ANALYSIS: Why Syria is a potential Sarajevo that could engulf us all

Handled properly, the Syrian impasse could solve major problems faced by its neighbours and the major powers who want control over their energy. Far more likely, however, is that personal and political ambitions will make things worse.

The deteriorating situation in Syria brings to mind two great American adages: “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one” and “If it walks, flies, quacks and lands like a duck, chances are it’s a duck”. Well, I have opinions about Syria….based on evidence, motive, opportunity and knowledge of the belief-systems and cynical geopolitics (ie, the history) involved. I’ve always thought that’s the best way to reach conclusions, but then I’m an old-fashioned bloke in a world where any deviation from the script brings accusations of stupidity and bias. However, in the country taken over many years ago by Assad’s Alhawite minority, the situation is rapidly moving from being open to interpretation to open warfare – in which, very quickly, how it all started – and who the ducks are – will soon be forgotten in favour of brainless rallying cries.

The story so far: Bashar Assad is the bad-guy gargoyle chosen by the ignorant (and sometimes cynical) western liberal elite to be The Man Who Must Go. And yes, he is a bad person; yes, he is allied to Iran and virulently antisemitic; yes, he rules by force, corruption and torture. And yes, there are far worse psychopaths (a) waiting inside the country to take over and (b) hoping from the outside for the right result in relation to their energy needs. The Clintonian State department took the decision some time back to dump the protection of Christians in the region, in favour of an alliance with what they see as ‘moderate elements’ within the Muslim Brotherhood…those that the USA believes will ‘win’ in the Middle East. Putin’s Kremlin will not tolerate another Libyan victory for the US-backed Brotherhood: powerful influence in the region is key to the protection of a home economy dangerously dependent on energy exports. The Chinese know the importance of Syrian support for the survival of the Iranian regime they back; like the Russians, they want to either keep Assad where he is…or something close to it. The Israelis detest Bashar Assad, but fear the Muslim Brotherhood: Jews have never had any difficulty telling a swan from a duck. Also, however, they would dearly love to see an isolated Iran….as would Washington. And those mystery men of Saudi Arabia hate the Iranian Shi’ites even more than they hate Jews:  a Brotherhood slaughtering Saudi religious enemies all over Syria would be nice (Saudi Arabia is 95% Sunni), but the Saudi Royal Family fears the radicalism of which they know Brotherhood Islamists are capable. Being a King among radicals is not a safe place to be.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Confused? Well, most people are: but now read on, and see if it gets any clearer. Here is the News:

Russia’s navy chief Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov said last Thursday that a flotilla of ten Russian warships off the coast of Syria is “carrying out military exercises in the Mediterranean.” It had no intention of docking in the leased port it has in Syria; but Chirkov did confirm that the fleet is crammed full of marines….who, research shows, tend to be land-based weapons.

There are rumours (none of which I’ve yet been able to confirm with any certainty) that the Saudis are trying to strike a deal with Pakistan’s leader Pervez Ashraf to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. A meeting between King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Ashraf in Jeddah earlier this year attempted to scope out an agreed pov on the dangers in the Middle East, and the need to counter any Iranian nuclear threat. Few observers doubt that, in the past, the Saudis heavily bankrolled the Pakistani nuclear weapons programme. As some form of quid pro quo, Saudi Arabia sends its special forces to Pakistan for ‘special military training’ – whatever that means. There is some likelihood, I’m told, that Ashraf may accede to the Saudi request.

Hillary Clinton is showing signs that the deadly trio of emotions to which she is prone has taken her over completely. That triad of bigotry – liberal certainty, American ignorance about Arabism, and ruthless persistence – is showing itself in any number of ways.

