SYRIAN CRISIS: American strategy glides forward like a dream machine.

As The Slog predicted recently, backing the Syrian rebels and cuddling up to Sunni radicals has left Iran isolated. Now we must all wonder whether Statesmanship can triumph over politics.

Hillary Clinton “accused” the Iranians last night of arming and training special militias to help relieve Bashar Assad’s beleaguered forces. I don’t doubt that it’s true, but then the Pentagon has also been actively backing the Syrian opposition forces…the majority of whom are Sunni Muslim Brotherhood members.

Right on cue, the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz  had Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ‘considering bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities before U.S. elections on Nov. 6’. This neatly gives the US permission to do that first, while reminding the Black Dude that Benjamin is not kidding about the timescale.

Nicely in tandem, the Sunni-dominated upcoming Islamic summit confirmed that it will expel Syria. And slotting neatly into its chosen role as victimised little guy, Tehran said that Syria “is part of a vital regional alliance that Iran will not allow to be broken”.

Six months ago, I doubted that the US would attempt anything quite as dumb as directly effecting ‘regime change’ in Iran. But now I’m reminded that the American governmental class remembers every insult, and learns no behavioural lessons as a result. Washington has never forgiven the Iranians for the 1970s hostage crisis, has taken consistent umbrage at Ahmadinnajhad’s deluded UN rants, and has always believed that the Iranians are building a bomb.

I’m sort of in the middle on this one. I think the Iranians would like to build a bomb and then vapourise Israel…but I don’t think they’re anywhere near achieving their objective. I can appreciate how threatened Tel Aviv feels – and how pissed off they are with Ahmadinnejhad arming those who lob missiles onto Israeli citizens. But I think Netanyahu is over-egging the pudding in order to get action now…rather than next year, when Obama is bound to be more domestically focused.

A bigger consideration than any of that, however, is this blase American idea of ‘regime change’ in Iran. You may change the regime in Tehran, but you won’t change the mindset: Mahmood Ahmadinnejhad is a symptom of a shared religious, anti-Semitic, anti-American fanaticism. Sure, there are those who oppose the President’s nasty habit of stuffing ballot boxes to his advantage, but they hate the heretics, the West, the Yanks and the Jews just as much.

Take a look at the size of Iran on a map. It is one big mother of a country. US dollar power is destroying the Iranian economy bit by bit. Diplomacy has already isolated the Tehran regime in the region. And Assad will go in the end, whether Iran intervenes or not. A statesman would, at this point, offer talks about Thorium reactors (or something)  to the Iranians, while telling Prime Minister Netanyahu to calm down.

But the Israeli leader has rightly judged that Barack Obama is not a statesman: rather, he’s just another suit who thinks he’s a lot more clever than he really is – and mulling the idea of pulling an electoral rabbit out of the hat.

Related: Nobody, least of all Hillary Clinton, knows where this Syrian conflict might end.

66 thoughts on “SYRIAN CRISIS: American strategy glides forward like a dream machine.

  1. Hitler said he wanted to eradicate Jewry, but sophisticated opinion in 1930s Europe decided he was just a populist engaged in electioneering who wanted to right the “wrongs” of Versailles (q.v. Fritz Fischer’s works regarding that piece of nonsense). Ahmadinejad has stated openly on many occasions that Israel must be eradicated. He *is* engaged in building atomic bombs. He is a genuine fruit-loop believer in the Shia concept of the hidden imam. He means what he says. Are the Israelis supposed to wait for the bomb to arrive?


  2. Meanwhile the terrorists in Syria explode a bomb outside a Damascus hotel killing 3 unarmed civilians. Quite a coup for the armed, trained, directed and supported crusader coalition forces who purport to be against terrorism.


  3. “US dollar power is destroying the Iranian economy bit by bit”.

    The US is of course also destroying the US dollar bit by bit.
    The question is which will get destroyed first?


  4. What bomb are you talking about? The perceived wisdom is the Iranians do not posses either a bomb to explode or a system able to deliver this virtual bomb.

    Meanwhile the US and NATO support a regime who allegedly already has these systems. The same regime which refuses to sign any of the agreements Iran has signed and abides by.


