Donald Trump, White House leaking, infantile media coverage, transgender drivel & other forms of fascism

me4TRUMP-BLOCKING: why US Libleft spoiling tactics are bad for Americans, and suspiciously absent from foreign policy


The latest example of knee-jerk Donald Dishing to cross my desk is from The New Yorker – a magazine so tediously written these days by forty-somethings (brought up on the kind of formulaic canned dialogue that typified Friends) I feel my stomach muscles going into reverse-thrust every time I read it.

The story so far: Not-My-President Trump is at sea in a White House full of pernicious leakers, and beset by a neo-fascist liberal media set trying to overturn the democratic decision of US citizens to elect a pillock as the nation’s Chief Executive. His new press secretary Anthony Scaramucci (already the victim of leaks from serially disloyal Chief of Staff Reince Priebus) has spotted Priebus as the owner of a silly name and author of several vindictive leaks. Trump fires Priebus and promotes Homeland Security bloke John Kelly to Chief of Staff.

This is the “verdict” of New Yorker journalist Amy Davidson Sorkin on the above events:

‘Scaramucci is just a guy who knew that someone was being picked on, and jumped in. Now the rest of us can sit back and see how long it takes for someone to pick on Scaramucci….Trump said retired Marine General John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, was “a star.” There had been reports in recent days that Trump wanted a general to manage his office; generals appeal to him, perhaps because he believes, accurately or not, that they are tough individuals who nonetheless will follow orders—his orders, that is—or maybe just because he likes uniforms. The way that Trump seems to imagine the character of people in uniform—whether the military, the police, or the Boy Scouts—is in many ways itself an insult to those who wear one, and among the ways that he continues to damage the political culture.’

Amy is 47 years old, and a daughter of the programme director at Global Health Partners, an organization in Manhattan that provides medical aid in Latin America.  She is also, I might add, newly married to top investment firm counsel David Sorkin. She thus has all the credentials required to be a card-carrying Noo Yoik chic radical: media access, a public conscience, and a rich husband. Her credentials as an objective, adult journalist, however, are rather more in doubt.

From what I knew about Trump before he got elected, it would’ve taken a veritable asteroid belt of spiteful attacks on the bloke to engender in me any fair-play sympathy for him; but the US media Establishment has surpassed itself so consummately in that task, I find myself viewing Trump increasingly as some kind of hapless victim. I wouldn’t mind, but by piling on the agony in quite such a quantitative manner, Those Who Know Best are increasingly adrift when it comes to the real story.

George Orwell wrote that journalism is the practice of publishing information the ruling class doesn’t want made public….’the rest is just pr’. If he was right (and I think he was) Amy Davidson Sorkin and her ilk are merely pr agents for those liberal-supported corporate fascists who have been running America since 1963.

President Trump would not have been my choice as President at the start of the 2016 campaign. That would’ve been Bernie Sanders. I mean, that’s how far Trump is from my ideal. But Lady Wall Street-Pentagon Richknickers (aka Hillary Clinton) represented the quintessence of evil as an alternative, so I am mightily relieved and not so secretly delighted that America’s hitherto disenfranchised masses went for The Donald.

Since his election, Trump has been predictably capricious, infantile, paranoid….and systematically blocked from fulfilling his campaign promises by the losing side. He has now promoted to CoS the bloke who – as Tsar of the Mexican Wall – has been most frustrated by the spiritually unconstitutional behaviour of the liberal fascist tendency.

That, dear reader, is the story.

Furthermore, the President wisely got someone else to do his dirty work. And the guy he chose is a genuine Trump fan. Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci is not someone I’d want to have lunch with, but he has well-founded views about the petty nature of politicians – “The other thing I have learned about these people in Washington is they have no money. So what happens when they have no fucking money is they fight about what seat they are in and what the title is. Fucking congressmen act like that. They are fucking jackasses” – and he is another Trump appointment designed to get the outsiders on the inside.

From the start last January, the media vultures were after The Mooch. This culminated, on June 26, 2017, in the resignation of three CNN journalists—Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris— over another bollocks Trump–Russia story connecting Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund. The network apologised. Scaramucci said the original story was not true, and accepted CNN’s apology.

So now – where before he had “professionals” in place – the President has some infinitely more loyal aides in position. There is thus at last a chance that he might be able to translate the Will of the Unheard People into action. We shall see.

Things are getting to a pretty pass in our increasingly insane world when the same liberal press so determined to twist, lie and block a President into inaction then accuse him of “welching” on campaign promises. But lest you start to view me as some kind of Texan redneck nut, let’s just look at some recent evidence about what “liberal” America stands for these days.

The following is one of those stories you read in the Daily Mail and think, ‘Yeh, right – well that’ll be a load of old cock then’. Except that it isn’t: it is liberal LGBT mania gone mad.

The American adoptive lesbian parents of an 12-year-old boy who began sex-change surgery at the age of eight claim it is “better for a child to have a sex change when young”. They also claim they “always knew” the boy wanted to be a girl. Um, just like them. So: it’s good to take a life changing decision at age eight prior to puberty and ten years before you can vote in an election. And being ESP sensitive, the parents “knew” the kid was a girl in a boy’s body. They being, er, girls an’ all.