Just as Clinton, Geithner and Obama decided to bet the farm on German hegemony in Europe, now she and the Black Dude are hell-bent on putting all their chips behind Sunni Muslims in general, and the Brotherhood in particular. Cop this Hillaryspeak for a piece of Zen diplomacy – as in, “I want it to happen, and so it will”:

“ is now certain that the anti-Assad rebels have enough territory and organisation to create
  [safe] areas. “More and more territory is being taken. It will eventually result in a safe haven inside Syria, which
will then provide a base for further actions by the opposition…”

The idea of a homogenous thing called ‘the rebels’ is bollocks, as she knows perfectly well. And the idea that anywhere ruled by Sunni Islamists could ever be safe for Christians and Shi’ites is just plain daft. But Hillary Rodham Clinton is more than happy to do daft if it furthers her strategy of rapprochement with a club (that the Secretary of State, the Pentagon and the White House) feel 100% sure is going to ‘win’  in the fallout from the Arab Spring: the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.

The centre to right-wing of the Republican Party began to have serious doubts about whether Clinton knew WTF she was doing when Washington and NATO piled in with financial and air-cover support for the Libyan revolutionaries who toppled Muammar Gadaffi. The Christian Right in particular ( a very powerful interest-group within the GOP) is now becoming increasingly voluble about State’s refusal to condemn Sunni atrocities, and denialism about wholesale Brotherhood actions against non-Sunni rebel groups and Syrian Christians. Equally disturbing is that Tel Aviv has begun being truculent at best (and secretive at worst) in the face of an obvious White House bias against support for the Jewish State.

I stopped having any doubts at all about David Cameron the minute he began mouthing off about how great Recep Erdogan is, and why everyone should help “the advance of democracy” in Libya. I decided once and for all that he is a highly intelligent idiot. The latter Libyan jet-rattling was partly gung-ho jingoism (always good for Newscorp support): but even more, it represented as a whole how William Hague and the Prime Minister have gone totally native when it comes to Foreign Office ‘geopolitical strategy’.

Regular Sloggers know my view of the FCO: it is and always has been anti-semitic, leaky, completely wrong about almost everything, and a serious danger to the long-term security of Britain. It backed the French over the Versailles and Sykes-Piquot treaties, Hitler in the 1930s, Soviet Russia after the Second World War, the French over Suez, the EU over the Commonwealth, and the Americans about absolutely everything. Now in 2012, it has reverted to appeasement of a form of Nazism which – just like the original – cannot be appeased. We should all listen very attentively to what our diplomats say…and then do the diametric opposite.

Above all, however, I am now sure that the FCO stands shoulder to shoulder with Hillary the Amazon liberal.

Anyway, that’s the mix: Britain is an irrelevance, but will do whatever Washington asks. State thinks the Sunnis will win outright, the Russians, Chinese, Saudis and Israelis would prefer a status quo at best, or a stalemate at worst. Tel Aviv in particular has carefully backed any horse that looked capable of ruining the race.

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What we are looking at here is, basically, yet aother Muslim domestic that would be ignored by most of the World were it not for the predominance of oil as an energy form.

While that may read to some like a blinding glimpse of nothing remotely new,  it would do all of us good to consider just how much of our species’ worst points come out when there is potentially not enough of something to go round. I italicise that word because there is actually plenty of oil to go round, but those with an interest in high prices pretend there isn’t….and they find willing allies in half-baked conservationistas: yet more of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’.

Two developments would solve a lot of problems in the medium term. First, a model of capitalism not slavishly based on growth and output…so everyone calms down about how much oil is left. And second, full-on billions-backed research to move beyond oil as quickly as possible.

As James Delingpole et al have pointed out endlessly, all the fluffy wind and non-nuclear ‘solutions’ are not solutions at all. What the ‘nein danke’ brigade have achieved is an increased focus on the reality of oil and gas as still the only viable sources of global energy less dirty than coal; that is, exactly what the oilcos wanted as a result. The obvious solution is sitting out there 96 million miles away, and by that I don’t mean covering everything in solar panels: I mean the harnessing of that mix of rays the sun gives off, and its conversion into motive, heating and lighting power. The achievement of that aim would change everything for the better within a decade.

