ELM GUEST HOUSE: Media teeter on brink of naming former Tory minister


As the ever-ahead of the game Exaro site revealed this morning in the early hours, Met Police specialist paedophile investigators are now preparing the final logistics involved in the arrest of a highly prominent former Conservative Minister who was for some time close to Margaret Thatcher. However, one of the obvious side-effects of Lord McAlpine’s financially enthusiastic (albeit now oddly stalled) legal battle to clear his name is that everyone is terrified of naming who the former Thatcher intimate whose name everyone knows was – and indeed is.

I’ve been trying to establish this morning where former Tory Minister Leon Brittan is at the moment. It’s not easy, to be honest. Last seen working ad hoc for David Cameron (while the PM sought a Trade Minister of Lord Green’s calibre during 2010-11) Leon  – or Baron Brittan of Spennithorne as we must now call his elevatedness – still advises the UBS investment bank, but beyond this there is little to go on.

Who knows what it may all mean? Stay tuned.

Last night at The Slog: The Prime Minister’s penchant for sheisters

60 thoughts on “ELM GUEST HOUSE: Media teeter on brink of naming former Tory minister

  1. Brittan’s seat was of course Richmond Yorks not the then seat of Richmond & Barnes . .

    He was succeeded at a by-election in 1989 by William Hague – I recall telling for the Salad Party & then lunching with a Tory teller, a local lady friend of my mum’s.


  2. Great post. Have reblogged. had also been wondering about McAlpine’s ‘oddly stalled’ crusade to clear his own name.

    As you may know scumbag Tom O Carroll of the PIE has slithered back on to the net, blogging in favour of paedophilia on WordPress, joking that he wished he’d been invited to the Elm Guest House. Further proof these people can’t be cured or reformed. A little disturbing he feels it’s safe to spread his filth.


  3. I’m trying to read between the lines here, but it’s all too subtle for me I’m afraid. Are you suggesting Lord Green was once an elm?


  4. This ‘unnamed’ person’s arrest has been imminent for, what, about a month now? Maybe longer…Mmmm, not holding my breath.


  5. What surpirses me is that no enterprising social scientist has written a paper on the relationship between sociopathy, power and paedophilia.


  6. as well as Leon Britain..if you google ‘Tory Mp’ to be arrested
    google images also flags up Peter Bottomley (who’s name also appears on Elm Gust House list
    and we all know who the Bottomleys are related to? Jeremy Hunt..
    and Leon Briatin is connected to Clegg..
    and guess what the Daily Heil did a piece on this soon to be arrested
    Tory MP and not long after removed that page including the google cache
    has operation coverup already started or just twitchy lawyers???

    John Whittingdale, Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile & Charles Napier

    Also the DICKEN DOSSIER…Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens had a dossier
    on VIP paedos… he took it to Leon Britain..after that it mysterously disappeared.. weird huh?


  7. JW, alot of people are wondering why didnt the police just go and nick him at the time..by giving us a pre waring he could well have absconded abroad, but one is hoping interpol would have him tracked down..


  8. And what of Mrs T, and William Vauge?

    What did Mrs T know and when did she knnow it?

    Although at 80 odd she might be allowed to be vague, I doubt that excuse will apply to Mr Vaugue himself…


  9. And Willy Vague now occupies which parliamentary seat ? Oh yes, it’s Richmond in North Yorkshire. Small world, innit ?


  10. The Mail on Sunday all but exposed Leon Brittan last weekend. Although he was not actually named they published a picture of him taken in his younger days stating he was a former senior Tory Minister.


  11. @ stuart of course maggie knew..she had to after all there was an MI5 bod at the guest house..and would know what took place there and considering who was involved it was pose a security threat eg blackmail by foregn power ..so yes she would HAVE to know..


  12. who want’s to hand more compensation to Tory’s who are being hinted at but not formally accused of anything. This trick has been pulled once too often.


  13. Chris Huhne was leon brittans bag carrier in EU. European Union has an agenda to make paedophilia as easy as possible this is what Umberto Bossi former leader of Italy’s Northern league stated and was reported in UK mainstream press.


