Globally financed mercantilism’s direction takes shape.

But the big question is still ‘Why?’

Now that we know it’ll be the job of each sovereign EU State to bail out its own banks (according to yesterday’s FT) one has to feel that the era of pretence about ‘all for one and one for all’ really is finally at an end. Ten days ago, I posted that ‘Yesterday was a qualitative turning point in my book. I think we got the first signs that the crew of the globalist SS Titanic had assessed the damage and decided it was lifeboats time.’ The kind of stuff coming out of the EU and elsewhere suggests that the latest order is “Sod the women and children, every man for himself”.

Not that long ago, EU leaders were promising bravely to break the Treasury-emptying affair between failing banks and sovereigns. Now their spines are, once again, revealed to be rubber – with occasional patch repairs made from recycled tissue paper. Be under no illusion here: this is a neo-fascist anti market-freedom European Union handing the bill for anti customer market-fixing investment banker criminality to the citizen. It is the collapse of this corrupt club – its total surrender, in fact, to the  neocon élite’s misplaced belief that their dying system can be monetised and repaired by the taxpayer.

The baton-pass is more than a double-whammy for that taxpayer: it’s a lose-treble in which QE (and other forms of money-printing used to prop up failing Treasuries and carpetbagging bondholders) will have reduced the value of the citizen’s income and savings before they start paying. And as that value declines, so too will the range and quality of social services available for relief.

None of this is capitalism, but rather a jarring cacophony of disguised protectionism, corrupt favouritism, globalist monopolism, investment fraudulence, legislative incontinence, and information distortion. The culprits, respectively, are sovereign States, bureaucrats, big business, banking firms, politicians, and the increasingly blurred rainbow of media combines.

The only guilt residing with the citizenry is its acceptance of the credit-inflated growth bubble as Heaven on Earth, and its compliance with the ridiculous suggestion that they should be impoverished to pay for the hubris of the six interest-groups identified above. (This is before one even gets to the part about paying the security services to watch it all the time, and getting killed in a mercantilist war of lebensraum).

When one outlines the mess we’re in like this, the endlessly supine acceptance of the electorate is hard to comprehend. It is without any doubt caused by a mélange of factors – depoliticisation, low IQ, TV media distraction, press media distortion, ministerial deception, tribal political loyalties, superficial education, office and family commitments and sheer tiredness – but even so, with every month the average voter gives increasing evidence to pollsters and strategists that there is almost no act of outlandishly unfair con they wouldn’t accept if someone they see as “a good bloke” or “a safe pair of hands” is explaining how we’re all in this together.

Death camp survivors testify to the fact that gas chamber queue members who told others they weren’t going for a bath at all were dismissed wearily by those walking through the doors for their deadly dose of Xylon-B. ‘Somnambulating into serfdom’ has become an extraordinary example in the 21st century of the cliche that failed utterly to be effective as a warning.

And yet, there remain probabilities that neither the pessimists nor the over-confident Establishment have gauged properly. The capacity of these likelihoods to create uncontrolled panic remains the hugely underestimated wild card. It doesn’t guarantee the failure of the lunatics, but it does suggest they can be stopped.

The globally mercantilist competitive set, for example, is multifaceted and incoherent. Thus although at present we see a ‘worldwide’ acceptance of near-zero interest rates, it isn’t really a worldwide consensus at all. Sooner rather than later, one sovereign, financial, business or central banking element will break ranks for advantage…or via the election of a leader offering to debt-default on the one hand, while offering higher investment rates for squeezed baby-boomers on the other.

The joke suppression of gold and other precious metals represents another example. While on the one hand it suits both the US (by keeping mugs in the stock market) and China (by lowering the cost of stockpiling) the central and private banks now quietly circumventing the gold supply system in order to put gold onto their balance sheets hope to save themselves by, at some point, letting the price rip. Both the Arabs and the Chinese may well, for a while, watch greedily from the sidelines as this makes them richer.