As it is, what we have building up in Syria is the potential for a Sarajevo moment. This will, I know, attract the usual salvo of faux-wisdom suggesting that I’m being alarmist. But naysayers need to remember that we are, at best, an alarming species. Our sense of being threatened is way beyond what we really need.

That’s not true of most people beyond a small elite. But the small elite is in the driving seat – and always will be. Their warning mechanisms are set at Sabre Tooth Tiger, even though these man-eaters died out aeons ago. Fear of something unreal causes the social neuroses and tribalisms, the alliances and the geopolitics, that are all around us 24/7. Sadly, it is also true that the other 93% still place far too much trust in those who would lead; at base, they underestimate the cockups and frontal-lobe behaviour of which these soi-disant alphas are capable. And those alphas in turn are far too cocky about their ability to control stuff. Stuff reaches a point, if care is not applied at every stage, where nothing and nobody can control it: the impending global econo-fiscal-financial crisis being a classic case in point.

The distilled, probably over-simplified bottom line emerging in recent weeks is this: the Americans, British, and Saudis are backing the Sunnis, the Sino-Russian elements are backing the Shi-‘ites, and the Israelis are backing the nearest possible thing to status quo. Clinton has been taking testosterone injections, and Putin is a controlling ex-KGB macho headcase. Israel is paranoid to the point of mental instability about the threat from Iran. China is the fastest-growing nation, and the most convinced that others may try and interrupt its supply of oil. They are also owed an unspeakably obscene amount of money by the Americans…a debt which Geithner & Co keep trying to devalue. This kind of behaviour creates bad feeling, and situations in which the Karma might, for once, be run over by the dogma.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Any number of things could spark a proliferating free-for-all in that context. And yet, there is no need for any of it. Even putting aside the bollocks talked about ‘peak terrestrial energy’ by the thinly-disguised Left, for those of sound mind the solution to this impasse is obvious.

America’s shale-gas exploitation is growing exponentially. As I posted last week, North Dakota’s spectacular shale-gas turnaround is a near-miracle that could relatively easily be duplicated elsewhere. The Russian economy remains overdependent on oil exports. Both countries could therefore sit happily with a confused stalemate in Syria (and elsewhere) that kept up the feeling of oil being an energy form in short and unreliable supply: the Americans would be happy with their self-sufficiency, and the Russian economy would boom on the back of potentially high oil prices. (The Saudis too would love those high prices, and Tel Aviv would give stalemate a big tick too.)

This leaves the Chinese theoretically out on a limb. But what if the Americans agreed to guarantee oil and shale gas supplies to China as a commodity barter against unrepayable Treasury notes held by Beijing? Well, hardline trade mercantilists would argue that this would make Chinese exports even cheaper, and increase the US debt further still; however, if the energy was designated for internal infrastructural investment and hugely subsidised domestic heat and light for China’s population, everyone would win: Beijing gets a happy populace, more modernisation, and a growing middle class…while the US gets the deficit down and oil price viability.


Except that there are myriad reasons why this won’t come to pass. First up, Romney is pushing hard at North Dakota as an example of American recovery being held back by Obamite ecological regulation. Barack would lose too much face if he suddenly caved in to the Mitt view of life….and, quite possibly, an election made tighter by Europe’s financial collapse. Second, Putin will baulk at settling for anything less than his Alhwite allies staying in power. This – and his overtures to the Communist Prime Minister of Cyprus – are the two hands in which he could easily squeeze Europe’s balls with a blackmail-fuelled oil price. And third, Islam – this religion we are told time and again by some in the Western elite offers a lesson in divinity for us all – is split inexorably between moderates, radical Islamists, Sunnis and Shi-ites.

Neither Muslim schism can win: while the Islamic world is predominantly of the Sunni sect, the Muslims who live in the Middle East, and particularly those in the Persian Gulf region, are often Shi’ite. Globally, the Shia account for an estimated 10 or 15 percent of the Muslim population, but in the Middle East their numbers are much higher: they dominate the population of Iran, compose a majority in Iraq, and are significant minorities in other nations.

