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GIVING A FALSE IMPRESSION: Jeremy Hunt, the Eurogroupe, Nigel Farage and Dermot O’Leary – which is the odd one out?

The discreet nastiness of the Four We See

It may well be that Jeremy Rhyminge-Slange equates dangerous radicalism with youth. In which case, he is decisively mistaken:

huntstrangerI am lonely, elderly, and stranger than most. I would also like very much to be invited into Huntstruck Towers, as I have some urgent questions to ask Mr Seeyernex-Tuesdaye on the subject of J J Lewis and his recreationally focused daughter whom, I understand, was at one time a habituée of the notorious Groucho Club.

Beyond that, however, my lips are sealed….sealed, I tell you.

One thing very biased towards young people without a job/home/enough to eat in Greece is the answer ‘NO’ to the acceptance or not referendum this Sunday. But here too, one would be wrong to see this determination as restricted to The Left or the infantile. Published last night in Athens: first poll on sectors of Greek society saying YES to slavery or NO to bullying:

novotegreeceAs you can see, pretty much everyone is voting NO. The most worried are the public sector pen-pushers about to take a pension (imagine that) and the only pro-YES groups are…Nia Demokratia and PASOK loyalists. Together, they account for 1 in 5 Greeks.

Sadly, Nigel Farage couldn’t be there. He’s been uncharacteristically inconspicuous of late, evading any attempt to call out the Eurogroupe’s illegal session without a Greek representative, and not saying much at Westminster on account of not having won a seat, again. Being a Square Mile sort of chap, The Slog suspects that Hairgel approves of beating the Greeks to a pulp so his bondholding vulture mates could waltz off with a fat profit haircut.

But yesterday, the Daily Torynaff was looking for Farrago’s saving graces, and thus came up with this:


Nigel Farage is the leader of a Party for whom 12.9% voted last May in the UK general election. His main raison d’être is to argue for withdrawal from the European Union. So it comes as something of a bolt from the blue to me that Mr F might be ‘often right’ about EU failings. The Barclaygraph’s assertion is not so much damning with faint praise as dismissing with faux irony. A little juxtaposition of the point could’ve produced an infinitely more debate-worthy headline:

Far Right ‘often rage’ about European Union failings

Nige calls UKip the People’s Party, but of course it isn’t: rather, it’s a sort of gauche Right-of-Boris ‘leave the City alone’ Party because the Leader dislikes the idea of regulation from Brussels-am-Berlin. Farrago indeed does rage about the barminess of the EU (he’s nearly always right, if the truth be told) but his air de golf-club, beery pint-raising and silly grin drags UKip inexorably towards the Cavalry Twill Junta brigade. This is a shame because the Party as a whole is not like them. Too many of its candidates are, but the activists aren’t.

And finally, Dermot O’Leary, the personality-free ‘presenter’ of the now ageing UK telly talent contest The X Factor. The only X needed in relation to this show is excommunication, in that it feeds the fame disease from which much of the Western World suffers. Dermot thus slots perfectly into the role of host thanks to the format’s unoriginality, crowd wisdom and utterly counterfeit nature.

But he’s a loyal lad is our Derm. He won’t have a word said against the show, and this is why:

olearywankThe other way to put this, of course, is ‘Young airhead silenced by bribe’, but either way, Mr O’Bleary wins this odd one out contest hands down – being the only one prepared to put his hands up and say it’s all about getting your hands on the munneeee.

Personally, I’ll never say anything bad about the NHS because it cured my daughter. On the other hand, I will say anything bad about the NHS every time I meet an agency nurse with about as much caring capacity or bedside manner as a hornet. And I will never say anything good about HSBC if the Chair of the BBC Governors pays me to do so. I’ll say everything bad I can about ‘PR’ agency Bell Pottinger because they’ve made Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth more nightmarish than anything George Orwell imagined.

So you see, Dermot O’Logical is the odd one out: all four are lying, self-obsessed sheisters, but X-Factor Man is the only one who both knows it, and admits it.

Onwards and upwards…

Yesterday at The Slog: the broader perspective on Greece, the EU and the Universe


Over the last few days, a dozen or more of us have been enjoying a spirited Twitter debate about ‘to vote or not to vote’. For me, the answer will always depend on the political choice, the voting system, and the issues involved.

