CHILD ABUSE: Why Harriet Harman and Ed Balls should face charges of criminal neglect

Today’s Times exclusive (£walled no links found) about endemic paedophile networks run almost exclusively by the Pakistani community in Britain  reveals yet another South Yorkshire plod cover-up. But above all, it is about three things:

1. The obvious dangers of over-sensitive and appeasing political correctness.

2. The scandal of secrecy and lack of accountability in the childcare system.

3. Denialist polemics and blind ambition causing criminal dereliction of duty among senior Ministers of the Crown.

Taking each of these in turn:

A confidential report of 2010 written by the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board noted that, ‘There are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting this report to ensure that it embraces Rotherham’s qualities of diversity’.

So to hell with the unwanted embraces being forced upon innocent children which are, let’s face it, abhorrent to almost everyone: the pc agenda must not be seen to be false. And that’s OK, because it’s a cover-up in a good cause. In one astonishing extract, the practice of pimping for paedophiles is airily dismissed as ‘cultural characteristics’.

South Yorkshire police knew of at least five such rings, but chose to ignore the evidence – too busy as always toadying to political fashion.

Such corruption spreads easily when the judicial system itself is constructed in such a way as to invite collusion. This is and has long been the case with the infamous Secret Family Courts, dealing with the progeny of dysfunctional families in camera, and thus (perhaps unwittingly) providing a steady supply of clean young flesh to satisfy the perverted desires of paedophiles.

During the period at issue in this latest in a long line of similar scandals, Ed Balls was the Minister for Families, and Harriet Harman was the Minister for Women. After the 2009 Plymouth nurseries affair, Balls said, “This is a deeply distressing and disturbing case. It is vital we find out how an adult could abuse their position of trust in such an evil way, and we must do everything we can to prevent this kind of abuse happening in the future”. But Ed Balls did nothing.

As to the Secret Family Courts, in 2006 Harman said, “The idea that people are sent to prison without any reports of the proceedings makes even more important the work that we are undertaking with the family courts, and with the important intervention of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, to open them up so that they act in the public interest while maintaining personal privacy.” But she did nothing. Three years later she told the Commons that “regrettably” they was no Parliamentary time left to remedy the situation.

Plenty of time to debate the hunting of vermin, but no time to stop the hunting and grooming of innocent children.

The reality is that Harman had her sights firmly set on becoming Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and Ed Balls wanted to oust Alistair Darling as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Neither minister showed the remotest interest in pursuing a course that would lead to justice. Just like their equally creepy colleague Jack Straw on the issue of Hillsborough, they talked a good game in public, but dealt solely with their own career advancement in private.

The dereliction of duty involved here borders on the criminal. But if you throw together a daft cultural theory, politicised cops, and sociopathic politicians, this is what you get.

Read what The Slog’s predecessor said about the issue three years ago.

48 thoughts on “CHILD ABUSE: Why Harriet Harman and Ed Balls should face charges of criminal neglect

  1. Having decided a long time ago that you could be working alongside, traveling with or eating opposite, never mind married to, a child molester, murderer or straightforward thief and never know it, perhaps the reason the great and good do nothing is less complicated than suggested.

    These carnal individuals are all around us.


  2. Methinks Sir David Norrington,the PS at the Home Office until 2010 has an opportunity to explain himself again,after the Damian Green fiasco,in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee.


  3. It’s taken more than four months since nine Asian men were convicted of the systematic grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Rochdale for the council to announce there will be a Serious Case Review. The town’s MP has said that senior managers at the council who ignored reports of the abuse are still in position.
    One girl, aged 15 at the time and who was repeatedly raped, said in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour that after becoming pregnant local social services told her parents she was a “prostitute” and that she had simply made a “lifestyle choice”. The girl had also reported the abuse to a police officer – who simply yawned.
    If I live long enough to read the review’s conclusion -provided it’s made public, I wouldn’t mind a wager that all those senior managers will either have retired with nice pensions, or moved on with agreeable handshakes.


  4. Well said ‘Full Stop’, and the reason that this scum is all around us is that even when caught, the pathetic, politically correct powers that be, will not allow society to deal with these hideous individuals in an effective manner.
    Although there are crimes out there which are terrible, I personally find child molestation and rape to be the most stomach turning, the scum which impose their sordid selves on those that society should defend are with out doubt in my mind the very lowest of the low and should be permantly removed from society.


