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jeffrey epstein's 7 years of bad luck

JEFFREY EPSTEIN: why the stakes must be incredibly high on the killed v witness fate that awaits him.

DSCN0256 The calumny of Jeffrey Epstein, the horror of his sexual predilections and the quite astonishing Book of Connections he has squirreled away somewhere goes some way towards explaining why, for decades, he was let off, given short sentences – and allowed to retain his liberty unmolested for the last seven years. Now, suddenly, senior members of the US State have decided that they want him charged, in prison, testifying….or not testifying. But the rich and powerful likely to be condemned by any such testimony stretch far beyond American shores. The Slog digs into the archives….


The following post is from nearly seven years ago. It has not been changed, altered or edited in any way.



Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein


Epstein and friend, Prince Andrew

In a previous post earlier this week, The Slog suggested that the main weapon protecting Establishment paedophiles is genuine fear among the elite about where the trail of detection might lead. The case history below offers an example of why that fear exists. Above all, it suggests one very simple guiding light for those reporting about peadophilia: if you want to know the way, ask a policeman.

There is hearsay. And there is something I’ve taken to calling ‘readsay’. The latter is different to gossiped word of mouth, because rather than being a word in you ear without witnesses, it’s 2000 words on newsprint or website – with anything from 12,000 to 750,000 readers.

If the readsay is in a ‘major’ title, then you can bet that a small football team of lawyers has looked very closely for the existence of unintended libel. If the subjects of that piece include one of the most feared politicians in recent British history and a Royal son, then you can be certain that the proprietor of the title has also been fully briefed on what the newsroom is about to publish.

On those bases, what I am about to do is really nothing more than piece together a series of well-established facts, and some of the contemporary allegations that went with them. Unusually in the coverage of paedophiliac perversion to date, the story spans both sies of the Atlantic – and both off and online media giants. Put together, the tale should make those in doubt about the existence of privileged protection think at least twice.


American bond and hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein went to prison in 2010 – albeit briefly – having been found guilty by a US Court of soliciting prostitution from a minor. How and why he escaped a more hefty jail sentence – despite overwhelming evidence of sex crimes with dozens of young girls – remains something guaranteed to make the neutral’s blood boil.

The U.S. attorney who led the Epstein prosecution in Florida’s Southern District commented publicly on the case once it was no longer sub judice, even giving Tina Brown’s highly respected Daily Beast exclusive access to his view in the form of a long open letter. The following facts, among others, emerged: three 12-year-old French girls were delivered to him for his twisted pleasure as a birthday present. Epstein had purchased a “Balkan sex slave” from her family when she was just 14. And the FBI identified around 40 young women, most of them underage at the time, who had been coaxed into Epstein’s Palm Beach home on the request for a “massage” for money…..then forced into various sexual tableaux.

The judiciary knew all about this when Epstein was sentenced. In the US, sex crimes of this nature typically carry a term of 10 to 20 years in prison.  Indeed, the very fact of serious FBI involvement makes clear that the crimes were considered to be extremely serious, organised, and professionally rewarded.

Yet Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

The Beast also described how ‘Fear and intimidation experienced by victims during pre-trial proceedings, combined with a ferocious, protracted campaign to undermine the prosecution, culminated in a set of charges that became a virtual slap on the wrist.’ Tina Brown is married to the London Times legend Harry Evans, an editor whose Insight investigations were the envy of the world. For her to print an accusation so blatantly means she knew it to be fact. And I’d imagine that Evans encouraged her to go with it. The combined experience of the couple is awesome.

Treading on toxic ground, the Daily Mail later got one of Epstein’s victims to go public, and describe her years as “a teenage sex toy”. The woman concerned, Virginia Roberts, produced a photograph of herself with Prince Andrew. It dated from 2001 – when she was 15 – and the ‘toy’ alleged that Epstein had paid her $15,000 to ‘meet’ the prince. The general tone of the piece was to suggest that Epstein had been pimping her around his circle over several years – before the age of 15 – while at the same time regularly abusing the girl.