  14. If the political clowns in office are being blackmailed it may explain the disastrous policies they have been following, Gordon selling our gold at rock bottom prices. Heath singing away our sovereignty, Blair signing the various EU treaties



    bookwormbc commented on 4G Auction – Osborne goes one better and shows he knows neither the price NOR the value of anything.

    in response to bobchewie:

    the comments are quite interesting on the above too…

    Ah Bob, you’ve crawled out of you’re hole.Now the names you are longing to mention are on a list compiled by the female owner of the house or is it hostel – and it could have been both, in 1989, seemingly when she was working in some way with Mary Moss.The list names a number of Conservatives, one Labour, and about half a dozen celebrities, one of which is pretty well known. The list refers to a time in the early eighties, and so was completed several years after the event. It is not clear why Mary Moss constructed this list with the owner, or indeed why she kept local goverment documents and files, as this is what she appears to have done, when she left the local authority. The woman involved had seemingly made her own son available for sex under the age of 13 – and if so she would not seem to be the most reliable of witnesses. It seems the public sector employees from the local children’s homes were taking their charges to service the needs of who ever stopped there, or whoever was visiting. I suspect that a fare amount of drug taking and alcohol was involved, and that would only be the MPs! The normal spin put on this is that it was being seriously investigated by the local police, who were then stopped when after a raid by the local police theMetroplolitan police, of course at the direct orders of Margaret Thatcher, could it be anyone else? However at the time of the raid there were four local police officers stopping at the Guest House, all seemingly undercover. This does not seem very likely to me. It could just as easily be that the local police were using whatever services were on offer, which might also have included males able to give consent, ie 21 or over, and prostitutes, ie 16 or over, and the raid revealed this embarassing fact. If so there would definately be a cover up; but it would be the police covering up for the police and nothing else. In any case the conscience riven members of the Metroploitan police force who managed to salve their consciences from 1982 to 2012, somehow managed to find the confidence to tell ‘the truth’ to Tom Whatson thirty years after the event. To make it plain if anyone committed acts of child abuse against anyone at the Elms, then they should be and will be investigated and put on trial. The list will include the usual suspects, mainly residential staff, and possibly anyone who worked at the Elms. it will include visitors at the Guest House, some of whom will be affluent professionals, accountants and solicitors and the like. It may actually be that a lot of people stopped at the Elms, who were simply using it as a bed and breakfast, and will have been oblivious to what went on around them. All of this is going to take some working through. Now we will see how strong the evidence is against various ministers or MPs or indeed any of the celebrities, if any of them are charged, and if it goes to court. It is likely that the evidence will be pretty fragile, (look at the history of Mr Measham’s allegations over a thirty year period and you will see what I mean). The sewer awaits you Bob, crawl back into it.” (BOOKWORM)

    awww John aint he nice eh???


  16. How ironic… Search on Google for the man and it tells you that cyber-searchers are also looking for his curious friends Laud, Lilley, Whitelaw, McAlpine, Hague. All you have to do is add a mysteriously absent Mandel’s Son to the list and you’ve got a real who’s who. Seems the public can manage to find which rock to look under in order to send the creepy crawlies scurrying using only Google. Doesn’t offer much hope for the Met’s efforts. Maybe too many brotherhood boys shaking too many hands in mysterious but meaningful ways.


  17. @John Ward its nice when someone comes to back you up eh?

    i got this from someone after the at tirade of utter codswallop disinfo thrown at me….

    “Hi Bob

    Just a few facts for you to use.

    1) The documents referred to were not written by Mary Moss.

    2) Carole Kasir’s 13 year old son was prepared to go to court once he had turned 18 to challenge the allegation that he had been abused.

    3) Read – http://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/interesting/

    Which indicates that a junior minister was held following the raid

    4) I’d refer you to the comments made by Terry Earland who as Richmond’s former head of children’s services was certainly in a better position to understand what was going on that your correspondent.who said “Anyone who went there, I would say, yes, they were in the frame – almost certainly.”

    Here- http://www.exaronews.com/articles/4847/claims-of-child-sex-abuse-haunted-richmond-boss-for-30-years

    I hope this helps. Though I probably wouldn’t bother replying. :-)

    Blimey John and i thought the day wa sgoing to be boring as usuall..LOL !!


  18. If you read the exaro piece it says the arrest is MANY weeks away. According to Baron Spennithorne’s list of interests he became closely associated with his local Richmond Conservative association in recent years though it doesn’t say in what capacity he is connected to the constituency of his old friend and protector Hague.
    If you google an ex home secretary’s name and the term north wales child abuse you get 5 results removed.


