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Four Reform priorities for Western voters

All the ‘mainstream’ political Parties in the West represent the interests of big groups not individual citizens.

They are no longer fit for purpose, but the only way to get rid of them in favour of more electorate-connected movements is by dumping the dated ideologies that keep us all apart.

The priorities below are, I believe, four main changes that the majority of Western citizens could sign up to:

  • A proportional representation voting system that most closely reflects the mass citizenry’s needs
  • The removal of all donations to political Parties in favour of a regulated taxpayer support model, alongside a drastic curtailing of business, bank and military “for profit” lobbying
  • Making fair tax contributions by globalist concerns a table stake
  • A massive devolution of power away from national to city and local community politics

These are solid reforms based on a Citizen First philosophy. They are new approaches to giving people more power, not dead ideologies based on Adam Smith and Karl Marx. They can bring us together rather than pulling us apart. They are focused on human beings, not Big State systemics.

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