On the contemporary UK landscape, I have been disenfranchised for many years now. That’s because:

1. A ridiculously unrepresentative voting system dooms the entry of new players into the market. The denial of my right to tick a box called ‘None of the above’ is an obvious ploy by the Establishment to retain their oligarchic privilege in perpetuity.

2. Of the two ‘major’ Parties, one advocates a laissez-faire economic system that has failed wherever it’s been tried. The other fails to oppose many of the elements of that system, while at the same time offering a set of unaffordable and opportunistic policies that were tried and failed before. Both accept globalism, and neither are avowedly mutualist communitarian. Both have paymasters that do not represent the electoral mainstream.

3. The single plank in any acceptable Party’s manifesto with which I agree is that of secession from the basket case formally known as the EU. This is put forward by UKip, a collection of muddled and accident-prone wannabe MPs led by a spiv who swans about in a camel-hair coat and guffaws into his bitter.

4. None of the current alternatives want all contributions to political Parties made illegal. This is so obviously the reason why the two main runners work for special interests (not the majority) I’m amazed anyone even wonders why I don’t vote any more.

5. I will vote in any democratic election where there is genuine choice. Don’t ask me to vote in a corporacratic election where choice is limited to six versions of wrong-headedness.

6. It is not I who should be asked to justify my abstention: it is the job of our current crop of oligarchs and fraudsters who should be asked to explain why more than 2 in 5 people don’t vote.

And don’t put to 2 in 5 down to apathy: faced with a real chance of dumping the appalling Neil Hamilton 25 years age, 89.2% of the electorate turned out.

Today, a political row is raging in the UK about Grant Shapps – the chairman of the Conservative Party: a man who made money as an online fraudster, and then used bombast, influence and his grubby solicitors to try and shut up those who were on to him. He is being defended by a Health Secretary who despises the NHS, and who used undue influence in a quango to make a fortune out of his shabbily run, tax avoiding company. A man who abused his Office to give favour to a Newscorp takeover bid. A Newscorp found guilty of phone hacking on an industrial scale, whose CEO was close to the Prime Minister, and whose top editor was sent to prison, having resigned as Cameron’s press adviser.

And people are really asking me to believe that all this shady privilege and jobs for the wide-boys would stop under a Labour led Coalition….or a Tory Party in alliance with Ukip – the former having dumped its leader as too nice? Ed Miliband spent his opening weeks as Labour leader trying to lick Rebekah Brooks all over.

Offer me a viable alternative to a rotten system – and the promise of a return to the Rule of Law, depoliticised police, reduced media owner power, banned private donations and zero dependence on a corrupt EU – and you will get my vote. But please: don’t preach to me about “being in it to win it”. I will only ever be ‘in’ if there is a reasonable chance of winning.

Which is, I have to tell you, why I don’t do the lottery either: at 13.5m to 1, I don’t like the odds.

Earlier at The Slog: Unreformed banks make an unmitigated Crash inevitable

JEREMY HUNT & EBOLA: the Commons statement in full


What I am announcing today is measures to make sure that we tighten our procedures across the whole of the NHS, whether its hospitals, GPs surgeries,  or ambulances to make sure that we are absolutely prepared and I have done nothing wrong. The clear advice we have got from the chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies is that the protocols that we have got in place now are correct given the level of risk so she will be the one who will have done something wrong not me if it all goes tits up. She is talking about a handful of cases, if that, arriving in the UK in the next few months, but we need to be prepared and that’s why we need to make sure that they are tight so we can blame it on alcoholism rates among left-wing nurses.

I hope when [people] hear my statement to the House of Commons this afternoon they will be reassured that we are taking all the measures that we need and I have done nothing wrong. This is not an airborne virus, you need an exchange of bodily fluids to catch it and Jimmy Savile’s dead now so that can’t happen. But we need to make sure that everyone gets the training, everyone is reassured about what they need to do to stay safe, and everyone knows afterwards that I did nothing wrong.