So the bottom-line of today’s analysis is this: it’s easy to offer bromides about Syria being just another problem that will be quietly settled in the end because everyone has too much to lose. The Alhawites, Iranian Shi-ites, and the Israelis have everything to lose – as does Putin if he fails to win the right economic outlook for Russia. And Mrs Clinton is, I suspect, already running for the 2016 Oval Office job.  So be very afraid: this could all easily go spectacularly wrong.



72 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Why Syria is a potential Sarajevo that could engulf us all

  1. Incisive, witty, and probably correct. Sadly, you seem to have a blind eye when it comes to the abhorrent, repressive apartheid policies of the Zionists against the Palestinians. If ever a nation needed its ass kicking, it’s Israel.


  2. The problem is only marginally Muslim. Wen Ibn Saud stole his kingdom he used the fighting qualities of the Wahabi sect to subdue his neighbours. In return Saudi Arabia adopted the ultra violent brand of Muslimry followed by the Wahabi. They believe in world domination of the Muslim and extinction of Christianity. Curiously they even had a hand in the Indian Mutiny. The British did not favour the French in the Sykes Picot treaty. They were partners with them in that disgraceful land grab. All our troubles stem from Versailles, a peace treaty that has done more than most to start wars. One of Lloyd George’s grandsons told me that as a boy he met most of the Western leaders and was shocked to discover they were to a man, second rate


  3. “So be very afraid: this could all easily go spectacularly wrong.”

    I agree entirley, as so often is the case in human affairs. Its amazing we haven’t ended everything for ourselves a long time ago.

    Shale gas is difficult to transport – it needs to be liquified, (using very complex and expenssive plant, or piped using new pipelines), and there is a huge lack of those resources, not least becuase of how quickly, (very, very quickly), shale gas production falls over 1-5 years periods.


  4. As the soft underbelly of the Sunni led axis, Bahrain is worth a mention as a special case. The Shi’a are a clear majority, the island has a substantial population that look across the water to Iran for leadership, but the rulers have strong links to the West as well as to the other kingdoms in the region. So they won’t all be backing Hillary. (Definitely no “h” in Alawi btw.)


  5. JW, not sure if you are a complete cornucopian or not but outside a complete black swan energy discovery from the scientific community there is no solution to the fossil fuel addiction. You imply that we have to learn to live with less by finding a no growth form of capitalism. Thats a radical departure with which I agree. Most people do not seem to recognise that reality. Solar and wind are a limited intelligent response to the energy descent, not a solution. Its a pity you didn’t take Steve from Virginia’s comments on board in the post you cite from last week. USA will never get access to enough oil to satisfy its greed. They will do anything they can to corner as much as oil as possible because the car more than anything is central to the American dream and at the moment its the only part left for most Americans. Take that away and what have you got: collapse of their society as they know it.

    Its therefore no surprise that the US wants to stay as tight as possible with Israel and the Saudis and deny China, their main rival in the consumption stakes access to what the US see as theirs. Can’t see anyone differing with your final conclusion. As you say we are a bit player in all this and I don’t expect anything from our government other than to be right up the arse of the US. Given Boris’s slap down of Romney over security at the olympics is that a sign the tories would be different under him?


  6. The israelis won’t change course on the palestinian issue because they know there is never going to be enough pressure applied from outside of the country. I find it hypocritical that the US keeps harping on about China and Russia using their veto in the security council, how many times has the US used theirs concerning israel? How many times has israel broken the resolutions that have made it through?


  7. JW,

    You state that Jews have no difficulty in knowing the difference between a swan and duck, so what do you believe the Jews that stayed on in Germany thought about Hitler once he became Chancellor? (I have given you the intelligence and your undoubted excellent use of irony and wit to have used the above statement as an analogy and not literally)


  8. PhilE,

    I like Boris’ own description of himself that he gave on BBC news yesterday, namely, that we could call him jingoistic and a chauvinist.

