EXCLUSIVE: Paedo-grooming ‘goes back thirty years, widespread beyond Yorkshire’.

The scale and profundity of paedophile immunity granted in the cause of multiculturalism beggars belief. It is time for a backlash against reality-denial

Following The Slog’s comment piece of yesterday on how PC madness has been tying the hands of PC Plod when it comes to paedophile-network detection, I’ve received a number of emails detailing (without collusion as far as I know) just how widespread this Pakistani/Islamic grooming/pimping practice appears to be.

One respondent records in detail how a West Yorkshire police sergeant had despaired of his superiors’ unwillingness to prosecute, observing during the 1990s that turning a blind eye to these crimes “goes back twenty years”. There are also several accounts of  corrupt Secret Family Courts and bent psychiatrists turning the children of dysfunctional families  over to care houses infamous for recruiting kids to be groomed for paedophile sex.

Two separate e’s arrived from Redditch Sloggers, one observing that recent events there ‘fit the MO described [in Yorkshire]…social services have been putting vulnerable young mothers into accommodation where this is known to happen despite protestations from interested parties apparently with a view to snatching young children from the vulnerable  mothers when they are plied with drugs and drink and ensnared by Asians…in one instance that I can confirm a young girl of 15 has been groomed  / abused and the police actually advised the family to move out of town rather than arrest the culprits.’

During its nby days, The Slog spent some time investigating similar recruitment methods in Stafford, as well as naming one corrupt psychiatrist who abruptly left his practice and disappeared. Nothing surprises me any more about the Secret Courts, the only new element in these cases now coming to light being the almost exclusive involvement of the Pakistani community.

Despite what Fluffy Labour (in their defence) or the BNP (on the attack) might allege, the Pakistani community is not on trial here.  Perhaps one or two atypical cultural elements of Islam are to some extent: but the real people in the dock are those effecting pc cover-ups in the name of harmonious ‘multicultural’ community relations, and senior toadies in our Police forces licking the political thought-fascists all over as a fast route to promotion.

In some instances, three years ago I took witness statements from those inhabitants of Plymouth unlucky enough to suffer under the blindfold of Devon & Cornwall police – whose Chief Constable proudly proclaims himself to be “a leader in cultural diversity”. He is indeed a leader of great commitment to that idea – even, it seemed, to the point of launching joint social services/police operations in order to snatch allegedly vulnerable children. In the West of England there is a long-standing case involving one enormous ‘care house’ frequented by prominent members of the community – upon which the Judge slapped a 20-year gagging order. And that is, literally, all I’m allowed to tell you. In one suburb of Plymouth, Plod paid the neighbours to say thay had heard or seen signs of abuse that was completely without foundation.

No wonder some parents simply take their children abroad in the end….where the long arm of this insane, mediaeval Court system continues trying to get the families repatriated againt their will.

In the words of one comment threader here yesterday, “Political correctness is nothing more than a preference for fancy over reality’. When taken to extremes, pc is a corrosive influence, following the Brechtian Marxist logic of ‘the good lie’ – of which Johann Hari was so fond for so many years. What’s becoming clear now, however, is the depth of damage done to a reputation for political objectivity once enjoyed by the British Police….and, in the name of ‘harmony’, to innocent young lives already blighted by the brainless fecundity of their parents.

It is beyond being a disgrace: it is sick at the level of the Moors Murderers. I find myself unable to say where on earth we go from here….save to point out that, once and for all, the delusional rejection of empirical reality must come to an end – before this country simply becomes one enormous Room 101, full of elephants and torturers.

I would apply this dictum across the political spectrum: Boris Johnson should shut up on the subject of bankers, Jeremy Hunt would do well to keep his twisted love for Rupert Murdoch to himself, David Cameron would do all of us an enormous favour (including himself) if he stopped banging on about a Big Society that doesn’t exist, and Dan Hannan still stands a chance of salvaging his future, long-term reputation as an intelligent thinker if he can just bring himself to see the very obvious flaws in globalist neoconservative economics.