But the process will also unfortunately render the Western fangwoi/infidel sovereigns increasingly indebted and prone to hyper-inflation and default…although not the banks – who increasingly recognise no equal, no sovereign power, and no citizen rights.

Some nutters will argue (and probably already believe) that an alliance of bankers, globalist business and information controllers can take over entirely from elected legislators in the end. They will see the use of increasingly cheap labour among the squeezed middle as the spearhead for a fightback against Asia based on price. They will perhaps think, “To hell with the Chinese and what Washington owes them – we ain’t Washington.”

None of this speculated motivation behind élite bank-globalist-media axis actions makes any kind of sense to a normal mind. It rejects insurrection, State crackdown and military takeover as possibilities. It fails as usual to explain who is going to consume the goods so cheaply produced by the new serfs. It ignores the obvious possibility of pushing a thus cheated China over the edge and into serious military retaliation. And above all, it takes no account at all of how the betrayed Third World poor and the unemployably feral Western Underclass might respond one day, after this dystopian nightmare has been created.

But remember: derivative slicing, money-printing, QE, Friedmanism, CDOs, a currency with no way out, bailouts, deficit economics, and the credit-driven production model of capitalism were all invented by these same maniacs. All these too were manufactured with certain doom fitted as standard. As I have begun to repeat of late, these folks are ill: who knows what they are capable of? Who knows what they have in mind as ‘final solutions’ to the obvious obstacles in their way?

As time goes on, there is less and less room for debate about where we’re headed and what’s behind it. The only real uncertainty left concerns which two motives the analyst perms from the threesome of stupidity, madness, and evil genius.

My money is still on the first two. But you never know.

69 thoughts on “Globally financed mercantilism’s direction takes shape.

  1. “the endlessly supine acceptance of the electorate is hard to comprehend.”
    John, the situation is so complicated, and most people rely solely on the MSM for news that they are totally unaware of the scope of the impending disaster. They are kept ignorant, but once they realise what’s going on, either they’ll be too tired and cowed to fight, or there’ll be chaos.

    In any case I think there’ll be chaos.


  2. Sir,
    The explanation for what Peter Oborne identifies as the complete indifference of the Euro-elite to the horrendous suffering of European peoples is Corporatism.

    A corporatist society is one run by the State for the interests of corporatists (large unions, big business, unelected supranational powers, professional interest groups, media manipulators etc). Corporatism is the socialist form of capitalism and it rules in most western “capitalist” countries and it is completey incompatible with democracy and nationhood.

    The ultimate expression is the European Union whose interest is not the peoples of Greece, Ireland, Spain etc who are bankrupt, suicidal and unemployed but  the corporatist establishments in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. The recent intervention of the Obama administration in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom – warning the British not to put democracy and sovereignty before the corporate interests of the USA – is a good example.

    Yours etc
    Rodney Atkinson, 01668 214636 or 07767306099


  3. We are close to a breakdown of public order. The riots of 2011 surprised me only in their timing. I expected them when the ATMs were shut down as a result of a banking crisis. I didn’t expect them so soon. The rapaciousness and violence did not come as a surprise. Thirty years of rising living standards on the back of easy credit and easy social security have reduced the public’s ability to tolerate a fall in living standards. The banking-political elite’s preferred exit route from the current crisis is a tried and tested one: inflate away the debt. The means to achieve this is a combination of: (i) inflation that is stable but above the rate of pay growth and (II) QE plus regulations that force pension funds to buy gilts at penally high prices. The risk is that inflation takes off. If it does, we will see riots on out streets. As they did initially in 2011 either through the incompetence or corruption of their senior managers, the police will fail to adequately protect the public. When the elite offers the citizens the choice between security and liberty, terrified citizens will choose the former.