This will thus maintain my absolutely honest consistency in having done nothing wrong when entering my company for the Times employer awards, or avoiding £100,000 of tax two years ago. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with inheriting your Parliamentary seat from a second cousin by marriage. And during the BSkyB bid, although I withheld over 120 emails from the Commons enquiry, I did nothing wrong.

It goes to show just how well Conservative government works when, as is now obvious, the number of people doing something wrong keeps falling. Bankers, Mayor Johnson, Grant Shapps, Lord Green, George Osborne, David Cameron, Lord Brittan and Lord Fallon did nothing wrong in relation to Libor rates, Taxi emissions falsification, internet fraud, drug money laundering, sniffing lines, discussing BSkyB bids on Boxing Day, distributing childporn and Libor rate collusion. Or gold price manipulation, collusion with police in charging innocent BBC DJs, collusion with Newscorp involving education bribes, attempts to quash a phone hacking enquiry, and misleading the country on pretty much all aspects of foreign policy.

Do nothing wrong: join the Conservative Party.

Earlier at The Slog: UKip riddled with Ebola claims Tory Chairman Shapps

HUNT BALLS: Hotcourses buyers back out of Jeremy Hunt’s payday

Inflexion reflection leads to Hunt dejection

Inflexion Private Equity has abandoned plans to acquire the education course listings business owned by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former adman media director Mike Elms

The company was expected to fetch £35 million, netting Hunt, who is understood to own a 49% stake in the company, £17 million. But Inflexion’s due diligence seems to have thrown up a few, um, problems.
Perhaps one might be that in the six months to 31 July 2012, Hotcourses had a turnover of £6.5 million. This was a fall of fully 32% on the same period in 2011. And in 2013, I understand, the turnover fell over 50% to £4 million. Gulp.
Hunt and Elms began scrabbling around looking for a buyer last August. Inflexion seemed hot to trot, but now they’re not.
Only one reaction can sum up our sympathy re this one.
sealaughfinalJezzer hoped for the seal of public approval
Instead, he got the public approval of the seal

CALL TO ACTION: Jeremy Hunt, self-styled ‘fan’ of the NHS, proves he is the Bain of our lives

Infecting our blood supply with Bain is a senseless act of murder by fanatics

huntcatptOnly a United Front can stop the feral alley-cats now

I think this week was one of those when somehow I felt a step-change in the nature of what the Conservative Party is turning into. The chief symptom of the step-change was the direction, and brazen acceleration in that direction, of the fanatics who now seem to have all the power in the Coalition government here in Britain. But an equally depressing second symptom was the truly pathetic reaction to it from the Opposition.

How easy it was to see how Hunt, Hannan and almost the entire right-wing press played the plight of a Health Service kicked from pillar to post over three decades, and then puffed up with Blairite bollocks: for their own foul advantage. I ran a piece predicting it on the morning of the 14 trusts report, and the entire day was spent watching Stepford Tories performing as if they were my personal puppets, enslaved by their own braindead agenda.

But I can probably best sum up to qualitative nature of the change as follows:

They’re no longer selling the family silver: they’re stealing the citizen’s silver – and fencing it

For foreign readers within Dan Hannan’s fantasy land the Anglosphere, I should explain that ‘fencing’ means ‘illegally pawning’. And let me also make it clear to new readers that I’m not ‘left wing’, but rather a one-nation mutualist who thinks that what’s going on is wrong for two vitally important reasons: decency, and the long-term economic survival of the country I once loved…..and long to love again.

If you want to know why the cars we drive are all imported, the nuclear fuel we use is the wrong one, our energy mix is pathetic, our water supply shambolic, our railways horrendously expensive, our countryside disappearing and the NHS collapsing, then I’ll tell you succinctly: because Trade Union leaders f**cked them up, Thatcherites sold them, gargoyles began to run them, Civil servants milked them, and/or foreigners bought them for a song, and politicians took bribes to get reelected. Red, Blue, and Pinstripe: they’re all equally guilty.

