Abb5 I have to start off today by apologising in advance, but it’s become necessary for The Slog to switch to a manual form of comment moderation. This is part of a wider action designed to clear out the troll swarm that has increased massively in size since The Arse May declared a General Election of no purpose whatsoever. Everyone will be put in a moderation queue and I will do my best to allow all genuine threads through as quickly as possible.

The last thing any commentator should do is wind up being part of the news, but cynical censorship, false flags, black ops and professional trolling (thanks for that one Uncle Tombama – another of your massive contributions to a functioning democracy) are now so rife, distraction here will be total unless I take steps now.

Nevertheless, blog manipulation, censorship and blocking tactics are already in play, so whether we like it or not, the “Resistance” community is part of the Election story already: it’s taking longer to bring up The Slog on browsers (numerous complaints over the last few days) and over 90% of comment abuse dismiss the idea of a May ‘power grab’ as NVE conspiracy nonsense. Most of them are using an auto address format familiar to specialists in the craft of tackling cyber attacks, false IDs and spreading onsite chaos; and almost all of them are using either Hotmail or Yahoo….both ISPs with a long history of form in this area of trolling, auto-addressing and mass provision of WOMD aids.

External manipulation, the use of illegal funding and dirty tricks crossing Party lines are in play right now in the UK General Election – and on a scale hitherto unimaginable. What they show is rogue factions in both major Westminster Establishment Parties acting in ways far beyond either the spirit or the letter of our constitution and legal system.

You might read the odd hint about the four electoral elements I focus on below; but I doubt very much if you’ll have seen the detail presented here anywhere in the mainstream British or US/EUNATO media nexus.

1. Are Tory dirty tricks against UKIP aleady having an effect?    

There was widespread use (during the 2015 Election) of bogus ‘market research’ telephone selling by suppliers to the Conservative Party under the control of Lynton Crosby. Enquiries I have made – and unsolicited complaints received – suggest that, despite denials, these practices are not only being actively continued, they are now being focused on UKIP – using the line “Well of course, now that Brexit has happened, there’s really no point in voting UKIP is there….what Mrs May needs is a huge vote of confidence to keep Brussels in its place….” etc etc.

Whether there is a natural inclination out there among the electorate to do that anyway is impossible to say for certain: but The Slog has learned from senior UK-based market research sources that there is real initial evidence of a drift away from Paul Nuttall’s Party back to the Conservatives.

Regular Sloggers will know that I have long contested the idea that The Arse May has called an election to allow her to get a hard Brexit on better terms for the UK. She voted to remain, and appointed an avid Remainer ally Chancellor. She has called this election now – as I predicted back in March – because there will never be a better time to thrash all Opposition in England…..and give her a stronger hand against the SNP.

Once reinstalled with a thumping majority, she will use that authority to first, stuff UKIP by maintaining an umbilical cord with the EU; and second, dismantle the rest of the welfare service, having reduced Labour to a bickering rump of its former self.

How you vote is your affair. But if you voted UKIP last time it would be a grave mistake to assume that you can entrust the admin task of real Brexit to a Tory Cabinet stuffed with Remainers, and led by one.

Further discussions with The Slog’s Brussels source also indicate that Jean-Claude Juncker’s circle maintains an interest in using the threat of full Scottish independence as a potential “sweetener” with May: that is, if The Arse opts for a “little-change” soft Brexit, his entourage will make it abundantly clear to the Scottish people that they cannot vary their UK membership as the EU entry point.

2. May is using the ‘lack of time’ rationale to force through key preferred Remainer candidates from Central Office

The Arse May was very careful to avoid a leadership election last year, because she knew the grass-roots vote would heavily favour her Leaver opponents. She is thus being equally careful to ensure that as few eurosceptics as possible win seats this time around….by flexing the Centre’s muscles to favour her preferred appointees.

May’s long-held reputation for obsessive control-freakery is being vindicated even in these early stages of the contest. Having refused to debate with Corbyn on TV (and refused to answer any of his PMQs anyway) she is clearly determined in turn to spend the entire election in a Zil bubble, surrounded by heavies, accolytes and supporters.

Across the piece in fact, the “snap” nature of the election has caught several players flat-footed, not least the LibDems who are now getting desperate to fill some of the huge gaps in their candidate portfolio. (Labour, by contrast, appears to have seen the move coming and – despite the large number of retirees – the Corbynistas have been quick to put their people into the vacancies.

All those who think the people behind Corbyn are benign and naive should look into their backgrounds more carefully: they are peppered with seasoned organisers and infiltrators who have “switched brands” to appear more acceptable to the media. 

3. Cross-Party Remainers raising money to attack ANY candidate who shows signs of being pro-Brexit

There are no prizes for guessing who’s behind this one, but the organised depth of this behaviour has surprised even me. I’ll expand in the section below on where the bulk of money to carry it out originates, but be clear at the outset: the half dozen or so agencies and consultancies working on it are either wholly or part-owned by Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and Ben Bradshaw.