  5. “So, thorium is more efficient than Uranium, is more plentiful than Uranium and has a shorter half life than Uranium, why don’t we use that for our energy needs…?”



  6. You are out of your area of knowledge here with your blanket claims that President Ahmadinejad and the Iranians ‘hate the Jews’. There are thousands of Jews living in Iran who do not want to leave, protected officially under Iranian Shia religious doctrine … they do not want to leave despite the desperation of Israel to induce them to depart.

    Ahmadinejad is quite well received by non-Zionist Jews – such as many here in Belgium, particularly in Antwerp – who understand the propaganda against Iran. Non-Zionist Jews used to be the majority of Jews up till 1930, and there are still hundreds of thousands of them, but their voice is largely silenced by the mainstream. Here you see video of Ahmadinejad being warmly greeted by religious Jews in New York City:

    You should know that those quotes claiming Ahmadinejad wants to massacre Israelis are typically mis-translations and bogus frauds, as Farsi-speaking professors have continually tried to explain in the face of media hoaxes. Ahmadinejad in fact says ‘I love the Jews, just not the Zionists’. His view is only that the Israeli regime should and will disappear from the pages of history … a sentiment with which religious non-Zionist Jews in Belgium agree, who view the Israeli state as a sin and crime and offence against their ancient Jewish faith.

    Iran deserves to be criticised for many things – for their death penalty and physical judicial penalties, the government-sanctioned torture and torment that makes them a cousin of the criminal Americans … But regarding Israel and the Jews and Iran, you are woefully misguided and parroting the propaganda lies and bollocks of Western governments.

    Someday perhaps you will meet and befriend non-Zionist religious Jews who will open your eyes to what is really going on with Israel … Take a good look at the video of those deeply religious and very well-informed Jews greating Ahmadinejad … and consider why they agree with so much of what Ahmadinejad has to say about Israel. Those Jews know that Ahmadinejad is no threat to the lives of Jewish people … and that, like non-Zionist Jews generally, he also is another victim of the devious American-Israeli propaganda machine.

    Most of the Jews killed by the Nazis were non-Zionists … leaving Judaism in the hands of the types now in Israeli government.


  7. “But the Israeli leader has rightly judged that Barack Obama is not a statesman: rather, he’s just another suit who thinks he’s a lot more clever than he really is – and mulling the idea of pulling an electoral rabbit out of the hat.”

    The problem is, does Obama extract from the hat a lovely rabbit in the form of a successful military attack on Iran, or does he pull out a stinking turd in the form of an attack on Iran that went badly wrong? Not worth the gamble, as the majority of his advisers will no doubt confirm.

    No-one is going to attack Iran unless it can be guaranteed that the attack will be wholly successful, and no-one can possibly give that guarantee. Not Obama, and not Netanyahu. That said, the latter could always give in to the religious fundamentalists on his own side, and once the fundies really get going, whether in America, Israel, or Iran, it will be tin-hat time all over again.


  8. Thanks for a fascinating post, Bru Bank-Guy. I am ashamed to admit I knew nothing of all this. But as this is a blog site, and people can write whatever unsubstantiated bollox they like, I hope you don’t mind if I ask for corroboration from other insiders in this issue.


  9. Knowing a lot of Jews in the Manchester area it is surprising how many non-Jews do not know the political differences between zionist Jews and non-zionist. It”s also surprising how many people don’t realise how many Jews live in Tehran. But then again it’s surprising how many people don’t know the difference between a Jew and an Israeli.


  10. Around the beginning of October, Obama is gonna have to leave his desk, to start pressing the flesh in Ohio, kissin babies in Florida and responding to hecklers concerns on US domestic issues in Iowa. The US MSM will no doubt see US foreign policy as way down the list of concerns of Mr Joe Average USA. Financial reporting will just be ‘that dumb Eurozone’ messin up our jobs and economy”….as US sub prime property and Lehmans will be swept well under the carpet by all parties and media as “yesterdays story”.