But at the moment, it’s the Tories’ turn, so they’re the ones in The Slog’s sights most often. Yesterday it was revealed that the Newscories plan to sell 80% of the Blood tranfusion service to Bain. Bain was the inveterate, pointless asset-stripping machine set up by that nice man Dan Hannan admires so much, Mitt Romney. You remember Mitt: he was the losing Presidential candidate caught telling a flatware-donation gathering that the poor were feckless, and ought to be moved offshore along with their jobs. You know – the guy who thinks God is going to land in Pennsylvania on a psychedelic milk float or some other such religious bilge. The guy who stripped the arse and soul out of companies, and thus made his money creating entire regiments of unemployed folks. A complete bastard….and so dumb, even the Black Dude managed to beat him.

At what point are the citizens of Britain going to get off their pimply, flaccid buttocks and realise that if we sell social weal assets to psychopaths, our nation will (a) lose any control it has left over its destiny and (b) those services will be watered down while bean-counters find new ways to rip customers off? Let’s run a book: will it be snuff-shows on TV? Live International pig-violation for the Under Fives? Murdoch rogering the Monarch on a tumbril waltzing down the Mall? The answer is when it’s too late.

At what point are the media going to start running stories condemning some of this, asking awkward questions of Jeremy Hunt about his serial lying and business ‘legs up’, or Grant Shapps about his internet ID frauds, or Nick Clegg about how he got his first EU job, or Peter Mandelson about his steamy nights in the niche bordellos of Hungary and friendship with the paedo-pimp Jeffrey Epstein, or Leon Brittan about his fun with diplomatic bags? The answer is, as long as they’re owned by megalo unelected monsters, never.

At what point are some of the rank and file in the Conservative Party going to grasp that our professional and business ethics are so destitute in the UK now, the bourse-driven globalist private sector doesn’t GAF about society and citizens? Have they learned nothing at all from the PFI, water privatisation, G4S, bank rate manipulation, gold market manipulation, currency manipulation, the insured American health sector, or indeed any of the other disgraceful plundering of taxpayers’ money by these ghastly excuses for humanity and their allies the central banks? Don’t they get the fact that Big paedophile EU molested and finally killed defenceless little Cyprus in its insatiable drive for power? The answer is, as long as they’re cloned by the leadership, never.

And the Labour Party, our friend in tough times? They’re a less than useless, rubber-spined crew of controlling twerps stuck in 1974. Ed Balls – man of the People? Er no, actually: dickhead adviser to Gordon Clown parachuted onto the unsuspecting Morley selection committee by his mad boss. That’s democracy is it? The Party I once leaned towards is today more like a fiend in Toff times. And please, screaming activists, can you stop this moronic chant of ‘Hands off our NHS’? It hasn’t been our f**king NHS since 1970, when Union Leader and Mandarin greed began strangling it to death. Placards are just a waste of wood and paper. Wake up.

While Labout turns a blind eye to EU sociopathy, Hague jumps on a plane to Washington in his role as a slight irritation up the US back passage – useful occasionally when some turds need to be thrown at unsuspecting Arabs somewhere. As Britain slid into a morass of off-radar overspending after 2005, Whitehall helped by illegally trebling its pension entitlements.

This is what’s happening, my fellow decent minority signees: Britain is a clapped out whore, overworked and abused by previous pimps. An old bitch worked to death in a puppy farm. The Reds, Blues and Pinstripes are merely competing to be her last pimp: and all they’re arguing about is whether to sell her to the petfood industry, the Brussels glue factory, or the functionaries.

They’re throwing dice outside the forum, and the barbarians are in the suburbs. The blogosphere and online/telecoms user army absolutely must form a Coalition for decency and commercial rebuilding, or we will collapse into the same morass of depraved Caligulism that became Rome’s fate. FFS leave your tribes and comfort zones and archaic ideologies and infantile sucking blankets and slaughter every sacred cow you can find.

As you know, I rarely ask for this: today I do with more passion and sincerity than ever before. Please share, forward, Facebook, link and retweet links to this piece. Just that one act of solidarity against this wall of excrement heading our way will be enough to encourage me in the belief that there might still be time to demonstrate decency power, and force radical realism back onto the agenda. A New Front now is our last hope. We mst draw the last line in the sand, starting today.

I’ll be back later to see how things are going. If they aren’t going anywhere, as Oates famously remarked, “I may be gone some time”.

