Intolerant belief systems are the enemy of compassion

My philosophy is that all decent human beings should reject all intolerant doctrines – be they religious, ideological, or a combination of both.

Not censor, ban or otherwise oppress them. Simply reject them as models of thinking.

The reasoning behind this is based on the clear evidence available suggesting that intolerant doctrines oppress citizens, glorify rigid thinking, justify lawless power, encourage violence and hinder both artistic and scientific development.

To take examples from recent modern history:

During the 1920s and 1930s, the USSR regularly doctored all photography and documentation that included disgraced leaders, purged military officials and records of planning failures.
After 1934, the Nazi State orchestrated the mass burning of all books on political, ethnic and social sciences and philosophy that questioned the régime’s Weltanschauung.
In the book 1984, Winston Smith’s job is to destroy all old news that the dictator Big Brother thinks might contradict his State narrative. George Orwell wrote the novel in 1948. Almost everything in it is now being adopted by ideologues:
ISIS sees it as an Islamic duty to destroy all statues and structures that suggest civilisations with religions other than its own.
Antifa in particular and the American Left in general would like to move, hide, deface or destroy every statue recording the almost universal nature of alternatives to its ideology.
The Catholic Church has for decades been sitting on the Dead Sea Scrolls’ alternative view of the Nazarene’s relatively insignificant role in Roman Palestine.
Throughout the entire Waspi pension embezzlement debate, the UK State Establishment tried to censor and then rewrite the real history of covert abandonment of the State Pension principle.
Five years ago, the British Conservative Party was caught manipulating online evidence (via Wikipedia) and destroying evidence both on and offline of promises, speeches and targets made by the Cameron government before and during 2010.

‘News management’ consultancies across the globe work for unpleasantly dictatorial régimes to censor news (using the EU’s ridiculous Data Protection Act) and make false Wikipedia entries changing their histories of human rights abuse and inserting false facts to put them in a more favourable light.

All fundamentalist religious sects and politico-economic ideologies sooner or later set out to change or censor all evidence from the past of alternative beliefs, practices, strategies and philosophies; and to destroy or falsify all evidence of their own atrocities, mistakes and repression.
They change the past in order to be credible in the present, and then monopolise power in the future.
This is true of Soviets, Nazis, self-styled liberals, Islamics, Socialists, neoliberals, radical feminists, globalists, monetarists and neoconservative geopoliticians.
The one feature they all have in common is putting belief systems before both either the Truth or citizen fulfilment.
They are the real enemies of individual development, open-minded philosophy, and the study of social anthropology as a means of improving the human condition.
Homo sapiens has a problem, and it is neither ethnic nor political… is culturo-technological. Totalitarian cultures breed technological control of that culture, and the punishment of dissidence. They suppress Personal creativity in favour of Big process. They collude with all media to ensure maximum personal data and minimal personal awareness.
Intolerant religious, sovereign, bloc, corporate and economic cultures close minds, close ranks, and open hostilities. Their first concern is to gain and retain power. Their last concern is the potential of the individual.
They pervert language in order to hide this, by the misappropriation of words like liberal, progressive, reformed, correct and settled.

They are the irrational, immovable objects denying the unstoppable force of emotionally intelligent exploration.



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