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HUNT BALLS: How Hunt trousered £17m by being “no longer involved on a daily basis” in Hotcourses

By John Ward November 11, 2013

THE PAEDOFILE: Serial abuser Simon Wood worked for Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation

March 28, 2013 · 9:38 am | Edit

HUNT BALLS: A strange Odyssey of fibs, cronyism, and desecrating war graves

“Victory is ours!” In a classic saga of 3-D bollocks, three senior Conservatives in Surrey and a rapacious US Salvage Company have combined to engineer the desecration of an historic war-grave, HMS Victory. Admiral Sir John Balchen went down with … Continue reading →



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HEALTH SECRETARY HUNT: Revealed – what you see & what you get

WHAT YOU SEE Thoughtful, concerned reformer The deckchair-rearrangement of high-profile (and often hitech) ‘developments’ that emerges from Jeremy Hunt’s department is a non-stop fog of ether in the mainstream press. While on Twitter, cutting-edge Hunt (rearrange consonants depending on your … Continue reading →

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England vs Foreigners in the Leveson Cup: it was a game of two halves, squire.

Somehow, Boris, Rupert and Alistair snatched victory in the needle match between decent journalism and tabloid toadies I’m indebted to The Slog’s peripatetic media correspondent Dietrich von Ausland for reminding me about the foreign ownership thing in relation to Leveson. … Continue reading →

NHS SELLING-COMMITTEE: More leaks point to real Camerlot strategy

Jeremy Hunt denies entire Slog article The Observer partially vindicates The Slog today by claiming that ‘a leaked document reveals how the private health lobby worked with Downing Street behind the scenes to ensure that the new legislation went ahead’. … Continue reading →



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Pandora’s box of British paedophiles: why the unknown nature of the contents keeps the lid on them.

Part Two of today’s Slog Special unveils the key four-letter word: FEAR Masons perform odd rituals, bullies choose positions of power, and exclusive clubs tolerate unspeakable practices. But the central truth I have arrived at in relation to institutional paedophilia … Continue reading →


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EXCLUSIVE: Secret Tory steering committee working overtime to ready NHS for mass privatisation

Enquiries by The Slog in the later hours of yesterday evening confirmed that an informal but extremely powerful Working Group has been set up by the Coalition – separate from both NHS management and the Department for Health – to … Continue reading →


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REVEALED AT LAST: The Hunt-Bottomley link

The one-word secret of Hunt’s success: NEPOTISM His relationship to Virginia Bottomley…..his dealings with the British Council….his inheritance of the SW Surrey constituency….his father’s history in UK Health provision….the Health interests for whom Bottomley now works….his capture of the Health … Continue reading →

The man who set the tone of the Party Conference remains low-profile

Jeremy Hunt: loose cannon or deadly sniper? The Slog examines what the Prime Minister’s enemies are up to, and concludes that Dave’s Doom is a certainty. “What on earth was Jeremy Hunt, the extremely green Health Secretary, thinking when he … Continue reading →


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Jeremy Hunt, and the Satanic Mill that made his fortune.

“Look, you can get children up chimneys only this wide’ The man who will be in charge of motivating medical and support staff in the NHS is today revealed as a ruthlessly insensitive employer, with neither regard nor respect for … Continue reading →


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Sleaze is dead. Long live ‘Open for business’.

From yesterday’s Dacre Wail….the sting is in the italics: ‘Tory chairman Grant Shapps has been accused of changing entries on his Wikipedia page to make it read more favourably. Among the deletions are references to his school results and a … Continue reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Hunt forces ‘lobbied for Health appointment three months ago’.

‘The new health secretary personally intervened to encourage the controversial takeover of NHS hospitals in his constituency by a private company, Virgin Care. Frustrated by delays to the £650m deal earlier this year, he pushed NHS Surrey officials to sign … Continue reading →



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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Invasion of the body-politic snatchers?

