Serial child-napping fraud George Hibbert is still at large and in practice. Can Jeremy Hunt explain why?

The last few days have seen the spotlight on a Left-dominated Rotherham Council behaving in….well, the manner we’ve grown used to when it comes to Left-dominated local Councils.

More is going to emerge very soon as to what’s going down in  Rotherbedlam. But most people still (inexplicably) think that insanity and corruption at local level, once revealed, will be dealt with. Oh dear. Take a look at the bent Staffordshire childcare psychiatrist unmasked by The Slog and others three years ago. Presumably by now he is residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure, yes?


The infamous ‘doctor’ George Hibbert – whose potty ideas have been a paedophile’s charter ever since he began peddling them years ago – is unbelievably still in business. I first encountered this man while investigating care home abuse in Staffordshire during 2007. Soon afterwards he focused entirely on his Swindon operation…but the GMC were already onto him. I assumed he had been washed down a plughole somewhere. Not so.

Hibbert is the single biggest human catalyst I’ve yet come across for the forced separation of children from parents. He earns £40,000 a week from local Council social care contracts, and his sole concern over many years has been to invent spurious ‘psychiatric’ reasons why parents are unfit, and thus their small children should be taken into ‘care’.

It is impossible to discern at this juncture whether he is simply mad and greedy, or a Class A supplier of fresh meat for paedophiles. Yet somehow, five years later, he’s still at it: why does the GMC need five years to ascertain what’s been obvious to every observer of this odious man forever?

If you still doubt that cover-ups of people like Hibbert aren’t endemic in Britain, then consider these points from just this one Slog case-history:

1. Child-removal victim mother Jane Webb (whom I blogged about in 2008) put in an FOI request about Hibbert in 2009. She’s still being stalled on it.

2. At the time, a Secret Courts injunction meant I wasn’t allowed to mention her name or show any picture of her. In the end I used a disguised image of her with her new baby. Hibbert completely falsified the facts in Jane’s case.

3. Despite the disgrace of Hibbert, social workers in Staffordshire were already making plans to take Jane’s next child the minute she fell pregnant again. Her plan then was to escape abroad. I don’t know what happened in the end.

During the three years of FOI stonewalling, LibDem MP John Hemming  raised concerns about Dr Hibbert in Parliament, saying he had spoken to several other families who had fallen victim to his ‘diagnoses’. Hemming has more recently written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke demanding a full parliamentary inquiry.

Since when, silence. Just fancy that.

Call me old-fashioned, but I feel this is a topic about which our reforming Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt should be offering up some answers. While it is mainly a social care issue, Hibbert is a psychiatrist who has been allowed to continue his trade unmolested over five years. Why?

But in a more general sense, I hope people are beginning to see why I refuse to let this demi-monde of scandal go. The perverts and their protectors in our social systems are as tenacious as a tick: when the media cameras have moved elsewhere in search of another celeb suspect, on the ground where the anonymous abuse victims face a life of hell, business very quickly returns to normal. And of course, the judicial gagging orders remain.