Yet Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

In 2005, a young girl first brought sex-crime allegations against Jeffrey Epstein to the Palm Beach Police Department, which sought felony charges against Epstein. Subsequently, however, the State Attorney agreed to charge him “only with one count of aggravated assault with no intent to commit a felony”. The difference between the US and Britain, however, is that when faced with an obvious perversion of justice, law officers don’t always look the other way. The attorney concerned, R. Alexander Acosta, brought in the State and then the FBI, who in turn alerted the Attorney General’s office in Washington. But it was 2010 before Epstein started his prison sentence.

And Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

With that kind of influence, you won’t be surprised to know that Mr Epstein had an address book that was to say the least eclectic. In fact, so sure had Epstein been of his immunity, he had placed it online. The names in the book – and here again we are in Readsay territory, because nobody involved disputes these facts – go beyond the dynamite scale:

* The convicted paedophile’s addresses included ten entries for Lord Mandelson and his partner Reinaldo da Silva. They are both ‘gay’: why on earth would they be in the little black book of a paedopimp?

* The book had no fewer than 16 numbers for Prince Andrew, including the home numbers for politicians Lord Heseltine and former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward. The Prince admitted Epstein was a close friend, and refused to disown him even when the guy was found guilty.

* An office address for Tony Blair and a personal number for Bill Clinton were also among the virtual names on record.

Victim Virginia Roberts then confirmed that Mandelson was a regular visitor to Epstein’s New York town house. ‘I remember him being at the house in New York, and I was introduced to him at a dinner party. He and Jeffrey talked business together,” she testified.

Now, imagine you are teacher Wayne Bedfellow, and three kids at your school have complained about inapproriate physical approaches. So the local Plod rings the Met and asks about the names in an address book owned by that West End pimp Reggie Richardson, who just went down for a ten-stretch on charges of pimping minors . In there are five entries for Solihull teacher Wayne Bedfellow. Don’t you think the West Midlands boys in blue would at least get Wayne in for questioning?

Shaun Woodward refused to comment on his otherwise unexplained entry in Epstein’s online book. Peter Mandelson refused to answer when asked about why convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein had ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva…including fax and email numbers for the latter. The peer just toughed it out. When contacted by the Mail, Lord Heseltine said he had “no memory” of meeting Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke of York stayed at the townhouse, just off Central Park, for four days one Christmas. Epstein lent his former wife Sarah Ferguson £15,000 when she got into financial difficulties. Both the Prince and Mandelson know Kazakh socialite and businesswoman Goga Ashkenazi: she is alleged to have introduced Andrew to Timur Kulibayev, the man who bought Prince Andrew’s former marital home, Sunninghill, at £3million above the asking price. That’s fifteen million Pounds. Ashkenazi too has multiple entries in the contact file of paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.

Oddly, to the best of my knowledge, PC George Dixon has not been up the Palace to ask a lot of impertinent questions.

Compare and contrast, as they say. What can I say except that it all feels a bit seedy and demi-monde. To me anyway. It reads like the triumph of privilege over pressure. Nothing more, nothing less.

For those who’ve only been following the entire Slog paedophile saga in a cursory manner, I have to remind you that in a previous post relating to fun and games at The Groucho Club, I also reported the truth:  a respected hack confided in me not long ago, naming a senior member of the royal household as the joint owner of the Groucho’s hastily removed paedophile exchange website domain.

Now to my critics (and these include a large number of my own friends and regular Sloggers) this will be yet more evidence of scurrilous behaviour on my part. It isn’t, and the only analogy I have left in explaining the reason for dogged persistence is the police detective analogy used earlier.

If we think of the Fourth Estate as, in many ways, pro-am sleuths, then it seems to me justified to ask what a copper would do if faced with this sort of ‘connective’ evidence against Chummy. He’d look to eliminate Chummy from his enquiries or – if he couldn’t – make two and two add four for certain. If he couldn’t do that, he’d keep Chummy on file for future reference. And if Chummy was in the frame for sex offences again, he’d bear it in mind. Over time, he might even put a tail on Chummy, and se if he could catch the bugger at it.

Because nobody did that for Ian Huntley, two little girls in Soham died. Nobody did that because the record of his sex-crimes had been deleted. It was deleted by the Humberside police authority, headed by a multiply ‘cleared’ (but still highly suspected) paedophile whom the Labour Party has since disowned.

In the media world some people would like to see, Chummy would be ignored over and over again. Their solution to this issue would be to ask whyowhyowhyowhy so-and-so got away with it afterwards. Sorry, but that’s not the real world of common sense. The case continues…both here and – hopefully – elsewhere until the truth finally emerges.