    I personally think he is an intellectual dwarf whenever he tries to be Churchillian.
    Despite his first at Oxford.

    He is only interested in his own ambition


  9. Ah yes – Apartheid Israel. Of course you could examine that the notion that the blind spot is in fact yours. If you want to look at Palestinian oppression you might want to hop across into the kingdom which was mandated for their homeland which the minority Hashemites rule.

    Of course I’m giving the Palestinian’s more credit than their own activists who in 1977 stated that the notion of Palestine was a tactical one as a fight against Israel. Palestine is a weeping sore which has its scab constantly picked at to keep it from healing because to do so fits a narrative. They are a people supported by aid Yet little of that aid seems to come from their brothers and sisters who weep the most for them yet are better placed than any to signifcantly alleviate their suffering. If you want to class something as abhorrent take a look at that.

    The myth of Israel apartheid has been rebutted constantly and to see it repeatedly suggested in the regular media as such a state is also a more apt use of the word abhorrent. These so called impartial journalists make no comparison with the surrounding states or the ruling parties in the Palestinian territories. They make no comment on laws which make it illegal to sell land to Jews. They make no comment on children’s TV shows which laud the killing of Jews and Israelis. If you want abhorrent look at the motives of journalists that know the truth to be so very different but peddle the myths by cropping their photo journalism to suit or photshopping activity from military activity to make it look more like disproportionate action.


  10. they intend to take over Canada for its water and its energy. They had it all planned previously in the 1930s under General MacArthur, until the war intervened. NAU allows them to do this without the overt use of the military. And the Canucks have a quisling PM ready to do their bidding just like Cameron.


  11. I find it very strange that facts about the Muslim sects are hardly known but
    expounded upon greatly by commentators.The supposed virulent hate amongst these factions is a modern happening.
    The real theme I found in years of living and trading in the ME,is
    tribalism.The arbitary creation of nations by various treaties were always
    designed to keep those nations at each others throats.
    Whichever empire was running the world ,a divided ME was always
    the object. Divide and conquer.
    The Wahabis are indeed the loose cannon.However Wahabi’s hate
    other Wahabi’s of different tribe.None of them are cohesive bloc’s.i
    I never found any true emnity between Sunnii’s and Shia per se.
    Between tribes, was another matter.


  12. @WS which is a good point. The ongoing problems in Libya are based around the tribal arabs in the main. Little to do with Islam per se and certainly nothing to do with democratic rule. If they all broke apart from their unnatural ‘nationhoods’ it would make little or no difference to the masses. Inter tribal conflict is the way of life which comes fairly naturally between them. Each tribe protecting its own claim to the lands and the resources in which it settles, in a sort of nomadic sense.


  13. A visit to Israel cleansed me of all thoughts of Zionist supremacist bullshit, I can recommend it to any closed eye anti Semitic.

    I departed, still not liking Israelis but more understanding of their position, whereas regardless of the different Arab countries I’ve visited, my antipathy remains.

    That’s life I guess, some people don’t really like their own countrymen, let alone people from elsewhere on the planet, advocates of peace in the Middle East seem to ignore.


  14. “State thinks the Sunnis will win outright, the Russians, Chinese, Saudis and Israelis would prefer a status quo at best, or a stalemate at worst.” – that’s what any sane person should wish too. Now the “rebels” in Syria are asking help from United Nations – that’s really cynical.


  15. I am still waiting for JW to join up the rest of the dots as to the
    supply of money and weapons to the ‘rebels’.
    They lead back to a certain office building in Langley Virginia,(if
    you require a hint).The trail leads through Jerusalem and Turkey ,via
    several ‘relief’ organizations and shell companies on its way.
    Follow the money.