  5. KJH This is an occasion when I will give BBC its dues..I found myself stopping to listen to a daytime radio report that shocked me that this was the 21st Century and not the 1960s or 70’s…..If any Slogger can spare the time to go look for this girls interview on iPlayer…it deserves 15 mins of your time.

    Thank you JW for naming and shaming of the politicians ‘in the frame’….Womans Hour ‘avoided’ that angle……

    I am very pleased that the latest Hillsborough reports may lead to prosecutions of those responsible for that cover up…..but these girls deserve at least equal support from the Media and Public Opinion in finding and prosecuting those in the police, social services and particularly in high level politics that allowed the creation of an environment that knew about the grooming of these young girls and did nothing to help them.


  6. ‘Notorious drug smuggler, 61, who lived a champagne lifestyle in luxurious Spanish villa is caught bringing £134million of cocaine into Britain on his yacht’
    On it’s way to Tooting Norton?


  7. There are so many cases of child abuse across the UK that have been shelved,the recurring theme is people in high places with low minds and behaviour.
    Surprisingly,the map for this behaviour,was first made public in the 1970s at the Kinocora’s boys home.So many elite cultists hid behind their homosexuality,whilst they were paediophiles of the highest order.Luickily they had an all out war on their doorstep to lower the profile of the case.Within four years,the same type of abuse in the judiciary and others was uncovered then hidden in Scotland.It bled its way into England only to be covered again and again.Today in our midst the same depraved people are in places of power,with their ring of friends,even higher and now open to blackmail.When will justice prevail?
    This behaviour,now seems endemic in Europe and the USA,and goodness knows how that blackmailing is playing out,with foreign powers or media barons perhaps.


  8. The race of the abusers is neither here nor there – the incidence of child abuse is probably the same across all ethnic divides. What seems to be apparent is that within the non-asian community it seems to be lone individuals or small groups, in asian communities it seems to be large groups.

    What is disturbing is that this group realised that nobody – not social services, not the police, not anyone, gave a damn about children in the care system. They were routinely missing for lengths of time, getting pregnat, being dropped off by taxis in the early hours drunk, had possession of things they couldn’t possibly have afforded themselves – such as designer clothing, mobile phones etc and yet no one paid any attention to it – it seemingly didn’t even trigger as being ‘not right’.

    Incidentally, paedophilia and sexual offences against underage children/young people are different things and relate to the age of the victim and the age difference between them and the perpetrator. If I recall, for it to be definately paedophilia the victim has to be under 12 – that being the average age of puberty. If the victim is in the 12-16 age bracket, it is then dependent on the age difference between them and the perpetrator. Something along those lines.


  9. The sexuality of the perpetrator has nothing to do with padophilia or even their choice of victims. A paedophile sees no difference between a boy and a girl – they are merely an object. The reaosn so many boys seem to be victims in comparison to girls is accesibility. Parents are more protective and aware of their girl offspring. Boys are simply easier to access.


  10. “The race of the abusers is neither here nor there – the incidence of child abuse is probably the same across all ethnic divides. What seems to be apparent is that within the non-asian community it seems to be lone individuals or small groups, in asian communities it seems to be large groups.”

    Bollocks. Amazing that a Slog reader can write such bollocks.

    I disagree, strongly, both with what you write and the manner in which you write. Let me start with your use of the silly “PC” terminology; “asian” and “non-asian”. You have just lumped Japanese, Thais, Filipinos, Indonesians and many more in with people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, but I think you will find that there is no such pattern of organised pederasty in their cultures.

    Have the guts to say what you mean; you mean Pakistani. Until we identify what we are speaking of we might as well say nothing.

    Now, having straightened that out, let us deal with the point that you are seeking to sweep under the rug. There is a difference between the damage that can be done by “lone individuals” and by “large groups” because humans in large groups organise themselves and are much more effective, whether for good or, in these cases, for very bad indeed.

    If we find large groups of Pakistanis organising themselves to rape and abuse children, we may reasonably infer that the cultural ban on such behaviour present in other societies is missing in theirs. “The race of the abusers” is highly pertinent, not indeed in terms of the colour of their skins, but in terms of the repulsive and abhorrent culture that they have imported into this country.

