Me2 Are you as sick as a parrot of being told you’re “sick” if you don’t parrot the tribal consensus? Fear not, it is the way of our world.

“How can you even think such a thing?” is what the closed mind says when faced with radical realism. For in the cerebral cul-de-sac of Groupthink, accepting piffle as an absolute is the enlightened way, and thus the only acceptable way of life. No matter that it strikes the objective philosopher as way out and wackier than the Flat Earth Phlogiston League of Alchemists: it and it alone is the stuff that lights the way to Paradise.

Stuff that The People can believe in. Like trickle-down wealth, Brexit is bad, the Global Village, Peace Flotillas, ethnic quotas, the markets must decide, the Arab Spring, quantitative easing, 48% is a majority, neoliberal economic, the multicultural society, everything must wash its face, affirmative action, and of course – the twin Stalinist nouns of Left and Right – correctness and reform.

So join me now, as we take the long way round where everything is the wrong way round, and each-way bets are forbidden.

birds The Australian King Review of pharmacy dispensing has a vision, it seems.  The ‘vision’ is to eliminate many smaller pharmacies, through a large cut in the remuneration for dispensing of 13%. It would see around a third of Australian pharmacies close down, and exacerbate the problem of access that already exists outside major connurbations. The Panel’s reasoning is focused solely on cost cuts.

Big is good big is good big is good big is good big is good

birds After independence, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe pursued his “scientific” socialism, insisting it would transform the country into this idyllic Marxist – Maoist utopia with guaranteed mass prosperity. After 37 years of Zanu PF gross mismanagement and rampant corruption, the outcome has been mass poverty.
In 1980 Zimbabwe was one of the richest countries in African with potential to do even better. Today, Zimbabweans are the poorest in Africa.

Socialist Utopia Socialist Utopia Socialist Utopia Socialist Utopia Socialist Utopia

birdsDuring the 2001–2007 cycle, US GDP grew at 2.4%, compared to an average of 3.3% across previous cycles since 1948. This weaker expansion coincided with George W. Bush’s implementation of an upper income tax cut. Since 2007, US growth has barely topped 2%….and required trillions of dollars just to achieve that.

Over the same period, the gap between rich and poor has widened by 15%.

Trump has just signed a new tax cut into law.

Trickle-down wealth Trickle-down wealth Trickle-down wealth Trickle-down wealth Cut toptax 4 growth Cut toptax 4 growth Cut toptax 4 growth Cut toptax

birdsDespite a series of promises and several favourable headwinds, France failed to reduce its budget deficit during 2016 under Francois Hollande. The national Cour des Comptes reported that this had been ‘a lost opportunity’, given the one-off bonus of a €1.3 billion tax recoup from the telecoms sector.

The national deficit and debt are now bigger than they were when Hollande came to power.

EU paradise Left knows best EU paradise Left knows best EU paradise Left knows best EU paradise Left knows best EU paradise Left knows best EU paradise Left