At the End of the Day

As they reap, so shall they sow

The American Progressive Front for Justice in Gaza has roundly condemned US Republican candidate Ronald Trumpeter for his “brazen and unwarranted attack on Barack Obama, and the President’s policy of defending Israel”

Branding Trumpeter’s attack “an archetypal KKK view of African Americans”, APFJIG spokesperson Ivy-Leigh Gliberal added, “it is an affront to me and all my fellow supporters of Arab liberation from the imperialist jackboot of Zionist expansionism that this crypto-renegade billionaire should try to steal our jobs. This is typical of the neoliberal mentality in wanting to have it both ways by criticising both well-meaning if misguided ethnic American foreign policy and the unforgivably bestial Netanyahu administration’s genocidal intentions at one and the same time. This whole facade is designed to keep ordinary voters like me completely muddled, but we are smarter than he thinks”.

“As they reap, so shall they sow,” observed Zeke Cornstalk, ordinary voter and lawyer of Hutchinson, Kansas.


EUNATO’s Chief of Armed Liberty Liberation Fuertorica Smokeascreena broke down today as she described the carnage wrought by followers of the Freedom Fighting McCain anti-Assad Rebels in Brussels, a city of great emotional importance to her cos datta where de power is bambina, cappiche?

Several US State Department officials rushed to repair the Italian’s tear ducts, succeeding to the extent that Signora Smokerscreena became incontinento in flagrante alla Bollocknese within seconds, and had to be led away for a respray back in make-up.

Tonight, thousands of Germans are carrying shopping bags with the slogan ‘Ich bin ein Plucky Belgian’ emblazoned on the side. UK Labour supporters have also been sighted near Sloane Square in London (by social trends guru Peter Gawk) sporting teeshirts proclaiming ‘Next hen-night in Brussels, Ya?’

“As they reap, so shall they sow,” remarked a half-starved, Greek aid worker and Mum as she breast-fed an orphaned Syrian baby.


News is coming in on a daily basis of an explosion in trauma cases within the ranks of Britain’s police force. Indeed, the situation is serious enough to have reached a Deputy Assistant Undertypist in the Home Office temporary prefab annexe based in Croydon.

“It is spiralling upwards into freefall,” a zero hours contract trainee sicko-catcher told me, “and will without doubt become a black vortex of critical vertigo unless something is done soon”.

The Slog has established via the medium of used untraceable Tenners that the problem for junior police officers is one of Generally Evasive Senior Toady Arselicka  Politician Overload, or Gestapo for short.

“The ordinary bobby” commented Minority Press Relations Outreach Coordinator Wrightson Yorenicht, “no longer knows whether he is a racist brutal organ of the State, a Motorway-speeding tax collector, a homophiliac feminist serial-rape investigative Newscorp employee, a ruthless water-cannon riot cop, a foiler of Islamist suicidal shoe-bombers, a seeker after pacifist extremists, or simply Dixon of Nock Green Dick like what Jack Warner used to play on black and white telly”.

Sergeant Yorenicht unfortunately then left the interview hurriedly, having been called to the home of a Sky News enthusiast who had dialled 999 after watching a report from Belgium.

“As they reap, so shall they sow,” said an NVE crime suspect as I left the police station, proceedin’ hin a Westerly direction. Now that our police have lost the plot, one meets a much nicer class of person down the copshop.


Earlier at The Slog: The State Pension cynicism of Osborne of the Night

24 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Jw I had to laugh at your paragraph commencing ‘The ordinary bobby’. You omitted to say that they also have a role as Social workers.
    It’s regrettable that the police force has to have a special Army type outfit, albeit I suppose necessary. In my young day they had nought but a small truncheon. Hey, ho.


  2. “This is amazing to me that these people can kill people abroad, come here, and then walk free in the centre of Brussels.”
    “In the Netherlands, we have dozens of these returned jihadists. Our government allows most of them to freely walk our streets and refuses to lock them up. I demand that they be detained at once. Every government in the West, which refuses to do so, is a moral accessory if one of these monsters commits an atrocity.”
    “The government must also close our national borders. The European Union’s Schengen zone, where no border controls are allowed, is a catastrophe. The Belgian Moroccan Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind of last November’s bloodbath in Paris, travelled freely from Belgium to the Netherlands on multiple occasions last year.”
    “This is intolerable. Open borders are a huge safety risk. Our citizens are in mortal danger if we do not restore control over our own national borders.”

    Fair point one may think – but not in the eu apparently. Another very good reason to get out of this circus managed by imbeciles.

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  3. btw………..

    JOHN WARD please note

    can you explain?

    John Ward
    March 20, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Ri Coh
    No more casual racism and undue use of the thread, please. Final warning.

    What is the point of issuing a ”FINAL WARNING” to my husband ? Why not just say – ”YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE FROM NOW ON BECAUSE I HAVE NOW BANNED YOUR THREADS”

    The only authority you’ll ever have is writing your contrived rubbish, and then banning anyone who does not agree with your position. You need to open your mind , and loosen up.
    You’ve got a big ego and a small mind.


  4. Your blog is an infection of other peoples minds.
    A career in advertising suits your sick mind. Infect as many other people with your SICK ideas.


  5. I’ll post my other opinions of your sick ideas on a daily basis from now on. People will visit to read MY thoughts on your latest rubbish ideas.
    STAY TUNED FOLKS !!!! – lots more to come

    he can never ban me LOL


  6. This bombing in Brussels does not make sense. Why bomb an airport passenger terminal and a commuter train. More repressive security laws to be introduced soon, plus all Muslims and refugees are terrorists meme to be disseminated.
    Cui Bono.


  7. @Salford Lad – “This bombing in Brussels does not make sense”
    It surely makes as much sense as the previous attacks on 9/11, the London Underground in 2005, the Madrid train in 2004, the shoe bomber attempt etc. There seems to be a pattern here to cause fear of using public transport, though why they haven’t yet targeted shopping malls is a bit puzzling, if they want to wreak havoc on the economy.


  8. If IDS was about Brexit there is no doubt that Brussels was about Remain

    “This world is not my home, I’m just passing through” – don’t you feel like we’ve had enough?


  9. @Canexpat
    Resurgent? never went away :-)
    What odds ’emergency measures’ morphing into EU Patriot Act by May lol
    What odds NATO going to “war” within same

    As we reap so shall we sew


  10. The ordinary bobby got an honourable mention on BBC Radio 4’s “News” this morning when senior officers in Rotherham and South Yorkshire have been criticised in an Independent report for failing to pursue allegations of child abuse for over a decade. The BBC is to be congratulated for deliberately not mentioning the ethnicity of those subsequently convicted of the abuse or the latent effects of diversity training in cowing those who might otherwise have spoken out…..


  11. The police officer … I do remember the education of Dixon of dock green and z cars.

    Now while he acts in the best interests of the population then he is the kind of bobby I was raised with but if you become the politicised merc. then I want nothing to do with you. Breaks down for them now as we used to believe blindly we lived in a just and uncorrupt society and they were removing all the criminals, “seems not so”. Reality check is we live in a corrupt society where justice has long failed as directed by the politicians and now the connected criminals permeate corruption with legalised “criminal” actions.

    Justice was the cornerstone of an orderly society.

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  12. John
    Too much for me going on ……………….but just in passing, re shopping malls….much oil dosh built these?


  13. I’m sure that Ricoh looks really peachy in Dorothy’s dress.
    Poor little alter ego Ricoh
    All dressed up and nowhere to go.


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