BREXIT: A very special kind of advice from my wealth manager


SQUARE.JW.01I’m seriously thinking about firing my financial adviser. He’s also my Special Life Coach, so this is a major step for me: but on balance, I think it’s long overdue.

To be clear (as Dave the Brown-nosed Remaindeer would say) I’ve been getting advice from Barack Roomdrama for nearly eight years now, and I think it’s safe to conclude that the bloke either has nothing to say, or says something and then does the opposite. When an adviser advises you and then ignores his own advice, you have to get into, you know, a close examination of the motives in play.

Things came to a head this morning when I got a letter from Barack. One of the things I get concerned about is that his own financial circumstances are not that great: he owes pretty much everyone a Rocky Mountain rangeof money, and five of his subsidiaries are bankrupt. Also he spends a lot more than he earns….and then has to grovel to his own committee to extend his loans.

But his advice this morning was so potty, it almost felt like he was trying to bankrupt me. He wants me – can you believe this? – to put all my investments into EU futures. This would be nuts at the best of times, but as the EU has no future to speak of, its well-nigh impossible. The eurozone central bank’s ammo dump is empty, five of its members are bankrupt, and the second biggest economy is flatlining. The EU has the slowest growth by far of any trading bloc on the planet, and faces rebellion in most of its southern and eastern membership. Even worse, once you buy shares in EU, that’s the last time you get a say in anything: it doesn’t hold AGMs, and in twenty years it’s never been audited. Even Delaware turned it down. Delaware. Jesus.

I can’t resist showing you this extract from his letter:


I think Barack should start by selling that ostentatious aeroplane he swans about in. First of all it would save him a lot of running costs, and second he would get out more. These British legal practices: we don’t even have them in the UK any more. OK, maybe a few escaped to the mainland, but they’re in hiding if they did. Signor Draghi has subordinated sovereign bondholders illegally, twice; he used his banking clout to destabilise Greece. Wolfgang Schäuble runs his austerity Blitzkrieg policy from a committee with no legal right to exist, and has tried three times (with one success so far) to forbid member States the right to elections. Angela Merkel is using taxpayers’ money to pay off a Turkish blackmailer: she hasn’t informed the polizei and she didn’t ask our permission, so she’s an accessory. And the EU President runs the most corrupt onshore tax haven after Britain itself.

I wonder if President Roomdrama is confused here; maybe there’s a place called Yerup and he meant to go there. It’s an easy mistake to make, if all you have to guide you is a ten-strong fighter escort, and a choice of 58 satellites with which to navigate. Only this next clip from his letter has me worried about whether Barack’s suffering from an early onset of something or other. He tells me the EU has


It has? Well, there was quite a dust-up when Yugoslavia fell apart. Then there was the unpleasantness in the Ukraine. The collapse of Syria. Violence in Budapest, Paris, and Brussels. And the biggest refugee problem since 1945. And if it’s promoting peace, why is the EU about to get an army? Why is a committee of lenders running Greece? Why are the politics of EU members now more polarised than at any time since the Thirty Years War?

You’re right, Barack: it’s a remarkable legacy. A currency you can’t devalue, and you can’t leave. A TTIP with USA Incorporated about to be decided by six people in Belgium and three more in Frankfurt. A bitter old spook doing Ironside impressions about to run a fiscal union of bankrupts on the principle that Poverty Brings Richesse. Because Arbeit macht frei, right? Well of course it does….everyone knows that.

A legacy? The EU doesn’t have a legacy to stand on. Nope, I’m staying in cash until that lil’ ol’ Yuan gets floated with gold backing. I’m going to watch Hillary continue her policy of having every North African State engaged in civil war, war with others, or the recipient of global bombing practice. I’m going to keep a beady eye on John McCain as he turns Jihadists into freedom fighters and back again, and then for his closing trick turns money into guns, and oil into mayhem. And I’ll shake my head in wonder as $13 trillion of US investment money seeks a safe haven in Japan, while paying for the privilege.

And then as Chinese investment in Africa, South America and SE Europe combines with Russian cooperation to produce an alternative system of forex and investment, I’ll quietly pull up a few potatoes as Washington goes bipolar and descends into chaos.

But trust me Barack, the last thing I’m going to do is invest in the EU. I fear my former countrymen will take your advice, but then that’s no excuse for me to join in the onanism by going blind too.

So I’m off up the post office. The die is cast: I’m sending the Dear Barack letter.