There are also as yet unsubstantiated allegations that these outfits are liaising closely with sympathisers as varied as people employed by the Omnicom Group, Virgin, Bell Pottinger, The Independent newspaper and guess who, The Guardian.

Labour List has already issued a leaked list of MPs targeted for removal or protection: but as you’d imagine in the blinkered world of LL, they see it solely as an exercise in ‘Blairite revenge against the Corbyn-backing Putchists’ – as the Leninsparts are wont to describe it.

The truth is more inclusively pernicious: the list is designed to protect every Eunatic standing this year, and nobble any candidate with strong anti-Neocon globalist tendencies.

The list:


Ian Murray – Labour, Edinburgh South
Caroline Lucas – Green, Brighton Pavilion
Peter Kyle – Labour, Hove
Nick Clegg – Lib Dem, Sheffield Hallam
Ben Bradshaw – Labour, Exeter
Owen Smith – Labour, Pontypridd
Alison McGovern – Labour, Wirral South
Neil Carmichael – Conservative, Stroud
Lilian Greenwood – Labour, Nottingham South
Alan Whitehead – Labour, Southampton Test
Liz Kendall – Labour, Leicester West
Wes Streeting – Labour, Ilford North
Tom Brake – Lib Dem, Carshalton and Wallington
Catherine McKinnell – Labour, Newcastle North
Norman Lamb – Lib Dem North Norfolk
Phil Wilson – Labour, Sedgefield
Helen Goodman – Labour, Bishop Auckland
Angela Smith – Labour, Penistone and Stocksbridge
Mary Creagh – Labour, Wakefield
Pat McFadden – Labour, Wolverhampton South East
Kate Hoey – Labour, Vauxhall
Lady Victoria Borwick – Conservative, Kensington
David Burrowes – Conservative, Enfield Southgate
Nicola Blackwood – Conservative, Oxford West and Abingdon
Charlotte Leslie – Conservative, Bristol North West
Theresa Villiers – Conservative, Chipping Barnet
James Berry- Conservative, Kingston and Surbiton
Matthew Offord – Conservative, Hendon
Maria Caulfield – Conservative, Lewes
Steve Baker- Conservative, Wycombe
Iain Duncan Smith- Conservative, Chingford and Woodford Green
Byron Davies – Conservative, Gower
Paul Scully – Conservative, Sutton and Cheam
Gavin Robinson – DUP, Belfast East
Christopher Davies – Conservative, Brecon and Radnorshire
William Wragg – Conservative, Hazel Grove
Luke Hall – Conservative, Thornbury and Yate
James Heappey – Conservative, Wells
Derek Thomas – Conservative, St Ives
Caroline Ansell- Conservative, Eastbourne

4. Brussels and corporate globalist money backing

Prominent among those pouring money into this ideological genocide is the pro-EU Open Britain. Some also (again) allege that Virgin has contributed, but US corporate money among multinationals and banking firms is also involved. The bulk of the money behind the organisers, however, is almost all coming from Brussels (with the active knowledge of senior ECB and EC officials) according to unconnected sources in Belgium, Greece, Hungary and Italy.

Almost all those accused of being involved – from Virgin to the EC Eurogroupe – overlap  with or have links to the money behind Emmanuel Macron in particular….and dear old George Soros in particular.

But here’s the real twist: great care has been taken by organisers and money-magnets to ensure absolute discretion and tight security….but the Party standing to gain most from all such fund inflow is that led by The Arse May.

There are only about ten million ways for central and local banking cartels to achieve such security, so it won’t come to light as “proof” any time soon – if ever. But there are two salutary lessons here for the UK electorate:

i. If you’re UKIP and in search of real Brexit as advertised, then in my considered opinion you’re not going to achieve that by drifting back to the Tories.

ii. Come Hell, High Water, global warming or even Armegeddon, the Blairite-May-proEU-neocon globalists will fight every popular election in order to bend the result in their favour: they will never give up until the Macrons, Blairs, Mays and Camerons of this world are in power.

If you believe in social fairness, then you are not going to get it by voting for either Blairite Remain Labour or May-Hammond Remain candidates.

It’s time the Brits – and this means you too, Waspi women – learned the rules and skills of organised tactical voting – by openly legal not secretively bankrolled means.

Each voter needs to look at their own constituency candidate (of whatever Party) and decide. Every voter needs to be on their guard when a phone rings, mobile or otherwise. But my boiled-down best advice is this:

If you want real Brexit, don’t vote Remain Tory or Blairite Labour

If you want social justice and a State Pension, don’t vote Tory

  If your least-awful candidate after that stands no chance at all, vote for the independent candidate closest to your own outlook