REVEALED: The harsh reality behind Jeremy Hunt’s oh-so-concerned tweets

Slog prediction confirmed as Watchdog bites Hunt in the bum

huntfopaintTwo days ago, I posted that public and media apathy about the fate of free healthcare in the UK was guiding us somnambulantly into the ‘shower’ of privatisation. For some months now I’ve been nailing Jeremy Hunt’s every lachrymose tweet about how much he cares for the NHS, when in truth the little weasel is quietly shifting the funds off-piste and watching its hospitals starve. I predicted Lansley’s reforms would create a mess three years ago, and I predicted that – once hospitals saw how little money they’d got – Trust insolvencies were bound to follow. All of this has come to pass.

Late last night, David Prior, head of the medical Care Quality Commission (CQC) watchdog gave a widely media-circulated speech in which he strongly suggested that primary care (the very GPs who Lansley and Hunt gave most of the NHS budget to) are not looking after senior citizens well enough….and as a result, older people are turning up in A&E with illnesses it is too late to stop. The healthcare system, Prior stated bluntly, is “on the brink of collapse” and his CQC “cannot promise to prevent further scandals like Mid-Staffordshire”.

Mr Prior slammed:

* The 50% of hospitals providing care “which was either poor or not terribly good.

* The 45 hospitals which have had problems which date back five years. (Three of which were, of course, on Camerlot’s watch)

* The decision to allow GPs to opt out of weekend/evening care, saying that they should be available to patients around the clock.

* The Thatcherite ‘internal market’ choice bollocks. He admitted there was no real market in health care, leaving many patients at the mercy of their local hospital, regardless of its quality. “The patient or resident is the weakest voice in the system,” Prior said,“we can talk about competition until the cows come home but if you live in Norwich there is one hospital.”

The wave of common sense above, by the way, comes from the mouth of a former Tory MP. So Hunt can hardly dismiss it as knee-jerk health-sector self-protection. But Prior is broadening the debate out into the social consequences of ignoring the demographic time bomb all governments have kicked down the road for the last thirty years.

“Emergency admissions through A&E are out of control in large parts of the country….that is totally unsustainable,” he asserted, adding ““If we don’t start closing acute beds, the system is going to fall over.”

But what happens then to the patients? Mr Prior is calling for large-scale closures of hospital beds, and a massive diversion of investment monies into community care. Unfortunately, the Lansley-Hunt axis of madness privatised most of the Primary Care sector, which they have handed over to a combo of Dave’s mate Sir Richard Branson and go-getting GP entrepreneurs on £250,000 a year and no after-hours working, thank you very much.

A number of alternative (or side by side) responses to this will now emerge from the DfH and Downing Street:

1. We inherited this mess from Labour

2. We told you the NHS is a disaster and the only way to raise standards is to bring in the private sector….which we are doing

3. It’s a bigger problem than just health and so we need an Enquiry into social care for old people.

But in fact, what this latest embarrassment for the forces of decisive markets and patient choice represents is the logical outcome of a policy designed from Day One to melt down and let in the massive private health lobby at Westminster. Forget politics for a minute – consider events over time:

Last November the Royal College of Nursing warned that more than 60,000 health jobs would disappear as a result of the hospital cash starvation engineered from mid 2010.

→ Morale is appallingly low, and as a result NHS nursing is 6,000 understrength. As Lansley handed over to the bizarrely promoted Hunt last year, the cash crisis had removed 28,500 posts in two years.

In July 2011, NHS managers bluntly warned the Coalition that the Service “faces a dire financial situation that will risk patient safety and clinical outcomes……NHS managers are also worried that patient access will worsen”. Lansley dismissed it as flannel. As with most things, Lansley was wrong.

→ Last year, Clive Peedell, Chairman of the NHS Consultants’ body, told the media there was “evidence that privatisation is an inevitable consequence of many of the policies contained in the Health and Social Care Bill” – this having been the test-tube baby created by the Conservatives which passed into Law on 27th March 2012.

Note that the Act was ‘Health and Social Care’…but what David Prior now says is that without massive social care investment, the entire system will (as he puts it) “fall over”. So just a year after ‘the most extensive reorganisation of the structure of the National Health Service in England to date’  it’s, um, collapsing.