  4. My Dad always said that Religions were ‘invented’ to stop the thinking man going mad; chicken and egg versus GOD or whoever.
    Now that science has come on a fair whack, another method is needed to keep us all in check, and stop us questioning our lives – hence all this media technology/TV reality/smoke and mirrors. As long as we are ignorant of the situation, we bumble on as normal. Those of us who DO try to see through the smoke are faced with almost insurmountable objection, challenged as doomsayers, phobics, loonies etc.
    Frustrating as it is, I can understand why ignorance is preferable to knowledge, for many folk… least they probably sleep like babies!


  5. ‘When one outlines the mess we’re in like this, the endlessly supine acceptance of the electorate is hard to comprehend.’

    Britain is not a political society. Most of the population is busy doing other things like making a living, understanding the benefits system, planning its vacations and being entertained. By definition, perhaps half of them are a bit dim. We have the best broadcasting media in the world (so they tell us) and the daily onslaught of carefully skewed political reporting and commentary is a sight to behold. Opiate is too mild a word for it. As you say, we vote along tribal lines, notwithstanding the long vanished reason for such divisions and the urgent need to find new, more relevant ones. We ignore virtually all national matters financial, tacitly assuming that those in power are looking after us. They aren’t and have rarely been since WWII. I wonder how many people bother to look at the Treasury web sites where our national finances are exposed to view in massive detail? I bet it’s not even 1%. If they did, and they are not hard to understand, a few more people would be just a little concerned about their futures and so might take a tiny bit of interest in politics.


  6. ‘Corporatism’ was the name given to the way that the UK was ruled between the end of WWII and the arrival of Thatcher’s Government. Essentially, it was the way in which union leaders, big business and the Government decided policy and imposed it on those below. It was neither ‘socialist’ nor ‘laisser faire capitalist’, but a ‘middle way’, an attempt to build a welfare state without dampening the country’s productive capacity. It collapsed because shop stewards undermined their own union leaders’ agreements, culminating in the ‘Winter of Discontent’ of 1978/9. In the election of 1979, the public rejected a continuation of Corporatism in the form of Callaghan’s Labour Government and elected Thatcher, who promised change (although not necessarily everything that subsequently happened). It is worth noting that Labour’s left-wing welcomed the collapse of Corporatism and that the period of 1979-85 saw a starp rise in left-wing activity, which was eventually terminated by the defeat of the NUM and to a lesser extent by the Lawson boom.

    It can be argued that variations of this Corporatist model represent the politics of other European countries and by extension of the EU. Perhaps the lesson that the Eurocrats learnt from the UK was to avoid giving the citizens a chance to vote for a Government opposed to the Corporatist model.


  7. Mr Ward on the point of interest rates and ZIRP. If every nation on the planet goes for ZIRP, rather amusingly the global economy is reset and the interest rate may as well be some far higher level..

    What’s the difference between ZIRP, 10% and some far higher level? That should be the thought. For me ZIRP is the minimum it can extract monies from the lowest level of the economy and for now not create unrest.

    Wait till they attempt to start rising it and the social unrest that goes with it.
    Some debts then grow even worse potentially going bust and causing hardship. This bit will be where the social unrest will come from and people waking up to reality of their debt no longer being affordable.

    For now it is ZIRP, topped up with QE to sticky plaster it together but for the life of me I cannot see how they can remove either globally without social unrest. Hence an engineered conflict of such scale to encompass the globe to reset it all yet again for me is the likely outcome. Well turkeys don’t vote for Xmas and the uling elite will not reverse what they have taken.

    So history repeats itself not because of human stupidity but because of those who can implementing an economic policy designed for one purpose to preserve those at the highest level.

    Think that about sums it up so I do chuckle as they squirm trying to find alternative ways not realising they are the problem not the cure.


  8. Sylvia Ann Hewlett in her book, The Cruel Dilemmas of Development: Twentieth Century Brazil, says, “Corporatism is based on a body of ideas that can be traced through Aristotle, Roman law, medieval social and legal structures, and into contemporary Catholic social philosophy. These ideas are based on the premise that man’s nature can only be fulfilled within a political community… The central core of the corporatist vision is thus not the individual but the political community whose perfection allows the individual members to fulfill themselves and find happiness… The state in the corporatist tradition is thus clearly interventionist and powerful.”
    and that turned into Fascism in Portugal ( New State under Salazar); Germany (National Socialism under Hitler); Spain (National Syndicalism under Franco) and Italy (National Corporatism under Mussolini). Where are we headed?