    This needs to be stopped, and you are doing nothing to stop it.

    Yes there are serrious failings in the child care system, but the primary fault in these cases does not lie there. It lies with Pakistani culture.

    Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, my children are an attractive shade of brown.


  11. The truthseeker had an interesting post a while back ref gordo, the link was here, not sure if it’s still in the archive


  12. The problems you deal with would be solved by licensed and legalised prostitution. These problems are problems in repressed societies such as slam and fundie Evangelicals but not generally in Catholic or Buddhist countries.


  13. The political culture of these Pakistani men encourages them to feel contempt for the young white women who receive no protection from their own families.
    But this is not what is significant here. What is appalling is our inability to say out loud that this is a Muslim issue, and that since Islam is now a major factor in the civic life of our cities, it is now a national issue. The problem is our self-censorship.
    We will regret it, of course. Our daughters and grand-daughters will pay for our failure to talk straight. They will have to live in a very different society. Sexual equality? Forget it. Any other form of equality? Not in Islam, I’m afraid. It just isn’t there in that political culture.


  14. @A C-B

    Agreed, but equally pertinent is that the whole thing has been inadequately dealt with by the authorities because of the alleged racial sensitivities involved.

    That is what I took from JW’s piece as being the point of raising it, not the issue of race for the sake of it. So that the issue of race is significant but the issue of racial sensitivities is even more so.

    We need as a nation to get past this ‘too sensitive to deal with bollox’ around race and racial issues. Wrong is wrong no matter who or what is indulging in it. And in relation to the well being of children and young persons everywhere, it’s about time we put their interests first.


  15. I suspect/fear that the answer to your question is 100%.

    The same 100% where all the ballot-fraud goes on unchecked very time.

    Strange coincidence that.


  16. Very good points, Douglas. Moslems actually only make up just over 2.7 % of the population. It’s had to believe that sometimes though.


  17. @Full stop – I agree with all you write.

    @ oldasiahand – I should warn you that once I get started on the double standards in Filipino society I can bore for Britain – a poisonous combination of “power distance” going back to the days of the datus who could and did sacrifice slaves by launching boats over them, “face” as everywhere East of Victoria Point and a colonial Catholic Church. Indeed, thanks to an unexected side effect of the Spanish American War, the Philippines still has the last unreconstructed colonial Catholic Church, because the Americans inadervertently stifled the anticlericalism of Rizal and the Katipunan… see what I mean… You might enjoy these people:


  18. @farernheit211: Wonder no further –

    ….and there’s that Hattie Harmthem again; didn’t she say that adults having sex with children was “…all part of their rainbow of sexual experiences….” when she appeared to support the work of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the early 1970’s?


  19. A C-B I lived in the Phils for 14 years and still own a house there. i know its historyand society better than 99 per cent of the locals. I detest the catholic church and all organised religion although I would have loved Cardinal Sin to become pope! My point was that catholicism may be hypocritical but you generally don’t get the perversions to the same extent as in repressed societies when prostitution is freely available as it is in Club Med countries.


  20. No amount of hand-wringing can ever exculpate those who have the power and authority to pursue and stop this sort of vile behaviour and yet do nothing. The issue ultimately transcends ethnicity, but prime cadswallop compounds the depravity by substituting deference for diligence, moral cowardice for respect. Political correctness, as a credo, is nothing more than the triumph of fancy over reason; a dangerous religion indeed.


  21. Yup. I dread to think what things are like under the surface in some of these labour one party states where there is never any political change for decades. A council like that is institutionally corrupt and will be more vunerable to corruption by religious and cultural groupings.

    It dread to think what is happening in some of those councils as they certainly will not release information about grooming gangs willingly. I fear that there is so much more of this story to come out. Hopefully it will kill the Labour party.


  22. Yeah I’ve come across that as well but National Council for Civil Liberties as it then was was supporting all sorts of other hoopy and strange causes. Also PIE and similar were pretty sly in convincing dopey lefties to take up their cause, and also infiltrating other anarchist-y type organisations in the 70’s.


  23. But isn’t that the point – delay the fallout and recriminations to give the managers and backsliders time to get comfortably and safely out of the way. After all it worked with Hillsborough.
    And the BBC did air it – but why on Woman’s hour rather than a serious news magazine programme?


