ROTHERHAM: Childcare boss in UKip row presided over paedophile epidemic:

but her only aim was to find the whistle-blower

The Director in charge of Children’s Services for Rotherham Joyce Thacker (left) called in South Yorkshire police nearly three months ago on the issue of child protection failures in the region. But her sole purpose in doing so was to find out who had leaked a confidential report about dangerous incompetence to the Times newspaper.

The report showed that paedophile ring crimes had been widespread for years, and hundreds of children had been at risk. Pakistani taxi firms in the area were also profoundly implicated in the horror. But the Council chose instead “for reasons of social and cultural diversity” to sit on the findings. Once again, political fancy had triumphed over criminal fact.

Today, the MSM as a whole are obssessing about UKip membership and the ‘ordeal’ of the foster parents. As usual, nobody seems that interested in getting to grips with a massive problem of sexual abuse in Rotherham.

When detected cases of abuse rose by 16% during 2011, Ms Thacker told the media that the rise was “down to an improved public awareness of the problem”. She said the authority had “really stepped up its commitment” to tackling the problem and it was a “huge priority”: more “preventative work” was being done including work with local mosques and education in schools. In turn, South Yorkshire Police said it was working with partners to make “continued improvements to how we recognise and deal with child sexual exploitation in all its forms”.


In August 2012, South Yorkshire Chief Constable David Crompton was roasted by the Home Affairs Select Committee, following The Times report which warned about thousands of such crimes being committed in the county each year right under Plod’s nose…..while Joyce Thacker’s stormtroops were worried about the political beliefs of professional carers being off message.

But fear not, for South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has visited Rotherham to meet local police and the public. Commissioner Wright said: “I’m very much up for the challenge and looking forward to the role. It’s important to hit the ground running and I look forward to continuing to speak to local people about what they want from their police force. I’m pleased to work alongside the Chief Constable and develop the relationship further with him.”

The mind boggles at what that might produce. One more politician in bed with one more politicised Plod while politically correct Council Kommissars check the innocent for signs of revisionist deviance. The person in charge’s main priority is to cover her backside while paedophile rings hide behind cultural protection. And the Coalition’s solution is….yet another layer of politicians.

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36 thoughts on “ROTHERHAM: Childcare boss in UKip row presided over paedophile epidemic:

  1. “I’m very much up for the challenge and looking forward to the role. It’s important to hit the ground running and I look forward to continuing to speak to local people about what they want from their police force. I’m pleased to work alongside the Chief Constable and develop the relationship further with him.”

    How many cliches does it take to say nothing?


  2. No point the good folk of Rotherham contacting their MP, he’s had to resign for fiddling his expenses. What a country we live in.


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  4. Is Joyce Thacker lying about the process of moving these children on:
    1. Were they really only in emergency care awaiting a move on after eight weeks (as she states).
    2. If a move afer eight weeks was set to happen anyway, isn’t adherence to anti-mutlicultural party in principle (not in every case but prima facie) a reasonable criterion to be weighed with others in determining where the longer term welfare of these children would be best secured? That’s not to say she got it right in this case – but does anyone out there know enough about the precise details to say she has NO case?
    3. JW – you won’t perhaps like this comment – given your oft-expressed frustration with the more pious proponents of mutliculturalism (you sometimes show a converted zealot’s dismissal of their motives). Let us hear Thacker out over why she took this decision. She may be wrong in this case, but that in itself is no reason to impugn her motives.
    4. You are, however, completely right in slating MSM’s determination to focus on “its PC gone mad” rather than on the far more serious issue of actual child abuse and the possible role of the same Rotherham social services dept. in covering up or facilitating it. If paedophiles or their “fresh meat suppliers” of whatever ethnicity have any role in this, then, indeed, clean out the augean stables.


  5. The farce continues unabated and get more farcical by the day.
    How far will we have to descend into this cesspit of iniquity before we all give hope and society breaks breaks down to a point of no return? It can’t be that far off at the current rate of descent.


  6. I was about to take the same quote and say exactly the same thing, and add.
    Fluent in bollocks – unfortunately he will go far.

    Having been in a “Customer Service” role once the best one I ever came up with (When the division waster had fecked it up once again)was.
    “an uncharacteristic slip by an otherwise reliable member of staff”.
    I recognise bollocks when I see it, wrote enough of it in my day.


  7. I despair.What happens to these people when they attain these positions of power?She must have cared about the children to go into such a profession,when did she lose that passion and become so politicised?Her job is to shout this crime from the rooftops,the safety of the children,not cover her and her departments’ backside.


  8. Maybe a crazy idea, but it just might work.

    I recall reading somewhere that Billy Connelly was abused by his father when he was a young lad. So, here we have a celebrity that was at one time on the receiving end, not dishing it out to all and sundry. Of one thing we can be very sure – he will have genuine sympathy with the victims, not the crocodile-teared empathy being displayed by the current political classes and the MSM.

    Let’s fit him up with wide-ranging Commissarial Powers – that which was once accorded to Lavrenty Beria seems rather appealing. Naturally, his task force is to be granted unrestricted nationwide access to all police documentation related to complaints of child abuse. Any and all attempts at obstruction are to be answered with the instant dismissal of the individual concerned, coupled with criminal charges of obstructing the course of justice.