There are far too many Grand Designers in the West, but very few builders….and almost nobody thinking hard enough about the unintended consequences of their blind addiction to claptrap. Our electorates are sick of Berlin trying to impose Teutonic values on Southern Europe, tired of Barroso and his SuperState vision, bored by bogus Obaman claims about the US economy, and rightly unconvinced by Mitt Romney’s charitable donations. The emergence of evidence proving the scope of this disgusting, criminal perverted sex cover-up in Britain should act as a stark lesson for everyone in public life.

The leson is this: cynical Utopian drivel is the fast lane to Dystopia.


66 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Paedo-grooming ‘goes back thirty years, widespread beyond Yorkshire’.

  1. That Hans Christian Anderson story, The Little Mermaid, the mermaid wants to be a human being but walking on the legs the witch gave her causes her pain, like walking on sharp knives, but her love for the prince makes her grit her teeth and put up with the pain.
    Thats how I feel, I think that’s how anyone who is a victim or a whistleblower of these horrible child abuse cover ups feel. It really hurts to even have to think about this stuff, I would rather be doing nice things, and I expect you John would rather be walking your dog, and I know other people feel the same. But shutting up about it isn’t an option for me, because all I can think is that other kids might be going through the ordeal of having fallen into the hands of child abusing gangsters.
    In my case, rescue came in an unlikely form, by being put into a psychiatric hospital on an adult ward. It was wrong of the local authorities to put me in such a place, but at least it meant that there were other adults round me, and some of the patients were decent people who kept an eye out for me. It was a lot safer for me than being kept locked up in a local authority childrens home.
    I love this country, and it makes me feel so sad that the ones in charge don’t care about child abuse. It makes me feel sad to see them on television in Parliament pretending they care, when they don’t. They are liars.


  2. I wonder, was the ‘judge’ also a frequent visitor? Form what I see and read it seems that the higher up the social ladder you are, the more likely it is that you are participating in such odorous activities.


  3. One has to look no further than one or two contributors on the Slog to know how prevalent the sneering, smearing politically correct experts are.

    TPTB created this ‘PC’ culture but it is the everyday foot soldiers who revel in the power it gives them who guarantee it’s future and continue the obscene damage it does to the really vulnerable in society and the fabric of society as a whole.

    If we don’t call them out at every opportunity it will never change. It needs more than some of us, it needs all of us to do it, every time they come out with their poisonous drivel.


  4. Slightly off topic, but filling in some background to the situation… http://shura.shu.ac.uk/602/1/fulltext.pdf paper on Chastisement and Physical Abuse in the British Pakistani community

    The literature cites many examples of treatment and chastisement of children in Pakistani families which the family themselves would regard as acceptable but modern western society would regard as child abuse.
    Against this background there are two more elements – both my own perception rather than professionally researched – that Muslim men regard women as mere chattels and that from their perception western female dress is provocative and gives out a “come on” signal.
    To the extent that this is a fair observation it places Islamic culture at odds with western culture to the degree that thinking people would regard as unacceptable and something that must be confronted head on.

    We are much too lenient. I wish I could find the exact quote of a former Australian Prime Minister; “If you don’t like our ways, bugger off.”


  5. Girls taken into care at the age of twelve,within a three week period,social services have had Implanon administered in 87%of cases since 2004-why?SS say this is for life style choices,what parent allows a 12year old life stle choices such as these?
    I have to stop


  6. I think Barroness Warsi should be given some credit here. (I don’t like giving credit to any politician)

    She stood up and vociferously condemned Asian sex grooming of young girls after a conversation with her father who urged her to address the issue publically. She did not make any excuses for the offenders. On the contrary she urged all British Muslims to recognise that it was unwanted cultural export and she did not try and prevaricate, as others did, about the links between grooming and Muslims.

    It was not long after that a male Muslim ‘friend’ who she had given her accomodation in London released details of a supposed expences scandal (I didn’t follow the details of that but the timing seemed crook to me)

    The subsequent scandal muddied her name and was the beginning of the end for her.

    Keith Vaz on the other hand did all he could to discredit the link between Islam and child abuse. He is still chairman of the Home Affairs Committee.

