Plod submits report on rapist. Please note, no paedophiles here….move along now

Some useful additional detail is provided by Needleblog this morning, but on the whole I’m afraid this story gives me that same old déja-vu feeling about the police, the powerful, and the paedophile. With all kinds of potential perverts to arrest, Plod decides not to make an arrest, but to submit a file. It asks the CPS to have a little think…oh, and take your time guys – sometime in September will be fine. And then to cap it all we get this:

‘ The claims are not believed to relate to the abuse of minors at the guesthouse, and the alleged victim was over the age of consent.’

So, just in case you were in any doubt, we’re not dealing with a paedophile. Perish the thought. Not a minor, over the age of consent. Just your common or garden rape.

But of course….we should’ve known: he’s a former Cabinet Minister. No perp walk for him, then. No leaks of the name to the media as with Stuart Hall. Doubtless if he was dead, well, yes, we might have used the ‘p’ word. Or if he worked at the BBC.

Anyway, I’m told it’s not Leon Brittan.

Quel surprise.

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