Our chortling Prime Minister: come all ye paedophiles and merchants of death, and find ye sanctuary there

camaloneptCameron…a case of Hyde & Seek?

I have to fess up and say that, what with world market developments, the accelerating EU slide into shitfarce, rage at the blood transfusion issue, starting a pressure group and – most important of all – the arrival of my granddaughter down here, the unpleasant Mr Lynton Crosby was but a small blip on the outer ring of my steam-driven radar. The return of the first Slog grandchild has been an unalloyed joy, made even more profound by the awareness that, at any time, I can hand her back to the parents. But she truly is a little belter.

However, as little Lyla Murphy took her first dip in a grown-up pool, a Michael Deacon tweet alerted me to the fact that David Cameron had been on Andrew Marr this morning. I make a point of never, ever watching shows on telly where pols are interviewed, because the cost of replacing axed televisions was getting too much for my meagre Zirped investment income and QE-screwed pension to bear. But there was something in the Deacon deadpan that made me find a link, and watch it.

Before I go further on this issue, let me make something plain as a pikestaff: I abhor the politics of envy. My problem is, I abhor the assumptions of undeserved privilege even more. This kind of nonchalant privilege is a cancer at the core of our culture – and one that, on a regular basis, seems able to turn a moral hazard into an ethical desert without any remorse whatsoever on the part of the participants. Names as varied as Geoff Hoon, Iqbal Socranie, Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch spring to mind. These are the folks with double-standards who assume that the standard deal for them will involve double-helpings.

But there is something about David Cameron that led me last week to refer to him as Dorian Gray. Partly this is the company he keeps, partly his recreational preferences, but chiefly the chortling thing he now uses to hide acute discomfort.

Dave can chortle through any accusation. He can chortle at the Despatch Box about the ‘leg up’, having himself got into PR entirely on the influence of Sam’s mum rather than his own ability. He can chortle about people on Twitter being twats – and then become one of the worst examples of twattering himself. And this morning he chortled as he told Marr “I’ve already answered your question”, when he quite clearly hadn’t.

The Marr question related to the extent to which cigarette apologist Lynton Crosby (Cameron’s latest electoral strategist called in to stop the PM ballsing up two elections in a row) had exerted undue influence on Dave regarding the brakes being put on new and even more direct plain-wrapper health warnings for cigarette packaging in the UK. This would, by the way, be the same sort of undue influence allegedly exerted upon Dave by the UK’s construction industry in return for a ¬£3.5m donation before the last election, and the Boxing Day lunch during which he and Redtop Rebekah did not at any point discuss Newscorp’s bid for BSkyB.

As time goes on, the more insensitively chortley the Prime Minister becomes, the more one realises the extent to which he is undergoing a transition from the decadent Etonian pillock to the depraved Dorian Gray, projecting his moral decay onto a worm-covered painting in the attic. But only once in his inadequate Premiership have I seen even Dave able to grasp that discomfited humility was the order of the day. That was when Tom Watson asked him at PMQs about “strong evidence” of a paedophile ring linked to 10 Downing Street.

I described his body-language at the time as shifty. In truth, the Prime Minister and leading Tory grandees are scared witless of their potential exposure to the Westminster paedophile issue – in exactly the same way that Labour is weak on its complicity in Islamic paedophile rings at the local government level. David Cameron hired Leon Brittan as an exports consultant in late 2010. Nick Clegg’s first EU boss was….Leon Brittan. Clegg’s Dad was best friends with…Leon Brittan. The man who shafted Heseltine during the Westland scandal was….Leon Brittan.

Frightening a weak and decadent Prime Minister is a dangerous sport. Especially one cajoled into appointing Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary, when that same Jeremy Hunt is bankrolled by JHJ Lewis the one-time Groucho Club proprietor and accused paedophile facilitator-cum-client blackmailer. The truly horrifying thing in all this is that the people who want Cameron out because he is “betraying Tory principles” are rapidly gaining ascendancy in the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

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17 thoughts on “Our chortling Prime Minister: come all ye paedophiles and merchants of death, and find ye sanctuary there

  1. jOHN here is something scary….
    “The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys is a charity funded by Freemasons which aims to relieve poverty and advance education for children and young people.
    In addition to our main grant-making work, we also support young people with exceptional talents and those who need financial assistance in order to embrace life-changing opportunities.
    We award grants to both national and local children’s charities and provide support to our separate but subsidiary charity Lifelites.”


    add to that..”ARTIST ON TRIAL” yep someone has written a blog in defence of Graham Ovenden…

    you dont have to read it if you dont want to…
    its bollocks…
    basically as it left out the bleedin’ obvious that the perve contributed to a well know paedophile magazine…ooops!!