  9. More of a slow trickle.
    “. In the next three years, we will repatriate 50 tonnes of gold annually from New York to Germany. That will give us the opportunity to inspect these bars, melt them down and convert them into “Good Delivery Standard” bars.”


  10. I am also thinking the same. The best and worst piece of prose I have read in some time.

    Best for the quality of insight and how it is conveyed.
    Worst because it is quite probably true


  11. Not surprising that our elders and betters are just going to solve their problem to suit themselves. The citizen is not represented at the table, and even worse, the mainstream media refuses to shine a searchlight on it.
    We could sort this out very quickly if the press and TV news were doing their jobs. People would soon wake up.
    I kind of still have faith that the guy on the Clapham omnibus will surprise us. Looking forward to it.


  12. Does anyone else see the funny side of the celebration on January 22nd of the  anniversary marking 50 years of Franco-German friendship. (signing of the Elysée Treaty)  and German Handelsblatt reporting in an exclusive yesterday that there is such solid, undisputed “faith and credit” in other Central Banks that the entirety of the 11% of German gold held with the Banque de France, is about to be repatriated back home to Buba in Frankfurt. 

    (Along with all the Fed and BoE’s stock of German Gold too…..)…Hmmm ! …..Now whatever could Geli and Woolfie want all that for ?


  13. Oh worry not, Mme Regardless is on the case…..
    ‘Eurozone factory output dips but IMF insists economy is ‘improving’
    International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has insisted the eurozone economy is ‘improving’ as latest figures show a third consecutive month of falling factory output.
    See? A little denial works wonders…..A lot of denial keeps a currency bloc intact.
    I noted that the Spanish Bond auctions went well, with investors ‘Hungry’ for risk with such high yields. Do they believe they will get their money back?


  14. Riots and civil unrest are usually the contrived stage shows of our oppressors employed to manipulate the public and drive the political agenda.The UK riots appear to have been just that a manufactured reality.

    The reports from Bristol of the “petrol bombed” Tesco were faked and repeated ad-infinitum by the mainstream media whores despite being informed of this inaccuracy at an early stage. I contacted the fire brigade in Bristol who confirmed that they had not attended any fires in the area that weekend. This is also evidenced by a distinct lack of burning of the said Tescos when photographed the next day and confirmed by several eye witnesses.
    Just prior to the riots one of our senior chaps from military intelligence met a nice chap from the Pentagon … probably just a co-incidence LOL. See Tavistock / CIA Color Revolutions and strategy of tension.
    Note how Camrot and his fellow traitors attempted to drive through police reform / privatization immediately following backed up with a propaganda campaign in the media.


  15. “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.”

    ― J.R.R. Tolkien


  16. U.S. Government Claims – Just Like the Nazis – that the Truth Is Too Complicated and Dangerous to Disclose to the Public
    The social sciences are indeed complicated – purposefully!


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  18. ‘ The only real uncertainty left concerns which two motives the analyst perms from the threesome of stupidity, madness, and evil genius.My money is still on the first two. But you never know.’

    I think the third one also applies John,but only the first word. They really are evil bastards.


  19. “….but even so, with every month the average voter gives increasing evidence to pollsters and strategists that there is almost no act of outlandishly unfair con they wouldn’t accept if someone they see as “a good bloke” or “a safe pair of hands” is explaining how we’re all in this together.”

    The most apt and succinct description of the whole political scene here in Ireland I think I have ever read.


