PIERS MORGAN: Chat host snaps on air and demands apology from Louise Mensch

Romping Arse

We now know why Moron got so many stories wrong: he never hacked phones.

The Slog pointed out in its review of the Culture, Media & Sport Committee’s proceedings yesterday that US chat-show host Beers Moron got a few high-profile mentions from Louise Mensch. Last night on CNN he threw a wobbly about it.

Mensch bravely went on the Romping Arse show on a live link from London, and the host began spitting writs from the Off:

“I’m amused by her cowardice in refusing to repeat that allegation now that she’s not in parliament covered by privilege. She came out with an absolute blatant lie during those proceedings. At no stage in my book or indeed outside of my book have I ever boasted of using phone hacking for any stories. For the record, in my time at the Mirror and the News of the World I have never hacked a phone, told anybody to hack a phone or published any story based on the hacking of a phone. I think you should apologise for being a liar.”

Fine there Piers, I think we got the message. Mensch said she had nothing to apologise about. But The Slog did nail her for blatant showboating yesterday, and having read The Insider myself I have to confess I don’t remember the passage she’s talking about.

Morgan’s Pier (tricky anagram for Piers to solve) is still spitting out venom on Twitter.

Looks like Louise has hit a raw nerve with this one. What a mensch!

Hands up all those who want a poll on this? Is Piers guilty or not?

26 thoughts on “PIERS MORGAN: Chat host snaps on air and demands apology from Louise Mensch

  1. Has he taken any action against this piece…
    “Moron, meanwhile, is enjoying the limelight as a celeb interviewer on cable TV. Former Mirror hacks have this week been reminiscing about the occasion when Moron serenaded their newsroom with the Beatles song “And I Love Her” during a period of pre-wedding froideur between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, and then informed them that “It’s the message he sang to Heather to make it up — you should hear the tape.” PRIVATE EYE Feb 2011


  2. As editor, he ran an ‘UK Army atrocities in Iraq’ fp lead that was fiction from beginning to end.
    The bloke is both nasty and an idiot. Trust me, we have history.


  3. Apparently Lulzsec hacked into the Sun’s website and planted a hoax story.

    For their next trick, they’re going to fart in a sewer.


  4. Either he’s a liar, or he did not know what was going on under his nose – just like the Murdochs it renders him unfit for office.

    It’s hard to avoid Schadenfreude in these interesting times.


  5. If the history is as per True_Belle which seems to fit the bill then what was the purpose of the whole fabrication or who was it meant to discredit?


  6. Moron may have been a hacker, but JW’s “We now know why Moron got so many stories wrong: he never hacked phones.” suggests otherwise.

    Or, here’s another possibility – NotW hackers got to the voicemails first, deleted some (as with Millie Dowler) and then poor Piers only got half the story – not necessarily the correct half.

    I’ve been reading Private Eye for some years now and they have followed the rise and fall, ebbs and flows, of Moron’s career, and based upon what they have reported (not legally challenged as far as I know), I wouldn’t put much past this chancer. He apparently quite liked Viglen shares at one stage…


  7. A man who would kiss Susan Boyle for popularity stakes is a @@#’#’/,,lkimnhjk#’;!!!
    I think his card is well and truly marked.
    Roll up , roll up, see the telly man do a two fold, free fall into a quanmire…oops too late… dig him out!

    Private Eye A great source of interesting, professional factual stories.

    Sooper dooper injunctions? sounds like a new – Abba come back song…
    Mr Hislop, if your reading this…. lower the price – get some topical stories on regional issues- free online man!
    increase readership-think big-educate the masses about thier lives and how to regain power from those who stole it- take over from NI err…. on second thoughts maybe give the last bit a miss!


  8. Absolutely. He came very close with that one. Even a left-wing editor once said to me, ‘Don’t touch Morgan with a barge-pole’.


  9. I’d bet Morgan is lying. There are very few people who get my back more than that swarmy little turd. The man’s a tosspot. America are welcome to him.
    They probably know more about football too. His football column is the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever read. Sorry to lower the tone everyone.


  10. I think she may be flying a kite for the FBI or similar agency to get carried away with, with a little bit of knowledge that there is something behind all the alleged “stories”. But then he is a Goner, sorry Gooner.


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  12. I think the issue is that a televised Parliamentary committee (word wide televised) should not have parliamentary privilege. Clearly this arrogant woman makes up a story and then wants to step behind a screen. This is everything that is wrong with British Politicians. Inaccurate, ill researched, unchecked stories. And they dont know when to admit they got it wrong.
    Simply arrogant.


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