnesty International researchers in southern Turkey gathered testimony from Syrians whose relatives have been expelled from the country in contravention of international law, including children without their parents. John Dalhuisen, AI’s Europe and central Asia director, said: “EU leaders have wilfully ignored the simplest of facts: Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees and is getting less safe by the day.”
  5. The Guardian has reported several times that more than 800,000 refugees who arrived in Greece during 2015 BEGAN their migration in Turkey. Their arrival both there and in other countries like Italy, Hungary and Austria evoked negative reactions, as many of them appeared quite different in nature – younger, more aggressive and with fewer women or children – than the ‘initial wave’ of quite genuine refugees…these latter now being ruthlessly sent home to face the music by the mendacious Erdogan. See Slogpost from the time.
  6. There is a steady and growing trade in forged Turkish passports to which the Erdogan régime has been turning two blind eyes.

Potential voters (and likely disinterested abstainers) in the June 23rd in/out Brexit referendum need to realise something very important: Erdogan’s 90 day no-checks army of potential suicide bombers have access to the entire EU not just the eurozone. We already know on Theresa May’s own admission that some 15,000 Islamist terrorists are at large in Britain and we don’t know where they are. Now we are about to suffer the consequences of a grubby deal being done between a German, a Luxebourgeois and a Turk, all of whom have a long track record of lying.

We are not being consulted, and we have no power over our borders to stop it.


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26 thoughts on “BREXIT WAKE-UP CALL: Merkel & Juncker about to cave to Erdogan again

  1. Overheard this morning whilst shopping in a supermarket, “well – if Turkey does join the EU one good fing is it’ll be cheaper to phone home when we’re on holly-dye”. Referring, I suspect, to the reduced tariffs proposed by the EU for mobile phone services. She was all for staying in … a small black cloud screeched to a halt above my head and followed me all the way back to the car.


  2. All these ‘charlatans’ of politics, ‘EU’ (US shop), must take a heavy lesson, 1st, by the people of England with a (Brexit) with EURO – 0.72 … what can do the ‘charlatans of EU’ which they have created an economy for a ‘festivals of stupid’,
    and 2nd, the answer, (comes), from HELLAS (rise in government) to power … ‘patriots – nationalists’ for the ‘Golden Dawn’ of world Hellenism and of Nations, because,
    *** The ‘state must serve the nation and the citizens of the society of the nation’


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  4. @Jd – thanks for the link.

    I was listening to the great Chris Hedges yesterday talking about his book, “The Death of the Liberal Class”, (a great read by the way), and was struck by what he said regarding the history of JW’s old profession, and two of it’s earliest practitioners, Walter Lipmann and Edward Bernays. Their profound discovery was that people do not react to facts, or reasoned argument, but to emotion. Listening to Sugar, and his absolute refusal to address the substance of what was said by Livingstone, was an object lesson in this. It was the classic appeal to unreasoning emotion, and the desire of most people to be part of the crowd. (‘Anti-semite’ plays exactly the same role as ‘conspiracy theory’ to marginalise opponents and prevent free debate in my view.) The entire theme of the interview was that Livingstone is beyond the pale,,, his words are not even worthy of being addressed,.. perhaps the law should get involved. This last was particularly Orwellian. How long before support for BDS is rendered a ‘hate crime’ as it already is in France and was attempted in Canada?

    I find it breathtaking that in the MSM there is almost zero discussion of the origin of these refugees that constitute the gun that Turkey is so blatantly holding to the EU’s head. It could fairly be argued that F.U.K.U.S. were almost completely responsible for its fabrication and charging. Before the wanton destruction of secular Libya and the U.S./IS/U.K. created ‘insurgency’ in Syria, refugees were not an insurmountable problem for the EU. This chaos could be explained by rank incompetence on the part of the Anglo/French Deep States, but I cannot help thinking that there is a deeper, dirtier game afoot.

    As to Turkish visa-free travel in the EU, I do believe that if there were a free flow of information and open discussion about the pros and cons of Brexit, the vote would be an overwhelming mandate for the leave camp. I am not hopeful however, as I suspect the pro-EU lobby will stop at nothing to ensure the result they want, including electoral fraud.

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  5. Do not forget the in-progress talks to allow visa free travel from Ukraine into Europe.
    Ukraine is another failed state ,thanks to the US controlled coup and the resultant destruction of its economy.
    Chaos is the result of Washingtons Foreign policies in Europe , Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.
    Methinks chaos is not the result of stupid policy but the policy aim of Washingon,
    Washington plays and Europe pays, with floods of refugees and a wrecked social structure and economies.

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  6. @Canexpat Very much concur.
    @Salford Lad Concise & pertinent, close to my feelings too.