    Just food for thought


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  8. When you are in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging. How about a short sharp administrative action – stop issuing visas to Pakistani & Bangladeshi nationals. We could then go on to stop issuing them to Iranians, Iraqis, Kosovans and Albanians. What have we got to lose?


  9. I live in the area covered by Staffordshire Police.


    Their website reads:-

    “We have produced an Equality Scheme for 2012 – 2015 which sets out our equality objectives and how we are promoting equality for this period.

    We monitor and update our scheme and deliver reports to the quarterly meeting of our Strategic Equality and Steering Group which is attended by representatives from across the force.

    Please click here to read our equality scheme 2012 – 2015

    Equality information is monitored through the force Strategic Equality Steering Group (SESG) and the Equality and Diversity Joint Panel (EDJP) which is made up of representatives from both the force and Staffordshire Police Authority. Equality information is published every year in our equality and diversity monitoring report.

    Please click here to read the equality and diversity monitoring report.”

    Why in God’s name are Plod’s SMT so concerned about this? I’m totally p’d off with the whole LGBT agenda. No, I’m not prejudiced – whatever two (or more) consenting adults wish to do in private is up to them.

    Why do I have to go out of my way to be accomodating to others who wish to use their dangly bits in a way that I might not wish to use mine?

    I really don’t see why I should even be aware of anyone’s sexual habits/orientation/customs/tendencies or whatever. I do not advertise my proclivities (or peccadilloes) at work because it/they are entirely irrelevant.

    Regarding anyone else’s orientation, all I can do is to use Rhett Butler’s parting shot “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

    Now, can we have a police force which boasts on its website “We nabbed more villains, lowlifes & scum than ever before”, without its ridiculously PC-focused** Chief Constable kow-towing to Stonewall etc., and getting on with doing the job he purports to be there for, instead of spending some 12 hours each day chasing his K, or whatever other bauble his tiny mind aspires to?

    Perhaps if we stopped this utterly ridiculous fad for fast-tracked management entry from outside, it might work. Senior Plod should only be appointed from those who have started at the bottom – at the sharp end – and have risen through the ranks through good coppering. They aren’t, and shouldn’t ever be Social Engineers in thrall to the Grauniad Tendency.

    OK, rant over.


  10. The press are drooling over the story about the math teacher and his fifteen year old pupil who have done a runner.
    Both being white of course they feel safe that no third world ethnics will be offended by this.
    Which would never do.


  11. **Meant to add a footnote saying “PC-focused** Chief Constable” – obviously does not mean focused on Police Constables. Apparently that’s the last thing on their minds…


  12. John Howard 2008 : ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’
    ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’
    ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’
    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’
    ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’
    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom,
    ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

    When he first went into australian politics they used to call him ” little Johnny ” because of his small size but he managed to prove them wrong in many cases .


  13. The fault with all of that is it isn’t actually true. What we regard as Australian culture is in fact European culture that was forced on the country by European settlers who rode rough-shod of the aboriginals.


  14. They do have a point though. I can introduce you to a woman who was in the care system down in South Wales. She had two children taken off her by social services before she was 14. They were fathered by by different fathers, one a few months younger than her and one a few months older They were also in care, in the same establishment. She says sexual activity by the teens was rife.

    So how do you stop that? Make care homes single sex? Infringement of their rights surely. And you still wouldn’t be allowed to stop them going out. They are in care, not in prison.


  15. Yesterday evening the Sky coverage of today’s newspapers did actually mention the Times story of the ‘asian’ (read mostly Pakistani) gangs of child abusers being ignored for years by the police. (At first I thought Tessa Jowell was going to wet herself, but she just pretended not to have heard and managed to blank out those few seconds from her life, possibly a technique perfected around the time of Mills-Berlusconi money-laundering and tax-fraud investigation.)

    Stangely, a few minutes later, when the BBC were covering todays front pages the Times newspaper was notably missing.

    It seems most of the the MSM (presumably this means most of the NUJ as well) seems determined to ‘do a Jowell’.


