HACKGATE DAY 191: Somebody help me please, I’m obviously unbalanced


It’s a plot: Murdoch Jr’s ‘evidence’ survives just 72 hours

‘Phone hacking: MPs ‘misled’ by James Murdoch during committee(Daily Telegraph)

James Murdoch misled MPs, say former News of the World editor and lawyer’ (The Guardian)

‘Former allies turn on James Murdoch(The Independent)

‘James Murdoch ‘misled MPs about widespread phone hacking’ (Daily Mail)

So then, as we can see yet again, all this anti-Murdoch, lets-get-Newscorp stuff is just another Leftie plot to take over our media and install the Dictatorship of the Fluffies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pond, talk show host Thom Hartmann last night called the right-wing “infotainment” on Fox News a “cancer” in American society, meant to distort democratic practices by controlling the media’s loudest messages. He went further still did Thom, suggesting the U.S. should “bring back the Sherman Act” and use it to “break up” media monopolies like News Corp. Mind you, Thom is very Leftie: you can tell he is, because he calls himself a ‘progressive’. As opposed to a retard, which is of course what the rest of us are.

But in US regions closer to the surface of the planet, The Wall Street Journal (a Newscorp paper) writes this morning that the U.S. Justice Department is preparing subpoenas as part of preliminary investigations into News Corp. relating to alleged foreign bribery and alleged hacking of voicemail of Sept. 11 victims. I have to believe their sources are pretty good on this one, because, um, they are part of the story.

And in that hotbed of Communism, ratings analysts dealing with the US advertising business, S&P’s Tuna Amobi said three days ago,  “If a very senior officer is implicated or indicted, or the company is found guilty of wrongdoing or phone hacking, I think it would have far more serious implications in the U.S. simply because this is where the company is domiciled and the majority of revenues are generated. Any suggestion that there could be culpability in the U.S. means all bets are off.”

Les Hinton is going to be found culpable – and he was running the Dow Jones Company. James Murdoch (see top) looks like he too is going to be Culpability Murdoch before too long – and he’s the CEO of Newscorp in the US.

A quick leap back across the Pond now to The Guardian, just to point out a hopelessly biased bit of prose from Martin Kettle-Calling-Potblack on the subject of Cameron and Newscorp:

‘Two issues, in particular, still matter a very great deal. The first is the tightness of the weave between the Cameron Tory party and News International. Those 26 prime ministerial meetings in 15 months since the 2010 election – and many more at ministerial level of which details are likely to emerge next week – speak of a collective cringe towards Rupert Murdoch which cannot be merely dismissed as what Labour did too….’

Well actually Martin, it could be if Ed released all the gen on what Blair and Brown got up to – but he won’t. And the reason is, Kettle-Chip, that they were every bit as cringeworthy towards Rupe as this lot.

If anyone is still in doubt about where this site is coming from, I suggest they look elsewhere for their reassurance of being right about everything.

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                  James Murdoch – either very badly briefed, or negligently hands-off, or lying, or all three.

15 thoughts on “HACKGATE DAY 191: Somebody help me please, I’m obviously unbalanced

  1. As an aside, once again it looks like it’ll be left to the US to (possibly) take serious action on matters of corporate mal-governance, while the UK pussy-foots about in an attempt to limit the damage it does to corporate crooks and allows the culprits off the hook.

    In the UK alone, this fiasco has (perhaps had) all the ingredients of a scandal which should blow the Establishment wide open by exposing the incestuous relationships which exist across the various Estates, Met Police/CPS and the Civil Service, but probably never will because the prosecuting authorities are up to their necks in it and are under arms-length control of pols who are also up to their necks in it.

    As I’ve said many times, it will take a lot more than a scandal to change our system of govt.


    What I would love to know is…. what did the Hidden Empire’s preferred mouthpiece do wrong? Who did N-Int cross to bring down such wrath upon the organisation? In the early-to-mid 2000’s the surfacing of the ‘phone-hack story had effectively been stopped, Police had been fed and watered, a couple of potential troublemakers had been made a deal and/or reminded just how heavy and unstylish concrete footwear can be, whilst MPs could take a deep breath, dust down those skeletons and firmly close the cupboard doors, safe in the knowledge that N-Int wasn’t going to organise a Dia de los Muertos any time soon.
    Then suddenly, it all blows wide open and the not normally fallible interlocking protective shield of the Hidden Empire fails to engage. There have been malfunctions before (Dr Kelly’s termination, Robin Cook’s “heart attack”, the sudden (but not unexpected) end of Princess Diana”s campaign against land mines (who knows what she would have gone for next), but all these were planned events that somehow went awry initially but were followed by every effort to dry-clean the area. However, for Rupert, pressing the green button failed to produce a response. And the greater the panic, the louder the silence. No-one was coming to the rescue. The Empire had cast Ripper and son of Skippy adrift. There’s a new Vader being lined up to run the Empire’s media and I’m sure his (or her) presence will be felt soon. All we need to know now is what triggered the transition. Was it just that Murdoch talked out of turn….and someone had had enough?

