At the End of the Day


Why is our Prime Minister surrounded by sheisters?

Some news stories emerge from the strangest alcoves of time and place. More at less at home now in the French Redoubt – and back online after nine tortuous days of France Telecom arrogance – I was making a fire in the early evening of a clear, February day in Lot et Garonne.

It had been a gentle afternoon, during which tepid late winter sun had combined with easy breezes to make garden-tidying a joy more than a chore. But a colder night was approaching, and when making fires, newspapers are a vital component. I have often wondered how hacks feel about that, knowing that their words (in the days before the internet made them an everlasting part of an infinite cloud) would be at best clouded by the vinegar of fish n chip wrapping, and at worst immolated by the need for warmth.

But on this occasion, far from being uninterested in the content of an ancient Daily Mail in my hands, I found myself drawn to an article in which Bob Diamond had been on the same private jet as David Cameron.

The piece was classic Dacre Mail bollocks: “Was Bob Diamond at the controls of the PM’s jet? Answer: No”. But what struck me was the bonhommie between Diamond and Cameron’s acolytes as they returned home from a trip to Nigeria – the purpose of which was the development of trade. That alone could explain the presence on that same plane of the then International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell (of later Plebgate fame) and Trade Minister Lord Green (of later HSBC drug-money laundering denial infamy).

The report had about it the same sleazy air of complicity one sniffs in the relationship between RBS’s Stephen Hester, and the  desperate amoral mandarins of the Treasury.

But the more I read, the more intriguingly funny it got. For it turned out that the Prime Minister had been working on the first draft of a Commons statement about… hacking. As he flew through the upper reaches of the atmosphere, Cameron’s civil service aides were trying to keep him informed about the performance of another upstanding member of the community: Rupert Murdoch, who was at that moment giving answers to a Commons Select Committee. Cameron, of course, was (and is) inextricably linked to Murdoch through his close personal and working relationships with two of the Digger’s closest confidantes, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson.

The date of the article was July 21st 2011…roughly two and a half years ago. Downing Street later declined to comment on what a banker hugely immersed in the Libor scandal was doing on a trade mission junket to Nigeria with top MPs and Whitehall officials. But one of them told Mail reporters later, “Bob has a fantastic sense of humour”. Well, he certainly spent much of the period 2007-2012 taking the piss out of the rest of us.

Why does the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom feel impelled to seek out the company of men like Michael Fallon, Michael Spencer, Bob Diamond, Rebekah Brooks, Lord Green, and Rupert Murdoch? They stand accused of shady dealings, massive international fraud, gross privacy invasion, perversion of justice, money-laundering, and the corruption of everyone from senior US Senators to top Metropolitan policemen. OK fine, there is rumour and innuendo: but can all the accusations about this list of suspects really be without foundation? It seems highly unlikely.

No, David Cameron seeks out these people – and actively cultivates them – because he wants either the money they can give him in Party donations, or access to the power they have to influence events…..or both. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair before him were no different.

As I write these lines, an ad is on the TV extolling the virtues of Gazprom as sponsors or the European Champions’ League. There are times when “game over” feels like the appropriate phrase.

40 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. It has been my experience in a long and eventful career on this planet that the more noisome piles of ordure attract the most flies.

    A more cynical person than me may well be drawn to the analogy as a way of describing the antics of Dave ‘Bluebottle’ Cameron and the steaming piles represented by the phrase “Bankers and Media Magnates”.


  2. Appropos nothing in particular, but Dave was in Mumbai yesterday for a photo op playing cricket with some obviously carefully chosen youngsters on the Oval Maiden. He played some very good shots through the covers off the front foot off some lads only to be comprehensively bowled by a young girl with a very nice action. Says something but I’m not sure what.


  3. A weekly close through $1.525 will be the trigger for the next ratchet down. That and the ascendency of Eskimo Nell to the BoE. How many verses of Robert Service’s classic can he recite? my best was about 10.


  4. Good to have Le Slog back online. Slog ? vs Mice ? What’s the French for cold turkey we’ve been suffering for a week+?


  5. Cameron usurper of British sovereignty has always been surrounded by shysters. The job of PM is his reward for his consistent treachery and malfeasance . An appropriate fate for the likes of Cameron is to be dragged through the streets behind a gun carriage where the mothers of abused children and our war dead past and future will have opportunity to exact revenge.

    Consider his cowardly hypocrisy at the Cenotaph pretending to honour our war dead whilst committing our forces to conflicts intended to benefit offshore financial interests and murder innocent civilians.

    Consider his role travelling with Dr David Kelly in Nuclear Proliferation and the fraud involving the deliberate loss of three Pelindaba nukes one of which ended up detonated in North Korea that netted the corrupt Tory party £17 million of taxpayers cash see Hansard and Peter Eyre evidence.

    Consider his 1st action as PM was to sign a 50 year defence agreement with the French handing over control and command of our military forces to a foreign power.

    Consider his dismantling of our armed forces whilst gleefully stoking conflicts via the funding, training of terrorists and propaganda. Syria / Libya.

    Consider his supine Quisling allegiance to the genocidal rogue Neocon state Israel and continual repetition of hasbera propaganda re the mythical Iranian nuke program.