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31 thoughts on “BREXIT: A very special kind of advice from my wealth manager

  1. Do you remember 8 years ago.!?
    The word was CHANGE
    What a joke. The black dude has CHANGED NOTHING. He talks well, and does NOTHING. He plays golf a lot.
    He’s like ALL the west’s leaders except Hungary. They’re all FRAUDS.
    Just laughable imbeciles – the lot of them, and their quangos, mouthpieces etc.
    I turned my finances around when I stopped paying taxes by design.
    Let the other suckers pay for all the mismanaged big talk. Not me. No no no..

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  2. And to think with a little forethought they could have retained the Monarchy and not have had a series of dipstick Presidents……


  3. So why, then, have you put so much of your own money into that ‘flatlining’ second-largest economy by living there, John? Your position makes no sense to me.


  4. john. Off the cuff this one!
    I put his splurge (tens of thousands died) on a par with our replacements……………using children and infants as human shields.


  5. Obama is just a cypher. He is just doing the bidding of his bankster and Neocon overlords. He is no doubt aware of the fate of the last incumbent who attempted an independent policy or two. Agressive terminal cancer, or remotely-performed brain-surgery live on telly if he steps out of line. The Hildebeast is a cypher too of course, but one who is more likely to encrypt the entire world, not just the inhabitants of obstinate areas of the Levant.

    International elites want power to be concentrated as much as possible. It makes control that much easier. That pesky Putin has thrown a spanner in the works and they loathe him for it. DeGaulle always opposed Britain’s entry into the EU as his saw the City as a trojan horse that would undermine European interests on behalf of the Septics. He was subsequently removed by what looks in retrospect very like a ‘color’ revolution. I have no doubt that that fate awaits any real leader suggesting independence from the current bankster-controlled EU mafia. Victor Orban must be in their crosshairs as I write.

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  6. History is a funny thing,sometimes those that enact change,can only do so because of tiny gains and small changes of emphasis by those before,particularly in turbulent disruptive times if change is to be peaceful,he may not have achieved has much as many or himself would have liked,history will judge better than we can!


  7. JW, To add to your list of reasons for Brexit;
    1. Obama recommends Britain remains in the EU. This can only be in Washingtons interest at the expense of Britain.
    2. Erdogan has used the Syrian refugee crisis to blackmail the EU to pony up 3 billion Euro. What has gone under the radar and not reported in the MSM, is his demand that Turks have visa free entry to Europe, likely to be granted.
    Erdogans Caliphate ambitions have created chaos and civil war in Turkey and he is the chief logistical enabler of ISIS in Syria.
    3. The EU commission is considering at present, to issue free visa entry to Ukrainian citizens to Europe.This is supported by Washington.

    Ukraine of course is another failed State ,since the US sponsored coup and installation of a neo Nazi regime.
    The US is in terminal decline and will resort to any means to cut off the rising power of China. By creating an economic wasteland and social chaos, to slow Chinas transAsia trade with Europe, is one such tactic.

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  8. Personally if you think it is so good Mr Obama let the USA join and be tied to all the regulations and legislative practices I am sure your economy could do with a boost. No? The US does not have to abide by any EU rules by not joining (the win) and at the same time has access to a large consumer market (another win). The only thing is it needs bought puppets in the EU to make sure the play goes ahead as they wish and seems rather cheap.

    As for the UK influencing the EU, not a chance the interesting statistic is UK proposals are normally blocked so a load of b^llocks on that concept. Been to the USA a few times, IT IS NOTHING LIKE THE UK on so many social levels all those that say it is are part of the misinformation problem.

    Best for last JW, it really comes down to one thing and all other issues arise because of it. A proper set of audited books, one copy for each nation every year so all nations can scrutinize exactly where all the money went. To do that would totally remove the concealed corruption in the financial accounts and without it NOTHING CAN CHANGE, too many skeletons.

    A tale of the Jonathon Aitkin moment and his famous sword of damocles. In this case the complete set of financial books and if the sword is true and they do not lie you just got “thee best society in the world”. Now the sword as a concept will always be true, he lied and fell upon the sword, hence a sert of books for the EU would be deadly.

    The EU will never produce a fiancial set of books although it would expect every citizen to do so = TAX,TAX,TAX. /SARC Why the UK society is in such disarray also, got no mythical sword and a pack of liars..

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  9. “The US is in terminal decline and will resort to any means to cut off the rising power of China. By creating an economic wasteland and social chaos, to slow Chinas transAsia trade with Europe, is one such tactic.”