    Not casting aspersions or pointing fingers, but with all this kicking off I’d be happy to be a “NIMBY”…. again.

    Angie must be happy that they didn’t get most of their Gold back, it’s looking much safer where it, possibly, is.

    Still chance for Dave to get some wealthy Turks settled in London to help prop-up the property market & Banks before the referendum too.

    The final touch, just requires some further encouragement to get the oppositions to the game.

    On the up side, it might be a step towards a unified Cyprus?


  7. other people have other agendas that we are not privy to but will adversely affect us all. they seem to be seeking to abolish all ideas of sovereignty. they seem to seek an homogenization of all peoples without countries. basically they have sold us all and everything we hold dear down the river to the highest bidders or the ones with the biggest army. Like other countries before we need to fight for our independence. That is what a vote to leave is about as i am seeing it.

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  8. Doesn’t bother me at all. Serious terrorists aren’t going to let the visa system stop them, so this will make no difference to our security. Anyway, I’ve found the Turks very pleasant people, so why shouldn’t they be able to visit without a visa?
    No, the real threat to our democracy is the foreign-owned media trying to depose the Labour leader against the wishes of the British people. They are the ones who should be banned from the country.


  9. @Canexpat; ‘Anti-semite’ plays exactly the same role as ‘conspiracy theory’ to marginalise opponents and prevent free debate in my view.’
    And it’s no conspiracy theory that that has been deliberately engineered because free debate would expose them. Any other nation state behaving similarly would be condemned.

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  10. The use of Race, Nationality, Religion, Gender, Clubs or any other excepted or embraced signifier of group difference, is always going to be a powerful tool for any that wish to manipulate for personal gain. Nothing is beyond use to Narcissistic psychopathy.

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  11. the Turkish people I’ve met on holiday have been very nice,but its the ones I haven’t met that frighten me.Its dirt poor,this place will be a magnet to them selling their counterfeit goods. Our welfare will be like a lottery win for them (and Albanians). What is wrong with these idiot politicians?

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  12. @Tom.

    Off topic, but …..

    “No, the real threat to our democracy is the foreign-owned media trying to depose the Labour leader against the wishes of the British people. They are the ones who should be banned from the country.”

    You shouldn’t presume to speak on behalf of the “British people” …… and it seems to me that the likes of Abbott, Livingstone et al are doing a perfectly good job by themselves.

    Democracy? Now, that’s quaint.


  13. As we are located practically on the front line of this invasion, I was chatting to another Brit/German this morning about where I/we would relocate once our kids have finished school here as I think Europe is listening to a distant flushing sound.

    If (I remain skeptical that Brexit will be allowed to happen by the Globalists) Britain becomes a better place and a richer one for leaving the EU I’d come back to Wales where i come from in a heartbeat. But if things go “panwards” then where would you go`This is a rhetorical question.

    She was telling me that her family owns a place in Cyprus but the Cypriot government wont actually give the family the deeds to the property they own if they want to sell. That would scare the hell out of me from any kind of “Place in the Sun” type purchases down there in the PIIGS places.


  14. Tom, is there anything that would not convince you that staying in the EU is bad for the UK? You’ll vote to stay regardless.

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  15. living here in the west of ireland i am quite remote from the effects of brexit, im pleased to say however i do have a vote. i spoke with a neighbour yesterday and he asked me `what do you think?` he owns a substantial business in north london, travels a lot. he told me he has not met one single individual who intends to vote remain. i am told the same by two other brit friends. encouraging.


  16. What is the objective of EU leaders other than to endanger all Europeans by liberally sprinkling the same ingredients that time and again turn out to be a recipe for wholesale hell?

    If you’re European of any Nationality with a strong appreciation for your own culture, you know the one that mostly surrounds you in “Good” you need to worry, someone somewhere has lost the plot, safety and security of European people is no longer the main priority. Freedom of movement for the enemy is.


  17. If we Brexit “I thought” we had to put up with whatever the EU decided for 2 years anyway so if you can see the free-visa issue for suicide bombers is a mute point Brexit or not. To Brexit though we would have to go further and burn the Lisbon Treaty in full in your face and then wait for the EU invading army.

    All of it is on the cards now even the last bit with or without a Brexit.

    On the issue of Turkey though Cameron by directly supporting Turkey is by association guilty of crimes against humanity and like Blair one of his predecessors must never be allowed to ignore this fact. Hate him a little, hate him more, hate him forever just to make the point of your disatisfaction known and no “sorry” does not cut it when it was intentionally done.

    Blood on his hands now and they can never be clean again, does that feel good Cameron? They are not my hands but yours!


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