  16. You may care to know that a Mr.Paul Rimmer is taking Mersyside’s Police chief to court for illegally alowing the ‘Rainbow flag’ (gay) to be displayed on every police station throughout Merseyside. More information can be found on the English Democrats site.
    One good man doing something, perhaps?


  17. Thank you, JW for bringing this absolutely appalling subject up. I cannot understand why the people of Lancashire & Yorkshire & anywhere else where this is going on are not out in the streets in their thousands. Why are questions about this not being asked in ‘The House’? Is it because the Right Honourables in the house all have that slimy toad A. Mitchell’s attitude?
    Are all our children just ‘chavs’ & ‘plebs’ to them?
    How I wish we could get rid of them!


  18. The people of Lancashire and Yorkshire are not out on the streets because they know that such an act would see them all labelled as racist, intolerant bigots. On the few occasions when small numbers have sought to highlight the issue, they have been portrayed by all the media as ‘right wing activists’, i.e. luvvy-slang for ‘racist’.

    But at the last Euro elections, the people of Lancashire and Yorkshire gave seats to the BNP – and given their vilification in the media, that took bottle. If nothing changes, they will eventually come out onto the streets, at which time it would be prudent for all the causes of the problem to stay well indoors – a pit-prop can hurt.


  19. I think I know why Staffordshire Police are so obsessed with LGBT issues. Their Chief Constable is Mike Cunningham.


    And I will tell you for a fact that Staffordshire Police do not give a damn about institutional child abuse.


  20. @Mo “I cannot understand why the people of Lancashire & Yorkshire & anywhere else where this is going on are not out in the streets in their thousands”.

    I think it’s now obvious, from JW’s excellent posts and many sloggers’ comments on this thread and previous, why relatively few of the public know. The whole thing (child abuse, family courts, asian grooming) needs blowing wide open but it would take a very brave person/people to do it because allegedly the tentacles extend right up to the top.

    It is sickening.


  21. …why relatively few of the public know…
    I think we can, fairly and squarely, lay the blame on THE MEDIA, as per usual. What are they there for but to give us news, especially when it concerns vulnerable children? The Media are wimps of the highest order, they are in collusion with weak/corrupt Politicians.


  22. @zoompad

    I agree with the first half of your statement but respectfully disagree with the second. I can understand why otherwise vulnerable people can be intimidated by those with an agenda, but that is not an excuse the greater majority can hide behind.

    There is no excuse for letting these arrogant politically correct twerps decide that right is wrong and wrong is right because it suits their political agenda.

    We might all have to suffer a bloody nose or two (metaphorically) to stuff these asinine ignorant pillocks, but if so it is a price we must accept. I’ll keep doing my bit and one day it will pay off. Equality for all and fairness for all but first for the vulnerable.


  23. Perhaps concerned members of the public should take the law in to their own hands. Who is going to miss a few Paedo Pakis. Have to be careful though. Find where they live, 3am visit with a pick axe handle. If they were my children that had suffered at the hands of these gangs I would like to think that i had the bollocks to do just that. Don’t understand why no one has, yet.


  24. The BNP did highlight this awful problem a good few years ago. Unfortunately, they have been scuppered by their own ‘leader’ who is possibly a state agent,(the jury is out on that), so in the future, unless something like another party comes along whose followers don’t flinch from being called nasty names, it will indeed be up to the people to do something about it, & you’re probably right, Mudplugger, it won’t be pleasant.


  25. “Who is going to miss a few Paedo Pakis”

    Congratulations, in one brief moment you have undermined the genuine efforts of most every other contributor to the Slog. Go away.


  26. ““Who is going to miss a few Paedo Pakis””

    And in case it isn’t clear enough to any doom brain feeling the same way, it is exactly that sort of response that gives the authorities (TPTB, MSM and Uncle Tom Cobbly and All) all the excuse they need to continue suppressing and hiding every involvement and even suspected involvement of any ethnic group in such heinous crimes.

    Are you sure you are not a plant by the ‘PC’ brigade to justify their actions? Because you have just boosted their campaign manifold.