    @Salford Lad Same idea that’s going through my head too. Uncle Sam’s done well from the two major European based conflagrations, first time as a predominantly isolationist supplier & in a more involved but keenly business sense as far as the European end of operations, in the second bust up.

    In the current global face-off of ideologues scrabbling to assert their primacy through the global economy, I just wonder if the special relationship is perceived from over the water as always being bound to military conflict in Europe, rather than on four own doorstep?

    I’m not saying it is a malicious & deliberately planned action, but merely the by product of stepping back from a situation that you are in denial of being the major contributor too, just a small bit of help for history to repeat itself. It does, to my mind at least, seem that those who create their utopia’s from ideologies struggle to asses let alone comprehend how they become enacted in the material world. But when the bottom line is your wealth, deaths away from home & elsewhere on the planet has to seem the easiest & cheapest survival ploy, especially if it worked before

    It’s not just Newtonian science that looks for repeatability to capture reality, we almost all do when it’s to our personal advantage.

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  10. Dear Doubting Thomas

    If one has a foot in three currencies, lives in an area where money is easily replaced by barter, and can thus convert fiats into bricks alongside rentals to turn into food, I can assure you it makes enormous sense. But keep it under your hat: I don’t want everyone catching on to it.

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  11. Hi Per (there’s a gag in there somewhere)

    Apologies, I was less than clear about that – my fault. I meant ringfenced pension-bank cash. I’m about to make some of it “buy” gold bullion, but the more I delve into that little seam of BS, the more uneasy I get. Even “buy” these days is a moveable feast.


  12. ToE

    In 2009, I posted a piece entitled “Obama – where’s the beef?” It got me banned from Huffington Post.
    Every syllable of your thread I agree with 100%. So obviously, like me you are right.


  13. Dear Hiero

    Don’t know where we’d be without you in this thread.

    I always suspected that O’Drama was a Prezz who started out with a surfeit of bollocks, and within weeks had them chopped off…pretty much the definition of a gelding in equestrian circles.

    From that inauspicious beginning, he suffered the sort of clay feet that turned him into a lame duck.

    And trust me, if it flaps, falls, flails and sinks like a lame duck….chances are it’s a lame duck.

    But this represents inter-species alchemy of quite mind-boggling potential, and I’m sure the Pentagon is studying it closely.

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  14. Cher ami

    Geometrically speaking, the Pentagon is probably still trying to work out the number of angles on a dickhead. It’s rude, I know, but I make no apology. After Binbag Pyjama’s pronouncements in UK today I need some fresh air and am contemplating a seaborne commando (Mk2A) attack on northern France starting tonight, returning Monday. It would give me great pleasure to get down south but, sadly, with the time available, operations will have to be restricted to Normandy. They’ll never know what hit ’em.


  15. Given that America set out to destroy the British Empire and largely succeeded, with Brexit a possibility, would it be a fear of Britain strengthening its Commonwealth base and becoming a big player once again that’s causing this advice to stay in the EU. Just saying!!


  16. first emma thompson tells us to remain, now obumboy. when i need advice from bitches such as this its all over for me. going for a pint. its a cure. cc.

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  17. Obama’s only saying we should stay in the EU because he believes that independence hasn’t worked for the US and that they probably would have been better off trying to reform the British Empire from within, it’s obvious isn’t it?

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  18. My apology’s for our Presidents unwarranted intervention into your private affairs. The Intercept… has an interesting article today about the closeness between Google and the Obama administration. Google wants to reach it’s tentacles into everything and to accomplish this they need to have Obama in their back pocket. This push by the Pres is just another part of his one world ambitions with the goal of helping Google and other multinational company’s rule the world.

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  19. news says Signorini Mario DragBoat will now purchase anything of alleged value from any seller all over the world using Euro People’s taxes. Where is the outburst of worry about the new Europox Pawn Shop being your new mandatory bank?


  20. Dear Tickety, I don’t think the Americans set out to destroy the British Empire per se, rather they sought to ensure that Britain would never hold such a place of financial global power ever again. They succeeded and their motivation has not changed, they don’t give a carrot about the UK only how much moolah they can squeeze out of it.


  21. I’m buying some gold miners. There’s more volatility: When the price of gold is less than you can mine it for, your mine is not worth much, but as the price of gold rises, the mine value rises proportionally faster. Risks include nationalisation of the mine. This does not constitute financial advice.


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