Predictably, all the school staff and psychologists agreed, and encouraged it. There’s just one problem – apart, that is, from the absence of common sense: their action is pure 1970s bad behaviourism science from the same school as kids like have sex at three, paedophile preference is not abnormal, and the Paedophile Information Exchange is “a valid part of the rainbow of sexual experience”.

Regardless of the boy’s alleged gender preference, how do they know his sexuality? Ah, say the couple, that’s not the point. It is dears, if you’re going to chop his dick off….which, by the way, they already have.

Anyway, the couple Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel have their defence all lined up: they say the boy told them “aged three” that he was really a girl. This is a boy they didn’t adopt until he was two. Then at seven, he threatened genital self-mutilation. At seven? That defies any and all evidence of childhood sexual awareness.

But hey – they claim that children with gender identity disorder who are “forced to postpone transitioning” could face a higher risk of suicide. Who was forcing him not to have it? And what’s the source of the suicide risk claim? GiD is a relatively rare condition, and I would imagine accounts for perhaps ten suicides globally a year. This is an eight year-old kid whose liberties of mature choice are being tampered with on the basis of a wish-fulfilling hunch and some cavalier diagnoses by medics still wedded to largely discredited theories of child development.

The traditional media of the Right have had a field day with the story. Liberal titles have, on the whole, left it alone….as in, censored it – because they know that, while the boy may well be a genuine candidate for transgender surgery, the decisions taken are of extremely dubious constitutional legality.

The Watson et al school of behaviorism has emitted so much dangerous claptrap over the last sixty years, I find it astonishing that anyone could still cling to it. But most contemporary LGBT “thought” is based on it….and of course, our own Harriet Harman remains a faithful believer – as do most ignorant young people under thirty.

Trump-blocking, bashing and belittling is now out of control around the world. But let’s just think for a second about what’s being blocked in the name of all things righteous.

  1. The banning of LGBT from the armed services. I too tend to see this as an attack on personal liberty. I just wish the case I outlined above had been given the same media attention. It wasn’t, of course, because it showed up the bonkers side of what people call ‘liberal’ these days….and it wasn’t another way to skewer Trump.
  2. The Mexican Wall. While Obama talked liberal about Mexican illegals, with his usual penchant for hyper-hypocrisy he quietly toughened up the entry points and doubled the investment in stopping illegal inflows from Mexico. In fact, by 2015 the levels had stabilised at a lower level. Trump effectively highlighted a problem that was alread half-solved. But the brighter, more determined drug dealers still get through to feed the habits of America’s sous-classe on an alarming scale. Despite that, hundreds of NGOs and most of the media made General Kelly’s task on homeland security impossible. But none of them censured Obama’s actions….and none of them have an answer to the growing US drug problem.
  3. Trump’s decision to ban migrants from some radical Islamic countries and regions was equally valid. An alliance of legal officers, local government officials and the usual media suspects again made Kelly’s task impossible. In Britain, Italy, France, Hungary and Holland, we are already seeing how misguided laxity in controlling Jihadist migration and recruitment is. But this matters not a jot to the Liberal-neocon alliance of selfishness: they will not rest until President Trump is impeached…yet they remain light years away from the likelihood of ever reaching that own-goal.
  4. The repeal of Obamacare. My view on this too is a balanced one. That is to say, on the one hand the Republican Bill would’ve left many US citizens at the poor end without the remotest hope of affording healthcare insurance. However, Obamacare’s equally insoluble flaw is that financially OK (but not rich) Americans are paying almost double their existing health premiums….to new and unsustainable levels of over $3000 a month. The folks getting off scotfree either way at the moment are the senior health professionals, the insurance companies, and of course the 3-7% of very to mega wealthy. But again, the Democrats don’t care about that: they want only to block Trump at all costs. In the end, they had to use their bete noire John McCain to do it. Meanwhile, this year’s victory is next year’s SNAFU for affordable health provision.

Yet we still see comparatively little in the way of Trump-blocking when it comes to the President’s foreign policy. My oh my, whyever not? Because the policy he’s being conned into following is exactly what the Clintonites and neocons would have executed had Killary been elected President.

Trump is following the Pentagon-NATO-McMasters line because his top military adviser is a liar who supports every last ounce of CIA misinformation on Russia, Ukraine and Syria; and because Kim Jong Un, as a military élite puppet, knows pushing the envelope on missile tests represents his best chance of survival in office. Lacking as he does John F Kennedy’s innate wisdom, The Donald has yet to see through the BS being served up to him by the military industrial complex. His current blurred vision in foreign policy is a danger to us all: but mad as it may seem, Trump’s chances of physical survival may be worse than Kim’s if he goes against the military and security Hawks who surround him.

Trump’s decisions on Kelly and Scaramucci represent (however ironically) the most encouraging signs of his Presidency to date. I still think that the Russian slurs being used the man in the Oval Office may yet act as a catalyst for him to adopt a more questioning attitude to the “reportage” of the CIA Pentagon axis.

Meawhile, US Liblefts continue quite happily to actively undermine the democratic decision of their fellow citizens. The spurious drivel about popular votes and the electoral college is beyond pathetic: that is the system that elects Presidents, and if they want it changed, then campaign to do that. The fact that the DNC has no intention of so doing tells all sensible people what cynical, whingeing hogwash it all is.

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