  27. sadly the Aussie Pm thing was bogus, she never made those remarks, they originated in America -but I think most people shared the supposed sentiment.

    Wanting to preserve your culture is not racism.


  28. They all read the same. Box ticking bastards that’s all.
    Every police force, every hospital trust, every council, every local education authority spent tens of thousands writing these policies.
    They all have thousands of them to which they seldom adhere but have them to tick a box somewhere -to avoid litigation mostly……


  29. …nah. Apathy rules……
    PC rules……
    Newspeak is the lingua franca……..
    You’d never drag them away from the ‘footie’ or ‘strictly’ etc……
    Narcotics of the masses.
    Bet Caligula wished he’d thought of charging the plebs to enter the circus.


  30. savepen
    Your point is entirely valid: having spent almost 2 yrs talking to these kids, they’re not very bright, have no self-esteem, and think being covered in kids will get them some.
    But this was a culture that idiot weekend hippies like me created with our ‘if it feels good do it’ bollocks in the 1960s…all of us left of centre.
    Most of my fellow students spouting this drivel then became social workers and teachers….further f**king up the lives of the people they’d already f**ked up once with their bourgeois half-baked nonsense.
    Yup, I was part of it and mea bloody culpa. I ditched it in the appalling 1980s when I realised that both the neocons and the socialists were separated only by the colour of the bollocks.


  31. A copper at West End Central once told me that Keith Vaz was “the biggest crook outside prison”.
    Three cheers for Warsi: the reason Dave has ditched her is that she has the, um, ehics thang.


  32. Last few threads
    It is a great and genuine sadness to me that that UKip is led by Nigel Averarge and the BNP is basically derived from an overtly violent, racist skinhead Party…even though it may not be that now.
    Because this means I would rather chew a broken milk bottle than vote for either of them.


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  34. Sorry Me Again- but as an Aussie must disagree- it was John Howard. Yes, it is a European culture but the majority of the 22-23 million who are here are mostly of European descent. However we are situated near Asia and more and more migrants are coming from there, but are carefully scutinized, and must have something to offer when they get here.


  35. Umm . Lets start with the ever-so PC word “Asian” used by the equality/diversity/bunkum brigade to avoid the geographically correct description which is Pakistani, Bangladeshi , Indian, etc. “Asian” for most of the rest of the world refers to the peoples of Asia and that is a vast geographical area including millions who do not come from PBI. So a good place to start in bringing an end to the Orwellian newsspeak term “Asian” in its uniquely UK usage, is to describe those to whom it applies as being from or descendants of incomers from PBI or where-ever else they hail from. Rowing back PC-bunkum will require a focused attack on serious linguistic abuse so casually adopted by far too many.


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  39. We’d like to think the above was true and that surely somewhere common sense and plain speaking must prevail among our global brethren. Fact is unfortunately that the quote is not true – have a look on Mr Google. It was originally based on a letter written to a newspaper that then was re-attributed to various politicians going back to 2005.


  40. ““Political correctness is nothing more than a preference for fancy over reality’. When taken to extremes, pc is a corrosive influence”

    It’s much worse than that. It’s designed to be taken to extremes but only one step at a time. It’s the gulag by stealth.


  41. Yes, quite: I saw that. What a joke. Set a thief to catch a thief. Vaz, the very first pc denialist to utter the infamous, “This is not a situation I recognise on the ground”.


  42. Well said that man.
    Another was the invention of the word ‘Islamist’ which didn’t exist at all until the 2005 London bombings. Suddenly, however, Islamists became the ‘tiny minority’, and Islamics the good guys. Devious poppycock.
    Reminds me of that early Beyond the Fringe sketch, in which Dudley Moore says aggressively to Jonathan Miller, “You’re a JEW aren’t you?” And Miller replies, “Not entirely, no….I’m sort of Jew-ish”.


  43. I recently watched some of the Millenium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who kicked the Hornets’ Nest) and from what I have come to see, working with some people who are trying to re-home homeless young people, and what I have read here, it might be nearer the truth than we all want to believe.


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