    Barry O ain’t that great when his eye is on the ball, and for about 5-6 weeks this autumn he will certainly be looking the other way to the Middle East or Europe (or China).as the US election looks much to close to call

    So I personally doubt that Obama will kick off an Iranian war during the US election trail, imagine that BenjiNet will be told to be a good boy until at least Nov 7th if he wants any US help and support, and that the Eurozone will sink (or swim) without very much interferance or concern from the US Govt after very early October. Grexit, Karlsruhe or Spainish Bank defaults, or Markets in freefall should all bring The Dude scuttling back to Washington, but I doubt that anything whatsoever will that is of a non-homeland nature.


  11. Disingenuous to say the least; this is the notorious Neturei Karta group who also sent a representative to Ahmadinejad’s holocaust denial extravaganza.

    For the record, I don’t support Israel’s apartheid-style policies in what used to be called the West Bank.

    I can’t see the US making a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuke facilities under Obama and I can’t see Romney winning in November.


  12. Tthank you for your post. I agree with all you say.

    Most of what it broadcast in the Zionist controlled main stream media about Iran and it’s leader is total bollocks.

    They make up as they go along so that ultimately USA/Israel will have complete control of the whole of the Middle East and it’s resources and there will be nobody left as a threat to Israel in the region.

    Iran is not anti-Jew, it is anti-Zionist, which is a completely different matter.

    Israel was founded by the Zionist banking elite House of Rothschilds, the people who are behind all the privately owned Central Banks of the world which are destroying us…..and those who are treating us as they are treating the Iranians..

    They want total control of the world and leave us all as debt slaves in a world controlled by a ‘Banking Elite’…. the New World Order!


  13. More importantly nobody has built a real world energy producing example.

    Should the Iranians take the risk that
    1. It will ever be built,
    2. It will work and
    3. Should they place there faith in lysing stealing and murdering western institutions


  14. American economy continually dropping its trousers and defocating on Obamarama’s campaign? Check

    Need a distraction? Check

    Head on over to the sunny middle east where you’ll find plenty of soft targets to help whip up some patriotic votes. Choose Syria, a country of minimal importance other than its mean leader being nasty to the population but be mindful of his influential buddies in Russia. Or perhaps that old reliable, Iran. With its reliably potty president providing you with plenty of provocational sound bites (but don’t examine the details as it may weaken your blood-lust).

    Act now and get a free second term in the white house!!


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  16. The major piece of corrobaration lies in Judaism itself.Therein that the Saviour will emerge and only then will Israel be united,Zionists have sold the plot to ill informed reformed Jews that they can force the hand of God and unite Israel first then the Saviour will emerge.Hope that helps.Remember this is Greater Israel we are talking about as under the inheritors of Alexander the Great and depicted on the coinage of Israel.


  17. @BT: Been saying the same thing myself. If I remember correctly 9 out of the 10 of the top end of the MSM is owned by Zionists, and the 10th one the editor-in-chief is a Zionist. The Jewish lobby in Wasington too I believe?


  18. …and so the purges begin…

    oh well liberty lovers, I guess we’ll once again be sent to detention, kicked out of the debate for winning, ordered to scrub the floors of our collectivist overloards…

    Soon the only people left will be bland characters demanding debt forgiveness will be left – everyone else having disapeared into the night with a metaphorical or perhaps literal bingag stuffed over their head…


  19. BT,
    you have some interesting things to say-but, sorry, your disagreement with JW isn’t one of them. Any chance that could be conducted between the two of you?


  20. Dollar power would cease the day Thorium commences.
    George Soros, who is the puppet-master for Obama,
    knows that without a nuclear war between Iran and Europe(Israel included)
    the USD is over and out.


  21. Agreed. When “BT” was “Bankrupt Taxpayer” he was a very different sort of person. It has me thinking that his identity has been hijacked?

    Recently it’s brought a very bad atmosphere to these comment threads. The now constant stream of off-topic attacks on JW isnt needed. Anyone who posts here gets that you have a grievance, or an agenda. Either way, change the record.


  22. BT I am sorry, you need to do much more research into Judaism / Zionism before you make outlandish comments. Your comments about the slog are frankly embarassing – excuses if you are 12 years old or less.


  23. It’s the gas, stupid!
    It’s the oil, stupid!
    It’s the control of who is supplied with energy, stupid!
    It’s not about the bomb, stupid!