    At this stage, I think we need to put the “phone hacking thingy” into perspective. Only if you’ve been asleep for the past 30 years would you have failed to realise that communications interception, FOR MANY PUPOSES, has been ongoing, thorough, remorseless and TAXPAYER-FUNDED. The collection of, AND END-USE OF, this data has never been supervised nor monitored…….. not by the taxpayer anyway. Now may be a good time for a further Select Committee investigation. There is such a Committee already in existence… its lack of effectiveness makes the Press Complaints Council look like a Grand Jury. But we need to start somewhere………


  3. You are sounding a bit peeved John. But possibly you need to be so.
    Do you remember the MP’s expenses scandal? Months of media column inches; police investigations; select committees; lessons will be learned; root & branch reform; never again; whiter than white. Then a couple of people went to jail; a new system came in costing ten times as much and achieving little; reports were written and filed away; the rotten eggs slid off the teflon coated ministers; the media packed its tents and moved on.
    Right now it is summer and the dead news period.
    I wonder what the big news story will be in October?


  4. I might add that the political person who *may* be most damaged by this is Cameron. Labour and cronies are doing their best to see to that,
    hence Comrade Brown’s sickening recent cries of “mummy mummy, they hacked my phone too”.

    If I turn out to be correct, DC may lose the next election to Mr Unhinged Red Ed. We will then see even higher taxes and the siege economy that was mentioned a few days ago. At that point, Britain will not be a country worth living in for those of us who remember what it was like before socialism took control.


  5. John, don’t get paranoid about being a left wing, revolutionary communist, socialist bastard. Why, only last month you were being accused of being a right wing, hang ’em, flog ’em unrelenting anti-welfare bastard.
    Nicely balanced I think.
    “There is a crack, a crack in everything,
    it’s where the light gets in.”
    Leonard Cohen.


  6. IMHO McTernan’s just playing with words to stir up trouble where there isn’t any. All it really does is expose the unnecessarily complicated policies/procedures/practices that exist throughout our system of government to the point that few people/nobody understands them except the unelected/faceless Civil Servants who draft and operate them.


  7. It may be a complicated process but why is the answer apparently complicated as well.

    If the real situation is as suggested then why not say so in the first instance rather than have it come out later and have more people wonder why it wasn’t correct initially with the all the incompetent / cover up / conspiracy arguments that then follow


  8. @Richard G: McTernan says he was a Political Secretary to Blair, before that a Senior Policy Advisor, and was fully vetted. He describes his former role as a “special advisor” but I don’t know how accurate that is, we only have his word for it. Anyway, glorious titles often mean little in the real world.

    Coulson was a Press Secretary to Cameron and was vetted at a lower level. I’m guessing that all these roles are different in political la-la land and require different levels of clearance based upon what access they officially have to information. If so, that would be a complexity introduced by the Civil Service.

    Although McTernan admits that Coulson was not required to attend Cabinet Meetings (whereas he possibly was – he doesn’t say), he goes on to speculate about what might have happened in Coulson’s appointment and who else might have been given such a low-level of clearance. The gardener? Too bad he doesn’t post any meaty facts, just opinion based upon his own understanding from his Blair years.

    Unless there’s some meat added to his story, IMV it just remains
    malicious gossip intended to stir trouble over little or nothing.

    The complexity of rules often makes actions taken under them complex to explain. One look at the UKBA website is enough to see that Civil Servants writing the rules are out of control.


  9. The whole concept regarding Cameron/Coulson/Murdoch being caught ‘ inflagranti delicto’ now seems bizarrely to hinge upon whether Blair & Brown had similar arrangements! — Something wrong here – Doc! Bollocks in effect. Blair & Brown may have been criminals (incompetent’s at least) — little argument there — but constant reference to their antics cannot be countenanced in the light of present revelations. Dave et-al are in the frame — focus shouldn’t be redirected elsewhere. As an analogy — One can only imagine a murderer with a blood stained knife standing over his victim — & the copper in charge saying let’s find out if similar incidents have occurred in the past! On reflection — Having witnessed stephenson-yates-hayman — it’s probably a more appropriate depiction of policing in today’s force.


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