    His task force is to be made up of two categories of helpers:

    Group 1 would be enlightened people with the mental skills to tackle the problems at an intellectual level. JW and Zoom Pad spring to mind here, if only in an advisory capacity, but I’m sure there would be no shortage of genuine volunteers.

    Group 2 would be those whose duties include the ‘wet’ work. A few Glasgie neds with chibs, etc. etc. Naturally, they would only swing into action as needed – such as helping wobbly-kneed paedos down the stairs after their arrest, and suchlike good deeds.

    What’s the betting that there is likely to be a sudden upsurge in suicides and emigrations in certain occupational groups?

    As for this Thacker individual – it’s perhaps as well that I no longer live in South Yorkshire.


  9. Reading this and the comments I suddenly remebered Yeltsin,climbing on a tank after having fired shells at an office block.Perhaps a buffoon of similiar stupidity will emerge and fire rockets most likely at the wrong buildings and people!
    When does the populace say enough?


  10. Look at the photograph of the lady in question. Does she look pleasant? kind? Pay special attention to her eyes. Her right eye looks larger than the left and how would you describe its expression? I bet you think the evil eye is superstitious mumbo jumbo. Watch the news on TV, look at the eyes of the policians,sometimes it’s the right, sometimes the left. Check out the elder millipede. No matter how much you support a political party, movement or cause look at the eyes of the person who espouses it then decide if you will give them your vote. They Live!!!

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  11. That makes grim reading David. I like VJ’s idea above. I’d give them all 6 months to come clean, admit their crimes and face the courts. During the 6 months I’d be setting up a group of “untouchables” as per VJ above. After the 6 months – I’d let them rip. I’m sure some local Newcastle lads and some from Liverpool too would like to be involved.



    “I understand Cllr Shaun Wright is under investigation from the Electoral Commission for non declaration of funds.

    “Cllr Wright was appointed by Rotherham Council as cabinet member and chair of Children and Young People Board between 2005 and end of 2009. During this period he was also a member of Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, hence, he must have had an awareness/knowledge of what was happening right under his nose but chose to do nothing. Do we really want a person with such a record / background to be our Police and Crime Commissioner?.”


  13. Might This Explain It … source
    November 26th, 2012
    Labour Panicking About Rotherham
    HQ Diverting Resources North

    Harriet Harman @HarrietHarman

    On way to Rotherham to back Sarah Champion #labour
    26 Nov 12


    Labour insiders are getting nervous about Rotherham after this weekend’s Labour council omnishambles. With Respect’s Yvonne Ridley now at 5/1, Labour HQ are diverting resources from Croydon and Middlesbrough, fearing a Bradford style upset. All Labour politicians, staff and volunteers are being told to head to Rotherham instead of the other two constituencies. Buses are being laid on. Guido understands that Harriet Harman was meant to go campaign for Steve Reed in Croydon today, but is instead heading north. Sounds like they’ve been watching too much Homeland…


  14. If this publicity-seeking, self-absorbed slug had his way paedophilia would be compulsory.
    He delights in ‘outing’ homosexuals who wish to keep their affairs private; anything to bring him notoriety.
    Fortunately, I believe his life, spent as an irritating boil on the @rs3hole of humanity, will not be a long one.


  15. The bigger issue of course is the grooming aspect of which the concerns for these East European’s “ethnic and cultural needs” are a subset.

    UKIP representatives, AFAIK have not mentioned anything about these confidential reports and consequently half of this story sits under the water out of sight of the general public. UKIPers should be challenged for why with microphones thrust in their faces they don’t think it worth mentioning.


  16. There are really two issues here. The first is the disgraceful treatment of this foster care couple by the Political Commissars like that silly woman Tucker. She ought to be dismissed. UKIP is a legal party and none of its policies are in the remotest sense racist.

    The second issue is far, far more serious. And that is the inaction on cases of grooming. There was a report last week on Child Sex Exploitation which was covered in The Times at length. Its author, Sue Berelowitz (Deputy Children’s Commissioner) bent over backwards, and went through God knows what intellectual hoops, so as not to make any comments regarding ethnicity. The report identified 1514 abusers of which 43% were white, and 33% Asian, but of course most perpetrators were white. But then again 87% of the population is white and 7% is Asian. Odd that 33% of perpetrators of sex abuse should be Asian.

    Perhaps what we have is a culture of denial in places like Rotherham, Rochdale and Keighley, to name but a few.


  17. There is every reason to impugn this hag’s motives. On the one hand, UKIP membership by foster parents with a proven track-record of loving care is a cause for drastic action. On the other, kids in care being fiddled by Asian paedophiles is ignored in the interests of “community cohesion” and “cultural sensitivity”. It’s pretty clear that Thacker’s devotion to the insanity of multiculturalism trumps the welfare of kids in her “care”.


  18. “…. none of its policies are in the remotest sense racist.”

    But, if a 7% Asian population are committing a third of the paedophilia in the UK, it makes perfect sense to in fact BE racist. What happens when the Asian population is 27%? How much more at risk will white kids be then? How many more white kids have to be raped before people stop running away from the word “racist”?


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  24. Joyce Thacker was identified in a recent Online “Fat Cats” list for having a combined salary and pension in excess of £130k in 2010. There were also 4 other RMBC employees on the same list.


  25. Rotherham,barnsley and sheffield,and lucky me gets to be put right in the middle of there corruption,barnsley illegally took my granddaughter and soon as I stood up to them I got thrown in prison,the corruption is a lot more disturbing than people realise.

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