This is Part Two of a double-header, the first instalment of which appeared this morning here at The Slog.

13 thoughts on “JEFFREY EPSTEIN: why the stakes must be incredibly high on the killed v witness fate that awaits him.

  1. Jeffrey Epstein is apparently dead on suicide watch.

    It cannot be much of a watch if they actually let him get away with it, what with CCTV technology and all that nowadays.

    I would be demanding DNA evidence from the ‘body’ as well in the running is the quiet flight off to pastures new with a new ID to see out his days, now that he is ‘officially dead’.

    How convenient that as soon as previous Acosta decision is challenged that Epstein is no longer available for the witness box.

    Start from the assumption he has been conveniently taken elsewhere.

    How amazing it is that justice never seems to run its course where the rich and powerful are concerned….


  2. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein dies by suicide inside his Manhattan jail cell.

    Just seen on The Mail Online. Was trying to be suprised or shocked but just couldnt pull it off.
    We need a top ten of alltime predictably faked suicides. This would be in the top 1. JW


  3. “The difference between the US and Britain, however, is that when faced with an obvious perversion of justice, law officers don’t always look the other way”. I honestly wasn’t sure for a moment which way to read that sentence. Shows my naivety and faith in British justice I suppose. Rapidly crumbling away following recent events such as the grooming of white girls, the non Brexit and the Great State Pension Robbery.

    Thank you for resurrecting this article John that shows a ticking time bomb is still a time bomb unless it is detonated.


  4. The great battle is in full swing now.Not between good and evil ,but between an awakening human conciseness ,and non human controlers ,who will do anything to keep their fake power structures alive .The transgender agenda with children is to interfere with the natural male female balance of the chils conciseness ,which can cause years if not a lifetime of sexual and spiritual misery.The feminists dance and applaud this spiritual abuse of their own children ,utterly brainwashed into believing themselves to be morally superior to anyone who can see the truth.Our greatest threat ,doesn’t come from the bad guys,its from fools that think themselves good.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We are living in dangerous Sodom&Gomorrah like times.. Elite Pedophiles are becoming bold and now we have the sick news of of us allowing children as young a 3 to consider transgender. The danger part of all this is we see police dancing in Pride marches alongside very young kids who see disgusting sexual exhibitionism by certain pride walkers. Top of that the blatent bias shown towards Tommy Robinson by the judiciary putting him in jail because of his stand against the Rotherham grooming gang.. Yep very dangerous times for our kids..

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Interesting piece. There is clearly more than meets the eye about the Epstein thing.
    In the Prince Andrew case, wouldn’t MI6 or someone else have tipped him off early on about Epstein if something untoward were happening?
    Plus the body language in both the picture with Epstein and Andrew, and Andrew and the girl is all wrong if we are to believe the narrative about Epstein.
    No, I suspect the ‘paedophilia’ is a smokescreen for something else – although heaven knows what.

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  7. John Ward,

    I applaud your courage here, because, as I am sure you are aware, it is personally dangerous for you to do so, because you are publishing details of extremely evil acts of very powerful people. You are a very brave man. I do not take any such stories, as likely being true, without substantial, multiple, independent witness evidence. I have massive respect for any policemen, who have the courage, to investigate such atrocities, particularly, when they are putting their own careers at risk, whilst knowing there is a very high probabilty that the evidence they have compiled, will simply be shut down, because of the very powerful forces, that they are investigating.

    I was particularly traumatised by the Soham murders, because at the time I was on holiday in a Spanish Island, with my wife and two kids, who were about the same age. After one week of a great holiday, I read the news, and it completely destroyed the final week of my holiday, cos I couldn’t believe such evil could exist. These kids were like my kids – and I always perceived that two kids together, were almost indestructible from such evil.

    Incidentally, years later, I followed up this case – by reviewing other peoples analyses. Yes, I know about the moors murderers, which was very close and personal too, (same age and location as me) and I am convinced in that case, the murderers were positively identified.

    The only thing I have to query re what you have written is “Because nobody did that for Ian Huntley, two little girls in Soham died.”