  19. I have to say Bob I thought immediately that it was Leon Brittan the text adjacent to the picture said former senior Tory Minister from the 1980’s who we cant presently name. They don’t appear to have the picture posted on their online sight.


  20. Interesting about McAlpine’s court case. I was wondering about that.
    Perhaps his solicitor has decided to engage with the proper pre-action protocols. Plus, I would imagine it will take a while to get a hearing because the High Court is currently clogged up with so many equally absurd cases. JW – if you hear anything, be sure to let us know.


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  22. Your wrong KFC this is the continuing ” thinning of the veil” and as March approaches we are about to experience a switching up of the gears.


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  24. David Icke has done this topic to death. If you look beyond the reptilian stuff (each to their own) In fact he goes into quite some detail about the power – paedophilia relationship being a form of energy vampirism. His thesis is that they are basically parasitic entities feeding off lower forms of human energy: fear, hate etc.

    Go ahead and laugh, but I think Ickey boy looks set to vindicated on the claims he has made about higher government teeming with paedophilia.


  25. Exaro also noted that some members of the investigating team were concerned that their investigation might be suppressed.

    But let’s hope that the ex-Minister concerned is eventually brought to book – rather than skating free as so many before him have done. Will senior Plod do the right thing, or place a size 14 boot on the investigation?

    Plod’s “arrest strategy” of announcing their intentions weeks ahead of taking action is highly dubious to my mind. Why alert those who know they are guilty that they are about to have their collars felt? Is this normal detective tactics or a “flight-mode-passport-grabbing” heads up – or the Bill’s dysfunctional PR machine flexing their telescopic truncheons?

    “Persons of high standing” were – as I recall – the words used to describe those about to be arrested in the Savile investigation. All we got were the likes of Freddie Starr.


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  27. I think this is an important point. A lot of other research gets done which is not necessarily a waste of time but… We should also look at Anthropology.

    I did a short course at the Portman Clinic on crime, which included pornography and possible reasons for some behaviour. I don’t recall every word but there was no mention of this kind of syndrome – for want of a better description. Now we’ve all had to learn about it through a back door and through the suffering of lots of children who still suffer from their memories as adults.

    Other cultures think about things differently, but it is unbelievable this happens here and other places with good communication systems, universities etc. So what is this thing, why, and what can be done about it so that it doesn’t go on being disbelieved or otherwise shoved aside?

    I don’t think that this time ‘it’ can be made to ‘go away’. What is the mechanism that tries to make it do that, rather than dealing with it, I wonder? So many questions, so many years down the line.


  28. I agree with you, he named the filthy beast years ago and it’s all coming to pass. Well hopefully, if the freemasons don’t do what they do best, protect their own. They have given him plenty of time to get rid of any evidence he may have had lurking about.Convenient that!


  29. She knew everything – she surrounded herself with the freaks and was best buds with Savile – we even got to pay for his invites to Chequers every year no doubt – which wasn’t very far away from Broodmoor. No chance in her getting her just desserts though, she only has moments of clarity when it’s time to claim her £100k+ in ex PM’s expenses these days it would seem ;)


  30. David Icke has been ‘right on the money’ for years – it is only now that he is being taken seriously by the majority. Follow Icke and he gives all the info you need and more. He is spot on.


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  34. Hi Mark, I’m trying to find the page online where the Mail on Sunday did this. Can you point me in the right direction. Best wishes.


  35. Presumably the plod cannot question or arrest a person unless a specific allegation is made. It does seem rather odd, though, that lots of victims of the likes of Savile, Hall etc have come forward with credible stories, but in the case of a Lithuanian jew, a relation of Hunt, and one of the Peter Pans of pop, nothing seems to have transpired.But without witnesses there can be no case.


  36. Long before the days of internet news, there was a report, either on TV or in the papers, of an incident where a naked boy was found wandering around the street outside a Tory cabinet minister’s house. I did post this observation on Gojam’s site, but he was very coy about it. There would be no way I would have known about this, and who the minister was, unless said person was named in the mainstream media. Did this event occur just before the time when William Hague promoted one of his ministers to a senior position in Europe. This ‘promotion’ was effected on Brighton beach if memory serves me right.


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