  20. Isn’t only the US Government , is the EU “Government” as well .Martin Schulz in a Spiegel interview gave his deluxe snobbery “is a risk using referendums because EU is too complicated and is dangerous to oversimplify things” . Schulz thinks that ever one out of Brussels is so stupid.What he doesn’t know is that we pretend to be outrageously stupid to hide that fact that we actually don’t understand the complicated EU and really being genuinely stupid.


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  22. First class post and comments; what we are up against though is human nature. As Stanley Milgram and then Charles Hofling demonstrated, 65% of us when faced with what we perceive to be ‘authority’ will abandon our capacity for independent thought, subjugate our humanitarian instincts, and perform acts which are directly contrary to those instincts. Whether TPTB are knowingly using this weakness, i.e. conspiracy, or not is immaterial; the fact is that, in this situation, our very own makeup is against us. The 35% need to get their skates on.


  23. They want to make sure it is still in existence, and has not been re-hypothecated or leased out. Good luck with that being successful.


  24. Studies also show that 100% of people who are starving to death will be angry with the political class who emptied the pantry.


  25. “It’s no use Kapitän, I cannae take any more”.

    “But Herr Scotty, there’s only been three Zerohedge references about our gold in the space of 60 minuten”.

    “That’s illogical Kapitän, why post drei when ein would suffice”.

    “Indeed Herr Spock, particularly when someone had already offered an explanation as to why the gold wasn’t travelling at warp speed”.

    Hmm, it would seem that nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans…….

    “Warp factor trickle Scotty – Kirk out”


  26. Agree both, I believe there will be a tipping point where cooperation will be replaced by a struggle to survive, or at least to try and maintain living standards in the face of escalating impoverishment. However, the Milgram/Hofling experiments – and, of course, there have been others – do go some way towards explaining how it is that so many of us tolerate so much bullshit for so long in the face of such clear evidence that it is merely worthless propaganda. Regarding the famous teatime reference, i reckon it was cattle cake..


  27. Excellent analyst John, you were on top of your game today. You stated the obvious saying something like, sooner, rather than later someone will break the dam holding back interest rates and when that happens the chaos will begin…………..very true.


  28. Donnish perhaps, but quite right. My father was a volunteer member of the medical team that went into Belsen; newly qualified, he and the others were each put in charge of a hut . The death rate was impossible to halt due to starvation and scrub typhus. Inevitably, it left scars on all involved in the dreadful business of dealing with such unthinkable depravity, let alone the effects on the inmates who managed to survive. As children, he showed us his own photographs which, even at a distance of 50 years, are seared into my mind. His diaries are in the Imperial War Museum and he is mentioned in several books on the subject.


  29. Given that rising interest rates dampen a booming economy, and strengthen the currency…….pray – where is the advantage in that today??


  30. ‘But remember: derivative slicing, money-printing, QE, Friedmanism, CDOs, a currency with no way out, bailouts, deficit economics, and the credit-driven production model of capitalism were all invented by these same maniacs.’
    Yes, there’s a patern emerging. No, there is a blatant and obvious patern hiding in plane view.
    (I would add open ended Welfare garuntees i.e. the delibarate policy of creating single parenthood via penalising two parent families and rewarding one parent families, for example. Personaly I would exclude Friedman but there you go… )
    Instability is obviously the objective.hhhhh
    Further, the policy of refusing to punish or prevent crime should be mentioned. The Russians released their mad men to make Moscow ungovernable for Napoleon. Two hundren years later, TPTB have released perverts and violent criminals etc to poison disorientate and enfeeble Our Society.
    ‘All these too were manufactured with certain doom fitted as standard.’
    Agreed, but it is Our doom not theirs. It is Our Society that requires things like pensions, Law & Order, clean hospitals, freedom of speech, sound money. These things simply do not matter to our current elites.
    They can control the world and that is what they want. How much of the world remains after the shells have been brocken to make this omlette is neither here nor there; as long as there are a lot less people, obviously. That’s a given. I’m unsure if it is ever discussed here but search ‘Bill gates admits vaccines for global depopulation’. He even gives figures to be ‘reduced’ in one of his many speechs on the subject.
    ‘As I have begun to repeat of late, these folks are ill: who knows what they are capable of?’
    We have previous very recent examples. Look at what the Socialsits did in the USSR in order to create their ideal world. The globalist elites have always admired China (one child policy, forced abortions etc) . These things will happen here with a technological edge. That’s what the system of control being erected must be for. Nothing else makes sense.
    ‘Who knows what they have in mind as ‘final solutions’ to the obvious obstacles in their way?’
    More of the same with the odd ‘terrorist outrage’ thrown in to move things along. Culminating in a ‘deadly flu’ for which only they have the vaccine? Again, it does not make sense for them to give the docile population a chance. Slow grinding financial extinction would give people a chance so that’s off the table.