  2. I would like to see Cameron out;- ’tis true; he has betrayed Tory principles (possible due to his apparent aversion to principles of any sort); he has betrayed long time Tory supporters – we’re not all “Little Englander swivel-eyed loons” – but another real danger lies in by whom he is replaced:-

    Boris? – don’t make me laugh.

    I can’t think of anyone except perhaps, David Davis, who could personify stopping the rot – but even he would be so vastly outnumbered by fully paid-up members of the “I’m a twat” club that I really believe that scrapping the whole bloody lot of ’em (All, that is – not just the “Tories”) and starting again is the only chance we – and our children – have.


  3. @bobchewie

    Bob, I’m not so sure about that. I agree some members of the press behaved despicably – but it was, in the most, some self-important “celebrities” and sleazy politicos (if that isn’t tautology) who were hacked/got at:- AND there are plenty of existing laws to deal with that. The idea that it’s Westminster’s pay-back time for the expenses revelation is one which I can certainly go along with…

    Politicians are entirely the wrong people to oversee ANY freedoms which we have – their natural instincts are to curtail ALL of them, and shroud their own doings in an impenetrable web of secrecy.

    That is dangerous.

    Very dangerous.

    No, I am not connected to the press or MSM in any way – I’m a railwayman.


  4. Sadly every time we change premiers they seems to ratchet down the depravity scale by a click or two. I remember being pretty upset when Labour won in ’97 – back then I had still to learn many important lessons, but cue the footage of Blair being backslapped into No10 by the throng. Didn’t take him long to crank up the genocide and dirty tricks.

    We seem to have the ‘this time it will be different’ malaise going on here when in fact as pretty much everyone on these threads agree – they are all equally as dim/evil/malevolent as each other.

    Every iteration of the political cycle simply distills the poison a little more and once these people have been blooded with the potion they morph forever into double speaking turds.


  5. What they really want is a return to the old set-up where the press barons had a monopoly on the written word, and they could decide which ‘little people’ they trampled on, and who won and lost elections. The idea that there was any real freedom in the mutual backscratching of our press cartel is absolutely laughable.


  6. John,

    I fear the days of blogs like yours are numbered. The Pm is Very Shocked at pornography on the internet so Something Must Be Done.

    I’ll bet an ounce of gold that freedom to blog is the next target, porn is just a dry run.


  7. Some weeks ago I wrote to Cameron via the No. 10 website. My message went along these lines: “According to a freely-available, undenied blog, a Conservative backer by the name of John Lewis has funded declared donations to Jeremy Hunt, as well as to the Conservative party. He is Chairman of London’s Groucho Club and, along with other directors of the club, he has faced charges, including that they knowingly allowed, and covered up, sexual molestation at the Club and conspired to delete paedophile web links. Lewis also served on one of the PM’s committees. This message is a formal FoI Act request for details as to whether Lewis has been involved in a website featuring paedophilia and, if true, whether or not you consider that to be appropriate and, if not, what you propose to do.”

    I received a reply from a ‘Correspondence Officer’, with an illegible signature and no name, telling me that “if…a criminal offence has taken place …you should report it to the police.” So, the PM does not care and is leaving the cleaning up of paedophilia to the public. So much for his headline-grabbing initiatives such as today’s ‘pornography blocked’. When asked what he is doing about his party’s and Jeremy Hunt’s bankrolling by John Lewis, his lackeys pass the buck to a mere voter. So much for our PM being “sickened by…child pornography.” So sickened that he wishes to brush embarrassing questions under the carpet – and he shamelessly makes today’s announcement and continues to knock Labour for accepting union donations, while refusing to investigate the integrity of one of his party’s major donors.


  8. Heseltine is Ian Josephs Oxford business partner and Ian Josephs is a scoundrel who pretends to help the Secret (therefore illegal) Family Court forced adoption victims but does the exact opposite.


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