What readers of this site – and other thinkers who are drawn in by the recent Slog Hunt-Groucho four-poster – will I hope take away to ponder is the fear that this process of promoting Jeremy Hunt may be more … Continue reading →

THE GROUCHO-HUNT SYNDROME: Some final questions

Is the Prime Minister on drugs? So there was our Prime Minister, having a rush of something to his head as he spoke about building regulations and getting Britain back on its feet by building more homes to house the … Continue reading →

At the End of the Day

Life is too serious to be taken too seriously Interviewed on BBCNews this afternoon in relation to the clinical killing of an Iraqi-born British father and his wife, a grandmother and a French cyclist, the British Ambassador in France attempted … Continue reading →

Illegal camerawork at The Groucho Club:

was it a missing link in the Hackgate saga? On the trail of Groucho members, Newscorpers, and Shadow Ministers The story so far: we know that the Groucho Club run by JHJ Lewis indulged in unregulated surveillance. We know that … Continue reading →


Is this an amoral shit greeting a Crooked bastard at the Olympic games? And if so, which one is JHJ Lewis backing? DAY 2 OF THE GROUCHO-HUNT FILES The man who bankrolled Jeremy Hunt’s controversial visit to New York in … Continue reading →


Why Cameron backed away from a toxic Jeremy Hunt at Culture Shocking series of scandals surrounding the Groucho Club. Two years ago, during the 2009-10 period, David Cameron took a keen interest in a Tory taskforce invited to produce a … Continue reading →



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HUNT BALLS: Why the post-Olympics arrogance of Jeremy is a good enough reason for Cameron to sack him

This from the Daily Telegraph today: ‘It should have been the easiest of questions for an experienced Cabinet minister to answer. Appearing at a press conference the morning after the 2012 closing ceremony, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt was asked, perfectly … Continue reading →


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OLYMPICS: Business slump rocks Hunt, Johnson

OOPSLYMPICS A idiotic*unt There’s an ad on the Google search page this morning, from Thistle Hotels. It says simply, ’50% off London Olympics Hotel Rooms’. The first of the great myths about London 2012 has already been shattered by some … Continue reading →



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At the End of the Day

Isn’t it amazing how there are always apologists for wankers, bankers and mandarins? “It’s all perfectly normal and above board” Jeremy *unt popped up two days ago to say that it was jolly fine, normal and acceptable for private sector … Continue reading →


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HUNT BALLS: How one last briefing scam tried to save Jeremy….and failed.

Repealing the Fox-hunting ban You may have spotted a medium-weight but cleverly placed campaign of spin over the last few days. This was putting forward the idea that Jeremy (much put-upon, poor innocent Jeremy) would – with enormous regret – … Continue reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Hunt business links to Newscorp revealed.

Educational product cooperation laid bare, raising doubts about Murdoch influence on Gove’s school reforms. A Slog exposé Special Hunt…a lot to explain at Leveson Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has direct and potentially very beneficial partnering links with the Newscorp empire … Continue reading →


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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Hunt, a company owned by his brother, and an accounting coincidence

Momentarily flummoxed, Jeremy decides to phone a friend Not many people know this, but Jeremy Hunt has a younger brother called Charles. Charles used to have a company selling non-apparel cloth (bedding) via direct mail. Right at the end of … Continue reading →

HUNT BALLS: The loveliness of Jeremy just goes on and on

How a noisy *unt turned silent on local hospitals once in Office Mr Hunt…no longer Shadow Minister For many years leading up to its victory in obtaining Foundation Trust Status towards the end of 2009, the Surrey County Hospital was … Continue reading →

LABOUR POLL LEAD: A loss of faith in the Coalition, a loss of face for Camerlot.

Doooerrh…what’s up Dave? You have to hand it to David Cameron, he’s not a hoarder: no Party leader in British history has thrown away quite as much as he. With only a mentally-torpedoed, half-blind Caledonian failure to beat in May … Continue reading →

EXCLUSIVE: The very odd relationship between Jeremy Hunt and the British Council

Hunt….time to grin and bare it? Revealed: how Hunt made millions via a disguised shelf  company The Slog has established that Jeremy Hunt’s Educational Supplies company engaged in shelf-company subterfuge during crucial dealings with The British Council (in 2002), dealings … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 471: Another Cameron turkey comes home to roost

Jeremy Hunt’s impartiality is in doubt, and he should go. What kind of man has friends like these? Andrew Marr once famously remarked that Margaret Thatcher was fortunate in her choice of enemies. The problem with David Cameron is that … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 469: James Murdoch admits Cameron misled Parliament, Secretary Hunt was enthusiastic facilitator of Newscorp’s BSkyB bid.