  16. Assad’s torturers were used by us during the disgraceful ‘Rendition’ interrogations.

    The bollocks about democracy is exactly that – bollocks. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the biggest funders of the rebels, are hardly beacons of democracy.

    It’s all about tightening the noose around Iran. Nothing more, nothing less.


  17. The only true issue is the Petro dollar.
    Syria is a land route to attack Iran.
    Anyone who cannot see the common link is blinded by
    MSM propaganda.Saddam,Gadaffi and Iran.All leaders or
    countries that have moved off the petro dollar.
    Smoke and mirrors.


  18. A huge bit of the jigsaw is missing in all of this: the global economies, the collapse of the Euro, the trillions of derivatives and the same in American sovereign debt, and a banking system right on the brink.

    There is only one way to solve these problems for America.


  19. Exactly! And what they really need is a central banking system to make them prosperous just like us in the west!!!


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  21. Restoring Britain –
    It’s encouraging to see there are a few around who haven’t swallowed the predominant “Israel is the evil/aggressor/fomenter of all troubles in the M/E” propaganda that has been relentlessly aimed at world public opinion by an astute and insidious PR campaign for decades. At the same time, it is discouraging to see how few are willing to examine their prejudices or explore the actual basis of their convictions. Especially when the principles of ‘taqquiya’ have become more widely known.

    As for the M/E shenanigans, how many understand the longstanding role the Russians may have been playing :-


  22. Nice idea with the pions, but what’s happened to the lifetime of the muon being too short for this to be viable?


  23. The Slog seems to have this situation very well analysed-particularly the Hillary Clinton position.
    The one thing the UK needs to do in the Middle East is-stay bloody well out of it!
    Will we? Will we bollocks! Our rulers just can’t leave well alone and insist on meddling where we shouldn’t. Presumably this is some sort of hangover from the “Empire” whereby the ruling class feel they are important and “have to do something”.
    Upsetting both Russia and China-err, no thanks. The former is going to supply Europe’s energy and there is no benefit to hacking off the latter-it is very rich (even if the wealth is held in dodgy US bonds-but even that translates into power over the US).
    The EU will not get involved (but it will talk a lot).


  24. UK is a Zionist regime (look at the references to New Jerusalem throughout the opening ceremony) Sovereinty lost me thinks…

    Look at the oil pipelines in play. IRAN wants nuclear energy why? as once achieved they can just export all the oil/gas to China through pakistan, and earn the cachingas…

    Russia/China are looking to build pipelines from Iran through to Syria –> Cyrprus –> Greece –> Europa. Tell me then why Syria in is play. Why Greece is under attack ( I call it war) to nab its resources… yes Greece has Oil/Gas reserve that can feed Europa for 300Years. It has enough silver/Gold to kickstart its own currency if it wills to, its has the convetant Rare earth materials that the world such desires for feeding the sheeple with iphones/androids to keep them plugged into facbook/twitter and not see what is really going on.

    So if this materialises Israel will lose its middle man status controlling the distribution of the earths oil/gas. Pipelines through turkey will become insignificant and they will no longer be able to block Russia through the black sea via U.S. (Hence the Israel/Turkey spat is just for show and they know they need each other).

    Spain lost its Oil reserves as Argentina nationalised them and respol is left hanging in the wind…

    So lets look at the real economy of the world and not the fiat crap. Its not he who control the money controls the world its he who controls the oil/gas who controls the world.

    So power (pun intended) brings the power/wealth…


  25. Meanwhile somewhere in the far reaches of a desert, there lies a shape with a lions body and the head of a man, it gazes blankly and pitilessly up at the sun, then slowly it moves it’s weakened thighs, all around are the cries of the indignant desert crows, who circle and shimmer through the scourged air.


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  27. Gee thanks John.
    I suppose the best I can hope for is hat
    a. they keep British forces out of whatever calamity occurs, and that if asked to join in, Cameron grows some and says no.
    b. that the euro collapses before September, or one morning soon we wake up and it’s gone.