  24. MdS: “This behaviour,now seems endemic in Europe and the USA….”

    What makes you so sure that this is a specifically Western, 1st world, disease?


  25. Savepenrhos: “If I recall, for it to be definately paedophilia the victim has to be under 12 – that being the average age of puberty. If the victim is in the 12-16 age bracket, it is then dependent on the age difference between them and the perpetrator. ”

    Except here in good old Ireland, where a 16 year old boy has sex with a 16 year old girl, both taking part with consent, and when the law hears of this, the male is prosecuted for statutory rape……..because he is male.

    Not making this up. Check it out. It’s called the “Romeo and Juliet law” here in Ireland and it’s a f**king disgrace.


  26. johnnyrvf: You’re right.

    Walrus: No. By all means hang the guilty.

    Kfc1404 I’m surprised at you. Would you approve of hanging every muslin for terrorism offences?, based on the actions of some?

    I’m old enough to remember the IRA’s campaign of the late 80’s/early 90’s, especially when it hit England. I remember being so angry that dickheads were blowing up 12 year old boys in shopping centres in Manchester and then saying it was in my name.

    But I remember feeling equally, if not more pissed off when I’d hear some general anti-paddy tirade from either a British Pol or a British journo.

    Don’t judge all of us on the actions of a few of us. Or even one of us.

    And that goes for every nationality/religion/race.

    Because if that doesn’t apply, I may choose to judge Britain and the British on the actions of Tony Blair. And likewise with the US but on the actions and inactions of one G W Bush.

    Would that be fair?


  27. Dearieyou
    I take your point entirely. I used ‘borders on’ purely as an accurate description: it should be a criminal offence, but it isn’t: Ministers have enormous power without having to take any responsibility or face accountability.


  28. Having spent years as a teacher I constantly rue the machinations of the so-called ‘caring professions’. (non)social workers, various elements of the medical profession and so on, that means that kids spend lifetimes uncared for and unprotected. As a teacher in very disadvantaged schools in Sydney there were numerous times when kids were referred to the (non)Social Workers and yet nothing was done. Pseudo psycho babble instead was used to justify non intervention or to blame parents, themselves the previous generation of abused kids.
    Yes, race is important. What is it about the lives they lead in British society that these individuals feel the need to abuse and groom kids? While the issue of cultural group is ignored these people will also not get the help they need and as a whole British society is worse for it.


  29. It’s not the first time the BBC have used Womans Hour to whitewash child protection issues, they did it a few years ago as well when they had Jenni Murray “interview” Bridget Prentice about the secret family courts, and it was blindingly obvious that the questions Jenni Murray had been told to ask had been written by someone who wanted to keep the family courts secret. To me listening it sounded as if Bridgit Prentice herself had compiled the questions. She was one of the politicians I was writing to when I was going through the secret courts, and she didnt answer my question with any satisfaction as to why the Government was allowing a syndrome invented by what seems to be a bunch of paedophiles to be used in secret family courts all over the UK. The answers I got to my letters to her are a joke.


  30. To be fair you are right, nevertheless she still said what she said. Her understanding of child care issues is a matter of record, and a poor record it is. If she were male and she had made those comments would you still give the benefit of any doubt?


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  32. Quite agree with you. I read The Times report and it was very shocking, but, I for one, was not really surprised. I remember seeing an interview with the Police Superintendent at Keighley in West Yorkshire about child abuse at a local Madrasah. He was so shifty, but of course he had reason to be: they had basically not investigated the matter. Had it been allegations of child abuse at the local Catholic school they would have been all over it like a rash.

    There is a big problem with the attitude many Muslim men have towards women, not only young none Muslim girls, but also women amongst their own community – witness the recent cases of ‘honour killings’, although what ‘honour’ is to be found in murdering your own daughter escapes me. It is high time these attitudes were confronted head-on.


  33. When people in the UK – the press, politicians, the political parties of all persuasions,the police, councils, education system and the asian communities themselves use the term ‘asian community’ it is taken as read that that referes to the Pakistani/Bangla originated community by all except the terminally stupid. The use of Pakistani or Bangla is itself misleading as most of these people are in fact British.


  34. Prentice knew of the abuse then,before and still going on.She also knew that it went higher than the PM and involved trans-national elite cultists and she was/is fearful for her future.


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