    ‘As time goes on, there is less and less room for debate about where we’re headed and what’s behind it. The only real uncertainty left concerns which two motives the analyst perms from the threesome of stupidity, madness, and evil genius.
    My money is still on the first two. But you never know.’
    At last you get to the point.
    Right, I’m offering…..

    Final Destination:-

    Popular Democratic Revival behind Benign Strong Leader 250/1

    Popular Democratic Revival behind Evil Strong Leader 50/1

    More of the Same for Thirty Years + 125/1*

    ‘Next Gen.’ Techno Global Satanic N.W.O. (With massive depopulation) 11/8

    ‘Next Gen.’ Techno Global Satanic N.W.O. (With massive slave population) 11/8

    *First past the post rules apply.
    No fiat currency less than $1 as per usual.


  31. Which confirms the views of laurence and supafeckinmingster. “They really are evil bastards.” The comments in this thread are very interesting, revealing a lot about human psychology, and why most people will accept authority, even to the point of their own death designed and instigated by that very authority.

    I believe our problems are due to the nature of born psychopaths (around 4% of the population) having the skills, determination, and motivation to ruthlessly move to positions of authority. They have no conscience or empathy and their only pleasures are gained by massive risk and power over others.

    Meanwhile, most of us are so easily manipulated by propaganda, that we can’t see the evil power grab in our own culture, until its almost beyond the point that we can do anything about it. The German people didn’t stop Hitler, and the Russians didn’t stop the Bolsheviks and their subsequent tyrants.

    Since WWII and generally improving living standards, we have become so complacent and so loyal and tribal to our own institutions and governments, that few of us can accept that this evil has infected us, and more especially our Western leaders. Even the few who have some conscience and integrity, are so completely ignorant and misinformed, that their policies are based on what they think are our real problems, but which are actually a pack of lies.

    It may well be too late to prevent catastrophe and collapse. The only issue may be its severity.



  32. Very good point stevie; pols and bankstas brought to book, the latter allowed to go bankrupt, interest currently 6% (Nov ’12), economic growth currently around 3% +/- – what’s not to like?! Too much snow?:)


  33. Which all goes to show that there are certain conditions where not taking your medicine simply isn’t a sensible option.


  34. The ruthless will always be with us, bless ’em. I don’t think there is much sense in calling them ill, because they are not – they’re just doing what comes naturally.

    As to the wider populace, we are very easily influenced by the skilled and unscrupulous manipulator, yes. Google ponerization.

    They may have gotten a little out of control at the moment, but I rather think it’s all cyclical; their very success will be their undoing, because when the parasite overwhelms the host, both are dead.

    In that sense, it should be self-correcting…


  35. Totally agree. By income I am supposedly upper middle class. Talking to others in the same bracket, I have never known so much anger, and so many people actively talking about leaving the country. If they feel that way, then God knows how families who are really struggling feel. I have to believe there will be an uprising. We bought a gun last year against this very eventuality and I would describe myself as a “prepper” between my food supplies, alternative energy sources, and small hoarding of gold coins. That said, I believe we should always contextualize. My parents lived through food rationing; my grandparents were gassed in the camps. Ultimately life could be a whole lot worse and I only hope we don’t end up in either of those predicaments.