  24. BT, he has been posting at least 3 articles a day for at least the year/18 months I have been visiting. You used to have plenty to contribute and I invariably agreed with a lot of it. Not recently. You are becoming as annoying as Gemz with the constant whining.


  25. @hydroliz. Yes I was coming round to the opinion that BT must be a juvenile. He seems to think his opinions are of supreme importance to the rest of us and we must be endlessly fascinated by him. The B must stand for “boring”, but the T?


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  27. I’m not aware the Israelis have openly declared an intention to annihilate an entire nation. Given the history of the Jewish people, if I were Israeli, I’d want nuclear capability. If you want peace, you must be prepared for war.

    The trouble with waiting around to see if you are right in your assertions about the Iranian bomb capability is that if you are wrong it will be Armageddon. Personally I choose to believe that Ahmedinejad and friends mean what they say and therefore I think we should act accordingly and stop them carrying out their declared intentions.


  28. @mickC: this is what I was wondering. If so its a very clever, very insidious brand of trolling. Apologies to the real BT if that’s the case.

    @(maybe)BT: you previously stated that you had dozens if not 100s of email addresses you could use to post with. Why would you need so many? Makes me think you’re an agent of another power, perhaps pushing an agenda of you own?


  29. BT, your’re talking bollocks. Scroll up the page you linked to and you’ll see Soaps response to JW is still there.Your reply to Soap is well down the page.


  30. Michel78: How about you just read the articles about Brussels as they are obviously the only ones that you’re interested in or believe carry any weight, and the rest of us can read and comment on those and all the other topics, as we like a broad spectrum of issues to read about and to disagree with if we deem it required.

    Why should John stop posting articles on, say, Hackgate, or Iran, that judging by the amount of Sloggers that comment on them are very popular themes, just because you don’t share our interest?


  31. Israel fears that if Obama wins he will not support an attack on Iran next year. So if they think they will have to force this issue (believing Obama will win)what better time to do so than during an election?


  32. Egypt wants to get one too
    Just to drop on you-know-who.
    So Israel’s getting tense
    Wants one in self-defense.
    The Lord’s Our Shepherd says the Psalm
    But just in case….we better get a bomb!

    Tom Lehrer 1963


  33. Upgrade the schools and hospitals, social security and No Child Left Behind. Invest in cradle-to-grave health care, higher education and R & D.
    Like Japan, Korea, Malaysia – and also the Netherlands, Iceland, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

    Perfect for 2nd rank countries, blessed they be.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to Numero Uno. Since the 1973 oil crisis the Pentagon’s mission has been to protect at all cost the oil & gas needs of Hegemony.

    So US citizens have been in haircut mode for 39 years.


  34. Actually Bru Bank-Guy is absolutely correct, and without any exaggeration whatsoever. These facts can be substantiated in Wikipedia, history libraries, universities, or talking with rabbis – a wide range of rabbis mind you.

    There is world jewry and there is Zionism, but these are not the same.

    Apropos of my post above, the US did not originally support Israel – a shocked & guilty Europe did. Until Suez in 1957, which cut off the supply of oil to the Mediterranean from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Following Suez the US approached Israel with the proposition to build a pipeline to Haifa. The rest is history. Accompanied by 50 years of unprecedented and more or less triumphantly unchallenged propaganda.

    The pre-Zionist jewish families of today’s Israel (ie the jews who lived in Palestine for centuries) still call it Palestine.

    These are simple facts. Please inform yourself!


  35. To add to my post above – a little more history!

    The Haifa pipeline inspired Aristotle Onassis to dream up & commission the world’s first Supertankers. The rest is shipping history.


  36. Becoming increasingly disappointed with JW’s Iran, Israel, Syria, etc, analysis, especially as the financial and political stuff is such a delight to read !
    Iran said that they would like the REGIME that is in Israel to disappear from the pages of time. I personally would, too, as would quite a lot of Israelis it seems considering some of the large protests there have been there in the past year.
    I’m disappointed because on previous articles over the past few months, commenters have encouraged JW to read up and stop regurgitating falsehoods. What, the president suggested DEMOCRACY rather than a NUCLEAR BOMB? Yup, yup, yup.


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