On introducing the Bill to the Commons last year, Andrew Lacklustre stressed three central principles as the foundation for the new NHS:

  • Patients at the centre of the NHS
  • Changing the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes
  • Empowering health professionals, in particular GPs

Well, the man personally appointed by Heezak Hunt to run the CQC says it not only isn’t working very well: it won’t work at all very soon unless something drastic is done. Taking those three ‘principles’ set out by Tweet-freak Imac Hunt’s predecessor, what has predictably happened here is that his ’empowered’ GPs have empowered themselves onto a five-day week with shares in the business, so by the time neglected older patients get to ‘the centre of the NHS’, they’re as good as dead: which is most definitely going to ‘change the emphasis of measurement to clinical outcomes’.

This entire shambles is the result of discredited market theories, sloppy Camerlot thinking, and mega-powerful private health companies combining to produce under-funded anarchy. From the outset, Hunt’s game plan has been to engineer an emergency, and then bring in a privately dominated fire brigade. Keep at it Heezak, you’re almost there mate.

I feel a Huntweet bombardment coming on. Anyone care to join me?

Last night at The Slog: Where there’s a will there’s a way out of our cultural disaster

HUNT BALLS: How Hunt trousered £17m by being “no longer involved on a daily basis” in Hotcourses

By John Ward November 11, 2013

THE PAEDOFILE: Serial abuser Simon Wood worked for Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation

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EXCLUSIVE: Secret Tory steering committee working overtime to ready NHS for mass privatisation

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Jeremy Hunt, and the Satanic Mill that made his fortune.

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Sleaze is dead. Long live ‘Open for business’.

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EXCLUSIVE: Hunt forces ‘lobbied for Health appointment three months ago’.

‘The new health secretary personally intervened to encourage the controversial takeover of NHS hospitals in his constituency by a private company, Virgin Care. Frustrated by delays to the £650m deal earlier this year, he pushed NHS Surrey officials to sign … Continue reading →



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At the End of the Day

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HUNT BALLS: How one last briefing scam tried to save Jeremy….and failed.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Hunt, a company owned by his brother, and an accounting coincidence

Momentarily flummoxed, Jeremy decides to phone a friend Not many people know this, but Jeremy Hunt has a younger brother called Charles. Charles used to have a company selling non-apparel cloth (bedding) via direct mail. Right at the end of … Continue reading →

HUNT BALLS: The loveliness of Jeremy just goes on and on

How a noisy *unt turned silent on local hospitals once in Office Mr Hunt…no longer Shadow Minister For many years leading up to its victory in obtaining Foundation Trust Status towards the end of 2009, the Surrey County Hospital was … Continue reading →

LABOUR POLL LEAD: A loss of faith in the Coalition, a loss of face for Camerlot.

Doooerrh…what’s up Dave? You have to hand it to David Cameron, he’s not a hoarder: no Party leader in British history has thrown away quite as much as he. With only a mentally-torpedoed, half-blind Caledonian failure to beat in May … Continue reading →

EXCLUSIVE: The very odd relationship between Jeremy Hunt and the British Council

Hunt….time to grin and bare it? Revealed: how Hunt made millions via a disguised shelf  company The Slog has established that Jeremy Hunt’s Educational Supplies company engaged in shelf-company subterfuge during crucial dealings with The British Council (in 2002), dealings … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 471: Another Cameron turkey comes home to roost

Jeremy Hunt’s impartiality is in doubt, and he should go. What kind of man has friends like these? Andrew Marr once famously remarked that Margaret Thatcher was fortunate in her choice of enemies. The problem with David Cameron is that … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 469: James Murdoch admits Cameron misled Parliament, Secretary Hunt was enthusiastic facilitator of Newscorp’s BSkyB bid.