  36. Milgram is only the start, psychology has a lot to answer for, look at the actions of the behavioural insight team – science has always been perverted to suit political objectives. Sometimes I am ashamed of my profession.


  37. “Bill gates admits vaccines for global depopulation”. I think you have gone off the deep end. By using vaccines and improving health, the 3rd world will have less children, like in the West, and so you will get depopulation. He is NOT talking about some mass poisoning of the 3rd world!!


  38. Jon,

    I believe that families in 3rd world countries who typically have far more children than is sustainable, do so, because their family history teaches them that only a small percentage of them, will live beyond childhood to the age that they too can reproduce. So I agree with you in as much, that in the long term, improving health and education, will in theory, resolve the problem of exponential population growth.

    However, if you spend a great deal of time objectively researching what elites such as Kissinger have quietly been saying and doing for the last 50 years ( including the banning of DDT – not for the reasons given – but to maintain Malaria kill rates), you will find a massive deliberate depopulation agenda, using multiple concurrent methods, which also applies to Western Developed populations too (I won’t bore you with the details as you won’t believe them). It obviously was not “That” effective – as exponential population growth demonstrates.

    Check out Baxter, and their “little mistake” in Austria a few years ago, when they effectively weaponised a flu vaccine and distributed it to numerous different European countries. A lab technician, entirely on his own initiative decided to test it – and blew the whistle. Otherwise, it would almost certainly have caused a mass pandemic of a killer flu, not seen since what effectively ended WWI – as they had run out of soldiers dying of flu.



  39. Well, we’re none of us perfect…;) Apologies for my rather frivolous addendums to your perfectly sensible comments yesterday, btw.Do you consider his findings to be valid?


  40. Hitler, Stalin and others weren’t psychopaths/sociopaths, they were charismatic narcissists.
    They entrance the normals at first as they play to the crowd but exhibit increasingly extreme behaviour as time goes on.
    They are handed power during the hypnotic phase but become dangerous when people start to wake.
    “if they don’t love me anymore then I will make them fear me, I will not be ignored”
    They do attract psycho/socio hangers on though as they can be manipulated and are useful.


    It is not a lonely life.
    What you see as lonely, is truly
    And unless I can benefit from you in a major way.
    I don’t care.
    This post is amusing.
    And you are lucky I took the time to write.
    I had some time to, well, kill.

    And don’t get me wrong here I only used that phrase to shock.
    Glad it has been made clear.
    I don’t kill for fun.



  41. Completely right prof.
    Elementary economics – but why the inane responses to your thoughts?
    Some mothers…?


  42. I would be interested in knowing if you had actually heard/read what he said.


    ps I know it sounds insane.


  43. Tony/Jon


    Yes to all above.
    You could have mentioned the 5-7 million haemophiliacs deliberately infected with aids/hept C. blood in Europe.
    ps regarding the effectivness of these policies towards Africa, I have read Africa’s population is 10% lower than in 1945.

    This provides a consice referenced and sober discussion of the idea that depopulation is a benign process predicated upon smaller familie of improved health care.


  44. Hello Mr Rocket.

    Don’t agree regarding Stalin.
    I’m currently re-reading ‘Stalin, The Court of The Red Tsar’ by Montefiore.

    Stalin did not actually become more dangerous. He hardly changed at all from his behaviour during the civil war.
    Sadly, the people never did ‘wake up’ either. Solzhenitsyn said inmates cried in the gulag when they heard he was dead.
    People eh?


  45. lady in red………..there is only one way for interest rates to go and that is up. Your logic dictates that this will happen when the economy starts to grow. This assumes that the economy ALWAYS begins to grow after you throw enough cheap money at it. But does it really have to grow? We will find out. Some place in the world that offers a decent return on investment along with a understandable plan for growth will offer a higher interest rate or perhaps people will get tired of the US Fed trashing the dollar and the fun will begin…………I think it’s you and the professor don’t get it.


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