Looking in the mirror

There is a confluence of knowledge taking place on Earth. Those in charge of the planet are ignoring it, for reasons which I hope to make clear. But despite their manic blindness, the old leaps and intuitions, fables and ancient sagesse are being taken more seriously by social anthropologists. Complementary medical practices are being given sound bases by sub-atomic physicists and behaviour therapists. And the idea of faith moving mountains currently inspires a larger and larger number of neuroscientists and anatomists.

Time and Space are illusions. Separation as a model of the Universe has been replaced by one of unending connection. These findings are being fed into studies of how ‘the mind’ works, how the brain learns, and why mental and physical aberrations are inextricably linked.

Only NOW is real.

The past has gone and cannot be regained. The future is wide open and cannot be ordained. All guilt, rigidity, bigotry and regret emanate from a past that no longer exists in any sense that our species can physically reach. Most fear, anxiety and pessimism is based on a future we do not as yet know. It too is not real.

If one spends a healthy amount of time in Now, tranquility can be obtained and retained – because the neuroses based on illusory Time are absent.

By all means learn from the past and plan for the future. But don’t live there, because living there is a fantasy based on the unreal.

Security services, the military, egomanic politicians, media proprietor gargoyles and other self-appointed mega-money élites all live beyond Now in an unreal world of their own making. “You come into the World with nothing, and you leave it with nothing” is a lesson they never learn. This is why they talk of visions and projects and ideologies and legacies and Gods and enemies and protection from threats and Great Histories and the rest of the twaddle: they are suffused with neurosis, paranoia, fear and aggression, and can only work within parameters of a past they want to glorify or a future better than that past.

Because they never visit Now, they never appreciate sufficiency, balanced ambition and tranquility. All they want is more and more and more. For them.

Such people have severely depleted primary senses. They never stop to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the simple things of life. Thus they never understand the natural needs of their supplicants, clients, citizens, customers or neighbours.  When presented with reality, they variously deny it, spit at it, smear it and – when all else fails – censor it.

This is true now of almost all professions. Legal minds frame laws that will never be obeyed. Medics see placebo and unfamiliar approaches as things to be dismissed rather than studied. Bureaucrats run ill-constructed Superstates that will never be loved. Faced with insolvency, finance ministers and bankers change names and reorder columns or simply alter accountancy rules. Forced to observe facts, Left activists and blinkered neocons ‘reinterpret’ empirical data and carry on as before. Shown the trade dependence they have on another country, Presidents tell the foreign partners they are ‘deluded’ and bully them, insisting they must ‘come to heel’. As a Twitter compatriot wrote yesterday, ‘they do not blink’. But we all blink to clean our eyes so we can see better. If we didn’t blink, by the age of three our eyes would be clogged with an inch of infected dust.

Our age has become, above all else, the flight from what is real and natural in favour of what is imagined and unnatural. This is entirely driven from above, where the élites I describe would rather their programme of denial, censorship, power and personal wealth continued forever. In order to ensure it does, they have to increase the power of intelligence agencies. When the intelligence delivers the Truth, they falsify the intelligence.

All of us at various times in our lives deny the Truth picked up by our primary senses. We continue in relationships that don’t work, we chant received wisdom in order to be accepted by the herd, we keep quiet in order to avoid ostracism. We drink to produce stimulation because nothing stimulates us, and we evade change. We claim there is no alternative to more of the same, because we do not spend enough time, in a calm state, adding up the pros and cons of this or that change of direction.

We fear the new because we ignore The Now.

When my own perception of life gets out of balance – when I remember the worst atrocities of the past and project them robotically into a nightmare future – I become tense, irritable and impatient. Everyone is different, but with me those things go straight to my digestive system.

But after decades of taking pills based on this theory – and then pills to replace those pills based on a ‘better” theory – I have learned the hard way to reduce symptoms by solving their cause….not just by alleviating their effect.

And this again plugs in – by definition, eclectically – to the confluence of knowledge: what have we learned, what is real, and what is natural.

Relax through meditation. Become more aware of primary senses. Train them to work harder. Have patience. Every day do something slowly. Take more exercise. Every day do something you don’t want to do. Grow herbs and drink infusions from them. Ignore the “news” as often as possible in favour of new insights, old wisdoms and important discoveries you can find in books and online. Every day, do something to help somebody. If you’re stuck in traffic, watch everything around you. If you hear a loud or incessant noise, picture it going through you and passing on….for that is the reality.

Talk to yourself. When not done unconsciously or inappropriately, this is sanity, not madness. We gain false impressions based on nasty things people say. Those airwaves go through the tympanic membrane and into your brain as Truth. Persuading that same brain audibly – as often as possible – that it’s bollocks isn’t just common sense, it’s tested science: it works.

Twitter is one of the most abusive and good-turned-bad media ever to see the light of day. Don’t block new ideas on it, block abuse. Abusive people have nothing to offer in the way of wisdom. Don’t engage, block. Eventually, your following/followers circle “residue” will agree and disagree with you in a civilised manner. Go to bed at night, and forgive all those you blocked. They deserve your pity, not your ire.

Above all, every day find something to laugh at that doesn’t involve gratuitous cruelty towards the oppressed. If you take the mickey in a light tone, prepare for people to do the same to you. If they become abusive for no genuine reason, ask them (later) if anything’s wrong. If they yell at you again, leave them alone politely. If you never hear from them again, you’ve learned something. You will also waste less time in future.

These are just a few of my own personal life lessons. They work for me. When I forget them, I don’t work properly. But everyone is different: the determination to deny that particular reality in favour of One Size fits All is what drives those who make our lives less fulfilling than they should be….be they the arrogant hospital consultant, the unfeeling politician, or the crazed neocon globalist.

Remember: nothing acts faster than Anadin. So take nothing.