    I do not like dwelling on such evil (unlike my great uncle in Edinburgh who seriously developed the subject of forensic analysis), but I think there is a high probability that Huntley is innocent of these murders. You probably assumed he was guilty, and so did I at the time, but others have dug up other evidence, of another potential suspect, but due to the politics at the time (and now), that will never be investigated.

    Bless You, You are a Good Man.


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  8. Many years ago when I had just finished university and had begun work as a marketing trainee for a major US food manufacturer, I accompanied my manager along with the VP for promotions to a lunch with Mr Jimmy Savile. If I remember correctly the discussion was to involve Savile in promotion some of the companies brands.
    Having seen Savile on programs from TOTP’s to Jim will Fix It, I was keen to meet the bastard – even stupidly thinking to ask if he could arrange for me to do a jump with the Red Devils Parachute team (sic).
    No deal there. All that I remember was the he was a bloody strange bloke; would never look you in the eye when speaking to you. But to suspect that he was a monster…..really difficult.
    Glad that he is dead – should have happened sooner.

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  9. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    Hundreds – maybe thousands – know a great deal. Former employees, pilots, hostesses, bag carriers, cleaners, maids, footmen. Speak up loud and speak up clear and speak up now. A life sentence for a billionaire paedophile sends out a powerful message of deterrence everywhere. Leave our children alone or THIS is what will happen to YOU. It’s up to you people now, you former employees, to make the future a safe destination for our vulnerable kids.

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  10. Compare and contrast indeed.
    Meanwhile, this side of the pond, Carl Beech has been sentenced to 18 years for making “false” allegations of elite paedophilia in the UK. that’s more than you get for rape, paedophilia and even murder, and exceeds many of the sentences recently handed out to members of “Asian” grooming gangs.
    Let that sink in for a second.
    Some say Beech was a fantasist, I rather suspect he was a lonely and vulnerable man who was coached and encouraged to make false allegations for a purpose – that purpose to discredit further cases of elite paedophilia.
    For sure, some of the accused were innocent (Harvey Procter – dirty sex pest but no pedo – doing the rounds on the news about the injustice he has suffered), some were probably guilty and quite a few were as guilty as sin.
    Lest we forget, Sir Cyril Smith MBE, was repeatedly accused of child sexual abuse over many years. Each time the accusers were pooh-poohed, ridiculed or demonised. Only once he was long dead was the truth revealed, presumably after the clean-up squad had severed all connections to people who mattered.
    Meantime, while keeping us all distracted with the Brexit psychodrama, one T. May has done a particularly effective job of neutering the inquiry into historic child sex abuse. You can be sure that nobody who matters will get hurt.
    The message is clear – threaten the elites and you will be destroyed.
    Lest we forget, our venerated Prime Minister placed his ammple buttocks upon the Elm House Inquiry, thus cementing his position as a fully paid-up member of Elite Coverups Anonymous.
    Such was of course no different to Corbynistas whitewashing Rotherham, Wakefield et al For the Good of the Cause. JW

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  11. Very good points John. While I have never had the misfortune to meet the US police, nor likely to as I refuse to even consider visiting a country that employs ‘police’ who can simply refuse me entry on a whim or fabricated reasons, I think the evidence for the complete lack of any real ‘justice’ system in the US is overwhelming. If you have money and/or influence you can often get away with murder, let alone lesser crimes. If you have neither you can expect 70 years in prison where, if convicted of a ‘nonce’ offence, or happen to have youth and good looks horrible and violent things are likely to happen to you repeatedly until you manage to convince the authorities to put you, the victim, into solitary confinement. From the number of inconvenient people that manage to commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the neck to people who are ‘accidentally’ killed in a ‘mugging’ gone wrong whereupon the ‘mugger’ forgets to actually remove any cash and/or valuables from the victim, the whole gamut of unbelievability is rampant throughout the system. Dysfunctional is the only appropriate word.

    Quite correctly fear of personal contagion or accidental exposure protects evil and wicked people right across the world. Even more imperative is the need to protect the organisation, be it political party, institution, church, corporation or whatever. I mean, how for years, decades even, could a global religious institution effectively condone their priests buggering little boys, something against every moral more there is? Letting perpetrators off with a slap on the wrist, sometimes just moving them to a new location where they were free to pursue their perversions and bringing pressure onto the victims to keep quiet, all in the name of maintaining their institutional reputation.

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