    In other words there’s no hope.


  28. yep. agree all the way. I’m going to wear a patch in my carpet praying that we stay out of this and someone gags the mekon quickly.

    I may even pray towards mecca, slide a little left and ask kali for help and while I’m in the far east I can ask for buddha’s wisdom……


  29. no true hatred perhaps until the iraq debacle.
    iran stirred it for its own benefit. they want to be careful what they sow.


  30. As I’ve said before the media are bought and paid for by the anti-israeki lobby. You can kill a million in sudan and nobody blinks. An israeli farts near the palestinian territories and it’s front page news of opression.


  31. Well, OK, we can’t know what replaces Assad and it could be worse than him. Or not, as the case may be. But if religious minorities (Alawites and Christians) run a state, even if they pretend it is secular or semi-secular, they can only do it by force or the threat of force. A majority may or may not respect minority rights. Until the eighteenth century Sunni Muslims had a rather better record of this than Protestants, Catholics, or Orthodox. This is not necessarily any pointer to the future.

    We simply don’t know, nor can the State Department or the FCO. But they may have a reasonable idea of who will turn out the winner.


  32. the blindly hysterical left-wing anti-israeli lobby has always been clear to behold, but it was the long-standing unnegotiable behaviour of the israeli iron-fist which allowed the communists to foster this mass-movement; america and britain have exacerbated the problems in palestine by historically backing the israelis’ regional ambitions, both politically and militarily – and given that our foreign office agree “about absolutely everything” with the united states, including the american government’s bottomless and unconditional love of sending israel military aid, i cannot therefore understand how john ward deems our foreign and commonwealth office to be inherently anti-semitic?

    moreover, despite mr ward’s seemingly forensic understanding of the factional rivalries within the middle-east, he inexplicably continus to conflate the innately religious and social islamic movement, the muslim brotherhood, with extremist cia-supported al qaeda islamists.


  33. eff me, the birthplace of western civilization is going over to the reds and leaking them all our oil.


  34. No, The birthplace of civilization yes but to label it western is not correct. Hijacked by the west yes…

    When you say reds that ideal is finished as the ruskies understand what that did to them…. The elite in russia thought that to enter the WTO they needed to play nice but now they realise this cannot happen so with China they are blocking western expansionism.

    Greece is the East via the Greek Orthodox Church… the West is Vaticano via canon (admiralty law). Big difference!!!!. For those that think the war between the 2 ended guess whats… it is escalating. Thing is that the Russians are moving in… which is exactly what the west feared as Putin has staked his claim.


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  36. the innately religious and social islamic movement, the muslim brotherhood

    it appears that the organization’s members may be militarized but only at times of war or great threat – hamas was originally derived form the muslim brothehood, yet only militarized later during the first intifada.


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  38. interesting article,
    america is certainly on its way to energy independance but i’m not too sure solar needs any more political will to get where its going, as its been doubling every other year for 40 years and by the end of this decade should be large enough to put a dent in energy prices and after that should go some way to solveing the worlds other major problems, water and food, as food is generally a water problem and water is an energy problem.


  39. Agree with your comments on water and food, especially water. Thing is oil is a business that the infrastructure is paid off i.e. we have a pump station in every corner and that just brings in the dollars. Now they have added water to be such a money spinner…. We buy water in plastics bottles when you can fill up at home for a much more reasonable price…

    If you compare the 2 oil vs water next time you fill up check to see how much you pay per litre oil vs water…


  40. @james e

    oh dearie me, now i’m going to have to recalibrate my whole world-philosophy – i suppose next you’ll be telling me that the earth is not the centre of the universe, that the nhs is not the finest health service in the world, and that cleopatra was a bit of a dog and her tits weren’t half-as-big as elizabeth taylor’s?


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  46. David, the Human Race has not killed it’s self off because it has not had the technology until very recently. Just be patent we’ll get there. Oh BTW great blog!!!


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