The inestimably ghastly Jeremy *unt Astonishing “shame we didn’t record him” admission James Murdoch is being questioned by the Leveson Media Enquiry this morning GMT, but Newscorp Director of Public Affairs Frederic Michel is also turning into a central figure, … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 222: Newscorp plays dirty, right to the last toll of the bell

*unt….bit of a wide boy Such a shame – Newscorp and Jeremy *unt would’ve been a pure love-match Newscorp legal chiefs Tom Crone and Jon Chapman are on ‘leaving bonuses’ of £1.5m and £1.6m respectively….which they won’t get until after … Continue reading →


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Fragrant copper-topped News International CEO Ahreadsum Books has sent this email to The Slog: Dearest Sloggers On behalf of all the innocent young people who may now lose their jobs here at the Wapping-Fibs Estate, I would like to once … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 174: When cooperating fully is no longer enough

CEO Rebekah Brooks…a cap that doesn’t fit Rupert laid bare: a man fit to take over BSkyB? We shouldn’t be surprised by Newscorp’s role in the Milly Dowler case. Nor should we be surprised by the creepy hypocrisy of the … Continue reading →


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HACKGAT DAY 159: Woman arrested about Newscorp hacking, Balls calls in police about Telegraph series.

Errr……… It is slowly dawning on the British public that privacy invasion is a much bigger subject than the criminals at the News of the World. This morning’s arrest in West Yorkshire is, I’m told, of a hacking ‘intermediary’ not … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 156: What Murdoch news companies get up to given half a chance, No. 995,430.

One of Murdoch’s more subtle front pages New study finds that Murdoch-owned Fox News misinforms more than any other  US station. “Fox News stood out for the high amount of incorrect information believed by its viewers.” (WPO conclusion) Watching Fox … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 151: No honour among hackers as Brooks ‘confirmed’ as a victim

Rebekah….going for sympathy vote? …and Newscorp invites Hunt to its Summer Party It’s pretty clear that, during 2005, Newscorp CEO Rebekah Brooks’s mobile phone must’ve been the most public piece of personal technology on the planet. For as well as … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 146: Pressure on Akers – but more pressure on Murdoch

As Newscorp plugs another hole in the boat, a new one appears Riddle of media’s role in hacking the Brown plotters during 2005-6 During last Wednesday’s PMQs, David Cameron was looking distinctly miffed and altogether hissy when Labour MP Tom … Continue reading →


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Hunt Balls 6: Jeremy’s inability to engage brain on the BSkyB bid….

“Eeeeeeeaaaarrrrhhoooooobrruummbbbrrrrummm…” ….and why Murdoch’s critical path analysis has gone wrong Jeremy Hunt gave us all a catch-up yesterday on how near the smooth running tram that is Newscorp’s BSkyB bid is to going off the rails. Although (as far as … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 5 & MEDIA FREEDOMS: Are the hacks blind?

Jeremy Riming-Slange….”I mean hey, we could make the ban this wide if you like” Following yesterday’s Slog piece about where anti-Max Mosley triumphalism will inevitably lead, there is more Hunt Balls this morning to suggest I was right on the … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 4: How Jeremy slithered out of Marr’s reach.

Cameron and Hunt…there is no rational explanation for the Newscorp decision On the Marr show this morning, Jeremy Hunt gave a master class on how to be deliberately obtuse while appearing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And Andrew Marr duly fulfilled his … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 3: Jeremy Hunt’s very special relationship with the British Council.

Why did the British Council use an off-the-peg company to award Jeremy Hunt business? Hotcourses and Sheffield Data…..same building, same contract The Slog looked briefly here yesterday at Jeremy Hunt’s extremely advantageous dealings with the British Council. Since then I’ve … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 2: Cable OUT for being biased against Murdoch, Hunt IN for being slavish admirer of Murdoch.

Tory Culture Minister splashed admiration for Murdoch on his own website Hunt…far from being put in a corner by Cameron, Hunt was gung-ho for the Newscorp deal This morning, the Slog showed how Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt shares a liking … Continue reading →

HUNT BALLS 1: Jeremy Hunt, the British Council, and a public deception.

History sheds an interesting light on the Culture Secretary’s ethics Typing error Hunt The international education site The Language Business alleged late last year that Jeremy Hunt had been party to contract deceptions in relation to work done by his … Continue reading →


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  36. Hunt like Cameron,Hague & Osborne may be slimy sacks of s**t but anyone who thinks Labour will rescue the NHS is deluding themselves getting rid of vile & devious LibLabCon is crucial


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