The inestimably ghastly Jeremy *unt Astonishing “shame we didn’t record him” admission James Murdoch is being questioned by the Leveson Media Enquiry this morning GMT, but Newscorp Director of Public Affairs Frederic Michel is also turning into a central figure, … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 222: Newscorp plays dirty, right to the last toll of the bell

*unt….bit of a wide boy Such a shame – Newscorp and Jeremy *unt would’ve been a pure love-match Newscorp legal chiefs Tom Crone and Jon Chapman are on ‘leaving bonuses’ of £1.5m and £1.6m respectively….which they won’t get until after … Continue reading →


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Fragrant copper-topped News International CEO Ahreadsum Books has sent this email to The Slog: Dearest Sloggers On behalf of all the innocent young people who may now lose their jobs here at the Wapping-Fibs Estate, I would like to once … Continue reading →


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HACKGATE DAY 174: When cooperating fully is no longer enough

CEO Rebekah Brooks…a cap that doesn’t fit Rupert laid bare: a man fit to take over BSkyB? We shouldn’t be surprised by Newscorp’s role in the Milly Dowler case. Nor should we be surprised by the creepy hypocrisy of the … Continue reading →


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HACKGAT DAY 159: Woman arrested about Newscorp hacking, Balls calls in police about Telegraph series.

Errr……… It is slowly dawning on the British public that privacy invasion is a much bigger subject than the criminals at the News of the World. This morning’s arrest in West Yorkshire is, I’m told, of a hacking ‘intermediary’ not … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 156: What Murdoch news companies get up to given half a chance, No. 995,430.

One of Murdoch’s more subtle front pages New study finds that Murdoch-owned Fox News misinforms more than any other  US station. “Fox News stood out for the high amount of incorrect information believed by its viewers.” (WPO conclusion) Watching Fox … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 151: No honour among hackers as Brooks ‘confirmed’ as a victim

Rebekah….going for sympathy vote? …and Newscorp invites Hunt to its Summer Party It’s pretty clear that, during 2005, Newscorp CEO Rebekah Brooks’s mobile phone must’ve been the most public piece of personal technology on the planet. For as well as … Continue reading →

HACKGATE DAY 146: Pressure on Akers – but more pressure on Murdoch

As Newscorp plugs another hole in the boat, a new one appears Riddle of media’s role in hacking the Brown plotters during 2005-6 During last Wednesday’s PMQs, David Cameron was looking distinctly miffed and altogether hissy when Labour MP Tom … Continue reading →


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Hunt Balls 6: Jeremy’s inability to engage brain on the BSkyB bid….

“Eeeeeeeaaaarrrrhhoooooobrruummbbbrrrrummm…” ….and why Murdoch’s critical path analysis has gone wrong Jeremy Hunt gave us all a catch-up yesterday on how near the smooth running tram that is Newscorp’s BSkyB bid is to going off the rails. Although (as far as … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 5 & MEDIA FREEDOMS: Are the hacks blind?

Jeremy Riming-Slange….”I mean hey, we could make the ban this wide if you like” Following yesterday’s Slog piece about where anti-Max Mosley triumphalism will inevitably lead, there is more Hunt Balls this morning to suggest I was right on the … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 4: How Jeremy slithered out of Marr’s reach.

Cameron and Hunt…there is no rational explanation for the Newscorp decision On the Marr show this morning, Jeremy Hunt gave a master class on how to be deliberately obtuse while appearing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And Andrew Marr duly fulfilled his … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 3: Jeremy Hunt’s very special relationship with the British Council.

Why did the British Council use an off-the-peg company to award Jeremy Hunt business? Hotcourses and Sheffield Data…..same building, same contract The Slog looked briefly here yesterday at Jeremy Hunt’s extremely advantageous dealings with the British Council. Since then I’ve … Continue reading →

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HUNT BALLS 2: Cable OUT for being biased against Murdoch, Hunt IN for being slavish admirer of Murdoch.

Tory Culture Minister splashed admiration for Murdoch on his own website Hunt…far from being put in a corner by Cameron, Hunt was gung-ho for the Newscorp deal This morning, the Slog showed how Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt shares a liking … Continue reading →

HUNT BALLS 1: Jeremy Hunt, the British Council, and a public deception.

History sheds an interesting light on the Culture Secretary’s ethics Typing error Hunt The international education site The Language Business alleged late last year that Jeremy Hunt had been party to contract deceptions in relation to work done by his … Continue reading →


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  36. Hunt like Cameron,Hague & Osborne may be slimy sacks of s**t but anyone who thinks Labour will rescue the NHS is deluding themselves getting rid of vile & devious LibLabCon is crucial

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