    Consider the lack of promised referendum on the EU and the granted Scottish referendum designed to divide and Balkanise the UK.

    Consider AIM market fraud — Rockhopper and other companies

    Consider his failure to overturn Blairs D-Notice re Operation Ore

    Consider Peter Righton, Charles Napier, David Cameron & John Whittingdale


    House of Commons Session 2001-02
    Publications on the internet
    Home Affairs Committee Publications
    Home Affairs – Minutes of Evidence[Back to Report]
    Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 22 October 2002.
    TUESDAY 14 MAY 2002
    Members present:
    Mr Chris Mullin, in the Chair

    Mr David Cameron
    Bob Russell
    Mrs Janet Dean
    Mr Marsha Singh
    Bridget Prentice
    Angela Watkinson
    Mr Gwyn Prosser
    David Winnick


  6. I’m glad it’s not just me baffled by Gazprom and the Champions Leauge. WTF would they wish to do that? I can’t see your average footie fan as an investor or direct buyer so why?

    Answers on a postcard please.


  7. In the not too distant future Gazprom are going to be extracting through third parties a significant wedge of your cash as the “Dash to Gas” for electricity generation to keep the lights on takes off.


  8. Maybe they are doing it to attain brand recognition for their ambitious European expansion plans. Perhaps another takeover offer to Centrica for British Gas is on the cards? Perhaps Phil Bentleys new successor is an agent of the SVR? British Gas has Soviet era levels of customer service so the two businesses should be a very good fit.


  9. Never heard of public relations? They need a non-hostile climate as political insurance for selling huge quantities of gas to western Europe.


  10. JW – you know that I truly appreciate your words, but “…The date of the article was July 21st 2011…roughly two and a half years ago…” just leaves you exposed to the trawling Trolls who have nought better to do. I know you meant “ONE and a half years ago”, but don’t give these Twonks a chance!


  11. Consider the previous 13 years of BLiar and Gordon’s Bottom, for which you no doubt voted. They are all as bad as each other and your “taking sides” just exposes what lies behind your utter naivety.


  12. As the old proverb ( provenance uncertain) goes, ‘Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.’ I think that this quite clearly explains the question of Cameron.
    Mind you it also brings to mind the old Mexican proverb, ‘ It’s not the fault of the mouse but of the one who offers the cheese.’
    On balance, I feel that he first proverb is more relevant here, unless of course Cameron is really a mouse.


  13. Considering the blog’s author was writing about Cameron it seems OK to write a comment about the PM. I voted Conservative but even I can see that the Cameron is, if possible, an even bigger slimeball than his predecessors.


  14. JW, at least you are likely to have electricity to run your toys with in the near future. What will the brit fans do when Les frogs prioritise their own native customers? Vote Snow Nigel and the 700 dwarves!

    Is anybody really expecting, God knows we are all really hoping, that the vile clints that the Sainted margret protected will get arrested.


  15. Put youself in Cameron’s position.
    When he ceases to be PM, who’s most likely to give him a lucrative sinecure a la Blair ? Is it me and you, or is it one or more of a group of financial/industrial CEOs ?
    And that’s why he’s rubbing shoulders with them, and not me or you.

    We may enjoy greater integrity, personality and charm, but that’s no substitute for raw cash when planning the next phase.


  16. On another note France moves into Greece as a rebuff to anglo / americano / Germano alliance.

    Could a French / Russian alliance using Greek Resources be a new twist?

    Has France realised what is going on and with new links with Italy be planning a new med? A new de gaullian paradigm waking up?

    Interesting march coming our way…


  17. Hollande came & went yesterday, there was a news strike, the streets were cleared – but – there were no demonstrations against him whatsoever! Even the police around the Hilton were relaxed. Here’s a nice summary with funny video of the state lunch, with Hollande abandoned by dead duck (yep, the sharks are circling) Evangelos Venizelos who chats up the translator instead


  18. Yes, they are all as bad as each other, & that is because they (the ruling class) regard us plebs as no better & no different from the 3rd world immigrants they are presently flooding the country with in order to crush the spirit/resistance to the gradual replacement of the indigenous population. Divide & rule. Nothing else makes any sense.
    Until people realise that neither Lib/Lab or Con care about them, nothing will change & we & our children/grandchildren really are doomed.


  19. Good to have you back John. Withdrawal symptoms were encouraging strange effluence to emerge from neverbefore recognised, let alone utilised bodily orifaces :)

    And then I woke up ! (Shivering and shaking.)


  20. Pingback: ELM GUEST HOUSE: Media teeter on brink of naming former Tory minister | The Slog. 3-D bollocks deconstruction

  21. @wearedoomed. You assume too much. How wrong you are ! By voting would give my tacit consent to the agenda politics enacted by the criminals posing as our representatives who control all three main parties. Whoever you vote for you are giving your consent to a Alinskyite Marxist Communitarian / Communist cabal whose “change agents” are demoralising – destabilising our nation ready for the forthcoming engineered crisis coming soon to your doorstep.

    As for the Traitors Blair and Brown I offer my services as executioner entirely free of charge.


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