GREEK CRISIS: Troika declares longer working week to be the answer to no working days.

“Let’s shoot everyone wearing shoes”

The Troika wants a six-day week in Greece. Even for the Troikanauts, this one is a lulu: nobody’s got anything to do, so let’s make the working week longer.

Observe the facts….a random selection will suffice. Overall unemployment stands at 25%, and youth unemployment at 50 percent. Business owners have seen their revenues decrease by 30-40% since last year.

Or here’s another way of looking at it: nobody’s being paid, so let’s make the working week longer.

Observe the facts….a random selection will suffice. Pharmacists and doctors are protesting overdue payment from EOPYY for services rendered. Journalists and technical staff in Greece’s oldest English speaking
newspaper, have not been paid for two and a half months.

But this newest bit of Alice in Wonderland is really only the follow on from ‘nobody’s got any money, so let’s raise the taxes to get more’.


Observe the facts….a random selection will suffice. The black economy in Greece has mushroomed to the extent that it is estimated at around 45% of GDP. Pensioners fed up of higher taxes, falling pensions and unavailable prescriptions stormed the Health Ministry yesterday.

But here’s one bright spot: tourism arrivals in Greece from Russia will register a new record, and are expected to reach up to 1 million visitors. My theory is that the attraction for Russians is visiting a country with an economic model even loopier than theirs. In fact, I bet Rasputin is dolling out cheap holidays to prove exactly this: it could be worse – you could be living in EU-run Greece rather than Mafia-run Russia.



25 thoughts on “GREEK CRISIS: Troika declares longer working week to be the answer to no working days.

  1. Living in a village far from Athens, many of the greek people around me already work a 7 day week, 365 days a year, just to keep their heads above water. That “work” often means more than one job plus anything else they can do. Yes, corruption has increased, but they see is as the only way to survive given the tax increases and wage cuts. And anyway, they won’t be discovered as the local tax office has been closed – to save money. Nearest is now 90km away….


  2. I dont know if it is just me but reading the interview of Martin Schulz at teh Spiegel ( ) president of the european parliament i felt desperate .He practically says , among other pompous things , that is ok to fudge every rule as that is what we have been doing so far and no harm for a bit more , that is ok the Germans don’t agree pooling the debts , is because they don’t understand ,that the italian democratically elected politicians were unprofessional and now Italy has a first class leader the kind you only get in Hollywood movies and he has to be trusted as his wife cooks the pasta with her own hands and finally that referendums are a dangerous thing for making decisions as EU matters are too complicated for the citizens to understand .
    Pompous fools drive me up the wall .


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  4. John I believe the last line should read:
    “you could be living in MafiEU-run Greece rather than Mafia-run Russia.”

    I guess at least in Russia you know where you stand.


  5. @Alan
    – i am personally into pretty much the same situation like the greeks in your place. Working like a dog trying to keep my business afloat (which leaves barely enough time to read Slog’s posts, and almost no time for comments). If my business go down, 15 employees will be left without jobs…Most of our employees are fully aware of the situation and put in voluntarily extra time when needed.
    – On the other hand – the local tax offices – they were useless -totally useless in countering corruption. 300 tax offices for a country the size of Greece is definitely crony public sector….


  6. John, the EU never pass up a chance to cement another brick in the wall of the long term plan, that they have got for the EU workforce.
    They have been working insidiously under the radar for six decades or so, and they never miss a chance to gain another inch.
    Most times it slips in without any body noticing it, until suddenly it is cast in stone as custom and practise.
    These EU fanatics are as devious as they are relentless.


  7. Minor point of style John:

    “Observe the facts….a random selection will suffice.”

    Nothing random about the facts which you then select to build your argument. I’m assuming you didn’t put a long list on the wall and throw darts? If you’d done it once I’d have let it pass. Twice grated…

    Keep up the good work :)



  8. Amazing ! Is that all he is ? He understands Dutch? does he put that in his CV ? All germans understand dutch .What else he understands ? Body language ?


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  10. There is no any hope for us and this the worst for “them” becouse there it will nothing to be lost for us.

    Here it will be an end, I hope that all seedy Hellenic political elite and their colaborators will be excoriated and hanged at Syntagma Sqr.


  11. 6 days a week eh ? I wonder whether Greek workers will be held to the EU working time directive ? Does the 6 days apply equally to the politicians ? Will the Greek MEPs be expected to clock in on a Monday and not get home until Saturday evening ? Or is it just the Greek (EU) serfs this applies to ?

    Just a thought about the thinking behind the non-thinking EU apparatchiks :)


  12. …..So Greece unable to fulfil its obligations left the EZ and we lived happily ever after. “we” as in Greeks and Germans alike. Any objections?


  13. I hope you mean the European Union and not the Eurozone. Honestly I believe our chances are with a currency of our own.We can then work our asses off to make it viable or drawn without the rest of the Europeans feeling we double crossed them.It’s called national pride and I need it back…..damn it!


  14. Tasso , i was only sarcastic .Like you i believe is time to take our own destiny in our own hands.Lets take a hint from our ancient history .In 595 BC when Solon became the governor of Athens with Σεισάχθεια he wiped out the debts of the poor Athenians that were desperate and suffering and they have put themselves and their property and their work , even their children as collateral to the rich.He also introduced laws against all future loans and abolish the power of the creditor to enslave or imprison .He also changed the currency from the Aiginitico to the Eviako ( here is a hint ) .We consider Solon as the father of democracy because together with the freedom of the indebted he gave the the Athenian citizens more responsibilities , he placed the foundation for industries to grow by importing technicians from other states promising them Athenian citizenship , and obliged every father to make sure he educates his children well to create wealth and support their parents at old age.Is this enough as a lesson ? Is time we claim our pride and take our responsibilities. We have a lot to fix , A LOT : socially , morally , culturally and of course politically and financially . We need to do it on our own …damn it !


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